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A Concise Dictionary of Akkadian
. 2000, xxiv,450pp. Paperback.
¶ this dictionary has been prepared for the convenience of students and scholars on the basis of Wolfram von Sodens Akkadisches Handwörterbuch updated with reference to the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary and other sources. It aims to include all certainly attested words with variant forms, dialect and period distribution, logographic writings and English meanings (but not textual citations). A list of roots assists in tracking down the right entries. (ISBN: 3-447-04264-8) .
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Keywords: Weblists2 Wim Meeuws Akkadian Assyro-Babylonian 3447042648

Catalogue of the Egyptian Antiquities in the Museum of Hartwell House
. 1858. Boards, 91 pp. 2 plates, the second a blank boards, linen spine.
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Keywords: Ancient Near East Egyptology

BORD, L.-J.,
Le Sumérien à L'usage Des Débutants. 3 Volumes
. consisting of: Petite grammaire, 96pp.; Exercises corrigés de la petite grammaire, 102pp. ; Petit lexique. 184pp. 2001, paper ( Sumerian for beginners ).
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Keywords: Weblists Wim Meeuws Ancient Near East Sumer Sumerian

Pantheon Babylonicum: Nomina Deorum E. Textibus Cuneiformibus Excerpta Et Ordine Alphabetico Distributa
. Adiuvantibus Romea Panara, Ios. Patsch C. SS. R. Nic. Schneider. Romae, Sumptibus Pontificii Instituti Biblici, 1914, Small folio; xvi, 264, 35pp pages. These last 35 pp. being the Transcriptions modi. trext sl. foxed, text pracxtically loose in private boards with remnant of front wrappers pasted back to front board, linen spine with handwritten title.
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Keywords: Ancient Near East Saggs

Legal and Administrative Texts of the Reign of Samsu Iluna
. Iluna ( Yale Oriental Series: Babylonian Texts Vol. 12 ) Yale University Press, 1979. X, 83 pp. 100 plates. CONTENTS: Introduction; Catalogue; Indices (Personal Names; Deities; Titles and Occupations; Geographical Names); Seal Inscriptions (table); Texts with Seal Inscriptions (table); Concordance of Museum Numbers (table); Plates (complete autographed texts of 561 documents). The author, Professor Samuel I. Feigin, was preparing a manuscript containing copies of the 561 Assyro-Babylonian cuneiform tablet texts gathered here along with complete transcriptions and translations. After his death in 1950, the partial manuscript passed into the care of Professor Oppenheim who compiled this catalogue/index based on the copies of the tablets. Samsu-ilana (ruled ca. 1750-1712 BC) was the son of Hammurabi. Full dark blue original cloth binding, a very good copy (Cuneiform ).
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Keywords: Cuneiform Ancient Near East Assyrian Babylonian Spijkerschrift

Babylonian and Assyrian Sculpture in the British Museum.
. Paris and Brussels, Les Editions G. Van Oest, 1928, large -4° volume, 35 x 28 cm, 55 pp. which contain introduction and the description of the plates, + 60 plates, publisher's cloth top edge gilt, with some light foxing to the tops of the first 8 pages . Binding split at plate XXXVII, Binding grubby with one 3 cm split to top of front external spine. Text in English. (A French edition was published in the series 'Ars Asiatica'.).£ 45.00 (Cuneiform ).
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Keywords: Cuneiform Ancient Near East Babylonian Assyrian

Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan Volume 57.
. Amman, 2013, 557pp. + Arabic section. Large softback volume .CONTENTS: Preliminary Registration Report of the Second Season of the Danish-German Jarash Northwest Quarter Project 2012 -- / -- Achim Lichtenberger, Rubina Raja, and Annette Hojen Sorensen page 9 -- / -- Preliminary Report of the Second Season of the Danish-German Jarash North-West Quarter Project 2012 Georg Kalaitzoglou, -- / -- Achim Lichtenberger, and Rubina Raja page 57 -- / -- A Preliminary Report of the Tulul adh-Dhahab (Wadi az-Zarqa) Survey and Excavation Seasons 2005-2011 Thomas Pola, -- / -- Hannelore Kroger, Bernd Rasink, Jochen Reinhard, Mohammad Al-Balawnah and Mohammad Abu Abila page 81 -- / -- Tulul adh-Dhahab (Wadi az-Zarqa) Lead Sling Bullets from Terrace I Boris Dreyer page 97 -- / -- Brown University Petra Archaeological Project: The 2011 and 2012 Petra Area and Wadi Silaysil Survey Alex R. Knodell, -- / -- and Susan E. Alcock page 105 -- / -- EastJ3f Jawa: Chalcolithic / Early Bronze Age Settlement Activity in al-Harra (North-East Jordan) Bernd Milller-Neuhof, -- / -- with Lorraine Abu-Azizeh, Wael Abu-Azizeh, and Julia Meister page 125 -- / -- The Hellenistic-Nabataean Crypt in Tower Tomb 303, at ath-Thughrah in Petra: Results of the Archaeological and -- / -- Multi-Disciplinary Studies Isabelle Sachet, Nathalie Delhopital, Charlene Bouchaud and Carine Tome Carpentier page 141 -- / -- The Ceramic Assemblage from the Later Phases at Tomb 303: Settlement in Wadi ath-Thughrah During the Islamic Period -- / -- Micaela Sinibaldi page 167 -- / -- Qasr Mushash Survey: First Results of Archaeological Fieldwork in 2011 and 2012 Karin Bartl, Ghazi Bisheh, and Franziska -- / -- Blochandtobias Richter page 779 -- / -- Ghawr as-Safi Excavations 2011 -2012 Konstantinos D. Politis page 195 -- / -- The International Aslah Project (IAP) 2011-2012: Report on the Second and Third Seasons Laurent Gorgerat and -- / -- Robert Wenning with a Note by Laila Nehme page 207 -- / -- Preliminary Report on the Eighth (2012) Season of Excavation by "La Sapienza" University of Rome at -- / -- Khirbat al-Batrawi (Upper Wadi az-Zarqa') Lorenzo Nigro and Maura Sala page 277 -- / -- The 2011 Season of the Late Antique Jarash Project: Results from the Survey Southwest of the Umayyad Congregational Mosque -- / -- Louise Blanke, Hugh Barnes, Marie Broendgaard Jensen, Rune Rattenborg, and Elise Thing page 229 -- / -- Recycling the Valley, Preliminary Report of the 2012 Excavations at Tall Damiyah Lucas Petit page 239 -- / -- The Funerary Topography of Petra Project (FTPP): Preliminary Report on the 2011 Season Lucy Wade son page 247 -- / -- Patterns of Settlement, Abandonment and Re-Use During the Bronze and Iron Ages in Central Jordan: An Analysis of the -- / -- Occupational Histories of Individual Sites Using "Mega-Jordan" Mark D.Green page 269 -- / -- Tall Abu al-Kharaz: The Swedish Jordan Expedition 2012, Fifteenth Season Preliminary Excavation Report -- / -- Peter M. Fischer and Teresa Burge page 285 -- / -- Tall Abu al-Kharaz: The Swedish Jordan Expedition 2013, Sixteenth Season Preliminary Excavation Report -- / -- Peter M. Fischer, and Teresa Burge, with Contributions by A. Lindqvist, B. Stolle, and D. Kofel page 293 -- / -- The Middle Islamic Palace at Karak Castle: A New Interpretation of the Grand Qa'a (Reception Hall) Robin M. Brown page 309 -- / -- 'Awja Sites: Supplementary Investigations of Neolithic Open Sanctuaries in Southernmost Jordan Sumio Fujii, -- / -- Takuro Adachi, Hitoshi Endo and Masatoshi Yamafuji page 337 -- / -- Preliminary Report of the Shawbak North Archaeological Project (SNAP): 2012-2013 Sumio Fujii, Masatoshi Yamafuji, -- / -- Takahiro Odaka and Yui Arimatsu page 359 -- / -- Excavations at Wadi Nadiya 2 and Supplementary Investigations of the Jafr Neolithic Barrage System Sumio Fujii, -- / -- Takuro Adachi, Hitoshi Endo, Masatoshi Yamafuji, Yui Arimatsu and Kazuyoshi Nagaya page 373 -- / -- Petra North Ridge Project: The 2012 Season S. Thomas Parker and Megan A. Perry page page 399 -- / -- Preliminary Results of the First Spanish-Italian Excavation Season at the Jabal al-Mutawwaq Dolmen Field: -- / -- August-September 2012 Valentin Alvarez, Juan Muniz, and Andrea Polcaro pag 409 -- / -- Qusayr 'Amra World Heritage Site: Preliminary Report on Documentation, Conservation and Site Management -- / -- Activities in 2012-2013 Giovanna De Palma, Gaetano Palumbo, Asma Shhaltoug, Ignacio Arce, Chiara Arrighi, -- / -- Angela Atzori, Carlo Birrozzi, Giulia Sara De Vivo, Stefania Di Marcello, Wesam Esaid, Maria Carolina Gaetani, -- / -- Romel Ghraib, Jehad Haron, Hossam Hjazeen, Hussein Khirfan, Ahmed Lash, Marie-Jose Mano, Francesca Mariani, -- / -- Alessandra Meschini, Alex Sarra, and Cristina Tomassetti page 425 -- / -- Qatanah: Rescue Excavation Jehad Haron, Ahmad Lash, and Abdalla Nabu page 441 -- / -- Three Seasons of Excavations at Khirbat Iskandar: 2007, 2010 and 2013 lsi Suzanne Richard, Jesse C. Long (Jr), -- / -- Rikke Wulff-Krabbenhoft, and Susan Ellis page 447 -- / -- 2013 Archaeological Survey in Wadi Qusayba and the Mandah Plateau, Irbid Region, Jordan E. B. Banning, -- / -- P. Hitchings, K. AbuJayyab, Steven Edwards, Rasha Elendari, Kevin Gibbs, Darren Jablonkay, Hossein Al-Jarrah, -- / -- B. Letham, Salim Razzaz, Isaac Ullah, and Rebecca Weston page 463 -- / -- Once More unto the Beach: New Archaeological Research into Jordan's Port on the China Sea KristojferDamgaard -- / -- and MichaelD.Jennings With Contributions by Patrick Lorien, -- / -- Lena Tombs, Aiysha Abu-Laban, Sara Jerichau, and Christina Seye page 477 -- / -- Jarash, Spring 2013 m Rafe' Harahshah, and Jacques Seigne page 503 -- / -- The Iron I Pottery of Khirbat al-Lahun Margreet L. Steiner page 519 -- / -- There Is No Middle Bronze Glacis at Tall Safut: An Examination of the Middle Bronze III Remains Owen Chesnut page 535 -- / -- The 2012 Season of Excavations in the Ancient Khirbat as-Samra Cemetery A. J. Nabulsi, A. Husan, and P. Schonrock-Nabulsi page 557 -- / -- Arabic Section: -- / -- Dhahr as-Saro Roman Tomb Rafe' Harahshah page 7 -- / -- Amman al-Balqa' in the End of Mamluk Period and Beginning of the Ottman Period in the Light of the Excavations -- / -- of Umm Zuwaytinah Basem al-Mahamid and Hanadi al-Taher page 75 -- / -- Nabateans and Petra in Arabic Resources Ahmad Lash page 27.
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Keywords: Archaeology Asrcheology Ancient Near East Middle East Jordan

Babylonian Boundary-Stones and Memorial-Tablets in the British Museum. . 2 Volumes
. One text volume and one plate volume. British museum 1912, original green cloth , a very good set , small ex-libris on each first paste down, spines discoloured. 107,26 photographs , partly printed on loose plates. (Cuneiform ).
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Keywords: Cuneiform Ancient Near East Cuneiform Spijkerschrift

Late Babylonian Astronomical and Related Texts
. Prepared for publication by A. J. Sachs with the co-operation of J. Schaumberger. Brown University Press, 1955. cloth , dust jacket Oblong Format (Cuneiform ).
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Keywords: Cuneiform Ancient Near East Cuneiform

Texts in the Iraq Museum. Volume Vi: Cuneiform Texts, Administrative Texts from the Ur Iii Dynasty,
. Baghdad, Directorate general of antiquities, 1971, 38 plates printed on single sides, Introd. in English by Isa Salman, introd. in German by the author. sm-folio, boards. with signed postcard by Nicholas Postgate informing Harry Saggs that he has brought this volume along from Iraq for him and a printed compliment slip by the author (Cuneiform ).
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Keywords: Cuneiform Ancient Near East Cuneiform

SETHE (KURT), ED.[1869 - 1934 ]
Die Altägyptischen Pyramidentexte Nach Den Papierabdrücken Und Photographien Des Berliner Museums Neu Herausgeben Und Erläutert Von Kurt Sethe
. Complete set in 3 Volumes - 1. Volume 1: Text, erste Hälfte Spruch 1-468 (Pyr. 1-905) -Volume 2: - Text, zweite Hälfte Spruch 469-714 (Pyr. 906-2217) - Volume 3/4 : Kritischer Apparat, Epigraphik (reprint of the 1908 - 1922 edition published by J.C. Hinrichs Verlag , / Georg Olms Verlag 1960, XV, [1] 510, IV, 543, VIII, 179,[2]130 + one plate with 6 images (Schriftproben aus den verschiedenen Pyramiden ) , cloth, Internally Fine, externally Near Fine, with minor discolouration to spines.
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Keywords: Sjors Egyptology Ancient Near East

Babylonische Texte Volumes 5-9 in 2 Bound Volumes
. Leipzig, 1889-1890 . red cloth, gilt titling (Cuneiform ).
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Keywords: Cuneiform Ancient Near East Cuneiform

Assyrian Medical Texts from the Originals in the Brritish Museum.
. ( (Ancient Mesopotamian Texts and Studies) ) Oxford, Oxford University Press , 1923.VII, Preface, index and 107 plates containing the text of 660 cuneiform medical tablets. In the original paper coverd boards with cloth spine. Front board with black lettering. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL EDITION, NOT THE AMS REPRINT (Cuneiform ).
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Keywords: Cuneiform Ancient Near East Cuneiform

Die Reliefs Der Assyrischen Koenige 5 Offprints from Archiv Fuer Orientforschung 1935 - 1939
. 1 from vol. X/4-5: Die asssyrischen Reliefs in England, with II: die assyrischen Reliefs im Museum der Citta del Vaticano by G. Ffurlani and F. Weidner. 32pp.34 illustr.; III from Vol. XI/3: die assyrischen Reliefs in Italien by G. Furlani and E.F. Weidner. pp. 33 - 69, 26 illustr. From vol. XI: IV: die assysrischen reliefs in England (II. Teil) pp. 69 -105, 23 illustr. From Vol. XII/4-5: IV: die assysrischen reliefs in England (II. Teil) 5. Drei Reliefs im Museum der Stadt Hove. 6. Vier releifs im Museum zu Bristol. 7. Vier Reliefs im Besitz der literary and philosophical society in Newcastle upon tyne. pp. 105 - 137. 16 illustr. From vol. XII/6: IV: die assysrischen reliefs in England (II. Teil) 9. Ein Relief im Institute of archaeology der Universitaet Liverpool. 10. Vier Reliefs im Borough museum zu Newbury. 11. Ein Relief im MUseum zu Torquay. 12. Ein Relief im Museum zu Reading. 13. Zwei reliefs in Sandon Hall. pp. 137 - 153. all uin printed wrappers, page numbers were done by hand (Cuneiform ).
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Keywords: Cuneiform Ancient Near East Cuneiform

Tammuz-Liturgien Und Verwandtes.
. (Analecta Orientalia, VOLUME 10) Roma, Pontificio Istituto biblico, 1935. HARDBACK, 4TO. XXI-473 pp. Front inner hinge weak, text browned, library cancellation stamp of the Oriental institute Oxford on reverse of title page, tiny library stamp on last page.
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Keywords: Ancient Near East

Texte Zum Studium Sumerischer Tempel Und Kultzentren
. ( Analecta Orientalia 4 ) Roma, Pontificio Istituto Biblico. 1932, 94pp. in original wrappers, damaged spine, parts of spine missisng, text sl. darkened.
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Keywords: Ancient Near East Sumerian

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