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The Industrial Classes and Industrial Statistics. Textiles and Clothing, Food, Sundry Industries. (with maps).
London: Edward Stanford, 1877. "It is singular, even in these days of social science, to note how scanty and scattered is all information about the British workman..From a political point of view, he has been frequently written and talked about - too much so indeed for his own good or for the good of the country, - but comparatively seldom, when we come to inquire into his social condition, as dependent upon, or connected with, his special branch of labour." Pp.viii/252/16(ads for other publications), folding coloured explanatory map frontispiece showing where textile and clothing industries cluster + a further coloured food map showing products and agricultural areas, several statistical tables, yellow endpapers listing publications by the author on British manufacturing industries. Maroon cloth with blind-stamped motif to front board, gilt title to spine, wear to top and tail of spine and corner tips. G+.
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Catalogue: Industry
Keywords: Industrial Classes Statistics Textiles Clothing Food Cotton Flax Jutel Linen Wool Worsted Silk Lace Hosiery Straw Hair Dyeing Printing Shoes Leather Bread Salt Tobacco Sweeps Canal Rail Unions 42098 Industry

Lucas in Birmingham.
Stroud: Sutton Publishing, 2003. 0750933909. 1st edition. "A social history of what was one of the city's largest employers until its closure in 1989..Gordon Bunce's book focuses on the people who worked in the factories, depicting everyday life as well as special events, such as children's parties, retirement presentations and award ceremonies. Lucas was an excellent employer, and took a 'cradle to the grave' attitude to its personnel, many of whom remember the company with great affection." Pp.128, black & white photos throughout. Paperback. VG.
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Catalogue: Industry
Keywords: Gordon Bunce Lucas Birmingham Engineering Factories People War Health Safety Presentations Advertising 47228 Industry

A Teacher's Manual of Elementary Laundry Work.
London: Longmans, Green and Co, 1891. 1t edition. "There is no department of science which can be of more benefit to the public generally than the chemistry of common life, and that branch which is applied to the process of laundry work can be made extremely interesting to school girls if taught thoroughly and intelligently in connection with practical demonstration.." 17cms x 11cms. Pp.x/76, endpapers toned, slight toning to pages and a few minor spots but otherwise clean. Red illustrated cloth (showing a woman ironing) is a little rubbed and has uneven fading. Scarce. G+.** "Fanny Louisa Calder (1838-1923) was a pioneer of domestic science and was responsible for the Fanny Calder School of Domestic Science...She began running classes in 1874, which led to her eventually establishing her school based in St. Georges Hall in Liverpool. Her aim was to improve the diets and lifestyles of the people of Liverpool by teaching them how to cook and clean and look after themselves. With her progress in Liverpool, Fanny L. Calder wanted to promote women’s education throughout the UK and so worked with similar institutions in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Yorkshire, resulting in the 1876 formation of the Northern Union of Training Schools of Cookery. The women’s education movement founded its first national organisation in 1897, in which F.L. Calder played a fundamental role, the Association of Teachers of Domestic Science. Throughout her life F.L. Calder wrote numerous articles and letters about her mission of bringing domestic science into the education system whilst also promoting the distribution of affordable cookery books produced at the school. She also co-authored with the head teacher at the cookery school, E.E. Mann, the first laundry work teaching manual, ‘A Teachers’ Manual of Elementary Laundry Work’ published in 1891. Fanny L. Calder also wrote a number of recipes herself, the most well-known being her War Cake recipe her original hand written copy of which is currently held in the Liverpool John Moores Universities Archives." (historyofljmu).
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Keywords: Calder Mann Teachers Manual Elementary Laundry Work Schoolgirls Utensils Washing Linen Paraffin Drying Starching Ironing Mangling Polishing Muslins Silk Soap Blue Water Ammonia Bleaching Stains 43897 Industry: : Laundry

The Heritage of Cotton.
New York: Fairchild Publishing Company, 1948. The Fibre of Two Worlds and Many Ages. "a human record of a great fiber that has played a large part in the civilizations of two hemispheres and across more ages that modern civilization may safely span, and is still today the most important textile fiber. It is a history in paradoxes." Pp.xx/294, 21 black & white plates, large tear to final page of index and rear endpaper with exposed webbing to top of inner rear hinge. Good.
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Catalogue: Industry
Keywords: Crawford Heritage Cotton Fibre Fiber Textile History Primitive New World Peru India Europe England 18th Century Machine Industry Colonies Plantations Usa Mills South Slavery 46751 Industry

Management Control Manual for the Textile Industry.
New York: Rayon Publishing Corporation, 1964. 1st edition. A Handbook of Mill-Tested Methods and Procedures for Enhanced Operating Performance, Reduced Cost and Economical Maintenance of Product Quality. "A practical book, written for the practical mill man, who is concerned with economical and effective control of all mill operations, from raw stock through finished product..Only real and tested illustrations are used.", 168 figure illustrations. Green cloth, dustwrapper rubbed with small edge tears. VG/G+.
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Catalogue: Industry
Keywords: Enrick Management Control Manual Textile Industry Organization Quality Waste Test Procedures MILL Performance Spinning Weaving Knitting Finishing Natural Man Made Fibres Fibers Productivity 42102 Industry

Textile Soaps and Oils. (with 12 illustrations).
London: Scott, Greenwood & Son, 1921. Third Revised edition. A Handbook on the Preparation, Properties, and Analysis of the Soaps and Oils used in Textile Manufacturing, Dyeing and Printing. Contents: Section I. Textile Soaps. I. Introductory; II. Methods of making Soaps; III. Special Textile Soaps; IV. Relation of Soap to Water for Industrial Purposes; V. Treating Waste Soap Liquors; VI. Soap Analysis. Section II. Animal Soap Oils and Fats; Vegetable Soap Oils and Fats. Section III. Glycerine. Section IV. Textile Oils. Pp.xii/197/3(ads for other publications), 12 figure illustrations in the text, spotting to final page of ads. Dark green pebbled cloth, gilt title to front and spine, minor edge wear. Scarce. VG.
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Keywords: Hurst Simmons Textile Soaps Oils Tallow Lard Bone Grease Whale Train Palm Nut Kernel Coconut Olive Arachis Tea-Seed Cotton Soya Linseed Castor Maize Rape Hydrogenated Glycerine Wool Turkey Red 42105 Industry: : Laundry

Starch and its Derivatives.
London:Chapman & Hall Ltd, 1940. Being Volume Eleven of a Series of Monographs on Applied Chemistry. Contents: Part 1: The Structure and Reactions of Starch; Part II: The Manufacture of Starch and Starch Products; Part III: The Industrial Applications of Starch and Starch Products; Part IV:The Examination and Analysis of Starch and Starch Products. Pp.x/346, 28 figure illustrations + 24 pages of photomicrographs, inner hinges of endpapers strengthened at some time in the past, minor spotting to endpapers. Brown cloth, dustwrapper worn with tears to top and base of spine. G+/Good.
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Catalogue: Industry
Keywords: Radley Starch Derivatives Monography Applied Chemistry Science Iofinr Ethers Esters Root Cereal Modfied Glucose Maltose Ethyl Alcohol Acetone Dextrin British Gums Adhesives Paper Textile Enzymes 43899 Industry

A Manual Of The Science of Laundry Work. (For Students and Teachers).
London: Blackie & Son Limited, nd. (c.1904). Margaret Cuthbert Rankin: Head teacher of laundry work, Technical College of Domestic Science, Liverpool; first class certificate for laundry work; first class full diploma for cookery; certificated in chemistry, hygiene and physiology; first class dressmaking certificate (City and Guilds). 18cms x 12cms. Pp.142, several figure illustrations, owner's name to front free endpaper, toning to endpapers. Grey cloth has marks, edges rubbed. Good.
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Keywords: Margaret Cuthbert Rankin Manual Science Laundry Work Water Soap Soda Alkalies Starch Washing Blues Borax Acid Disinfectant Paraffin Turpentine Wool Silk Cotton Flax 43898 Industry: : Laundry

The Steam Laundry. Its Construction, Equipment and Management.
London: Heywood & Company Ltd, nd.(c.1900). Comprehensive guide to how late nineteenth century laundries should be built, equipped with machinery, and run efficiently. Pp.162, folding ground plan frontispiece of a Model Laundry, to Wash £100 per Week, Family Work + many figure illustrations and engraved illustrations of machinery and to advertisements to end, hand-written page numbers pp.1-3, cracking to inner front hinge and between pages 96/97 but holding. Red cloth, gilt title to front and spine, careful repair to spine outer hinge. Scarce. G+.** "JOHN TAYLOR was born at Lower Broughton, Salford, on 8th February 1866. Having served his time from 1879 to 1886 in his father's works (Messrs. Thomas and Taylor, laundry engineers, of London and Stockport), he was then engaged by them as traveller; and in 1890 was appointed manager of their London works. He designed and superintended the erection of public laundries, baths and wash-houses, and dairies, all over the United Kingdom, in several of which he installed electric lighting. His death took place on 3rd January 1902, in his thirty-sixth year." (Grace's Guide).** "While the upper classes went on employing washerwomen and/or general servants, there were various cheaper "send-out" laundry services in the later 19th century and early 20th, including laundries that brought both domestic laundry and linen from hotels etc. to a "hand-finished" standard. The simplest were wet wash (US) and bag wash (UK) arrangements where you sent off a bundle of dirty laundry to be washed elsewhere. Ironing was done at home at this bottom end of the market. In some places a mangle woman with a box mangle would charge pennies for pressing household linen and everyday clothing." (oldandinteresting).
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Keywords: Taylor Steam Laundry Construction Equipment Management Engineering Boilers Washing Machines Rinsing Wringing Blueing Starching Hydro Extractorsdecoudon Ironers Collar Polisher Goffering 42355 Industry: : Laundry

The Principles of Bleaching and Finishing of Cotton.
London: Charles Griffin & Company Limited, 1911. Original supplied to the Trade edition. With 131 illustrations. "The following pages deal with the principles underlying the practice of bleaching and finishing and the chemistry of the processes involved. A knowledge of the latter is essential to the successful carrying out of original constructive experiments, without which it will be very difficult in the future to make much advance in practice." (preface). Pp.xii/347/32(publisher's catalogue), 131 figure illustrations, foxing to endpapers, a few light spots to preliminaries. Maroon cloth, gilt title to spine, minor edge wear. G+.
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Catalogue: Industry
Keywords: Trotman Thorp Principles Bleaching Finishing Cotton Fibre Bleaching Transmission Impregnation Plaiting Cloth Alkali Boiling Lye Soap Organic Solvents Kiers Washing Stains Mangling Beetling 47461 Industry

Coal Tar and Some of Its Products.
London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd, nd.(c.1930). Pitman's Common Commodities and Industries series. Second edition. Contains "a brief account of the origin and uses of Coal Tar, and of the methods employed to obtain from it materials of considerable importance to a very large number of industries..The importance of the Coal Tar industry to this country in times of peace was very great indeed. Its value during the present[sic] war is of the highest, one might almost say paramount, as will be seen clearly.." Pp.xxii/106/32(ads for other publications), black & white frontispiece photo illustration + 16 further figure illustrations. Green cloth, minor edge wear. G+.
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Catalogue: Industry
Keywords: Warnes Coal Tar Products Roofing Felt Distillation Distillates Pitch Creosote Oil Naphthalene Athracene Ammoniacal Liquor Ammonia Crude Naphtha Benzol Benzene Toluene Pyridine Carbolic Cresylic 42094 Industry

The Art of Soap-Making. A Practical Handbook of the Manufacture of Hard and Soft Soaps, Toilet Soaps, etc.
London: Crosby Lockwood and Son, 1920. 5th edition, 10th impression. Including an Appendix of Modern Candle-Making. With numerous illustrations. "An important feature in the present volume is the chapter on the Recovery of Glycerine from Waste Leys, in which many processes for recovering this valuable product are given." Chapters include: Saponification Exxplained; The Soap Factory - Its Apparatus and Appliances; Materials Used in Soap-Making;Caustic Leys; Manufacture of Hard Soaps; Making Soap by the Cold Process; Oleic Acid - Soap from Recovered Grease; Cheapened Soaps; Disinfecting Soap; Saponification under Pressure; Various Processes; Manufacture of Soft Soaps; Manufacture of Toilet or Fancy Soaps; Soft Toilet Soaps; Medicated Soaps; Miscellaneous Soaps; Alkalimetry - Methods of Determining the Percentage of Real Alkali in Commercial Soda Ash, Potash, and Caustic Alkali; Methods of Analyzing or Assaying Soaps; Purifying and Bleaching Oils and Fats; Recovery of the Glycerine from Waste or Spent Leys; Useful Notes and Tables. Appendix A. Making Soap in Small Quantities. Appendix B.Modern Candle-Making. Pp.x/310, 43 figure illustrations, a few marginal smudge marks, cracking to inner hinges revealing webbing but holding firm. Brown cloth, title to spine dulled, minor marks to rear board, wear to base of spine. G+.
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Keywords: Watt Soap Making Handbook Hard Soft Toilet Fats Oil Tallow Caustic Leys Saponification Oleic Acid Normandy Dunn Guppy Thomas Gossage Sheridan Disinfecting Pearlash Kurten Arsenic Candles 42097 Industry: : Laundry

Soap Manufacture. The Chemical Processes.
London: E & F.N. Spon, Ltd, 1940. 1st edition. A Handbook for Students and Those Engaged in the Manufacture of Hard Soap. Pp.viii/162, 8 cards showing measurements for ingredients in pocket to inside rear board, toned area to front free endpaper, minor spotting to closed page edges (not affecting internal margins). Black cloth, dustwrapper has tears and losses. G+/Poor.
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Keywords: Wigner Soap Manufacture Chemical Processes Fatty Acid Glycerin Experimental Boils Saponification Commercial Soaps Spent Lyes Filtration Evaporation Silicate Solutions Silicated Saop Carbolic 47435 Industry: : Laundry

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