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Hand in the Cobbler's Safe. . .
Bart House 1, 1944. Paperback. Near Fine. Hand in the Cobbler's Safe - Seth Bailey. Enigma of the Crazy Detective - Lamont Nichols. Behind Blue Shadows - Hal Morgan. Dead Girl in Room 30 - Hal Fletcher. Closing Net - M.L. Forgy. Girl in the Death Trap - Marvin Leslie. Case of the Baffling Receipt - Theodore Simmons. Killer Second From the Right - Curtis Bird.
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Fatal Caress. . .
Dell 733, 1947. Paperback. Very Good. History's Most Fascinating Murders. Indefatigable Mistress Arden. Queen's Favorite. Mess of Sugar Hops. Murder for Meat. Child Speaks. Vindictive Sailor. Apoplectic Guest. Affair at the White Horse. Kind Neighbours. Missing Letter. Murder on the Beach. Fisherman's Wife. Helpful Host. Indecisive Servant. Rake's Progress. Wizard and the Witch. Charity Child. Family Affair. Harlot's Progress. Murder Without Malice. Unscrupulous Dr. Weil. Ghostly Horse. Extermination of the Sheas. Fatal Caress. Mole-Catcher's Daughter. Headless Torso. His Lordship Dies in Bed. Piece of String. Jack-the-Ripper Murders. Preface by Anthony Boucher. Cover by Griffith Foxley.
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Brutes Beasts and Human Fiends. . .
Paperback Library 64473, 1970 - 2nd. Paperback. Fine. Riddle of the Boiled Wife. Lethal Louise and the Vanishing Suckers. Pretty Amberg Brooklyn's Murderous Monster. KIller Kate Mistress of Murder. Lethal Lyda and the Busy Grave Diggers. Case of the Constant Widow. Case of the Self-Made Murderer. Slaying Sister. If Those Alligators Could Only Talk. Amourous Fiend of West Virginia. Wraparound cover by Victor Valla.
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Con Man. . .
Paperback Library 52170, 1962 - 1st. Paperback. Very Good. Pied Piper of Boston. Yellow Kid. Gaston Bullock Means Con Cum Laude. How Oscar Reaped the Farmers. Coster-Musica Man Who Doped the Drug Houses. Coronary Con Men. Photo front cover.
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Prescription Murder. . .
Paperback Library 51153, 1962 - 1st. Paperback. Fine. Greatest Bluebeard. Travels of Dr. Cream. Self-Conscious Killer. Dogs That Didn't Bark. Jekyll-Hyde Sawbones. Dame Who Lost Her Head. Murdering Faith Healer. Philandering Doctor. Traveling Doctor and the Farmer's Wife. Great Swope Poison Mystery. Cover by Stanley Borack.
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San Francisco Murders. . .
Bantam 354, 1948. Paperback. Fine. Wolves in the Fold - Robert O'Brien. Phosphorescent Bride - Oscar Lewis. Demon in the Belfry - Hildegarde Teilhet and Anthony Boucher. Gifts of Cordelia - Lenore Glen Offord. Tenderloin - Alfred Meyers. Other Than a Good One - Joseph Henry Jackson. Flapjack Murder - John Bruce. Eleven Days' Wonder - Lenore Glen Offord. Boss Missy - Alfred Meyers. Laughing Killer of the Woodside Glens - Allan Bosworth. Preface by the author. Cover by Bob Doares.
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45 Murderers. . .
Graphic G203, 1954. Paperback. Very Good. Author is pseudonym of Georgiana Ann Randolph Craig. Stories of true Crime. Fall of the House of Deuteronomy. Clue of the Owl. Devil Doll. Candy Kid. Swamp. Murderer Who Couldn't Have Done It. Girl Loses Boy. Ladies Don't Run on Their Heels. Gilded Lily. Force of Habit. Passion for Peanuts. Circe of Cumberland County. Witchcraft or Murder? Case of the Murderer's Mistakes. Lady's Day at the Morgue. Well-Liked Victim. Case Without a Corpse. Sixty Cents Worth of Murder. Mr. Anonymous. New Love for Old. Case of the Common Cold. One Man Crime Inc. Reluctant Cop. High-Hat Murder. Case of the Red-Haired Stepmother. Too Lovely to Live. Case of the Vengeful Ghosts. Talking Cat. Murder the Hard Way. Fatal Perfume. Air-Tight Alibi. Case of the Understanding Wife. Drop of Blood. Bluebeard's Buried Treasure. Case of the Woman's Intuition. Sunshine Lady. Deadly Dew. Lovelorn Stranger. Murdered Magdalen. Murder Divided by Two. Murder by Proxy. Strange Case of Mabel Mayer. Into the Nowhere. Murder Without Motive. Black Dahlia Case.
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Fact Detective Mysteries. . .
Dell 332, 1949. Paperback. Very Good. Real Cops Are Smart. Killer Behind the Door. Mystery of the Ball of Fire. Hand of Yvonne. One Sin Leads to Another. Guilty Love Sudden Death. Green Goods Boys. Double Death at the Country Club. Puzzle of the Slick Chick. Vitamin Murder Case. They Can't Scare Me. Deadly Date for Donna. Chippy Meets a Chopper. Inside Information. Photo front cover. Map by Ruth Belew. Dell Map Back.
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Newgate Calendar 2. . .
Panther UK 24980, 1968. Paperback. Very Good. Wraparound cover by Michael Leonard.
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