Chapter 1: Africana - Hunting - Memoirs
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African Hunting Reprint Series - 7 Volumes
Books of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo. 1980, Reprints. Hardcover, with dust jacket. Seven volumes. Each book complete. A pleasing set. Each have new additional material, forewords and notes (where desired). The dustjackets of each book are much scuffed, scratched, worn all about. They are secure and sure. Most interestingly is included an envelope containing correspondence between John Murray (the publisher), Professor James Casada (the historian), R Cassirer (a Johannesburg Art dealer), and Frankn Bradlow (the Africana specialist and a Director of Sotheby's in South Africa), concerning the illustrations of the 1850 edition of the book. Also included are b/w photographs of illustrations. Volume 1: "A Hunter's Life in South Africa, Volume I" by R Gordon Cumming (ISBN: 086920209X). Facsimile of 1850 edition. Pressed gilt decoration and titling are fresh. The boards have some corner knocks. They are otherwise handsome, healthy. The contents are in immaculate condition. Volume 2: "A Hunter's Life in South Africa, Volume 2", by R Gordon Cumming (ISBN: 0869202111). The corners and edges have very light shelving wear. The boards are pleasing. The contents are also in most gratifying condition. As if almost new! Volume 3: "The Recollections of William Finaughty Elephant Hunter 1864-1875" (ISBN: 0869202294). Facsimile of 1916 edition. The boards have some very shallow corner knocks. They are handsome. The contents are in a most satisfying condition: bright, clean, smart. Volume 4: "African Hunting" by William Charles Baldwin (ISBN: 0869202278) pub: 1981. Facsimile of 1863 edition. The boards have mild wear to the edges and corners from shelving. They are sound and sure. The contents are pleasingly hale, generous. Volume 5: "A Hunter's Wanderings in Africa" by Frederick Courtenay Selous (ISBN: 0869202391), pub 1981. Facsimile of 1881 edition. The boards have some mild wear about the edges and corners from shelving, some very, very mild marking. The boards are steady, assured. The contents are felicitous, most agreeable, clean, fresh-faced. Volume 6: "Elephant Hunting in East Equatorial Africa" by Arthur H Neumann (ISBN: 0869202464), pub. 1982. Facsimile of 1898 edition. The boards are smart, very healthy. The papertrims have mild marks. The contents are in an excellent condition. Neat, bright, very clean and clear. Volume 7: "Trekking the Great Thirst - Sport and Travel in the Kalahari Desert" by Arnold W Hodson (ISBN: 0869202634), pub. 1987. Facsimile of 1912 edition. The boards are serene and healthy. The papertrims are tanned. The contents are most pleasing. They are assured, confident, alert, clean and clear. fk. Near Fine/Fair.
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Five Years of a Hunter's Life in the Far Interior of South Africa. With Anecdotes of the Chase and Notices of the Native Tribes - Vol. 1 (the Lion Hunter in South Africa)
John Murray, London. 1855, New Edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 388 pages (complete). Volume 1. A casually owned copy. Blind stamped decoration. The boards are much worn all about. The edges are sunned, the corners knocked. The spine is much faded and is worn thin. However, the boards and spine are resolutely secure, efficient, sure. The contents have evidence of avid use throughout. The frontispage has a previous owner stamp (Horace Beck). The page trims have wear from handling, use. The pages have handling marks. Whilst the early and later pages have some age spots, the contents are comfortable, clean, clear, certain, companionable, more than competent, amiable. fk. Good/No Jacket.
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Five Years' Hunting Adventures in South Africa Being an Account of Sport with the Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhinoceros, Camelopard, Ostrich, Hippopotamus, Wildebeest, Koodoo, Hyaena, &C &C
Simpkin, Marshall & Co. London/ Thomas D Morison, Glasgow. 1892, Popular edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 349 pages (complete). An interesting copy as it is signed and inscribed by Roualeyn Gordon Cumming's nephew, William Gordon. Inscribed to the head gamekeeper of the Applecross estate in Scotland, which is nearby the Gordon Cumming house (which later became Gordonstoun School). William Gordon was one of late Victorian England's most colourful and infamous of characters: a roue, gambler, soldier of great courage, for a time a friend of the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII). Despite being an asthmatic and only being able to see through one eye, Gordon Cumming fought in the Zulu War and was the first man to enter Ceteswayo's Kraal after the Battle of Ulundi. These 'infirmities' also did not affect his ability to bed a large number of women (including mistresses of his regal friend) among whom were Lillie Langtry, Sarah Bernhardt (before her wooden leg), Lady Churchill (Winston's mother) and vibrant campaigning socialite Daisy Brooke (also Warwick and of 'Daisy-Daisy' fame). His notoriety came from being at the centre of the so-called 'Baccarat Affair' which involved the Prince of Wales being humiliated (and to the abiding horror of his mother, the Queen) by having to take the stand in court, the first Prince of the realm to do so since the fifteenth century. His signature, on the half-title page, is dated Nov. 1897. Recased. Newer end papers. The blue boards have wear from shelving about all edges, corners. They are scuffed, marked from handling, shelving and storage. Nonetheless, the hue is still strong. As to be expected, there is some evidence of age. The early and later pages have some tanning, handling marks. The illustration plate at page 234 appears to be a replacement. The contents are gratifying. They are clean, clear, very confident and healthy, sound, amiable, certain, companionable, amenable, sound. fk. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Lion Hunter of South Africa: Five Years' Adventures in the Far Interior of South Africa; with Notices of the Native Tribes and Savage Animals
John Murray, London. 1888, New Edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 373 pages (complete). A much owned copy. The boards are much worn, scuffed, marked from handling and storage all about. The spine has been repaired. The contents have evidence of contented use and amiable aging throughout. The pages have some wear and handling and age marks. They are languid, assured, clean and clear, convivial, competent. fk. Fair/No Jacket.
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Man-Killers and Marauders : Some Big Game Encounters of an African Hunter
H F & G Witherby, London. 1929, First Edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 223 pages (complete). A steady copy. The boards have wear about the edges, corners and seams. They also have handling marks, storage marks. However, they are healthy, steady. Within, the contents are mild-mannered, a little aged, contented. The front pastedown has an ex-libris plate. There are splatterings, flurries of foxing here and there throughout. Yet, the contents are hale, hearty, clean and clear of blemish, neat, sound, companionably confident. fk. Good/No Jacket.
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Wild Sports of Southern Africa (Facsimile Reproduction of the Fifth Edition)
C Struik, Cape Town. 1963, Limited. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 359 pages (complete). Hand-numbered 15 of a limited edition of 50 deluxe copies. Half-leather. The boards are handsome. The leathered corners have very light wear along the edges from shelving. The spine (four ridges) has some shallow evidence of use (faint creases and scuffing). The boards and spine are fit and sure. The contents have very light blushes of tanning (paper quality) about the rims, the papertrims are mildly tanned from shelving. Overwhelmingly, the contents are clean, clear, bold, assured, very healthy and agreeable, neat and smart, generous and contented. fk. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Cinq Mois Au Pays Des Somalis - Suivi de la Faune Somalie Et D'Une Des Plantes Decrites
Georg & Co. Libraires-Editeurs, Geneve et Bale. 1898, First Edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 223 pages (complete). In French throughout. An excellent copy of this memoir of Prince Nicolas' hunting and collecting trip through the Somali lands and Ethiopia, with his father Prince Dimitri. The Ghikas were part of the older Romanian nobility (a German, from the House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, had been elected to the throne in 1866). The princes were voracious hunters (although on this trip their collections proved worthy and notable). The story of this trip revealed the ancient nations of the Ethiops and the Somalis in a way that was revelatory at the time. Illustrated ivory coloured boards. These are lightly worn about the edges and corners. The faces are marked from handling and shelving. The illustration is noble. The contents are in immaculate condition. They are elegant, fresh, very clean and clear, smart, bold, confident. fk. Near Fine/No Jacket.
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