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Municipality of Pteleos /Demos Pteleou
Thessaly, Municipality of Pteleos. First Thus. Brochure/Pamphlet, Small locally produced tourist pamphlet on a region in Eastern Thessaly. Text in Greek, English & German. Undated [c.1990?] 8 p. illus.map. Very Good.
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Catalogus: Thessaly
Trefwoorden: Pteleos Magnisias Thessaly Greece

Ampelakia : to Likno tou Synetairismou
Athens, Kedros. 1982, 1st Greek Ed. Hardcover. A well illustrated survey of the historic community of Ambelakia in Thessaly close to the Vale of Tempe. It became prosperous in the 18th. Century by creatinga co-operative organizarion to export the cloth spun, woven and dyed in the area and which wae profitably exported across Europe. Because of this it is a treasure house of traditional architecture as illustrated in this book. 198p. Illus. [col]. Near Fine/Near Fine.
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Catalogus: Thessaly
Trefwoorden: Ampelakia Ambelakia Thesaly Greece Traditional Architecture Greek Folk Art Greek Architecture - Modern Greek Architecture - Vernacular

O Volos Mesa Apo Tin Omichli tou Chronou
Volos, Ekdoseis Graphe. 1994, 1st Greek Edition. (ISBN: 960-7405-048) Original Wraps. A nostalgic account of 19th to early 20th century Volos through its buildings and prominent residents, copiously illustated with photographs of people and places.349p + indexes. Long author inscription on ffep.[NOT found in WoldCat]. Fine. Signed by Author.
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Catalogus: Thessaly
Trefwoorden: Volos Thessaly Greece Volos Books in Greek - Local History Xxworldcatgreek 9607405048

The Marriage
Limni,Evvia,Greece, Denise Harvey. 2010, 1st Greek Ed.. Soft Cover. Vassa Solomou Xanthakis novella The Marriage is considered to be a small classic of Greek literature, a work that is distinguished by the immediacy and freshness of its language while retaining a deep sensibility to traditional life in rural Greece. First published in 1975, it has been reprinted in Greek numerous times. In 1994 it was staged as a play with enormous success by the Thessalian Theatre Company . The subject of this book is simple: the wedding customs and songs of the village of Ambelakia in Thessaly as lived and experienced in one particular marriage, that of Lenaki and Nikolas. But after the weeklong wedding ceremonies are over the magical bridal veil of those days is slowly drawn back and, in unadorned contrast to those customs and celebrations, the realities of life begin to impose themselves. This fading away of enchantment together with the role played by the nuptial mystery in the subsequent course of the couple's lives was my ultimate theme. Within the restraints imposed by the bonds of marriage I wanted to search again for the mystical veins of tradition, especially in the figure of the woman of the countryside .It is not accidental that a book such as this was written in the second half of the 20th century, when inconsistency and instability have tended to be the norm. That is why I wanted to return to the sources, to the essential world of Hellenism, not in order to write yet another edifying description of the customs and manners of a peoplea so-called return to the rootsbut so as to engender a sense of awe at the power of those roots. I also wanted to describe the simple and primeval wisdom which is born of need and which with compelling exactness legislates the daily demands of that need. Lenaki herself was horrified by the weight of what had been inflicted on her by the past . because of her innate nobility she was able to win through. This edition of The Marriage has an introduction to Ambelakia by Andonis Karkayiannis and includes the words of the Ambelakiote wedding songs in Greek. New from Publisher.
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Catalogus: Thessaly
Trefwoorden: Fiction Greece Thessaly Ambelakia Greek Fiction

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