Chapter 1: Britain - History
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Before the Conquest or, English Worthies in the Old English Period
William P Nimmo, Edinburgh. 1870, First Edition. Hardcover. 383 pages plus index and advertising pages (complete). An amiable, comfortable copy. The boards are prettily decorated which, although scuffed and a little marked and worn, are steady and sound. The front pastedown has a press clipping about a lecture at the Birmingham Midland Institute in 1897. The page trims are gilded (beaming benignly). The pages have some flushes and freckles of aging and foxing. In general, and by far, are clean, clear, congenial, certain, generous. fk. Good/No Jacket.
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Penalties Upon Opinion ; or Some Records of the Laws of Heresy and Blasphemy
Watts & Co. London. 1934, 3rd edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 143 pages (complete). No 39 of The Thinker's Library. A handy copy. The dustjacket has wear and scuffing all about. It is secure. The boards are benign. They have some wear about the edges. The contents are agreeably clean and clear. They are assured and amenably confident. fk. Good/Poor.
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A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Colonial Gentry (Reproduced from the Original Edition 1891-5) - 2 Volumes Bound in One
Heraldry Today, London. 1970. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 862 pages plus index (complete). A pleasing copy. The dustjacket has a clear cellophane cover. The dj is much worn, creased and marked. It is comfortable and sure. The boards are elegant and serene. They have some mild shelving marks to the edges. The page trims have some shelving marks. The contents (fascinating and engrossing and needle-sharp diligent) are clean, clear, assured, very confident, neat. fk. Very Good/Fair.
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The Traveller's Oracle ; or, Maxims for Locomotion : Containing Precepts for Promoting the Pleasures, and Hints for Preserving the Health of Travellers : Part II. Comprising the Horse and Carriage Keeper's Oracle; Rules for Purchasing and Keeping or Jobbing Horses and Carriages; Estimates of Expenses Occasioned Thereby; and an Easy Plan for Ascertaining Every Hackney-Coach Fare - Vol. 2
Henry Colburn, London. 1827, First Edition. Hardcover. 336 pages (complete). A handy, happy copy of this fascinating book. Not only is there much advice about horses and carriages, owning them, maintaining them, using them, there is also etiquette, working practice tips and instruction for the coachman. There is also a most engaging section on an employer's social responsibilities toward the coachman: "Merciful Masters, who use their Carriage in Wet Weather, provide the Coachman Two Box Coats: - a Second-hand Coat may be bought for about 2. 10s. - a slight increase to their Expense, a great addition to his Comfort: for when a Box Coat gets thoroughly Wet, it will take forty-eight hours before it becomes thoroughly Dry; for it must not be dried otherwise than gradually and in the Air. Mr Jarvis says, that "the best way of drying a Box Coat on these occasions, is to put it round a a Truss of Straw.". Whatever Olympic Wits or Whips might think, there are few modern Jockies who will agree with Pindarus, that Water is the best thing, at least for the lining of the Inner or the Outer Coat of the Stomach." The boards are smart. They are a little scuffed here and there but also steady (bound by Columbian Press in Calcutta). The early pages and later pages have aging and storage marks. The contents between are healthy, very assured, clean (for their age), clear, contented. fk. Good/No Jacket.
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Emigrants and Empire: British Settlement in the Dominions between the Wars (Studies in Imperialism)
Manchester University Press, Manchester and New York. 1990, First Edition. (ISBN: 0719030110). Hardcover, with dust jacket. 208 pages (complete). From the library of Edna and Frank Bradlow, the esteemed Africana specialists and collectors. This copy has somewhat languished in storage. The dustjacket has some shelving wear, some flecks of foxing, some mild scuffing and marking. It is secure and comfortable. The boards are simple and sure. The contents are tanned due to paper quality and storage conditions. The frontis pages are very mildly foxed and waved. The contents in general are clean, clear, tidy, neat, amenable, comfortable. fk. Good/Fair.
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The Reformation in England - Revised Edition Three Volumes in One
Burns & Oates, London. 1963, 5th Edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket. Complete. A stead, sound copy. The dust jacket of this huge history is placid. It has some tanning, some light wear, some light marking, some rubbing. It is comfortable and secure. The Anglican red boards are healthy and sure. The trims have shelving and handling marks. Within, the contents are mildly aging, there are splashes of foxing about. However, in general, and by far, the pages are certain, confident, clean, clear, authoritative, amenable. fk. Good/Fair.
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Pickle the Spy or the Incognito of Prince Charles
Longmans, Green and Co. London. 1897, First Edition. Hardcover. 342 pages (complete). Ex-library (Knysna Public Library) copy with consequent stamps, labels, annotations, marks, wear, usage. An aged copy of this most important work of historical investigation. The boards have a previous library label, they have scuffing, much wear, marks. They are serene in their security. The contents are foxed throughout. Nonetheless, the pages are resolutely competent, clear, assured, very confident, amenable. fk. Fair/No Jacket.
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A Century of Struggle: Britain's Miners in Pictures 1889 - 1989.
National Union of Mineworkers, Sheffield. 1989, First Edition. (ISBN: 0901959065). Softcover. 128 pages (complete). A much owned copy of this largely pictorial history of the National Union of Mineworkers. The covers are secure even if worn, creased and scuffed. They are sure. The contents have evidence of ownership and use throughout. However, the pages are clean, clear, companionable, certain. fn. Fair/No Jacket.
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The Admiralty
Terence Dalton Ltd. 1979, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 0900963948). Hardcover, with dust jacket. Jacket is sunned.Light tanning.Excellent binding.The office of Lord Admiral is of medieval origin,but it was Henry VIII who first created a permanent naval administration.[R.K]. Very Good/Very Good.
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The History of Huddersfield and the Valleys of the Colne, the Holme, and the Dearne (Facsimile Reprint)
Toll House Reprints, Holmfirth. 1986, Limited. (ISBN: 0950978337). Hardcover. 499 pages (complete). Hand-numbered 177 of a limited edition of 300 copies of this facsimile reprint of the 1906 "Worker Press" edition. In excellent, elegant condition. Leather spine, gilt borders and titling, mulberry coloured cloth boards. The spine has four ridges. There is some very, very light wear to the top segment. Otherwise the spine is decidedly clubbable. The boards have very shallow corner depressions. Otherwise, the boards are handsome, healthy, sound. The contents are in smashing condition. They are tight, fresh, clean, clear, companionable, diligent - as if new throughout! fk. Fine/No Jacket.
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