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 FIRCH,, Etablissement des Francois a la Cayenne
Etablissement des Francois a la Cayenne
Allegorical print of the establishment of the French colonial capital of Cayenne in French Guiana. A bare-chested woman points at a map held by the nobleman at her side. In the background labourers and sailors.Engraving on laid paper, by Firch after Zorel, platemark: 326 x 353 mm., in good condition, cropped close to the platemark, a small crease in the top right corner.As Cayenne was permanently settled by the French in ca. 1664, we date this allegory around that time. An interesting print, as neither Firch nor Zorel turn up in the ULAN database.
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Catalogue: Allegory

Galle, Philips (1537-1612) and Galle, Joannes (1600-1676) after Blocklandt, Anthonie van (1533-1583)
The Libyan Sibyl under a tree, hilly landscape in the background. Signed at the bottom right of center:'Antonius Bloclandt Inuent. / Philip. Gall. fe.', numbered on the bottom left:'2'; title in lower margin:'SIBYLLA LIBYCA:' and four Latin verses in two columns:'Discutiet tenebras... hic miseris conferet auxilium'; titled above in the sky:'SIB. LIBYCA' l Engraving on paper with broad margins; platemark: 290 x 210 mm, total: 343 x 248 mm; state II although in Hollstein only one state known, before lettering in the sky, hatchings remodelled; small stain in the sky otherwise in great conditions;
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Goeree, Jan (1670-1731)
'Berymde tafereelen door P: Vlaming'[p. 98] and 'BRIEVEN Door J.B. WELLEKENS ' [p. 118]
Two illustrations drawn from: 'Dichtlievende uitspanningen. Bestaande in herders- hoef- en veldgezangen, tafereelen, brieven enz.' by J. B. Wellekens vand P. Vlaming. The volume is richly illustrated with fine engravings by Jan Goeree with allegorical figures. The two plates are signed at the bottom. l Engravings on laid paper with margins; plate mark: 155 x 118, total: 196 x 124 mm; one of the plates is soiled on the top righ corner, otherwise in very good condition. For the complete book see Booknr. 18708
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Goltzius, Hendrick (1558-1617)
Allegory of war: Currus Belli
Allegory of war; inscription below in two columns, on the left in French and on te right in Dutch. Above left inscription in Latin. Titled above right:'CURRUS BELLI'. Partial collector's mark on the right bottom, unidentified.l Engraving on paper, trimmed to plate mark; total: 249 x 362 mm ; state IV/4 yellowed paper; New Hollstein 204; Strauss 22; Reznicek 1961 p. 52; not in van Stolk; Bartsch 108
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Goltzius, Hendrick (1558-1617)
CAROLA BURBONIA... (portrait of Charlotte de Bourbon)
Portrait of Charlotte de Bourbon (1547-1582) the third wife of William of Orange. Half-length portrait of the richly dressed woman with a hand on the table in front of her. In each corner female personifications of the four elements with biblical scene in the background; in strapwork symbols related to the elements. Inscribed on the oval frame: 'CAROLA BVRBONIA D.G. PRIN. AVR. CO: NASS. &C. AET. ANN. XXIII A. M.LXXXI'. Latin captions below the representations of the elements; four lines of Latin text in cartouche at the bottom centre: 'Huius me curae... lustrabit lampade Solis'. l Engraving on paper trimmed to plate mark; total: 272 x 183 mm; state II/2; very nice impression; New Hollstein 262; Strauss 143; Bartsch 179, Muller 99
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Allegory of Europe with a well-dressed nobleman holding a mirror for the lady beside him to look into. She holds a fan and some flowers, half of a crown in the background. The number 43 in the lower left corner.Mezzotint on laid paper, by Johann Jakob Haid (1704-1767), possibly after own design, published ca. 1740 in Augsburg, sheet size: 450 x 341 mm., platemark: 407 x 280 mm. In good condition, some small restored nicks in the right and top margins. Small stains in the caption below the image, as well as on the woman's hand.
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Catalogue: Allegory

 HOLLAR, WENCESLAUS (1607-1677),, Putti with cornucopia: Earth
Putti with cornucopia: Earth
Allegory of the element Earth, with four putti with a cornucopia underneath a tree. In the background several figures are harvesting grain.Etching on hand laid paper, made by Wenceslaus Hollar after Pieter van Avont. Made in Antwerp, dated 1647. Sheet size 204 x 139 mm.Wenceslaus Hollar (Prague 1607 - 1677 London) was a prolific and well-known Bohemian printmaker, who spent much of his life in England. He is known to German speakers as Wenzel Hollar; and to Czech speakers as Václav Hollar. He is particularly remembered for his engravings and etchings. In good condition, cropped within platemark, with minimal loss of image on the far left. A tiny pinhole in the center of the sheet (hardly visible from front). References: New Hollstein German iii.224: 942 (ii/3).
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Catalogue: Allegory

Hooghe, Romeyn de (1645-1708)
Frontispiece to volume 1 of 'Historie der Reformatie, en andre kerkelyke geschiedenissen, in en ontrent de Nederlanden' by Geeraert Brandt. On a high pedestal is a half-naked woman with a cross and an anchor. Around her are some putti in the back engaged in different activities like holding a freedom hat, collecting wood for a fire and freeing the woman from chains. In the foreground other allegorical figures such as Time in the middle holding the book open for History to write upon it. Lettered on the pedestal: 'HISTORIE / DER REFORMATIE / door / BRANDT.' signed on the bottom left: 'RDHooghe inv. et. f.' RDH monogrammed. On the verso inscription in black ink. l Pure etching on paper with some margin; plate mark: 70 x 122 mm, total: 198 x 147 mm; slightly yellowed paper but plate in very good condition
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 Jelgerhuis, Johannes (1770-1836), De Winter.
Jelgerhuis, Johannes (1770-1836)
De Winter.
Allegory of winter: interior with three peasants holding ovals with representations of the zodiacal signs characterizing the season depicted. Aries, Pisces and Aquarius are in fact the three signs. Lettered, signed and dated below: 'R.J.f. / DE WINTER. / A. 1765'. Frontispiece to a set of thirteen plates with winter scenes. l Etching on paper, with small margins; plate mark: 142 x 157 mm, total: 158 x 180 mm.
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Lastman, Nicolaes (1585/87-1625) after Quast, Pieter Jansz. (1605/6-1647)
A soldier is standing in the center being mocked by seven personages surrounding him, three on the left and four on the right respectively. The inscription above reads 'MUNDUS VULT DECIPI', meaning that 'the world wants to be deceived'; this soldier, then, is being deceived by these grotesque figures. On the background a landscape with a village on the top of the hill. This same plate was reused in 1720 in 'Tafereel der Dwaasheid' as nr. 67, where lines of text are added as dialog between the personages. Signed on the bottom: 'P. Q. delin.'; 'C.L. sculp.'; 'Carolus Allard excudit cum privil: / Ord: Holl: et West fr:'. Lettered in French at the feet of the soldier:'Voici le Guerrier, object de raillerie / De la sagesse et non pas moins de la folie. / Courage feminin anime le heros, / Et en temps de danger ne se tient en repos. / L'Urinal, que voilá, indique les miseres, / Qui même aux innocens arrivent à la guerre.' On the bottom verses in Dutch:'Diogenes ontstak bij dag-licht zijn Lantaren, / En om te zoeken waar recht-schapen menschen waren, / Quam op de Markt, daar volk van alle soorten stond, / Die hij, elk na haar aard, berispend heeft doorgrond. / De Wijsgeer, bezig om den waaren mensch t'ontdekken, / Bevond de Waereld valsch, en voorst een Kooy vol Gekken.'l Engraving on paper with small margins; platemark: 300 x 382 mm; total: 317 x 390 mm; paper evenly yellowed. PALL01
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 LEFEBRE, VALENTIN,, Personification of Venice
Personification of Venice
Oval etching on laid paper, by Valentin Lefebre after Battista Zelotti (formerly attributed to Paolo Veronese), published by Jacobus van Campen, from the 53-plate series 'Opera selectoria quae Titianus Vecellius [...] et Paulus Calliari Veronensis' from 1682 with beautiful reproductions of Paulo Veronese and Titian. A woman seated on a globe, with a lion at her feet. Platemark 302 x 147 mm., sheet size 307 x 157 mm., in very good condition.Literature: Hollstein 1-53, only state.
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Catalogue: Allegory

Leopold, Joseph Friedrich (1668-1727)[?]; Müller, Johann Adam (1698-1738) [?]
Die KirchweijFreud / Der Frühling
German engraving from the 18th century representing a village celebrating spring with dances and a 'kunst' market. The personnages represented are quite charicaturized (dwarf?). On the bottom of the print a poem in German reads:"Seht wie die freundlich Gred, / Mit ihrem Aufbutz schwantzet. / Her Hannss die Füsse dreht / biss er das Lam[m] ertantzet." Above also another poem on a cartouche: "Auf dieser Früh-/lings Kirchweijh/seund in meinem / Kram vor das schöne / Frauen Zimer aller / hand vortreffliche / Gallanterijen und / rarre Kunst / Stuck." Possibly from a serie representing the four seasons (see item 59579) Attribution by comparison with AEstas and Autumnus at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg [Brückner, Wolfgang: Imagerie Populaire Allemande, Milano, 1969, p. 105]l Engraving with some etching; total: 176 x 261 mm PG014
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Unknown master
MONS PIETATIS (frontispiece)
Frontispiece with a monument with several inscriptions and decorations: 'MONS / PIETA / TIS' above and towards the bottom: 'Alberti et Isabellae S.S. principu[m] / auspicijs feliciter / erectus'on the bottom the epigaph reads: 'Beatus qui intelligi super egenum et pauperem / in die mala liberabit eum dominus.' further address and publication date: 'BRUXELLAE / In officina Hub. Antonij Typ. Iur. / Ad Aquilam Auream / Anno 1619 / St. Sc. '. This engraving introduces a publication by Wenzel Coebergher (1560-1634) who was an architect, engeneer, antiquarian, a painter and even an economist. In 1618 he was appointed as General Superintendent of the public Pawn Shop: he was in fact in charge of letting people in Flanders acquainted with the 'Monti di Pietá' system which was developed in Italy. These pawnshops introduced the modern concept of allowing a credit loan against the deposition of a collateral. The publication in itself was a copy of the letter of appointment. l Etching and engraving on paper with very small margins; plate mark: 183 x 136 mm, total: 188 x 143 mm; hole due to burning on the left margin, slightly affecting the hatched background; staining on the bottom; very nice impression. On the verso traces of
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Matham, Theodor (1605-1676) after Venne, Adriaen van de (1589-1662)
Mountain of Honour for Poets [De Hollandsche Lys met de Brabantsche Bely: set title]
The mountain of honour for poets, included as illustration to Gilles Jacobs Quintijn's:'De Hollandsche Lys met de Brabantsche Bely'. Below left in narrow margin:'AV. Venne In' and on the right:'T. Matham sc. 1628'l Engraving on paper, on the verso letterpress, pasted on laid paper with manuscript text copied in black ink from the verso of the engraving; print: 90 x 118 mm; total: 322 x 260 mm. Only state, New Hollstein 186
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Meer, Noach van der (1741-1822)
De Milddaadigheid aan de dankbaare roomsche armen; by de eerste afgifte van brood, op den grond des geweezen schouwburgs te Amsterdam, den vyfden December
Allegory of the help provided by the city of Amsterdam to the poor Catholics on december the 5th 1787. Charitas sits on a throne with the arms of Amsterdam holding a cornucopia; beside her poor people, a man a woman and a child. Two putti are looking at a sheet of paper with a representation of the house of the indigents in Amsterdam situated on the Keisergracht 384. In the sky the eye of God. Titled above in the center:´DE / MILDDAADIGHEID / AAN / DE DANKBAARE ROOMSCHE ARMEN; / BY DE EERSTE AFGIFTE VAN BROOD, / OP DE GROND / DES GEWEEZEN SCHOUWBURGS / TE AMSTERDAM, / Den vyfden December.´ below the representation: ´´t WeLeer VerWoest tooneeL, ´t paLeIs Der poezIJ, / strekt V, behoeftIg MensCh! hIer tot een bakkerIJ. / J.F. Delfing´. Signed on the bottom left of the representation:´N.v.d. Meer Jan del. et sculp.´ on the bottom right:´F. J. v. Tetroode´. l Etching and copper engraving on paper; platemark: 273 x 203 mm, total: 286 x 215 mm; foxing and dirt on the margins and on the top; a stain on the left. PALL01
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