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The Ivan B. Hart Collection: Dutch Delftware and other recent acquisitions
Amsterdam, Aronson Antiquairs, 2013, 1ste druk. 27 x 21 x 0,9 cm., Paperback. 128 pp.. Color Illustrations. ISBN/EAN: 9789490782078. Conditie: As new, Illustrated in colour throughout, .
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N° du livre: 20150058
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Catalogue: Art
Mots-clés: Ceramics

Vlaamse en Nederlandse Schilderkunst, Nederlands/ Duits/ Frans/ Spaans
Florence, Scala, 2010, Eerste druk. 29,5 x 30 x 4 cm. , Hardcover (cloth), met stofomslag. 539 p.p.. Black & White images. ISBN/EAN: 9788881175925. Conditie: As new. Inhoudsopgave: Introductie, De Vlaamse zestiende eeuw, De Vlaamse zeventiende eeuw, De Hollandse zeventiende eeuw, Vlaamse barok: Peter Paul Rubens, Het portret: Antoon van Dyck, Het landschap, het stilleven en populaire scenes in Vlaanderen, De Nederlandse Gouden Eeuw: Rembrandt van Rijn, Vlaamse en Nederlandse Caravaggio, Het landschap, het stilleven en populaire scenes in Holland, Vermeer en de schilders van binnenhuis scenes, Biografie?n .
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N° du livre: 20160029
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Catalogue: Art

Sculptures Africa Asia Oceania Americas
Paris, Reunion des Musees Nationaux, 2000, 1ste druk. 30,5 x 23 x 0,6 cm., Paperback. 79 pagina's. Color Illustrations. ISBN/EAN: 9782711840762. Conditie: Very good, Very good copy. since April 2000, a selection of nearly one hundred and twenty masterpieces of African, Asian, Oceanic, and American art has been housed in the Pavillon des Sessions, in the Flore wing of the Louvre Museum. We owe this historic and symbolic event to the determination of the French president Jacques Chirac and the expertise and fervour of Jacques Kerchache, a great admirer of, and specialist in, all these cultures.
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N° du livre: 20200122
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Catalogue: Art
Mots-clés: Exhibition Album

Ready to Paint: Venice in Watercolour
Tunbridge Wells, Search Press Ltd., 2010, 1ste druk. 29,3 x 21,9 x 0,4 cm., Paperback. 48 p.p.. Color Illustrations. ISBN/EAN: 9781844484911. Conditie: Good, Prima staat, alleen de 'Free tracings' zitten los, zijn wel aanwezig.. Five deatailed, step-bystep projects of iconic Venetian scenes, Six reusable tracings to pull out ready for transferring to watercolour paper. Useful tips and advice on colour and technoques throughout..
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N° du livre: 20180095
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Catalogue: Art
Mots-clés: Painting

de Chirice Reflections on the Paintings of Giorgio de Chirico
New York, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1968, 1st press. 31.7 x 26.5 x 2.8 cm., Hardcover (cloth), met stofomslag. 172. Color Illustrations. ISBN/EAN: 801900653. Conditie: As new, Green linen band in good condition , White dustjacket shows signs of age. . 172 illustrations, including 80 in full color.
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N° du livre: 20140029
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Catalogue: Art
Mots-clés: Paintings

Arte en la Fabrica / Art in the Factory, International modern art in the industrial working environment , an experiment over more than thirty years
Amsterdam, Peter Stuyvesant Foundation, 1992, First edition. 27,8 x 23,1 x 0,6 cm., Paperback. 63 p.p.. Color Illustrations. Conditie: Very good. Part of the Peter Stuyvesant Collection was exhibited at the World EXPO '9s in Sevilla. Art in the factory: A unique initative from the Peter Stuyvesant Foundation already lasting more that 30 years. Since 1960, the Foundation is experimenting with the integration of modern art in the factories and offices in Europe and notably in Switzerlandand The Netherlands. Into a highly technological working environment e sence of emotion is introduced by hanging works of art above the machines an installations. A visual and unusual touch of human creativity , a forceful statement of feeling in an envoronment seemingly dominated by advanced technique..
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N° du livre: 20200003
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Catalogue: Art

A Guide to European Painting
Secaucus, N.J. , Chartwell Books, 1980, 1ste druk. 33 x 25 x 2,8 cm., Hardcover (cloth), met stofomslag. 272 p.p. Color Illustrations. ISBN/EAN: 0890093814. Conditie: Very good, Mooie bruin linnen band, stofomslag is niet helemaal nieuw meer en aan de binnenkant op het schutblad zitten een pan hele kleine vlekjes verder puntgaaf. . Accompanying the text is a selection of over 2130 suberb color plates, reproducing, in large formats, not only the famous masterpieces of the past , but also a host of lesser known and rarely illustrated works.
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N° du livre: 20170019
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Catalogue: Art

Kiln Firing Glass : Glass Fusing Book one
Colton, USA, Vitreous Group, 1983, first printing. 27.7 x 21.7 x 0.8 cm., Paperback. 137 p.p.. Color Illustrations. ISBN/EAN: 0961228237. Conditie: Good, In good condition, slight signs of use. . Introduction: Chapter 1: History, Chapter 2: Contemporary Work, Chapter 3: Basic Tools and Supplies, Chapter 4: Preparing for Firing, Chapter 5: Compatibility Techniques, Chapter 6: Basic Fusing Techniques, Chapter 7: Annealing, Chapter 8: Design, Chapter 9: Qualities of Various Glasses, Chapter 10: Kilns, Chapter 11: Firing the Kiln, Chapter 12: Slagging, Slumping and Molds, Chapter 13: Saw-cutting, Grinding and Polishing, Chapter 14: Finishing for Display, Chapter 15: The End is the Beginning, Appendix and Glossery .
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N° du livre: 20160016
€  50.00 | CHF 54]
Catalogue: Art

Cathedrals of France
London, Country Life Books, 1965, 1ste Druk. 24.3 x 20.5 x 3 cm., Hardcover (cloth), met stofomslag. 278 pp. Lithographs. Conditie: Very good, Slight stain on first page. Illustrated with 88 Rodin drawings with a preface by Sir Herbert Read. Translated from French by Elisabeth Chase Geissbuhler.
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N° du livre: 20140019
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Mots-clés: History

Ramerding, Berghaus Verlag, 1972, 1ste druk. 26.5 x 18 x 1.8 cm., Hardcover (cloth), met stofomslag. 67. Black & White images. Conditie: Very good. Bevat 26 ingeplakte Jugendstil illustraties in kleur en 5 pagina's text in Duits.
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N° du livre: 20160006
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Catalogue: Art

Flowers & Birds: A Perspective; Chinese Painting Techniques 1
Taipei, Taiwan, Art Book Co., Ltd., 1991, 1ste druk.. 30 x 21,3 x 1,1 cm, Paperback. 157 p.p.. Color Illustrations. ISBN/EAN: 957904550X. Conditie: Good, Name of previous owner on last page, some scratches on back cover, good copy. The spontaneoud style flower emphasizes the importance of strength and maturity of strokes, and of the use of color, this style has a close relationship with calligraphy: the artist is to "write" the painting not "draw" it. .
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N° du livre: 20170084
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Catalogue: Art

New York, Hudson Hill Press, 1988, First edition. 25,4 x 22,9 x 0,6 cm., Paperback. 63 pages. Black & White images. ISBN/EAN: 1555950205. Conditie: Very good, God condition. Includes the poen"The Beautiful Changes"by Richard Wilbur.
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N° du livre: 20190080
€  15.00 | CHF 16.5]
Catalogue: Art
Mots-clés: Photography

Painting the Horse (Chinese Painting For Beginners Vol. 16)
Taipei, Ho Kung-shang, 1990, 1st edition. 30 x 21 x 0,7 cm., Paperback. 112 p.p.. Color Illustrations. ISBN/EAN: 9579045070. Conditie: As new, As good as new. Text in English and Chinese..
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N° du livre: 20180006
€  25.00 | CHF 27]
Catalogue: Art

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