Chapter 1: Africana - World War I
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The Delville Wood Memorial Book : The Ceremony of the Unveiling of the Memorial on Sunday the 10th Day of October 1926
South African National Memorial (Delville Wood) Committee. 1926. Softcover, with dust jacket. Complete. A placid copy of this 'souvenir' of the unveiling of the Delville Wood Memorial. Contains the speeches by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, Prime Minister Hertzog, MarƩchal Joffre and Field-Marshall Haig. There are and photographs and a plan of the Memorial. The thin card covers have wear about the edges and seams. They are mildly scuffed and marked from storage and handling. The contents have some wear about the binding. The security of the book is unaffected. The text pages are foxed. The photographic plates are clean, clear. The booklet is companionable, certain, proud, agreeable. fk. Good/No Jacket.
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Memorial Box for a Son Who Died During World War I
. Hardcover, with dust jacket. A most affecting, affectionate boƮte de souvenir. Collected and compiled by the mother of Lieutenant Alfred Ella, of the Eastern Cape, who died of influenza at Salonika, Greece, a week after the War ended. Many of the items are aged and bear the evidence of time. However, the collection is also redolent of shock, love, remembrance, the resolution of loss. The boƮte contains in no particular order: a mass produced letter from the King (George V) on Buckingham Palace headed notepaper ["I join with my grateful people in sending you this memorial of a brave life given for others in the Great War - George RI"]; a letter from the Privy Purse Office at Buckingham Palace (again headed notepaper) dated: December 13th, 1918 ["Dear Sir, The King and Queen deeply regret to hear of the loss you and the Army have sustained by the death of your son in the service of his Country, and I am commanded to convey to you the expression of Their Majesties' true sympathy with you in your sorrow, Yours very truly, F E Ponsonby Keeper of the Privy Purse"](Ponsonby had been not only an Equerry and Assistant Private Secretary to Queen Victoria and Edward VII; his daughter Loelia became Duchess of Westminster whose salons and balls were legendary (she would stand at the top of the stairs dazzlingly draped in diamonds so as to intimidate the women arriving)); a photograph of Lieutenant Ella torn from a magazine; a press-cutting about the Kaffrarian Rifles (Alfred Nella's regiment); a tearsheet from 'The East London Daily Dispatch' dated, 'Monday, June 30, 1919' with reports of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles (this page is much worn and crisped); a tearsheet from 'The Queenstown Daily Representative and Free Press' of 'Friday, August 1, 1919' which has the Queenstown District Roll of Honour. More personally: again in no particular order - four postcards from Alfred Ella plus one to Alfred. From Alfred Ella's old school, Dale College in King William's Town: "The Dale College Magazine, March 1919" ; "Unveiling and Dedication of A Memorial to those from this school who died in the Great War 1914-1919 - May 26th, 1922". Of great poignance is a handwritten list of the relatives of Alfred's mother, Mrs H Ella, "who fought in the Great War 1914-1918" marking who had been killed. Alfred's mother then went on a cruise to visit his grave in Salonika: a brochure, "1928 Mediterranean Cruise (2,800 miles): Pilgrimage to Gallipoli and Salonika"; a photograph of the grave and another of the cemetery; a memorial card. Miscellaneous: photograph of a church memorial to Alfred Nella and his fiancƩe; a silver leaf from Table Mountain enclosed in a cellophane packet: "A souvenir of your visit to The Cape Pavilion at the Empire Exhibition South Africa 1936. Two booklets (both aged, foxed, but yet placid and tranquil): "Seventh Annual Report of the Imperial War Graves Commission 1927" (the contents are fresh and clean); "The War Graves of the British Empire: The Register of the names of those who fell in the Great War and are buried in Mikra British Cemetery, Salonika, Greece", 1927 (the contents are clean, placid). Finally, a copy of "British Roll of Honour - The Roll of Honour of the Empire's Heroes" - covering late 198-1919, published for private circulation by The Queenhithe Publishing Co in which there is a tribute to Lieutenant Ella: half-vellum, pages gold trimmed, gilt titling and edging, the boards are much scuffed, worn, marked, however they are steady and sure, in contrast the contents are fresh-faced, clean and clear, serene. All are held in a battered board box. A treasure of humanity and memory. fk. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Roll of Honour - South African Forces
. Hardcover, with dust jacket. Complete. Roll of Honour for South African Forces in the Great War of 1914-1918. Privately compiled and produced. Photocopied pages of the typed Roll showing Regiment, Number, Rank, Name, Place, Cause and Date. Most beautifully and most carefully bound in half leather. The book (folio sized) is housed with in a khaki-green coloured cloth covered slip case. This has marbled sides, leather-tipped lips. This is handsome, healthy, dignified. The boards are most pleasing and elegant, proud and tranquil. The leathered corners are in excellent condition. The leathered spine (six ridges) is untitled, smart, well dressed. It is fit and sure. The boards are sound. The contents are produced with devotion and care. The pages are very clean, very clear, very certain and dutiful. It is very RARE that a Roll is available for sale and for private ownership. This profoundly carefully produced copy is an excellent opportunity. fk. Fine/No Jacket.
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Roll of Honour 1914-1918 Ererol
Private. Hardcover, with dust jacket. Complete. A most beautifully, and most devotedly privately produced copy of the Roll of Honour for all - irrespective of race - who died during the Great War of 1914-1918. Copied pages. The contents indicate a considerable, most extraordinary assiduity with private research. Shows Number, Rank, Surname and Initials, Decorations, Corps or Unit, Cause of death, Date of death. Sections: Infantry - White - full-time; volunteers; Artillery - Black, White and Coloured - full-time volunteers; Services - Black, White and Coloured - full-time volunteers; Mounted Units - Black, White and Coloured - full-time volunteers; Engineering Units - Black and White - full-time volunteers; Medical Units - White and Coloured - both genders - full-time volunteers; Motor Cycle Corps - White - full-time volunteers; Cape Auxiliary Horse Transport - Black, White and Coloured - full-time volunteers; Cape Corps - Black, White and Coloured - full-time volunteers; South African Native Labour Contingent - full-time volunteers with White Offices and NCOs; Miscellaneous Units - Black, White and Coloured - full-time volunteers; British and Imperial Units - Black, White - both genders; 'Natives' who died in service with Artillery, Dock operating, Service Corps etc; 'Natives' who died with Rhodesian or East African units. Blood red leather boards in stunning condition. Pressed gilt titling on the spine (fresh). The contents are in immaculately turned out condition. They are very clean, very clear, very confident, most sure, profoundly proud, diligent and detailed, tight, bright. It is VERY rare that a Roll is available for ownership. This serene copy is an excellent opportunity. fk. Fine/No Jacket.
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The Union of South Africa and the Great War 1914-1918 : Official History
The Government Printing and Stationery Office, Pretoria. 1924, First Edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 230 pages (complete). A sound copy. Gilt titling. The boards have scuffing, wear. The head and foot of the spine are pressed inwards but undamaged. The boards are calm, steady, sure. The contents are pleasing. They do have shallow splashes of foxing throughout. Nonetheless, the contents are healthy, neat, tidy, clean, clear, confident, assiduous, assured, proud. fk. Very Good/No Jacket.
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The South African Field Artillery in German East Africa and Palestine 1915-1919
J L Van Schaik Ltd. Pretoria / The South African National War Museum. 1958, First Edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 146 pages plus 3 folded maps in pocket at rear (complete). A tidy copy. The dust jacket has some scuffing, marks, wear, rubbing. It is comfortable and sure. The boards are smart and healthy. The contents are most pleasing. They are very clean and clear, very certain and confident, assiduous and assured. an unusually nice and well cared for book fk. Near Fine/Very Good.
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The History of the South African Forces in France
Thomas Nelson and Sons, Ltd. London. 1920, 2nd Edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 404 pages (complete). In good to fair condition. A steady, somewhat resilient copy. The boards have much wear, scuffing and marks all about. There is wear to the seams and corners. They are steady and sure. The contents are foxed and age-spotted throughout. Nonetheless, the pages are clean, clear, comfortable, diligent, dutiful, evocative. fk. Good/No Jacket.
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The Hun in Our Hinterland; or, the Menace of Gswa
T Maskew Miller, Cape Town. 1914, First Edition. Softcover, with dust jacket. 48 pages (complete) plus folded map of German South West Africa. A sure copy. The covers are worn, scuffed and marked. They are sure. The contents are in most agreeable condition. They are tight, bright, very clean and clear, healthy and tidy. fk. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Military Operations Togoland and the Cameroons 1914-1916
His Majesty's Stationery Office, London. 1931, First Edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 469 pages (complete). A comfortable copy. Of NOTE: the signature of ownership of A H W Haywood, who led the defeat of the German troops in Cameroon. Signature is dated: Nov. 1931. In a pocket at the rear, 10 maps, 6 of them hand-drawn duplicate maps (by Haywood). Map 1 (original) has annotations and notations made by Haywood. Some maps have had their printed numbers altered by Haywood. All maps are in good, healthy condition. The covers have wear, scuffing, marks from handling and shelving. The spine has wear to the head and foot and along the seams. It is a little faded. The boards and spine are comfortably secure and steady. The contents have evidence much contented use. There are some pencilled annotations, wear to the corners and edges. Otherwise, the contents are clean, clear, healthy, confident, tidy, companionable, dutifully diligent, more than competent. fk. Very Good/No Jacket.
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