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Engelmann, Woldemar.
Die Wiedergeburt der Rechtskultur in Italien durch die wissenschaftliche Lehre : eine Darlegung der Entfaltung des gemeinen italienischen Rechts und seiner Justizkultur im Mittelalter unter dem Einfluss der herrschenden Lehre der Gutachtenpraxis der Rechtsgelehrten und der Verantwortung der Richter im Sindikatsprozess.
Aalen : Scientia Verlag,Reprint 1938-edition. Orig. cloth binding. xxiv,585 pp. Mailorder only - Alleen verzending mogelijk. Book condition : new. ISBN 9783511002053.
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Keywords: RECHT RECHT, history of law, Italy

Hametz, Maura.
In the name of Italy : nation, family, and patriotism in a fascist court.
New York : Fordham University Press, 2012. Orig. cloth binding. Dustjacket. x,278 pp. Mailorder only - Alleen verzending mogelijk. Book condition : as new. - What was the nature of justice in Italian Fascist society? Through the lens of the case of Luigia Paulovich, a legal appeal filed against the Prefect of Trieste in 1931, In the Name of Italy: Nation, Family, and Patriotism in a Fascist Court demonstrates the inconsistencies of the Fascist attack on traditional political liberties and the incomplete nature of Fascist legal reform. A compelling narrative of an elderly widow's successful challenge to the italianization of her surname, the book reveals institutional uncertainty, signs of underlying discontent, and legal opposition to Fascistization in the first decade of Mussolini's rule. It explores the world of Fascist justice in the halls of the Italian Administrative Court, highlighting the interplay of Italian law and the judiciary in the interpretation of Fascist expectations and the enforcement of Fascist policies against the backdrop of inherited cultural, political, and gendered beliefs. Fascist aims to create a new society clashed with conservative notions of family, church, and patriotism to affect the perception and practice of justice. Competing visions of nationalism from Italy's Adriatic borderlands, Dalmatia, and Rome show how the persistence of regional cultural and legal particularities impeded Fascist efforts to promote national standardization and enforce government centralization. Focusing on the proceedings of the case revealed in local documents and national court records, the account of the woman who pit Fascist officials against the national government engages legal scholars, historians, onomasticians, and theorists of Fascism, nationalism, and borderlands in debates over the nature of citizenship and the meanings of nationalism, patriotism, and justice. It explores Fascist legal reform and sheds light on the nature of Fascist authority, demonstrating the fragmentation of power, the constraints of dictatorship, and the limits of popular quiescence. The widow's triumph indicates that while Fascist dictatorship appeared in many guises, dissent adopted many masks. ISBN 9780823243396.
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Keywords: RECHT, *2006-100 divers USA history of law

Hegel, Karl von.
Geschichte der Städteverfassung von Italien seit der Zeit der römischen Herrschaft bis zum Ausgange des 12. Jahrhunderts.
Aalen : Scientia Verlag,1964. Neudruck der 1847 Ausgabe. 2 Volumes. Orig. cloth bindings. xii,507p; 470 pp. Mailorder only - Alleen verzending mogelijk. Book condition : new. ISBN 9783511015909.
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Keywords: RECHT, history of law, Italy

Kuehn, Thomas.
Law, family, and women : toward a legal anthropology of Renaissance Italy.
Chicago : Chicago University Press,1991. Orig. cloth binding. Dustjacket. xiv,415 pp. Index. Mailorder only - Alleen verzending mogelijk. Book condition : as new. - Focusing on Florence, Thomas Kuehn demonstrates the formative influence of law on Italian society during the Renaissance, especially in the spheres of family and women. Kuehn's use of legal sources along with letters, diaries, and contemporary accounts allows him to present a compelling image of the social processes that affected the shape and function of the law. The numerous law courts of Italian city-states constantly devised and revised statutes. Kuehn traces the permutations of these laws, then examines their use by Florentines to arbitrate conflict and regulate social behavior regarding such issues as kinship, marriage, business, inheritance, illlegitimacy, and gender. Ranging from one man's embittered denunciation of his father to another's reaction to his kinsmen's rejection of him as illegitimate, Law, Family, and Women provides fascinating evidence of the tensions riddling family life in Renaissance Florence. Kuehn shows how these same tensions, often articulated in and through the law, affected women. He examines the role of the mundualdus--a male legal guardian for women--in Florence, the control of fathers over their married daughters, and issues of inheritance by and through women. An ambitious attempt to reformulate the agenda of Renaissance social history, Kuehn's work will be of value to both legal anthropologists and social historians. ISBN 9780226457628.
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Keywords: RECHT, history of law, Italy history of law

Leo, Heinrich.
Entwickelung der Verfassung der lombardischen Städte bis zu der Ankunft Kaiser Friedrich I in Italien.
Amsterdam: Rodopi,1970. Reprint 1824-edition. Paperback. xvi,199 pp. Verlagsneu. Mailorder only - Alleen verzending mogelijk. Book condition : very good. ISBN 9789062033768.
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Keywords: RECHT RECHT, history of law, Italy Rechtsgeschichte

Oddens, Joris.
The political culture of the sister republics, 1794-1806 : France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy.
Amsterdam :Amsterdam University Press, 2015. Hardcover. 322 pp. Mailorder only - Alleen verzending mogelijk. Book condition : as new. - Leading historians of the French, Batavian, Helvetic, Cisalpine and Neapolitan revolutions bridge the gap between the historiographies of the so-called 'Sister' Republics. They explore political culture as a set of discourses or political practices. Parliamentary practices, the comparability of 'universal' political concepts, late-eighteenth century Republicanism, the relationship between press and politics, and the interaction between the Sister Republics and France are studied from a comparative, transnational perspective.-- Publisher's description:The transformation of republicanism -- Political concepts and languages -- The invention of democratic parliamentary practices -- Press, politics, and public opinion -- The sister republics and France. ISBN 9789089646064.
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Keywords: HISTORY, history of law

Zupko, R.E. & R.A. Laures.
Straws in the Wind : medieval Urban Environmental Law : the case of northern Italy.
Boulder, Co.: Westview,1996. Orig. cloth binding. Dustjacket. viii,152p. Index. Mailorder only - Alleen verzending mogelijk. Book condition : very good. - The quest to create a decent world, to maintain a clean environment, and to nurture a self-renewing inheritance to pass on to future generations is not unique to the twentieth-century. Rather, as Ronald Zupko and Robert Laures show in this fascinating study of medieval environmental attitudes and regulations, it has been the recurring dream of men and women for centuries.The history of the medieval towns of northern and central Italy opens a window onto the concerns of urban elites throughout the medieval world regarding the environment and quality of life. In Straws in the Wind, the authors demonstrate that legislative efforts to control the environment were neither haphazard nor accidental. Rather, they were rational responses to perceived needs, often based on a valuable store of knowledge inherited from their Roman forebears.Zupko and Laures describe who these early environmentalists were, what motivated them, how they shaped the environmental programs they devised, and how they implemented and enforced these regulations. The book examines the efforts of town officials, often acting independently of powerful regional, papal, and imperial authorities, to provide their citizens with the best possible urban quality of lifewithin the limits of their knowledge, experience, and technology. Moreover, Zupko and Laures reveal evidence of grassroots support for the protection of resources and for the preservation of air, water, and the aesthetic qualities of the urban environment. The results of these efforts, when compared to those of the modern environmental movement, were very modest, merely Straws in the Wind. Nonetheless, they were the harbingers of the future. ISBN 9780813329710.
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Keywords: RECHT, history of law, Italy

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