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Acta Nubica, Proceedings of the X International Conference of Nubian Studies, Rome 9-14 September 2002
Roma, Libreria dello Stato. 2006, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 8824013147). Soft cover, 29,5x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 88-240-1314-7 Description: softcover, 497 pages (21x29,5 cm), figs. Condition: new Weight: 1915g. Foreword - A. Roccati Welcome Address - J. Leclant Allocution - Hassan Hussein Idriss Abbreviations Settlement Habitats prehistoriques en Nubie entre le 8e et le 3e millenaire av. J.C.: l'exemple de la region de Kerma - M. Honegger Les etablissements des cultures Kerma - Ch. Bonnet Settlement in Nubia in the Medieval Period - D. Welsby Late hunter-gatherers of Central Sudan: land use and settlement pattern - I. Caneva and E. Santucci The macroscopic description of Eastern Desert ware (1935-2002) - H. Barnard When decoration made its way: the northern extent of Khartoum-styled pottery in the eastern Sahara - H. Riemer and F. Jesse A permanent link? - The Wadi Howar Region and the Nile - F. Jesse Were the hunter-gatherers in the Eastern Sahara of the "delayed return" type? An archaeological perspective from the Wadi Howar Region/Sudan - B. Keding The endless glory of a site: Esh-Shaheinab in the Sudanese prehistory - E.A.A. Garcea Prehistoric Nubian ceramic traditions: origin, development and spreading trajectories M.C. Gatto The archaeology of the Laqiya Region (NW-Sudan): ceramics, chronology and cultures M. Lange The el-Salha Project - D. Usai and S. Salvatori Towards a better understanding of the Meroitic settlements in Central Sudan (Shendi area) Abdel Moneim Ahmed Abdalla Cultural resource management, the case of the Fourth Cataract region - Kabbashi Hussein Gisema Alcune osservazioni suH'architetrura militare ramesside in Nubia - G Cavillier Cemetery Les cimetieres prehistoriques au Soudan - coutumes funeraires et systemes sociaux J. Reinold Napatan cemeteries: The case of Hillat el-Arab - /. Vincentelli Nubian mortuary complex of the Christian Period - B. Zurawski Les sepultures du Wadi Gabgaba et du Wadi Seiga dans la region du Wadi Allaqi. Premiers resultats - F. Paris, H. Barakat, D. Laisney Report on the R12 Neolithic Cemetery, Northern Dongola Reach (Kawa, Sudan) - S. Salvatori andD. Usai La tombe 8 de la necropole pharaonique de Sa'i - F. Thill Life in New Kingdom Nubia: a bioarchaeological analysis of ethnicity, biological affinities and health - M.R. Buzon Concept of Meroitic Ba-statues and heads of the 2nd-3rd century A.D. -N. Pomerantseva Nubian evidence in Hierakonpolis - S. Giuliani Sanctuary Space, temple and society. On the built worldview of the Twenty-Fifth dynasty in Nubia L. Torok Temples in the Meroitic South - Some aspects of typology, cult and function - P. Wolf The churches of Dongola, their origin and importance in the general line of development of church architecture in Makuria - W. Godlewski Metamorphoses of the Amun temple in Naga - K. Kroeper Ed-Derr - A new type of temple - U. Fritz Les representations de Bes et de Satyres a l'epoque meroi'tique: syncretisme ou confusion des emblemes? - A. Sackho-Autissier Osservazioni su alcune tavole d'offerta e oggetti di culto del Museo del Cairo: riflessi ideologic! e aspetti tradizionali - L. de Gasperis Osservazioni sopra un dipinto nubiano della nativita di Cristo - G. Vantini Wall paintings from the Holy Trinity Monastery in Old Dongola - M. Martens-Czarnecka Ricerche ed ipotesi circa la "Cappella Nubiana" in Gerusalemme - D. Ceccarelli Morolli The episode of the Baptism of queen Candace's Eunuch in the Italian Baroque art E. Fantusati Territory Territorial behaviour and territorial areas in the Middle Nile Valley from later Prehistory to the end of the New Kingdom - F. Geus News from Nubia's Western hinterland - R. Kuper Economic and social development in the Eritrean-Sudanese lowlands in the 4th to 1st millennia BC: a territorial approach - R. Fattovich Territory and landscape archaeology in the Middle Nile Valley. New/No Jacket.
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Nubia III, the Wall Paintings from the Monastery on Kom H in Dongola, Dongola 3
Warsaw, Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology. 2011. (ISBN: 9788323509233). Soft cover, 29,5x20,5 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-235-0923-3 Description: paperback, 281 pp. (29,5x20,5 cm), 141 figs. DVD with the catalogue Condition: very good, new Weight: 950g. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ABBREVIATIONS AND BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCES LIST OF WALL PAINTINGS FROM THE MONASTERY ON KOM H (BY CATALOGUE NUMBERS) GENERAL PHASING OF THE WALL PAINTINGS LIST OF FIGURES INTRODUCTION Chapter One WALL PAINTINGS IN THE MONASTERY: LOCATION AND GENERAL CHARACTERISTIC Chapter Two PAINTING MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUE Chapter Three ICONOGRAPHIC AND ICONOLOGICAL ASPECTS I. Biblical and apocryphal scenes A. The Old Testament and Prophets 1. Moses receiving the Ten Commandments 2. Story of Balaam 3. Story of Tobias 4. Three Youths in a Fiery Furnace 5. Prophecy of Ezra 6. Prophets B. The New Testament 1. Annunciation 2. Nativity 3. Slaughter of Innocents 4. Flight into Egypt: palm tree incident 5. Baptism of Christ in the Jordan River 6. Healing of a Blind Man at the Pool of Siloam II. Holy figures A. Christ and the Holy Trinity B. Virgin Mary C. Angels and Archangels 1. Four Living'Creatures (Zodia) 2. Archangel Michael 3. Archangel Gabriel 4. Archangel Raphael 5. Archangel Zadekiel 6. Angels D. The Apostles E. Saints and Martyr Saints III. Church and court dignitaries A. Bishops B. Archpresbyters C. Deacons D. Court dignitaries E. Female donors IV. Compositions A. Prothesis scenes B. Protection scenes C. Coronation scene D. Dance scene - invocation to the Virgin Mary V. Representations A. Cross B. Meander Chapter Four CHRONOLOGY AND STYLE A. First period of decoration (from before 1064 to 1113) B. Second period (12th-13th century) 1. Phase one (after AD 1113) 2. Phase two (second part of the 12th century into the 13th century) C. Terminal phase (13th-14th century) Chapter Five CONCLUSION CATALOGUE OF WALL PAINTINGS INDICES THE WALL PAINTINGS FROM THE MONASTERY ON KOM H IN DONGOLA. THE CATALOGUE - DVD "The importance of the wall paintings that Malgorzata Martens-Czarnecka discusses in this volume is exceptional for a number of reasons. First of all, after the Faras Cathedral murals, also discovered by Polish archaeologists, the assemblage from the monastery on Kom H in Dongola is the richest and the best preserved set of wall paintings everfound in Nubia. Secondly, the murals from Dongola include a number of compositions that are entirely unparalleled - in Nubia as well as beyond its borders. One of these is a ritual dance scene in front of an icon of the Virgin Mary, with dancers wearing masks, presumably in illustration of some local custom. A narrative story in episodes, interpreted as that of Tobias, appears to be equally unique, as is also the image of a nursing and spinning Virgin Mary (a combination of Nursing and Annunciation themes). Scenes like the investiture of Archangel Michael, Ezra's prophecy, the Story of Balaam and the Healing of a Blind Man at the Pool of Siloam have no parallels from Nubia. Thirdly, the decoration from the monastic complex on Kom H is representative of the little known art of wall painting practiced in the capital of Makuria. Until now, opinions about Nubian wall painting overall have been formulated based on the artistic production of more or less provincial centers located in the north of the land." Adam Lajtar The volume is a complete publication of a set of 144 religious paintings from the llth through the 13th-14th centuries discovered by Polish archaeologists in Dongola, the capital of the Christian Nubian kingdom of Makuria, which existed in the valley of the Middle Nile from the 6th through the 14th century. The murals come from the monastic enclosure on Kom H, from a church, but also from an ascetic monk's cell turned chapel and two substantial architectural complexes of the Northwest and Southwest Annexes. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Nubia I, the Cathedral in Old Dongola and Its Antecedents, Dongola 2
Varsovie, PWN-Editions Scientifiques de Pologne. 1990, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 8301021322). Hardcover, with dust jacket, 29,5x20 cm. Book, ISBN: 8301021322 Description: hardback, 326 pp. (29,5x20 cm), ills. Condition: very good Weight: 1080g. Przemyslaw M. Gartkiewicz, Nubia I, The Cathedral in Old Dongola and its Antecedents, Dongola 2, Warsaw 1990. Very Good/Very Good.
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Pachoras, the Cathedrals of Aetios, Paulos and Petros, the Architecture
Warsaw, Warsaw University. 2006. (ISBN: 832350167X). Hardcover, 30,5x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-235-0167-X Description: hardback, 175 pages (30,5x21cm); 167 figs. Condition: new Weight: 820g. Acknowledgments Abbreviations References List of bishops of Pachoras 1. Introduction 2. The oldest structures on the site 3. The Cathedral of Aetios 4. The Cathedral of Paulos 5. Development of architecture in the cathedral area 6. Changes in the Cathedral of Paulos and around the building 7. The Cathedral of Petros 8. The Late Cathedral 9. Tombs of the bishops 10. Analysis List of architectural elements List of figures Index. New/No Jacket.
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Nubia. Récentes Recherches. Actes Du Colloque Nubiologique International Au Musée National de Varsovie, 19-22 Juin 1972
Varsovie, Musee National. 1975. Hardcover, with dust jacket, 23x28 cm. Book, Description: hardback, dustjacket, 365 pp. (23x28cm), ills. Condition: very good Weight: 960g. K. Michalowski, Introduction N. M. Sheriff, Address to the Conference W. Y. Adams, The twilight of Nubian Christianity C E. DeVries, Communication concerning the work of the Oriental Institute Nubian Expedition E. Dinkier, Beobachtungen zur Ikonographie des Kreuzes in der nubischen Kunst S. Dooadoni, Les graffiti de 1'eglise de Sonqi Tino P. do Bourguet, Datation raisonnee de la peinture murale copte T. Dzterzykray-Rogalski et S. Jakobielski, La tombe de 1'Eparque Yoannes dans l'eglise a Colonnes en Granit de Dongola (Soudan) P. M. Gartkiewicz, The central plan in Nubian church architecture F. HIntze, Beobachtungen zur altnubischen Grammatik IV, Die Determination S. Jakobielski, Polish Excavations at Old Dongola 1970-1972 M. Krause, Die Formulare der christlichen Grabsteine Nubiens J. Kubinska, La priere nubienne pour les morts et la question de son origine J. Leclant, Les verreries de la necropole meroltique de 1'Ouest a Sedeinga (Nubie soudanaise) Ch. Maystre, Decouvertes recentes (1969-1972) pres d'Akasha C. Detlef G. Muller, Die nubische Literatur. Bestand und Eigenart J. M. Plumley, The Christian Period at Qasr Ibrim, Some Notes on the MSS Finds K. H. Priese, Das ,,athiopische" Niltal bei Bion und Juba (Arbeitsbericht) T. Save-Soderbergh, The Publications of the Scandinavian Joint Expedition to Sudanese Nubia P. L. Shinnie, Excavations at Debeira West L.T8r6k, Man in the Vessel; an Interpretation of a Nubian Fresco Representation P. P. van Moorsel, "Bilder ohne Worte". Problems in Nubian Christian iconography G. Vantini, A propos de deux Rois de 'Aiwa mentionnds par Ibn Hawqal J. Vercoutter, Trouvailles chretiennes de Sal 1970-1972 Annexes. Very Good/Very Good.
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Nubia II, Survey and Excavations between Old Dongola and Ez-Zuma, Southern Dongola Reach Survey I
Varsovie, Centre d'Archeologie Mediterraneenne de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences, Editions Neriton. 2003, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 8388973746). Hardcover, 28,5x20 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-88973-74-6 Description: hardback, 557 pp. (29,5x21 cm), 189 plates, 342 figs. maps, drawings Condition: very good Weight: 2370g. Acknowledgments I. Introduction II. Study Area II. Textual and visual evidence IV. Methods, strategies and periodisation in the Southern Dongola Reach Survey V. History of archaeological research within the Southern Dongola Reach (1966-2003) VI. Site Gazetteer VI.1. Old Dongola - Bukubul (massifs of Jebel Kullaru and Ez-Zuruq included) VI.2. Hammur (with Excavations at Hammur Abbasiya by Mahmoud El Tayeb) VI.3. Banganarti (with Tangasi and Euros Islands) VI.4 Selib VI.5. Karendiwai-Argi VI.6. Abkur VI.7. Tergis VI.8. Basin of Affad (with Jebel Umm Nuqqara massif) (with the exploration of the site Affad 23 described by Marta & Piotr Osypinski) VI.9. Ed-Diffar VI.10. El-Hau VI.11. Kuri, Es-Sidr, Takkar, Mura VI.12. Rekabiya, En-Nafab, Arki, El-Bar, El-Barsa VI.13. El-Karafab, Ed-Deiga VI.14. El-Arak, Hugeir, Magal VI.15. Bakhit, Magashi, Ez-Zuma, and left bank sites (Usli, Merawi) VII. An Overview of the Ceramics (Jacke Philips) VIII. Proto-Kushite (?) ceramics. An archaeological enigma (Edyta Klimaszewska-Drabot) IX. Preliminary Report on the Pottery from the Soniyat Temple (Mariola Orzechowska) X. The pottery assemblage from the Hammur Abbasiya tumulus field (SDRS Hammur 2) (Jacke Philips and Mahmoud El-Tayeb) XI. Southern Dongola Reach in Prehistory (Piotr Osypinski) XII. Lithic industries in the Southern Dongola Reach (Piotr Osypinski) XIII. Anthropological analysis of the human remains from the Southern Dongola Reach (Karol Piasecki) XIV. Faunal Remains from the Southern Dongola Reach (Marta Osypiriska) XV. Fortifications in the Southern Dongola Reach of the Nile (Marcin Wiewiora) XVI. Inscriptions from the "Anchorite Grotto" at Ez-Zuma (Adam Lajtar) XVII. Oral testimonies regarding the fortresses in the Southern Dongola Reach (collected during the SDRS 2000 season). A Preliminary Report (Mahmoud Suliman M. Bashir) XVIII. Magnetic surveys on the sites of Tergis 40 (Soniyat) and Banganarti 1 (Krzysztof Misiewicz) XIX. Conclusions and afterthoughts XX. List of Arabic and Nubian words XXI. General Abbreviations and Bibliographies References XXII. List of figures XXIII. Index of toponyms XXIV. Index of personal names. Very Good/No Jacket.
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