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Statuata Ecclesiae Cathedralis Eliensis. Recognita per Augustissimum Dominum Regum Carolum Secundum
Cantabrigiae ( Cambridge ): Typis Academics Excudebat C. J. Clay, 1867. Large format paperback. 27.8cm x 22cm x 0.5cm. pp.4/46 . Black card covers with printed title label and green cloth hinges. Page edges slightly rubbed and soiled. Clean Latin and English text. The Statutes of the Cathedral Church of Ely.
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Book number: 14492
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Keywords: Moss Goodwin Clay Cambridge Cantabrigiae Ely Cathedral A8393 Thomas Watkins Lambe Church History: : 19th Century

The Conversion of Constantine and Pagan Rome.
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1998. 0198143567. Translated by Harold Mattingly. "Shows the consequences of Constantine's conversion - his growing favour to the Christian Church, his turning from paganism,and, in the end, his deliberate intention of destroying pagan worship - and helps to realize the forces that rallied to the defence of the old religion, especially the senatorial aristocracy of Rome. In their battle against the all-powerful Emperor the pagans had to use mainly indirect means, and it is to the literature and art they called into service that we owe a great deal of our knowledge of antiquity." Pp.viii/140. Black cloth, dustwrapper has a removable clear protective wrap. VG/VG.
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Book number: 45679
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Catalogue: Church History
Keywords: Alfoldi Conversion Constantine Pagan Rome Christian Church History Roman Empire Religious Policy Battle Mulvian Bridge Licinius Constantinople Religious Intolerance 47217 Church History

The Throne of the Fisherman. Built by the Carpenter's Son, the Root, the Bond, and the Crown of Christendom.
London: Burns & Oates,1887. 0. Catholic papal history. Pp.28/555/16(ads), spotting to preliminaries. Brown cloth, gilt title to spine. G+.
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Book number: 27394
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Catalogue: Church History
Keywords: Allies Throne Fisherman Catholic Holy See Church History Peter Sylvester Constantine Julian Valentinian Valens Nicaea Theodosius Papacy Nicene Patristic Leo 24921 Church History

Darkness of the Dark Ages: Being Sketches of Church History From A.D.500 to the Time of the Reformation.
London: G.Morrish, nd (c.1888). 0. Includes chapters on: Union of the Eastern and Western Churches; Justinian Emperor; Benedict and Monasticism; Gregory the Great; Gregory and England; Mahomet; Charlemagne; The Worship of Images; Hildebrand, Gregory VII; The Crusades; The Inquisition; The Waldenses; Councils of the Church; Claims of Rome. Pp.viii/224/8(ads), black & white frontispiece illustration + 3 further black & white plates, endpapers browned, cracking to inner rear hinge. Bright blue decorated cloth, gilt title to front and spine, minor rubbing to edges. G+.
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Book number: 35611
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Catalogue: Church History
Keywords: Darkness Dark Ages Sketches Church History Eastern Western Churches Justinian Bendict Monasticism Gregory Mahomet Charlemagne Worship Images Hildebrand Gregory Crusades Inquisition Waldenses 35963 Church History

Black Bartholomew's Day. Preaching, Polemic and Restoration Nonconformity.
Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2012. 9780719087806. "Explores the religious, political and cultural implications of a collision of highly charged polemic prompted by the mass ejection of Puritan ministers from the Church of England in 1662..This book centres on the departing ministers farewell sermons. Many of these valedictions, delivered by hundreds of dissenting preachers in the weeks before Bartholomew's Day, would be illegally printed and widely distributed, provoking a furious response from government officials, magistrates and bishops." Pp.xiv/255. Paperback. VG.
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Catalogue: Church History
Keywords: Appleby Black Bartholomews Day Preaching Polemic Restoration Nonconformity Church History Christianity Sermons 46618 Church History

A Brief Discourse of the Troubles at Frankfort 1554-1558 A.D.
London: Elliot Stock, 1908. Includes: The Life and Death of Master W.Whittingham; The History of the Calvinistic Church at Frankfort,( 29 July 1554-26 March 1555); An Analysis of the Prayer Book by J.Knox, W.Whittingham, and others; The History of that Stir and Strife which was in the English Church at Frankfort(18 January-30September 1557). Pp.28/260/4(ads, slight toning to endpapers. Maroon cloth with blind-stamped floral decoration, gilt title to front and spine, edges slightly rubbed. VG.
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Book number: 33669
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Catalogue: Church History
Keywords: Whittingham Brief Discourse Troubles Frankfort Calvinist Prayer Book Protestant Church 16th Century Church History 33864 Church History

The Apology of Aristides.
London: James Nisbet & Co, 1893. A Lecture Delivered in Norwich Cathedral on 5th January 1893. Pp.51, some pages un-cut. Paperback, rubbed and dusty with publisher's label (File Copy) to front cover. G+.** "Having briefly spoken of the divine nature in the terms of Greek philosophy, Aristides proceeds to ask which of all the races of men will be at all partaken of the truth about God. Here we have the first attempt at a systematic comparison of ancient religions. For the purpose of his inquiry, he adopts an obvious threefold common vision into idolaters, Jews and Christians, Idolaters, or, as he here gently terms them in addressing the emperor, those who worship what among you are said to be gods, he subdivides into the three great world-civilizations: Chaldeans, Greeks and Egyptians. He chooses this order so as to work up to a climax of error and absurdity in heathen worship."(wiki).
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Catalogue: Church History
Keywords: Armitage Robinson Apology Aristides Lecture Ecclesiastical Christian History Hadrian Armenian Fragment 43186 Church History

Our Heritage.
London: Christian Colportage Ass. 1955. 1st ed. "Retells, in plain words, the story of some of the men who, from the earliest days of Christianity in this country, kept the torch alight and handed it on to their successors". Pp 79. 5 b/w illustrations. P/b. Small tear to top of cover and slight fading. G+.
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Book number: 17797
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Catalogue: Church History
Keywords: Bailey Heritage Christianity Church History England Scotland A12637 Church History

The Penguin History of Christianity. Volumes 1 & 2.
Middx.: Penguin Books, 1967. Shortened ed. Traces the evolution of the Christian faith in all its forms. Pp. 229/9 (ads) Volume 1. Pp. 310/7 (ads) Volume 2. Illustd. throughout. P/b,edges of both volumes scuffed. G.
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Book number: 6090
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Catalogue: Church History
Keywords: Bainton Penguin History Christianity Volumes 1 2 18146 Church History

The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century.
London: Hodder & Stoughton. 1963. "A survey of the Reformation which is up to date in scholarship, pitched at the level of the educated layman and focused on the religious interests of the Reformation". Pp 276, discreet owners inkstamp to verso front cover, some b/w illustrations. P/b, creasing to spine, rubbing to spine and cover with small crease to cover. G+.
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Book number: 23264
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Keywords: Bainton Reformation Sixteenth Century Religion Theology A19433 Church History: : Reformation

The Quest for Full Assurance. The Legacy of Calvin and His Successors.
Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1999. 0851517455. 1st edition. "Against the background of the sixteenth-century Reformers (with special attention to Calvin), Beeke examines the theological development of personal assurance of faith in English Puritanism and its parallel movement in the Netherlands, the Dutch Second Reformation". Pp.xvi/395. Paperback. VG.
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Book number: 43997
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Catalogue: Church History
Keywords: Beeke Quest Full Assurance Legacy Calvin Successors Second Reformation Church History Luther Bullinger Beza English Puritanism Dutch Second Reformation Comrie Westminster Confession Owen Goodwin 45364 Church History

Early Sources of English Unitarian Christianity.
London: British & Foreign Unitarian Association, 1884. Revised by the author and translated from the French by Edward Potter Hall, with a preface by James Martineau. Pp.xvi/291, library bookplate to insidefront board, occasional small library inkstamps throughout. Maroon cloth, gilt title to spine, rubbed patch to spine from old library sticker, edges rubbed. Good.
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Book number: 44350
GBP 18.00 [Appr.: EURO 20.25 US$ 22.42 | JP¥ 2420]
Catalogue: Church History
Keywords: Bonet Maury Early Sources English Unitarian Christianity Wiclif Lollards Pecock Nonconformists Anglican Church Capito Hooper Puritanism Cranmer Antitrinitarian de Valdes Servetus Ochino Acontius 45774 Church History

Waymarks in Church History.
London: Longmans, Green & Co, 1894. 1st edition. Chapters include: I. On the Study of Church HIstory; II. Gnosticism and St. Irenaeus; III. Ante-Nicene Sectarianism; IV. The Arian Controversy: Its Issues and its Lessons; V.The Episcopate of St Basil; VI. The Christological Controversy in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries; VII. Cyril of Alexandria;VIII. Pelagianism; IX. Papalism and Antiquity; X. The Clergy and Secular Employments; XI. An Appeal to Bede; XII. Archbishop Laud. Plus Appendices: A. Irenaeus on the Sacraments; B. The First Steps of the Arian Controversy; C. Arianism tending to Unitarianism; D. Semi-Arianism; E. Basil and Glycerius; F. Theodoret; G. Cyril on the "Kenosis"; H. The Coptic Church; I. The Monothelite Controversy; J. "A Professional Diaconate"; K. Canterbury and York; L. Laud's Letters. Pp.x/436/20(ads for other publications), owner's details to half-title page, hole to margin of content page. Blue cloth, gilt title to spine, edges slightly rubbed. G+.
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Book number: 40254
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Catalogue: Church History
Keywords: William Bright Waymarks Church History Gnosticism Irenaeus Ante Nicene Sectarianism Arian Controversy Basil Christological Controversy Cyril Alexandria Pelagianism Papalism Bede Laud Coptic 41282 Church History

The Progress of the Jesuits (1556-79).
London: Longmans, Green and Co,1946. 1st ed. Pp.8/331, frontis(death mask of St Francis Borgia). Red cloth, edges rubbed. G+.
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Book number: 3479
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Catalogue: Church History
Keywords: Brodrick Progress Jesuits History Society Jesus Laynez Nadal Prester John Catholic 14936 Church History

The English Church and the Papacy From the Conquest to the Reign of John.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1968. Rep. "With remarkable clearness, and an eye for essentials, Mr. Brooke analyses the complicated threefold relations of king, papacy and episcopate in the century and a half after the Conquest." Pp. 12/260, ex college library stamps to sub-title page, verso front board and title page, fep absent. Black cloth, gilt title to spine, illustrated d/w has sunning to spine. G+/G+.
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Book number: 26373
GBP 10.00 [Appr.: EURO 11.25 US$ 12.45 | JP¥ 1344]
Catalogue: Church History
Keywords: Brooke English Church Papacy Conquest John 23478 Church History

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