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Avon Western Reader 2. . .
Avon, 1947. Paperback. Poor. Nailed Down - Harry Sinclair Drago. Weight of Command - Ernest Haycox. Idyl of Red Gulch - Bret Harte. Buried Treasure - Stewart Edward White. Dick Fellows - Joseph Henry Jackson. Man With the Glass Eye - James Hendryx.
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Avon Book of New Stories of the Great Wild West. . .
Avon 194, 1949 - 1st. Paperback. Poor. King of the Stolen River- Glenn Law. Coltman's Shadow - J. Edward Leithead. Six-Gun Slowpoke - Giff Cheshire. Colt Quarantine - D. B. Newton. Collect Your Bounty in Lead - Joseph Chadwick.
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Western Stories. . .
Dell 153, 1947. Paperback. Poor. Marshal of Broken Lance - Frank Gruber. Gold-Mounted Guns. Rider of Loma Escondido - J. Frank Dobie. Cows in the Dark - Eugene Cunningham. First Blood - James Phillips. Watchdog of Lonesome Creek - Harry Sinclair Drago. With Bated Breath - Ross Santee. Soapsuds - J. E. Grinstead. Holdup - Clarence Mulford. Peep-Sight Shoots High - Allan Vaughan Elston. Ghost of Billy the Kid - Edwin Corle. Baldy at the Brink - Alan LeMay. Limber-Pine Squatters - William Byron Mowrey. Sons of the Forest Edge - Ernest Haycox. Introduction by the author. Cover by Gerald Gregg. Map by Ruth Belew. Dell Map Back.
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Rawhiders and Renegades (Fall Roundup). . .
Dell D367, 1960 - 1st. Paperback. Very Good. My Father and the Winning of the West - John Prescott. Steadfast - Wayne Overholser. You?ll Have to Kill Me First - Bennett Foster. Ketch-Colt for Christmas - Walt Coburn. Drummer by Luke Short. Seventh Desert by Frank Bonham. Contest - Will Cook. Hour of Parting - Norman Fox. Wanted - Thomas Thompson. Where the Wild Geese Come From - Bill Gulick. Partners? Luck - Charles Heckelmann. Looting of Golconda - Harry Sinclair Drago. One Evening in Abilene - Steve Frazee. Notch-Crazy - S. Omar Barker. Caprock - Nelson Nye. Decent Saddle - Noel Loomis. Long Rider - Gene Markey. Introduction by the author. Cover by John Kulor.
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Spurs. . .
Bantam, 1977. Paperback. Very Good. Bad Company - S. Omar Barker. Gun Job - Thomas Thompson. Comanche Woman - Fred Grove. Isley's Stranger - Henry Wilson Allen. Brushoff - Peggy Simson Curry. Thief in Camp - Bill Gulick. Town Named Hate - John Prebble. Log Studio of C. M. Russell - Lola Shelton. Grandfather Out of the Past - Noel Loomis. Blood on the Sun - Thomas Thompson. Shaming of Broken Horn - Bill Gulick. Tallest Indian in Toltepec - Will Henry. Lost Sister - Dorothy Johnson. Empty Saddles at Christmas 1966 - S. Omar Barker. Guns of William Longley - Donald Hamilton. When the Caballos Came - Fred Grove. Westward to Blood and Glory - Cliff Farrell. In the Silence - Peggy Curry. Shootout in Burke Canyon - Earl Clark. Call of the Cow Country - Harry Webb. Comancheros - John Jarrell. Other Nevada - Robert Laxalt. Buried Money - Eve Ball. Apaches in the History of the Southwest - Don Worcester. Jonathan Gillam and the White Man's Burden - C. L. Sonnichsen. Introduction by S. Omar Barker. Wraparound cover. From the collection of SF author Juanita Coulson.
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