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Letters from Prison
New York, Pathfinder Press Inc., 1973, second edition. 20,9 x 13,3 x 2,4 cm., Paperback. 362 p.p.. No images. Conditie: Good, Enigzins verkleurd, verder in goede staat.. This is the prison journal of James P, Cannon, leader of the Socialist Woerkers Party, who was sent to federal prison in 1944 in the govenment's first use of the Smith Act. His crime: opposition to World War II. This journal record Cannon's daily thoughts and impulses during the period of rising radicalization that developed as the war drew to a close..
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N° du livre: 20180078
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Catalogue: Politics
Mots-clés: Socialism

SAMIZDAR, Voices of the Soviet Opposition
New York, Monad Press, 1975, Third Printing. 21,7 x 14,3 x 3 cm., Hardcover (cloth). 464 p.p.. No images. ISBN/EAN: 0913460273. Conditie: Good, Rug iets verkleurd. 1 zwart / wit foto van de Left Oppositionists at an exile colony( Yeniseisk, in Siberia) taken in 1928.
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N° du livre: 20180042
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Catalogue: Politics

Mozambique - A tale of Terror told by ex - participants of Renamo and refugees
Amsterdam, African - European Institute, 1989, 1ste druk. 25 x 17,5 x 0,4 cm., Paperback. 71 p.p.. Black & White images. ISBN/EAN: 9072458044. Conditie: Very good, Slightly discoulerd.
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N° du livre: 20200005
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Catalogue: Politics

Bureaucracy and Revolution in Eastern Europe
London, Pluto Press, 1974, First edition. 19,8 x 13 x 2,3 cm., Paperback. 296 p.p... No images. ISBN/EAN: 1974. Conditie: Fair, A little rear at the back and a few stains, but the inside is still fine. . Fot twenty years the workers in Eastern Europe have fought, fallen back, and fought again - for food and workers'power.Their victory would shatter the oppressive regimes they live under and ignite revolution in Russia itself. .
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N° du livre: 20190058
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Catalogue: Politics
Mots-clés: History

Reviser le marxisme? d' Edouard Bernstein a Albert Thomas, 1896 - 1914
Paris, L'Harmattan, 2007, 1ste druk. 21,6 x 13,5 x 2,2 cm., Paperback. 263 p.p.. Black & White images. ISBN/EAN: 9782296047297. Conditie: As new, As good as new. Winner of the "Prix de la Foundation Jean-Jaures 2006.
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N° du livre: 20190006
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Catalogue: Politics

Van de Hoed en de Rand Berichten uit Zuid-Afrika
Houten, Het Wereldvenster, 1987, 1ste Druk. 20 x 12.5 x 1.8 cm., Paperback. 155 pp. No images. ISBN/EAN: 9026942818. Conditie: Very good, Zwarte streep aan de onderkant, verder zo goed als nieuw.. Vertaald uit het Engels door Ellie Bruineman-van Gorcum.
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N° du livre: 20140018
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Catalogue: Politics
Mots-clés: Apartheid

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