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The Dow Jones-Irwin Guide to Buying and Selling Treasury Securities
Dow Jone-Irwin, Publishers. 1984. Hard Cover. Hardcover dj/ pub.1984/ Gd. condition/ 245 pages Clearly outlines proven techniques for dealing with the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bureau of the Public Debt, and includes illustrations of the forms used by the Bureau. Treasury securities portf olios are highly liquid, marketable, and easily converted into cash. (B1623). Good.
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Book number: 623
USD 33.64 [Appr.: EURO 27.75 | £UK 24.75 | JP¥ 3490]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: wealth, money, investments, stock-market, capital, interest-rate, sales personal finance

Factory and Manager in the Ussr
Harvard University Press. 1957. Hard Cover. Hardcover/pub.1957/Fair condition/386 pages - Discusses factory and manager in the USSR. [AR228225]. Good.
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Book number: 28225
USD 38.14 [Appr.: EURO 31.5 | £UK 28 | JP¥ 3957]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: politics, hitler, jews, concentration camp, soviet union, russia, society, communism, nuclear, policy, government, history, leadership, economics, sales

Urban Renewal
Prentice Hall Publishing. 1969. Hard Cover. Hardcover/pub.1969/Gd. conditon/220 pages- Bonanza of the real estate business. (KN57163). Good.
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Book number: 7163
USD 20.14 [Appr.: EURO 16.75 | £UK 14.75 | JP¥ 2090]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: building, real estate, wealth, business, money, profit, government, negro, minority, ghetto, development, housing, residential, home, bank, loans, sales black history personal finance

The Complete Guide to Swiss Protection
Librex AG, Publishers. 1979. Soft Cover. PB/pub.1979/Gd. condition/165 pages - How to hedge inflation with the new Swiss Franc Contracts. (J92365z). Good.
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Book number: 2365z
USD 38.23 [Appr.: EURO 31.5 | £UK 28 | JP¥ 3966]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: money, wealth, banking, how to, instruction, wall street, invest, economics, franc, bonds, mutual funds, sales personal finance

The Evaluation of Common Stock
Simon &Schuster Publishing. 1959. Hard Cover. Hardcover dj/ pub.1959/ Gd. condition/1181 pages- Stocks are not always worth what they sell for. Sometimes they are carried too high, sometimes too low, by mass excitement. Sooner or later, though, t hey move into line with value. This book explai ns how to project the normal value of stocks into the future. (B91303). Good.
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Book number: 1303
USD 29.14 [Appr.: EURO 24 | £UK 21.5 | JP¥ 3023]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: wealth, money, investment, bonds, stock market, fortunes, sales personal finance

Financial Statement Analysis
Irwin Publishing. 1989. Hard Cover. Hardcover/ pub.1989/Gd. condition/1003 pages- 4th Ed.Theory, Application, and Interpretation. (KE97055). Good.
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Book number: 7055
USD 53.89 [Appr.: EURO 44.5 | £UK 39.5 | JP¥ 5591]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: business, profit, corporation, taxes, irs, money, p&l, finance, sales personal finance economics

Great Restaurant Innovators
Lebhar - Friedman Publishing. 1981. Hard Cover. Hardcover dj/pub.1981/Gd. condition/220 pages- Profiles in success. The individual can, and does, make a difference. (F16663). Good.
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Book number: 6663
USD 49.39 [Appr.: EURO 40.75 | £UK 36.25 | JP¥ 5124]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: food, money, design, chef, business, profit, menu, culinary, entertainment, sales personal finance cook books

The Portable Mba in Investment
John Wiley and Sons Publishing. 1995. Hard Cover. Hardcover/ pub.1995/Gd. condition/437 pages- Investing as a process. (KI37061). Good.
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Book number: 7061
USD 22.39 [Appr.: EURO 18.5 | £UK 16.5 | JP¥ 2323]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: profit, money, business, investment, wall street, corporation, stock, bonds, mutuals, funds, finance, banking, wealth, sales personal finance

How to Profit in Precious Metals
Wiley Publishing. 1985. Hard Cover. Hardcover/pub.1985/VG condition/224 pages - A systematic approach to metals trading based on technical price patterns, cycles, trend characteristics, top an bottom formations an Bernstein's observatio n on the effects of investor behavior. [KI3 23711]. Good.
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Book number: 23711
USD 31.39 [Appr.: EURO 26 | £UK 23 | JP¥ 3257]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: business, sales, investment, profits, precious metals, cycles, observation, patterns, literature,

Economics of Strategy
John Wiley and Sons Publishing. 2000. Hard Cover. Hardcover/pub.2000/Gd. condition/644 pages - Business strategies, theory and applications. (J92500z). Good.
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Book number: 2500z
USD 98.89 [Appr.: EURO 81.25 | £UK 72.5 | JP¥ 10260]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: management, leadership, business, politics, profit, prices, corporation, wall street, investment, personnel, money, competition, sales personal finance economics

Inside Pictures
Cresset Press. 1960. Hard Cover. Hardcover dj/ pub. 1960/ Gd. condition/161 pages- A account of the film industry. As Film critic on various national newspapers and also as Scenario editor, then as public relations man, with some of the leading film companies. (E33270). Good.
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Book number: 3270
USD 17.89 [Appr.: EURO 14.75 | £UK 13.25 | JP¥ 1856]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: hollywood, producers, business, directors, history, movies, film, actor, actress, industry, sales cinema first editions

Foreign Bank Regulation After Bcci
Carolina Academic Press. 1994. Hard Cover. Hardcover dj/pub.1994/VG condition/316 pages - This text sets forth proposals for legal reform in part IV, most notably in the areas of international bank insolvency and international trade in banking services. [KH118222]. Good.
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Book number: 18222
USD 49.39 [Appr.: EURO 40.75 | £UK 36.25 | JP¥ 5124]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: business, corporations, selling, sales, investments, profits, communication, economics,

The Condominium Bluebook - California Ed.
Piedmont Press. 1998. Soft Cover. PB/pub.1998/Fair condition/298 pages - The condominium bluebook is full of information that perhaps you need to know. [TK230584]. Good.
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Book number: 30584
USD 13.39 [Appr.: EURO 11 | £UK 10 | JP¥ 1389]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: investment, money, sells, buying, condominium, rules, checklists, statutory law, civil rights, vehicle, tax laws, sales

Almanac of the American People
Facts on File Publishers. 1988. Soft Cover. PB/ pub.1988/ Gd. condition/336 pages- How often does the average American fall in love?; How many nose jobs are performed each year?; How many homes have leaky basements?; How much money do people ca rry in their pockets and purses? ..Read On.. (B91248). Good.
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Book number: 1248
USD 26.89 [Appr.: EURO 22.25 | £UK 19.75 | JP¥ 2790]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: culture, history, average american, statistics, facts, figures, information, data, sales sociology nonfiction

Gaining New Military Capability: An Experiment in Concept Development
Rand Publisher. 1990. Soft Cover. PB/ pub.1998/ VG condition/69 pages- This report focuses on the process of modernizing U.S. military forces. The research described here is an experiment to determine if new and unusual approach can g ererate multiple ideas to better perform existin g, as well as emerging, military tasks. (D62594). Good.
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Book number: 2594
USD 35.89 [Appr.: EURO 29.5 | £UK 26.25 | JP¥ 3724]
Catalogue: Sales
Keywords: technology, armed forces, weapons, corporate, business, politics, history, enemy, sales war

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