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Oroonoko, or, the Royal Slave
(New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 1997). . With an Introduction by Lore Metzger. 208 x 140 mm; laminated pictorial wraps; pp. xv + (i) + 78. Near fine. "As Aphra Behn's career inspired women, especially writers, Oroonoko was taken up as a weapon by reformers in the long battle against the slave trade. Over the years reprinted, translated, serialized, dramatized, and imitated, it remains a unique work - a popular tale that introduces powerful themes onto the literary stage.".
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N° du livre: 3998
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Catalogue: Slavery
Mots-clés: . Emancipation. Anti Society. Abolitionism. Feminism. English Literature

The Suppression of the African Slave-Trade to the United States of America 1638-1870
(New York: Schocken Books, 1969). . 200 x 135 mm; pictorial wraps; pp. xxxvi + (ii) + 335, incl. index. Good to very good condition. Wraps somewhat sunned; corners of upper cover a little creased. First published in 1896. This edition with a new introduction by A. Norman Klein. '"How far in a state can a recognized moral wrong safely be compromised?" This question, coming in the last paragraph of the monograph with which Harvard opened its Harvard Historical Series in 1896, clearly can have but one answer. The book demonstrates how "that system of bargaining, truckling, and compromising with a moral, political and economic monstrosity, which makes the history of our dealing with slavery in the first half of the nineteenth century so discreditable to a great people," led straight to the Civil War; and it closes with DuBois' ever-relevant words: "It behooves nations as well as men to do things at the very moment when they ought to be done."'.
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N° du livre: 3291
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Catalogue: Slavery
Mots-clés: . Atlantic Slave Trade. Abolition. Abolitionism. American .

The African Slave Trade
(Freeport: Books for Libraries Press, 1970). . Facsimile of the 1860 first edition published in Boston by the American Tract Society; The Black Heritage Library Collection. 8vo; original black cloth; spine silver gilt; no dustwrapper; pp. (ii) + 102. Some spotting to endpapers. Very good condition. A treatise on the history of the slave trade and its abolition, the original publication of which coincided with the increasing tension between the states of the Union on the eve of the American Civil War. Clark argues against any revival of the trade, and expresses America's guilt at the continuation of an internal trade in the human species by several states..
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N° du livre: 580
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Catalogue: Slavery
Mots-clés: . . Abolitionism. .

Slaves & Slavery
(Kent: Grange Books, 1998). . 4to; laminated pictorial boards; laminated pictorial dustwrapper; pp. 192, incl. index; maps; monochrome illustrations in text; full-colour plates. Dustwrapper very slightly rubbed. Near fine condition. 'The African slave trade is one of the most tragic and disturbing episodes in the history of mankind, and the harrowing experiences of those who endured the ordeal are beyond imagination. A history of slavery is a narrative of human extremes, encompassing the depths of squalor, brutality, and exploitation as well as heroism, fortitude and dignity. With over 14 million slaves exported over several centuries to the Americas alone, the cultural scars of this terrible commerce remain deep to this day. Incredibly, at the end of the twentieth century, there are reports that the sale of human life continues. This account traces the chronology of the slave trade from its earliest documented presence in ancient societies. Illustrated with photographs, contemporary illustrations, and documents, it presents a comprehensive depiction of the lives of those unfortunates robbed of their freedom. Duncan Clarke provides a thorough discussion of the general social and political climate of the slavery era, as well as presenting the stories of individuals such as Henry "Box" Brown, whose daring escape became a cause celèbre for abolitionists, and Phillis Wheatley, a slave whose genius earned her respect as the first black American to be published as a poet.'.
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N° du livre: 687
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Catalogue: Slavery
Mots-clés: . . . Atlantic . Abolition Movement. . Wilberforce. Clarkson. Granville Sharp. CIVIL War. Abraham Lincoln

Wilberforce. A Narrative
(London: Oxford University Press, 1923, 1st edition). . 8vo; original burgundy cloth; spine gilt; pp. vi + (ii) + 528, incl. index; plates with tissue guards. Corners and edges a little bumped; ownership inscription dated August 1929 on half-title, and owner's name signed on title page; some browning and light spotting to endpapers and final leaves. Good to very good condition. "This book makes no pretence of extending the bounds of historical knowledge. There is very little that is new in its materials or ideas. Its only excuse lies in the fact that, except for Leslie Stephen's admirable summary in the Dictionary of National Biography, there is nothing in modern literature to recall the memory of Wilberforce and his work to the present generation. Harford's Recollections (1865), Colquhoun's Wilberforce and his Friends (1866), and Stoughton's short Life (1880), are all out of print. The 'official' biography, by two of Wilberforce's sons, Robert and Samuel (2nd edition, 1839), is also out of print and rather difficult to read. It is not a three decker merely; it is a quinquereme, each volume stretching on the average to 400 pages; and much of it is more like a manual of devotion than a biography of one who was certainly a saint but also a statesman.".
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N° du livre: 686
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Catalogue: Slavery
Mots-clés: . Abolitionists. . Rspca. Clapham Sect. William Pitt Younger. Hannah . Thomas Clarkson. Granville Sharp. Atlantic Slave Trade

Flight and Rebellion. Slave Resistance in Eighteenth-Century Virginia
(New York: Oxford University Press, 1974). . 203 x 134 mm; wraps; pp. xviii + 219, incl. index; maps. Good to very good condition. Spine sunned; upper wrapper a little scratched; page edges somewhat browned; previous owner's name signed on half-title. "This is an extremely important book ... It is the most detailed, comprehensive, and best study yet published on African slavery in eighteenth-century North America." - Jack P. Greene, Journal of American History.
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N° du livre: 3425
GBP 4.00 [Appr.: EURO 4.5 | CHF 5]
Catalogue: Slavery
Mots-clés: Black Americans. . United States . Negro. . Abolition. Revolts

The History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave
(London: Penguin Books, 2000). . Edited by Sara Salih. 196 x 127 mm; laminated pictorial wrappers; pp. xli + (i) + 115; facsimile title page from the third edition of 1831. Previous owner's discreet book label on first page. Fine condition. The life story of Mary Prince, employed as a domestic servant by Thomas Pringle, secretary of the Anti-Slavery Society. "Mary Prince recalls that in the slave market in Bermuda, where she was put up for sale, the buyers' talk 'fell like cayenne on the fresh wounds of our hearts'. During her life as a slave she was taken from Bermuda to Turks Island and Antigua, eventually arriving in London where, in 1828, she reported the cruelty of her master and mistress to the Anti-Slavery Society. The History of Mary Prince (1831) was the first life of a black woman to be published in Britain. This extraordinary testament of ill-treatment and survival was a protest and a rallying-cry for emancipation that provoked two libel actions and ran into three editions in the year of its publication.".
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N° du livre: 4049
GBP 5.00 [Appr.: EURO 5.75 | CHF 6]
Catalogue: Slavery
Mots-clés: . . Manumission. . Anti .

An Eyewitness History of Slavery in America from Colonial Times to the CIVIL War
(New York: Checkmark Books, 2001). . 277 x 214 mm; laminated pictorial wraps; pp. (vi) + 458, incl. index; monochrome illustrations in text. Wraps very slightly shelf-soiled, with a little curl to corners. Very good condition. "The history of the enslavement of African Americans in North America stretches from the beginning of European colonization and lasted until the end of the Civil War. An Eyewitness History of Slavery in America recounts this history by examining, chapter by chapter, many of its aspects: the slave catchers and their coffles in Africa, the crowded slave ships that transported Africans along the triangular trade routes to America, slave auctions, life and labor on the plantation, escape attempts and insurrections, and finally the Civil War and eventual emancipation. The authors capture the complexities and the extent of slavery and document the wide differences in the ways people reacted to this terrible institution. An Eyewitness History of Slavery in America provides hundreds of firsthand accounts - from diary entries, letters, speeches, and newspaper accounts - that illustrate how historical events appeared to those who lived through them. Among the eyewitness testimonies included are those from Sojourner Truth, Nat Turner, Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Tubman, and Abraham Lincoln. In addition to the firsthand accounts, each chapter provides an introductory essay and a chronology of events. The book also includes such critical documents as the 1672 charter of the Royal African Company, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Thirteenth Amendment, as well as capsule biographies of more than 100 key figures, notes, a bibliography, an index, and 80 black-and-white photographs.".
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N° du livre: 607
GBP 10.00 [Appr.: EURO 11.25 | CHF 12]
Catalogue: Slavery
Mots-clés: Slaves. . Social . Atlantic . Abolition Movement. Abolitionists. American . . Plantations. Southern States

Trials of Slavery. Selected Documents Concerning Slaves from the Criminal Records of the Council of Justice at the Cape of Good Hope, 1705-1794
(Cape Town: Van Riebeeck Society, 2005). . Second Series, No. 36. 8vo; original brown cloth gilt; laminated pictorial dustwrapper; pp. lxi + (i) + 681; frontis. illustration tipped in; plates; 2 maps. Fine condition. "Trials of Slavery is a first in South African historiography, a collection of 87 verbatim records of trials involving slaves at the Cape during the 18th Century. The cases are drawn from the exceptionally rich archives of the Council of Justice at the Cape of Good Hope under the rule of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), and illuminate not only the grim details of crime and punishment at the Cape during that century, but also abundantly detail telling features of the lives, labours, languages and outlook of slaves and other inhabitants of the Dutch colony. Reading these case records provides glimpses of these slaves as flesh and blood people instead of as a faceless, silent mass, the object only of outsiders' observations and enumeration. The transcripts are printed in the original Dutch, with an English translation added.".
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N° du livre: 11092
GBP 17.50 [Appr.: EURO 19.5 | CHF 21]
Catalogue: Slavery
Mots-clés: . . . . . Malays. . Court

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