Chapter 1: Africana Boer Wars
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Kruger, Kommandos & Kak
30 Degree South Publishers. 2014. Softcover. The wraps are slightly shelf rubbed with minor creasing. There is some sticker residue at the back. It is internally clean and tightly bound. Complete with 527 pages. [B.K.]. Good.
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Shoot Straight, You Bastards!: The Truth Behind the Killing of Breaker Morant
Random House Australia. 2002, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 174051081X). Soft cover, with dust jacket. 386 pages (complete). A generously read book. The cover is sturdy and healthy with some reader wear and creasing and scuffing. The pages have evidence of readership but are otherwise clear, clean, neat and certain. fn. Fair/No Jacket.
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The Jameson Raid: A Centennial Retrospective (the Brenthurst Press Third Series)
1903, Brenthurst Press, Houghton, Johannesburg. 1996, Limited. (ISBN: 0909079536). Hardcover, with dust jacket. 264 pages (complete). Unnumbered copy of a limited edition of 1025 copies. Review and re-evaluation of the infamous Jameson Raid with contributions from: Prof Greg Cuthbertson, Prof Stephen Gray, Dr Richard Mendelsohn, Dr Iain R Smith, Tlou John Makura, Prof Robert I Rotberg, Prof Alan H Jeeves, Dr Elizabeth van Heyningen, Anna Cunningham, Prof Jacqueline Jaffe, Prof Albert Grundlingh, Prof Reuben Musiker. A truly excellent copy. The dustjacket is dignified and very healthy. It has very mild wear and marking. The boards are handsome and well turned out. Within, the contents are immaculate. Fresh, thick, luxe, creamy, clubbable, clean and desirable! fk. Fine/Very Good.
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Breaker Morant and the Bushveldt Carbineers (Van Riebeeck Society Second Series No. 18)
Van Riebeeck Society. 1987, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 0620124857). Hardcover, with dust jacket. 238 pages (complete). The dustjacket has a tidy clear plastic protective cover. The dj is a little worn and creased but is otherwise contented. The cloth cover is elegant and smart. Within, the back pages have some storage stains - but these are unobtrusive. The pages are mild-mannered, clean, clear, certain and diligent. fk. Fair/Fair.
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The Great Boer War
Smith, Elder, & Co. London. 1900, 1st Edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 535 pages (complete) plus maps. First edition. In subsequent editions Conan Doyle constantly revised his work. Published in what was to become just the middle of the war. A curate's egg of a book. Scruffy on the outside, very good on the inside. The cover is worn, stained, marked, scuffed. Nonetheless it is sound and secure. Inside, there is a previous owner signature. All maps are neat and smart. The pages are very clean, tidy, in very good shape, bold, tight and confident. fk. Good/No Jacket.
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The War Reporter: The Anglo-Boer War Through the Eyes of the Burghers
Jonathan Ball. 2009, Reprint. (ISBN: 1868421864). Soft cover. Wraps are rubbed and marked.Internally clean.Tightly bound.This is a history book with a difference.Here,in newspaper format as it might have been,is the story of the'English War'told by the Boers;by officers directing their troops on the battlefields of Magersfontein,Colenso and Spioenkop;by'Bitter-ender'burghers on commando,bored men laying endless siege to Mafeking and Ladysmith,women and children in concentration camps,the government in exile and many other participants,all in a wealth of contemporary sources and photographs.[Restored]20-11-2019. Very Good.
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The Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902: A Pictorial History
C. Struik Publishers. 1976, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 0869770683). Hardcover, with dust jacket. 192 pages (complete). A much owned book. The dustjacket of this heavily illustrated history of the Second Boer War is much worn and torn, marked and creased. It is nonetheless intact and secure. The cover has wear to all shelving edges. The faces are masculine and clean. The early and later pages have some handling marks, but otherwise the contents are confident, clean and tight. The pages are assured, diligent, competent and clear. fk. Fair/Poor.
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The Origins of the South African War, 1899-1902 (Origins of Modern Wars)
Longman. 1996, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 0582495202). Soft cover, with dust jacket. 455 pages (complete). In general fair repair. The cover is grubby and worn. The spine is secure and tight. The edges are worn from handling and usage. The paper trims are marked from storage and handling. The early pages are marked. The contents from thereon are clean, clear, confident and assured. fk. Fair/No Jacket.
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Christiaan de Wet - Een Jaar Na de Begrafenis - Uittreksel Uit Gudrun Vierde Jaargang Nr 4
M Verhaeghe, Eeghem bij Pitthem. 1923. Softcover, with dust jacket. 16 pages (complete). In Dutch throughout. Pamphlet. An aging but resolute copy. The covers have tanning and creasing. At some stage the pamphlet has been folded in half with consequent longitudinal creasing. Within, the pages have evidence of much use. Nonetheless they are placid, benign, clean, clear and certain. fk. Fair/No Jacket.
-- Chapter 1Professionele verkoper
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