Chapter 1: Africana - Travel Writing - Historic
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Notes of Travels in South Africa (Africana Collectanea Vol XXXI)
C Struik, Cape Town. 1969, Limited. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 344 pages (complete). Numbered 666 of a limited edition of 750 copies. Facsimile reprint of original edition from Hurst and Blackett, Publishers, London, 1875. A sturdy, sound copy. The dustjacket has scuffing, handling and shelving marks, wear about all edges and seams. It is comfortable and secure. The green boards are clubbable, handsome. The papertrim at the foot have a felt-tip marker mark. The contents are pleasing. They are tight, assured, clean, clear, confident, very certain, agreeable. fk. Very Good/Fair.
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Two Weeks' Trip to Capetown : Or, a Native's Impression of the Cape Industrial Exhibition
Lovedale, South Africa. 1884. Softcover. Complete. Photocopied sheets, stapled at top left corner. The sheets are worn and dutiful. They are competent, clean and clear. fk. Good/No Jacket.
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Book number: 83ht
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Impressions of South Africa
Macmillan and Co. Limited, London. 1897, reprint. Hardcover. 600 pages plus maps plus index (complete). Half-leather. The front board has the badge of the Civil Service Club, Cape Town. The boards are benign. The spine has been repaired with a leather strip. The leathered corners and spine have much wear. They are sure. The boards are scuffed, marked, worn. They are stead, sure. The contents have some user wear throughout. They are placid, clean, clear, convivial, comfortable, competent. fk. Good/No Jacket.
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Travels in South Africa. Undertaken at the Request of the Missionary Society
Flagg and Gould, Andover, USA. 1816, First Edition. Hardcover. 398 pages (complete). An historically thrilling copy. Published by one of the very first publishing houses in the United States, Abraham Gould and Timothy Flagg set up their press for the Andover Theological Seminary (now the oldest theological school in the US). The date this book was published and sold at the school, a graduate of the seminary was Hiram Bingham who was one of the first missionaries to Hawaii, and alphabetised the Hawaiian language. The opp first free page has an ex-libris plate for JOHN LOWELL JR. Lowell has SIGNED the first free page. Lowell, was one of the Boston Brahmin families (those families who were the first to settle in Boston). His grandfather was one of these original settlers. Lowell, himself, became very successful. He started and left as a bequest, the Lowell Institute in Boston, whose activities are now spread to the Harvard University Extension School. The plate is also signed: F C Lowell (but it is unsure whether this be the industrialist or the judge!). A most resolute, sturdy copy. The rather functional boards are much worn, stained, aged all about. The spine is also very worn. It has been been reinforced with a leather strip. The boards are stoically sound and steady. The contents are placid. They are aged but benevolent. The early pages, in particular, are stained at the bottom spine corners from storage. Some pages are uncut. Despite their venerability, the pages are assured, a little tanned, clear, clean, confident, generous, comfortable, foxed here and there, genial and congenial. fk. Fair/No Jacket.
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Through the Kalahari Desert : A Narrative of a Journey with a Gun, Camera, and Note-Book to Lake N'Gami and Back (Facsimile Reprint) (Africana Collectanea Volume XLIII)
C Struik, Cape Town. 1973, Limited. (ISBN: 0869770284). Hardcover. 475 pages (complete). Unnumbered copy of a limited edition of 1000 copies. Facsimile reprint of original 1886 publication with Sampson, Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, London. Full leather. The boards are sturdy and sound. They have some light wear about the edges and corners. They have mild rubbing and storage marks. The papertrims are foxed. The contents are fresh-faced, tight, clear, amiable, orderly, tidy, clean, hearty. fk. Very Good/No Jacket.
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A Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope Towards the Antarctic Polar Circle Round the World and to the Country of the Hottentots and the Caffres from the Year 1772-1776 - 2 Vols
Van Riebeeck Society, Cape Town. 1975, First Edition. Hardcover. Two volumes (complete). Second Series from the Van Riebeeck Society. Vol 1 published 1975. Volume 2 in 1977. Both are based on the English editions of 1785-1786 published by Robinson in London. Both are in most pleasing condition. The boards are elegant and tidy. The contents are gratifying. Volume 1 is very smart. The contents are tight, fresh, clean, clear, diligent. Volume 2 has some very, very light shelving wear to the bottom corner. This too is smart, careful, clean, clear. fk. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Book number: 13ip
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Travels in West Africa
The Folio Society, London. 2007. Hardcover. 260 pages (complete). A thrillingly pleasing copy. The book is housed in a thick board slipcase (neat, healthy, a little scuffed). The illustrated boards are wonderfully smart and attractive. They are steady, handsome. The contents are in excellent condition. The pages are very clean and clear, very generous and certain, most gratifying and confident - as if new throughout. fn. As New/No Jacket.
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Naar Congoland : Een Reisbeschrijving
De Christen-Studenten Vereeniging van Zuid-Afrika, Stellenbosch. 1913, First Edition. Hardcover. 87 pages (complete). In Dutch throughout. In 1912 the future architect of apartheid, and South African prime minister, D F Malan visited the Afrikaner communities in the Rhodesias and in Belgian Congo. It was a visit that had a profound influence on his personal philosophies - particulary from the experience of those Afrikaners who had adapted to life in the Congo. Now, he took notice of the limits of the actions of the church within society. According to his thoughts, this could only succeed in the Missions [of the Afrikaners] if the State was involved in the political decisions taken to organise society and deal with the questions of education, language, religion and culture. It was necessary therefore, he came to think, to invest in the political field, create a National-Christian party for parliament to guarantee the fundamental principals of the Christian community and to have a government committed to these ideals. For the first time Malan began to breach the walls between religion and politics. Due to this visit it became clear to Malan that the Afrikaners of Rhodesia not only needed money and missionaries but also a government to protect their interests, to construct educational institutions in order to elevate their social standing. If many of the Rhodesians stigmatised the education of the Blacks due to the emergence of racial tensions, Malan responded that it was more possible to prevent the Africans' desire to learn, educate themselves and to raise their own social advancement than to hold back the waters of the Zambesi. For Malan, it was now justifiable to found a basic education for the black populations, mainly to teach them English, read and write so as to accomplish their ethnic uprooting and acculturalisation linguistically and religiously. From these experiences apartheid was born. A much aged copy. The covers are scruffy. They are worn, scuffed, marked. They are yet benign and sure. The contents are elderly. They are foxed, mottled, marked, worn from use. Nonetheless, they are resolutely clear, competent, certain of attitude, tidy, assured. fk. Fair/No Jacket.
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Robert Jacob Gordon: Cape Travels, 1777 to 1786 - Volume 2 (Brenthurst Second Series)
Brenthurst Press, Johannesburg. 1988, Limited. (ISBN: 0909079374). Hardcover, with dust jacket. 465 pages (complete). Un-numbered copy of a limited edition of 850 standard copies (1000 copies in total edition). Vol 2. The dustjacket is much worn, marked, scuffed all about. It is secure and sure. The green cloth boards are very smart and attractive. They are healthy, serene, elegant. The contents are printed beautifully on 118 g/m(2) Byronic Text Britewhite paper. The contents are in ravishing condition. Two silk (one green, one pink) bookmarkers are attached. The pages are thick, creamy, clean, clear, proud, fresh, gracious and generous. fk. Fine/Poor.
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Inland Waters of Africa : The Result of Two Expeditions to the Great Lakes of Kenya and Uganda, with Accounts of Their Biology, Native Tribes and Development
Macmillan and Co. Limited, London. 1933, First Edition. Hardcover. 259 pages (complete). Please note that an illustration at page 18 is missing. Ex-library (Randfontein Municipal Library) copy with consequent debris, residue, stamps, labels, annotations, wear, use, marks. The book is placid. The boards are much worn and scuffed and marked all about. They are comfortable and secure. The contents are settled, bold, clean, clear, occasionally marked by ownership, keen, convivial. fk. Good/No Jacket.
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Book number: 95ic
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Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa (Facsimile Reprint)
Africana Connoisseurs Press, Cape Town. 1962, Limited. Hardcover. 493 pages (complete). Numbered 34 of a limited edition of 510 copies. From the library of Frank and Edna Bradlow who were much esteemed Africana specialists and collectors. A sturdy, sound copy. The boards are handsome. The contents are mild-mannered and assured. The front and last pages are tanned and a little foxed from storage, otherwise, the contents are benign, clean, clear, comfortable, companionable. Please note that due to the weight of the book, should the book need to be posted outside of South Africa, extra postage charges may be made. fn. Very Good/No Jacket.
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