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The Cambridge Shorter History of India.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1934. 1st edition. Pp.xxii/970, 21 maps, owner's name to front free endpaper, slight toning to pages, minor spotting to endpapers but mainly affecting closed page edges, rippled creasing affecting pp.293-310. Green cloth, gilt title to spine, bleached spots (from water damage?) to rear board + top and tail of spine and edges of front board. G-.
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Book number: 45708
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: Allan Wolselley Haig Dodwell Cambridge Shorter History India Ancient Mauryas Asoka Muslim Conquest Delhi Jaunpur Aurangzib British East India Company Hastings Mutiny Burma Morley Minto Reforms 47253 History: : World

Japan: The Years of Triumph. From Feudal Isolation to Pacific Empire.
London: BPC, 1971. 1st ed. "Explores with a wealth of illustration the major events, movements, and personalities which have shaped our century". Pp 126. Some colour and b/w illustrations. Pbk, sunning to spine. G+.
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Book number: 19720
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: Allen Japan Years Triumph Feudal Pacific Empire World History A15178 History: : World

Past & Present. A Journal of Historical Studies. No.43.
Oxford: The Past & Present Society, 1969. Number 43. May 1969. Contents include: 1.The Genetics of Society by C.D.Darlington; 2.The Military Orders in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Spanish Society, The Institutional Embodiment of a Historical Tradition by L.P.Wright; 3.Quakerism and the Social Structure in the Interregnum by Richard T.Vann; 4.Tax Revolt and Popular Organization in Picardy 1789-1791 by R.B.Rose; 5.Malthus and the Evolutionists: The Common Context of Biological and Social Theory by Robert M.Young. Plus Debates: Landlords and Tenants in England in the Later Middle Ages: The Buckingham Estates by Barbara J.Harris; and Jacobean Free Trade Again by Robert Ashton. Pp.172/7(ads). Paperback. VG.
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: Ashton Historical Studies Genetics Society Military Orders Spain Tradition Quakerism Interregnum Tax Revolt Picardy Malthus Evolution Landlords Tenants Buckingham Estates Jacobean Free Trade 33664 History: : World

London: Hutchinson, 1952. 1st ed. "The story of Ceylon is the story of successive invasions". Pp. 168, + 1 map. Beige cloth, d/w with slight chipping to edges. G+/G.
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Book number: 11068
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: Bailey Ceylon History A4013 History: : World

Eutropius: Breviarium. (Translated Texts for Historians Volume 14).
Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 1993. 0853232083. 1st edition. The Breviarium Ab Urbe Condita of Eutropius the Right Honourable Secretary of State for General Petitions. "This is the first full-scale translation and commentary on Eutropius, whose Breviarium (Abbreviated History of Rome) was a major vehicle for transmitting knowledge of Roman history to people of the Middle Ages and beyond. The book consists of a lengthy intorduction to Eutropius, his times and the reasons for the book's composition. His attitudes, style, sources, mode of composition and chronology are all discussed, as is his continuing popularity through the centuries. A translation of the Breviarium follows and this is accompanied by a historical and historiographical commentary." Pp.lviii/186, 3 maps. Paperback. VG.
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Book number: 44157
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: Bird Eutropius Breviarium Ab Urbe Condita Roman History 44969 History: : World

Revelations from the Secret Service. The Spy on Two Fronts. (Translated by Captain Raglan Somerset).
London:Hutchinson & Co.Ltd, nd.(c.1930). Contents: Part One: State Secrets. I. How the Germans had Planned to Invade the United States; II. How the English Deciphered Enemy Telegrams; III. The Denouement of the Plot within Mexico; IV. "Not to be Opened for Twenty Years"; V. How the Secret Diplomatic Code of Germany was Delivered to England; VI. A Man who Vanished into Thin Air. Part Two. Tricks of the Trade: I. At the Headquarters of the Big Five; II. In the German Service; III. Dressing for the Part; IV. A Prize of a Hundred Thousand Pesetas; V. The Escape of a Prince; VI. On Board an Enemy Submarine; VII. The Key to the Riddle. Pp.173, erratum slip, minor toning to endpapers, a couple of spots to final two pages. Red cloth with black line border, slight sunning to spine. G+.
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: Robert Boucard Revelations Secret Service Spy Spying French English German World War One History Politics 42064 History: : World

Egypt Under The Pharaohs. A History Derived Entiely from The Monuments By Heinrich Brugsch-Bey. A New Edition Condensed And Thoroughly Revised By M. Brodrick. with Maps, Plans, And Illustrations.
London: John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1891 . 0. First edition with an interesting provenance. 8vo. 23cm x 15cm x 4cm. pp.28/pp.469/pp.28 Original black cloth covered boards. Gilt image of a Pharaoh to the front board and gilt titles an decoration to the spine. Boards and spine lightly rubbed. Hinges and edges carefully strengthened. Loose letter signed by R. F. Bigg-Wither. Half title soiled with two gift inscriptions: " Wm. H de Vere Coles from his Grandmother Jane Cole May 5th. 1893." ; "To W. C. D. Esdaile signed H. de Vere Coles." Clean text throughout, complete with all illustrations and maps. A very good book with an interesting provenance! Loosely inserted letter reads: "M Naville has been excavating the Northern half of the temple of Der el Bahare at Luxor. He has found 2 ebony doors covered with beautiful hieroglyphs & cartouches: also the funeral chamber of Totmes I (father of Queen hatasu) and in front of the funeral chamber a great altar of limestone 13ft 2in square8 feet high with steps leading up to it. - NB The doors & the altar are unique finds. - He expects to find the mummy of Totmes I & possiby of Queen Hatasu. R. F. Bigg-Wither" ** "Henri douard Naville (14 June 1844 17 October 1926) was a Swiss archaeologist, Egyptologist and Biblical scholar.The first excavator of the Egypt Exploration Fund. In the 1890s he excavated at the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahri where he was assisted by David George Hogarth, Somers Clarke and Howard Carter. In 1903-06 he returned to Deir el-Bahri to excavate the Mortuary Temple of Mentuhotep II, assisted by Henry Hall. In 1910 he worked in the royal necropolis at Abydos and his last excavation work was in the Osireion at Abydos which was left incomplete at the start of World War I." - See Wikipedia *** "William Clement Drake Esdaile, English barrister and founding secretary of conservationist group The New Forest Association. Esdaile's sister-in-law was Eliza Ianthe Esdaile, ne Shelley, daughter of Percy Bysshe Shelley and his first wife, Harriet. To H. Buxton Forman, bibliographer and forger." - See: New York Library Manuscripts and archives. **** "William Horace de Vere Cole (5 May 1881, Ballincurrig, Co. Cork, Ireland 25 February 1936, Paris, France) was an eccentric prankster and poet born in Ireland, which was then part of the United Kingdom. His best known trick was the Dreadnought Hoax on 7 February 1910 when he fooled the captain of the Royal Navy warship HMS Dreadnought into taking Cole and a group of his friends, including Virginia Woolf, for an Abyssinian delegation. As an undergraduate at Cambridge University, Cole had posed as the Sultan of Zanzibar who was visiting London at the time to make an official visit to his own college accompanied by his friend Adrian Stephen (the brother of Virginia Woolf). With his mane of hair and bristling moustache, Cole was often confused with British prime minister Ramsay Macdonald, causing dismay in public when he launched into a fierce attack on Labour Party policy. His own sister Annie married Neville Chamberlain. Following the Sultan of Zanzibar prank, Cole executed a series of bold jokes and escapades principally aimed at deflating pompous figures of authority. His targets included members of parliament, city businessmen and naval officers. On one occasion he directed a group of like minded friends dressed as workmen as they dug a trench across Piccadilly. On another, Cole dared an old schoolfriend from Eton, the newly elected Member of Parliament for Ramsey in Huntingdonshire, Oliver Locker-Lampson, to dash before him on a London street to the nearest corner with a 10-yard head start having already slipped his gold watch into the MP's pocket. As soon as Locker-Lampson began to pull ahead, Cole yelled "Stop thief!" and a policeman promptly detained Locker-Lampson. Cole then explained that it was all a joke and both men were told to proceed on their way quietly. Unfortunately, Cole then began waving his stick around in a dangerous manner as though conducting an imaginary band and both men were then arrested and taken into custody. While no charge was brought against Locker-Lampson, Cole was found guilty of a breach of the peace and fined 5. According to legend, Cole once hosted a party in which the attendees discovered that they all had the word "bottom" in their surnames. On his honeymoon in Italy in 1919, Cole dropped horse manure onto Venice's Piazza San Marco a city with no horses that could be reached only by boat. Once heir to a great fortune, Cole married twice and died in poverty in France.2 - See Wikipedia . ***** "Heinrich Karl Brugsch (also Brugsch-Pasha or Brugsch-Bey) (18 February 1827 9 September 1894) was a German Egyptologist. He was associated with Auguste Mariette in his excavations at Memphis. He became director of the School of Egyptology at Cairo, producing numerous very valuable works and pioneering the decipherment of Demotic, the simplified script of the later Egyptian periods. " - See Wikipedia. ****** "Dr. Mary (May) Brodrick F.R.G.S. (1858 13 July 1933) was a British archaeologist and Egyptologist who was one of the first female excavators in Egypt. She persisted in her studies despite the initial opposition of her tutors and fellow students and achieved distinction in her field. The Daily Mail described her in 1906 as "perhaps the greatest lady Egyptologist of the day" - See wikipedia ******* "Reginald Fitzhugh Bigg-Wither (1842-1929) Rector of Worting 1879-1898; Rural Dean of Basingstoke, 1890-1893; Rector of Wonston, 1898.
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: John Murray W.C. D. Esdaile William H. De Vere Coles Brugsch-Bey, Heinrich Brodrick, M. Egypt Under the Pharaohs. A History Derived Entiely from the Monuments by Heinrich Brugsch-Bey. 43920 History: : World

Six Red Months in Russia.
Colombo: A Young Socialist Publication, 1973. An Observer's Account of Russia Before and During the Proletarian Dictatorship, originally published in 1918. Pp.201,14 pages of black & white photos. Stiff card covers,wear to spine. G+.** LOUISE BRYANT (December 5, 1885-January 6, 1936) was an American feminist, political activist and journalist best known for her sympathetic coverage of Russia and the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution. Bryant traveled to Russia with her husband John Reed in August 1917. Her news stories appeared in newspapers across the United States and Canada in the years immediately following the First World War. A collection of articles from her first trip was published in book form as "Six Red Months in Russia" in 1918. Reed's book "Ten Days That Shook the World" was more successful but published after Bryant's account.
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: Louise Bryant Six Red Months Russia Russian Revolution Proletarian Dictatorship Politics History Breshkovsky Kerensky Panina Kollontay Lenin Trotsky 47338 History: : World

POW - Behind Canadian Barbed Wire. Alien, Refugee and Prisoner of War Camps in Canada 1914-1946.
Elkwater: Eagle Butte Press Co.Ltd, 1998. 096841110X. Originally published in 1980. Pp.253, 12 pages of black & white photographs, signed by the author to title page. Paperback with minor edge wear. Scarce. VG.
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Book number: 43121
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Catalogue: World History
Keywords: Carter Pow Prisoner of War Behind Canadian Barbed Wire Alien Refugee Prisoner of War Camps Canada World War I II Twentieth Century History 44464 World History

Russia and the Russians.
London: Macmillan & Co. Ltd, 1947. 1st ed. Mr. Crankshaw has set out to evoke an image of contemporary Russia arising naturally from the past. Pp. 256. Red cloth, gilt title to spine, d/w has slight tears and chipping. G+/G.
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Book number: 13436
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: Crankshaw Russia Russians History A7468 History: : World

A History of the Sikhs. From the Origin of the Nation to the Battles of the Sutlej.
New Delhi: Asian Educational Services, 1994. 8120609506. Reprint of the 1918 new and revised edition, with two maps. 18.5cms x 13cms. Pp.lii/429, map frontispiece + folding map to end, marginal mark to p.10. Black cloth, gilt title to front and spine. G+.
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Book number: 45754
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: Cunningham Garrett History Sikhs Origin Nation Battles Sutlej Kashmir Indian Creeds Nanak Brahmanism Gurus Sikhism Gobind Independence Ranjit Singh English Multan Peshawar Wazir Singh War 47311 History: : World

Roman Society.
Harmondsworth: Penguin 1978. "Provides an introduction to the art and architecture, law and literature, religion and philosophy, trade and commerce, and to the military and civil administratiion, as well as the history". Pp 330, slight toning to pages, inkstamp to verso front cover, old tape marks to endpapers, some b/w illustrations. P/b, illustrated cover. G+.
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Book number: 28488
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: Dudley Roman Society History Architecture Law Philosophy 25853 History: : World

A Week With Gandhi.
London: George Allen & Unwin, 1943. 0. Introductory note by Carl Heath. "a racy journalistic account of a lively time spent in the remarkable entourage of India's great man." Pp.122, 15 b/w photo plates to rear, owners name to fep. Red cloth, title to spine rubbed. G+.
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Book number: 33850
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: Louis Fischer Gandhi India Independence Indian Politics 33688 History: : World

A Vindication of Some Passages in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Chapters of the History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
London: Oxford University Press, 1961. With a Preface by H.R.Trevor-Roper. This is a facsimile of the London edition of 1814. Pp.viii/134, slight toning to pages. Paperback, has minor toning to edges. G+.
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Book number: 45799
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: Edward Gibbon Vindication 15th 16th Chapters History Decline Fall Roman Empire Rise Christianity Controversy 47341 History: : World

The Ancient World.
Harmondsworth: Pelican Books, 1948. Rep. A survey of the origins of the Western World. Pp. 340/3(ads). 12 figs, + 6 maps. Toning to pages. P/b. G.
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Book number: 9510
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Catalogue: History: : World
Keywords: Glover Ancient World Survey Origins Western World History A2027 History: : World

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