Gamander Antiquariaat [Psweloveyou]: Meditation, Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga
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 Allen, G.F., The Buddha's Philosophy. Selections from the Pali Canon.
Allen, G.F.
The Buddha's Philosophy. Selections from the Pali Canon.
Woking, George Allen & Unwin. 1959. Hardcover. Very Good. l 188 pp. This study, originally published in 1959, traces the origin of Buddhism in Brahmanism, and fixes its relationship to Hinduism, describing and stressing the basic importance of Buddhist contemplation. The first half of the book introduces the very heart of Buddhism, while the second part presents the Teaching itself, as handed down in the canonical writings of the ancient East.
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 Argüelles, J. & M.,, Mandala.
Argüelles, J. & M.,
Beschrijving van de vorm en de betekenis van de mandala. Met teken-oefeningen. l Ankh-Hermes. deventer 1980. Gb. 135 pp. Goede staat.
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Arnim, G. von
Meditative Aufzeichnungen.
Dornach, Verlag am Goetheanum. 2002. Hardcover. Very Good. l 159 S. Im Nachlass des Arztes Dr. Georg von Arnim (1920-2000), der die Heimsonderschule Föhrenbühl ärztlich leitete, fanden sich bemerkenswerte Tagebuchaufzeichnungen über das innere Leben. Sie wurden von Peter Selg auszugsweise veröffentlicht und im Kontext des Lebensganges von Dr. Arnim erschlossen.
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 Avalon, Arthur & Shastri, Lakshmana., Tantraraja/Tantra.
Avalon, Arthur & Shastri, Lakshmana.
Delhi, Motilal Banarsidass. 1997. Soft cover. Good. l 837 pp. This ancient treatise provides the reader with the knowledge of sixfold tantric activities viz. marana, uccatana, vasikarana and so on, for the fulfillment of man's material needs as well as the knowledge of reality for the fulfillment of his material ends. On the spiritual plane it guides him on the path of self-realization. The ultimate aim of this treatise, as of all tantric lore is to suggest means for the emancipation of the personal soul from the bondage of senses. Introduction of 73 pp. by Arthur Avalon. Then follows the Sanskrit (!) text.
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