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We Have Friends All Over the World
Peking, China Record Company. 1970, First Thus. LP SLEEVE. LP Recording, A collection of mostly rousing propagandist /patriotic songs Chinese (but musicallly in a more western style) undated but apparenyly issued during the Maoist "Cultural Revolution[1966-76] Songs included : Albania, Our Close Comrade And Brother; A Great Friendship Sealed In Blood; Song Of Friendship Between The Chinese And Vietnamese People; Song Of Friendship Between The People Of China And Laos ; Song Of Friendship Between The People Of China And Cambodia; The Anti-Imperialist Contingent Advances From Victory To Victory. Fine/Near Fine.
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Keywords: Communist China Chinese Music Lp Record Lp Records Books in Chinese

The Grand Peregrination : Being the Life and Adventures of Fernao Mendes Pinto
Manchester, Carcanet Press, Limited. 1990, Reprint. (ISBN: 0856358509) Hardcover. 'The life and times of Fernao Mendes Pinto, one of the great adventurers of the sixteenth century in the turbulent East". As New/As New.
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Keywords: Travel Exloration China Thailand Sumatra 0856358509

Danziger's Travels Beyond Forbidden Frontiers
London, Paladin. 1989, Reprint. (ISBN: 0586087060) Soft Cover. Danzigers Travels is a riveting account of a daring 18 month journey from Istanbul to Peking. "After walking and hitch-hiking his way through southern Turkey and the Iran of the Ayatollahs, he entered Afghanistan illegally in the wake of a convoy of Chinese weapons and spent another two months dodging Russian helicopter gunships with rebel guerrillas. He was the first foreigner to cross from Pakistan into the closed western province of China since the revolution of 1949. Living and travelling with local people and pittings his wits against officialdom, Danziger broke barriers and crossed boundaries of all kinds. Written with engaging humour and a great zest for life [it] is an exceptional travel book in every way, handsomely illustrated with the author"s own outstanding photographs and drawings." 426p. illus index. Very Good.
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Keywords: Travel Adventure Afghanistan China Iran Afghanistan Iran/Persia Hiking/Walking/Mountaineering 0586087060

The Chinese in New Zealand : a Study in Assimilation
Hong Kong, Hong Kong University Press. 1959, First Edition. Hard Cover. 145p, bibliography. Near Fine/Very Good.
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Keywords: Chinese Immigrants New Zealand New Zealand

The Peoples of China
Washington, National Geographic. 1980. Folded Map. Map, Poster-sized folded map illustrating the various ethnic groups in China, with a large scale map of China, Mongolia. Vietnam and surrounding areas on the reverse.Originally issued with the National Geoegraphic magazine in July 1980. Fine.
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Keywords: China Anthropolpgy Maps and Atlases

You tai ren zai shang hai =The Jews in Shanghai
Shanghai, Shanghai Pictorial Press. 2000, First Edition. (ISBN: 7805301778) Hardcover. Text in Chinese and English Copiously illustrated introduction to the history of the Jewish community of Shanghai. Of particuler note is the presence of the thousands of Jews who found refuge in Shanghai from the persecutions in Nazi Germany. 90p. illus bibliography. As New/Fine.
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Keywords: Jews in China Shanghai Jews & Judaism Books in Chinese Jews in China 7805301778

Blond China Doll: A Shanghai Interlude 1939-1953
St Catherines Ontario, Blond China Doll Enterprises. 2004, 1st Canadian Edition. (ISBN: 0973580305) Softcover. "Hannelore 's story begins in Berlin on the night of November 9, 1938 . Kristallnacht ...her German-Jewish family fled for a safe haven from the terrot of the Nazis and the impendign Holocaust. Their destination : the port city of Shanghai .. by 1951 Shanghai had become politically dangerous under the Communists . and her family were forced to leave .. It is the story of a young girl duting a time imposed by war, politics and desperation" Memoir of noted St. Catherine's bookseller, her father was a famous Montreal bookseller, Heinz Heinemann. Signed on title page and also another inscription by the authoR ON DEDICARTION PAGEr. Near Fine. Signed by Author.
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Keywords: Jews in China Shaingai Autographs Jews in China Biographies - Canadian Childhood Memories 0973580305

The Trail of War. On the Track of Big Horse in Central Asia.
New York, Tauris Parke Paperbacks. 2009, Reprint. (ISBN: 1845117026) Soft Cover. This is the first paperback edition of the classic book on Central Asia first published by Macmillan in 1936. Foreword by John Hare " Sven Hedin tells the story of a remarkable expedition he made to the remote Chinese province of Xinjiang. Commissioned by the Chinese to map a road through one of the most inhospitable regions in the world, Hedin set out on a journey that saw him become entangled in a bloody war for independence that was raging in the province. Struggling through the battle-scarred land, Hedin encountered rebel fighters and bandits, was imprisoned and nearly executed. The heart of the story is dominated by the legendary figure of Ma Chung-Yin - 'Big Horse' - leader of the uprising. An enthralling account of drama and high adventure, "The Trail of War" is also an extraordinary portrait of Central Asia and its people.' 248p. illus [B & W] map ption: Map, black and white photographic plates, 248pp, paperback. S Map, black and white photographic plates, 248pp, paperback. SBookseller Inventory # 127362 Editorial Reviews:. As New.
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Keywords: Central Asia Sinkiang Xinjiang Kaklamakan Desert Lop Nor Central Asia 1845117026

Little Chinese Cookbook
San Francisco, Chronicle Books. 1990, Reprint. (ISBN: 0877017980) Hard Cover. Ill.: Susan Dray. Tiny neat book about Chinese food. 60p. illus. Would make a nice small gift. Fine/Fine.
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Keywords: Cookery Chinese Food Recipes Cookery Gift Books Cookery - Chinese 0877017980 Susan Dray

Touched By Indigo : Chinese blue-and-white textiles and Embroideryy = = Lan ran : Zhongguo lan yin hua bu yu tao hua zhan Lan
Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum. 2004, 1st Canadian Edition. Comb Binding, 22 x 28 Cm. Guide to an exhibition held at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario, 9 Oct. 2004-10 Apr. 2005. Describes the fabrics and the decorating techniques and designs. Includes : Chronology, Indigo. Cotton, Woven fabrics plain and decorated, Pattern-dyed fabrics,Tie-dye, Wax-resist, etc. Embroidery. 80p. illus [col.] map. bibliography [Only 2 copies in WorldCat]. As New.
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Keywords: Fabrics Textiles Chinese Blue & White Dying Embroidery Exhibition Catalogues Textiles Xxworldcatmiscell

The Magic Brush: A Story of Love, Family, and Chinese Characters
New York, Walker Childrens. 2011, 1st US Edition. (ISBN: 0802721788) Hardcover. Ill.: Huy Voun Lee. Combining a heartwarming family story, a magical adventure, and a multilingual primer on Chinese language, The MagicBrush tells the story of Jasmine, a young girl who learns Chinese calligraphy from her Agong, or grandfather. As Jasmine learns how to paint the characters for dragon, fish, horse, friend, and more,she and Agong are magically transported to the wondrous world they arecreating...The Magic Brush, beautifully rendered in traditional cut-paper, by Huy Voun Lee is perfect for young readers and their parents to share, steeped in Chinese traditions and full of magical adventure. New/Near Fine - Slight Chip.
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Keywords: China Chinese Cullture Language Symvbols Children Books in Chinese Children's Books in Other Languages 0802721788 Huy Voun Lee

JIANG YUN ZHONG (1922-2013)
Da Xing Li Shi You Hua Yu Mei Ren
Shanghai, Jiang Yun Zhong. 1998, First Thus. Hardcover. English title " The huge size Chinese historic oil painting "Yu Mei Ren" This book describes the concept and execution of the artist's extraordinary mural painting. Using "a creative combination of murals from the West and Japan and screen printing from China" he began the project in 1990 and finished in 1998. It was assembled in the form of 12 screens, each 2.4 meters [8 feet] high and 1.5 meters wide to form an 18 metre [59 feet] painting. Verses from "Yu Meiren" by the classical Chinese poet Li Yu are inscribed in calligraphy by Ding Hao at the head of each panel . Text in Chinese and English. Unpaginated with very long fold out section .Seal stamp and Chinese inscription by the artiist on endpaper, dated 1999. {NO copies found in Worldcat]. Fine/Fine. Signed by Artist.
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Keywords: Chinese Art Murals Yu Meo Rem Li Yu Bi-Lingual Texts Xxworldcatmiscell Books in Chinese Art - Chinese

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