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Unveiling the Past of an Ancient Town, Akrai/Acrea in South-Eastern Sicily
Warsaw, Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. 2015. (ISBN: 9788361376262). Soft cover, 29,5x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-61376-26-2 Description: paperback, 402 pp. (29,5x21 cm), figs. Condition: new Weight: 1445g. Notes of contributors Roksana Chowaniec Foreword Rosa Lanteri Collaboration between the Archaeological Unit of Soprintendenza ai Beni Cultural! e Ambientali of Syracuse and the University of Warsaw Lorenzo Guzzardi The prehistory of Akrai and its surrounding area Roksana Chowaniec General remarks on the new archaeological studies in Akrai/Acrae (2009-2014), Roksana Chowaniec Comments on the history and topography of Akrai/Acrae in the light of new research Miron Bogacki Kite aerial photogrammetry Krzysztof Misiewicz Comparison of the results of magnetic and gradient surveys with the real situation in the field on the basis of excavations in Trench I at Akrai/Acrae. New possibilities for the interpretation of geophysical maps Monika Stobiecka Uncovering the discovered view. The workshop for modern archaeological documentation Tomasz Wiecek Preliminary remarks on antoniniani imitations from recent excavations at Akrai/Acrae Marta Fitula Flints from Akrai Marcin Wagner Late Antique glass vessels from the excavations at Akrai Laurent Chrzanovski The lamps of the 2011-2014 campaigns and their contribution towards a better understanding of the lychnological phenomenon in the Hyblaean highlands Urszula Wicenciak Kitchen and Cooking wares. First remarks Krzysztof Domzalski Roman and Late Antique fine pottery from Akrai (2011-2014). First discoveries and research problems Jolanta Mlynarczyk Plain Table Ware from Akrai. Preliminary approach Germana Barone, Paolo Mazzoleni, Simona Raneri, Roksana Chowaniec, Marta Fitula Petro-archaeometric characterization of ancient pottery from Akrai Anna Grezak Comments on animal husbandry and meat diet on the basis of analysis of animal bone remains Paolo Daniele Scirpo Akrai/Acrae. A selected bibliography (1558-2014) Index. New/No Jacket.
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Catalogue: Ancient History
Mots-clés: 9788361376262

Rome in Involution, Cassiodorus' Variae in Their Literary and Historical Setting
Poznan, Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM. 1989, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 832320263X). Soft cover, 17x24 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-232-0263-X Description: softcover, 367 pp. (17x24 cm); 450 vols. issued Condition: very good Weight: 535g. Preface Part One: Roman West and Germanic Kingdoms A Note on Sources Chapter 1: The Language of Roman Authority Chapter 2: Western Aristocracies and their Culture in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries Chapter 3: Roman Culture in the Western Kingdoms I: Visigoths, Franks, Burgundians II: The Vandal Kingdom of Carthage III: Diplomatic Latin Part Two: The Ostrogothic Kingdom Chapter 1: The Creation of the Ostrogothic Kingdom I: Odovacer and Theoderic II: Germans and Romans III: Ruling the Goths IV: Theoderic and the Church of Rome V: The Building Programme VI: Theoderic and Western Europe VII: The Person of Theoderic Chapter 2: The Uniqueness of Cassiodorus Part Three: Italy and the Latin Nest in the Sixth Century Chapter 1: Respectable Christianity I: The Romans of Rome and their Church II: Aristocratic Bishops Chapter 2: The Cultural Climate in Closer Perspective I: A Bulwark Against Change II: Mystique and Reality III: The Radical Tide Part : The Language and Imagery of the Variae Chapter 1: Zeitgeist I: Through the Prism II: Abstract Nouns in Late Latin III: The Eclipse of the Individual Chapter 2: Some Variae in Focus Five: The Passing of the Old Chapter 1: The Destruction of the Ostrogothic Kingdom I: Theoderic and the Senate II: The Years 519-554 Chapter 2: Epilogue I: Dilettante Clerics II: Sermo Humilis III: Cassiodorus and the Early-Mediaeval Latin Culture IV: The Disappearance of Liberal Studies Among the Laity V: Pathways of Continuity LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS NOTES SOURCES AND BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Catalogue: Ancient History
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Seleucid and Arsacid Studies, a Progress Report on Developments in Source Research
Krakow, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. 2003. (ISBN: 8388857622). Hardcover, with dust jacket, 24x17 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-88857-62-2 Description: hardback, jacket, 103 pp. (24x17cm), map Condition: very good Weight: 350g. I. Iran during the formation of the Hellenistic State. A source analysis II. The weakness of the Seleucid Kingdom: satrap rebellions and Scythian and Celtic invasions III. A critique of Arrian's account of the origins of the Arsacid Parthian State. The role of Strabo and Justin IV. New sources from Iran and Babylonia for Seleucid and Arsacid history, and their significance for the reconstruction of the historical developments V. Central Asia, its links and role in the shaping of the new Hellenistic order in the Near East VI. Seleucid setbacks in the struggle against the Arsacids, and the Seleucid anti-Arsacid propaganda campaign VII. A reconstruction of the process of disintegration of Seleucid power in Iran in the 3rd century BC VIII. The historicity of Arsaces I and his invasion of Iran IX. The peoples of Central Asia, their cultural level and reaction to the Macedonian imperialist threat X. The Arsacids and the Hellenistic world: a critique of some recent opinions XI. Source analysis and criticism. New grounds for a chronology of the disintegration of Seleucid power in Iran and its causes XII. The Arsacids and the Iranian world: policies and reform III. Seleucids and Arsacids in the Roman sphere of influence. Demise of the Seleucids Arsacids versus Rome in Armenia XIV. Domestic transformations in the Parthian state: the Arsacids claim the Achaemenid legacy Literary sources Sources index Selected bibliography Index of ancient sources Index of modern authors General index. Very Good/Very Good.
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Catalogue: Ancient History
Mots-clés: 8388857622

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