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ANTHONY, Susan B. & HARPER, Ida Husted
History of Woman Suffrage. Volume IV
New York, Susan B. Anthony, (1902). First Edition. Hardcover. The fourth volume, eventually complete in six volumes, in publisher's purple cloth. Illustrated with copperplate and photogravure engravings. INSCRIBED and SIGNED by Anthony on her birthday, filling the front free endpaper: "Mrs Mariana Wright Chapman/Brooklyn -- New York --/This Huge Volume is presented/to you in recognition of the/kindly and valuable services rendered/Mrs. Harper in the preparation of the/New York Chapter -- and all your/good works for the good Cause/we so dearly love -- by/Your affectionate friend & coworker/Susan B. Anthony/17 Madison St./Rochester -- N. Y./1820 -- Feb. 15 -- 1903. Owner name in ink at the top of the front pastedown. Professionally rebacked retaining the original spine. Near Fine and an important Association copy Mariana Wright Chapman was a prominent New York Quaker suffragist who was President of the Women's Suffrage Association of Brooklyn and later President of the New York State Suffrage Association, Anthony's home state. As a charter member of the New York League for Political Education, she was instrumental in founding the Friends Equal Rights Association. Chapman corresponded frequently with the leaders of the Suffrage movement.
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Keywords: Signed, Women, Women's Liberation, Women's Literature, Women's Rights, Feminist Literature, Feminism, Inscribed, Association Copy, Suffrage Movement Signed Women's Rights Feminist Literature Suffrage Movement

(ANTHONY, Susan B.) HARPER, Ida Husted
The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony Including Public Addresses, Her Own Letters and Many from Her Contemporaries During Fifty Years. A Story of the Evolution of the Status of Woman
Indianapolis & Kansas City, The Bowen-Merrill Co. 1899 & 1898. First Edition. Hardcover. The first two volumes of three, with the last not published until 1908, two years after Anthony's death. Original full brown-burgundy morocco leather with a gilt medallion profile portrait of Anthony on the front panel of each volume, recently and sympathetically rebacked with similar color morocco leather; all edges gilt. Illustrated with frontispiece portraits of Anthony and other plates and facsimiles. Each volume is INSCRIBED and SIGNED by this principal leader of the woman suffrage movement in the United States on the front endpapers to another well-known suffragist. In the first volume, Anthony has written: "Yes indeed, Mrs. Julia L. Langdon Barber/I will write your name upon this/fly-leaf together with my own for/the benefit of the grand-daughter -- when/she is grown up to appreciate the worth/of each--/Julia L. Langdon Barber--/Belmont -- Washington, D. C.--/Susan B. Anthony -- Rochester N.Y./May 22, 1901--." Anthony has also INSCRIBED the second volume: "Julia L. Langdon Barber--/Belmont -- Washington, D. C.--/Susan B. Anthony/17 Madison Street -- Rochester N.Y." Books inscribed by this great American have become quite scarce. Fine copies with a fine association Julia L. Langdon was a prominent suffragist in Washington as well as one of the city's premier hostesses of the Golden Age. She married Amzi Lorenzo Barber in 1871; she was the daughter of a prominent N.Y. land developer, and her husband, who had been in charge of the normal department at Howard University, tried his own hand at developments in Washington. He developed the highly restricted Le Droit Park neighborhood just off Florida Avenue, and was soon to be the owner of Barber Asphalt Company; he became known as the "Asphalt King," and by the 1880s his firm was the world's largest supplier of asphalt. Barber was to later buy the infant Locomobile enterprise from Francis and Freelan Stanley in 1898; by 1900, over 1600 cars were sold, but the car's indifferent sales in future years eventually stripped Barber of much of his personal wealth. In 1880 the Barbers bought 120 acres along Florida Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets, where their lavish Queen Anne home, "Belmont," was built (It was torn down in 1915 after the deaths of Amzi and Julia Barber to make way for the Clifton Terrace development.). Julia L. Langdon Barber was a Life Member of the National American Women Suffrage Association and a longtime friend of Anthony; after the 1902 National American Convention held at the First Presbyterian Church in Washington, Anthony spent the following week at the Barber home. In the third volume of Harper's book, she is cited, along with Mrs. John Henderson and Anthony, in the incorporation in 1900 of the Standing Fund to help with the work of enfranchising women. Barber was also a friend of Mark Twain, whom she met on the steamship "Quaker City" in 1867 during the trip which Twain chronicled in THE INNOCENTS ABROAD. Barber had taken a leading part in various public movements and was an ardent suffragist and a leading member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She was long the terror of cruelly inclined drivers in Washington. She often took her stand on top of the high tower of Belmont which overlooks a wide range of the city and watched for horses which were being treated cruelly. She always kept an automobile at her door and frequently hurried in it to aid of the suffering horses. She appeared in police court a number of times against men who mistreated animals.
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Keywords: Signed, Feminist Literature, Women, History, Americana, Susan B. Anthony, Women's Suffrage, Association Copy Women's Rights Inscribed Women's Liberation Feminism

MacLEISH, Archibald and FITZGERALD, Robert
Autograph Manuscript and Two Autograph Letters Signed (Alss)
Hamden, CT, 27 February 1978 and 4 March 1978. Letters. Two handwritten two-page letters on both sides of an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet SIGNED "Robert" to MacLeish along with a page of notes handwritten in pencil by MacLeish and a small card in pencil and ink written by MacLeish. The notes refer to consciousness with MacLeish mentioning HAMLET and Beethoven: "Works of art not only suggest consciousness in others, they demonstrate it." Fitzgerald's letters are about his famous translation of the THE ODYSSEY and MacLeish's reaction to it as well as identification of Homer with his hero Odysseus, and in context is surely a response to a query by MacLeish regarding one line in the poem. In part: "The thing is that in the poem Homer identifies himself with Odysseus who famously knew the world.. He endows his hero with his own powers. Alkinoös thus observes that these powers belong to a man who knows the world.. The dramatic CONTEXT makes my rendering a true rendering. I hope this leaves it less obscure. I believe it's true, too." Fitzgerald goes into more detail, but this is most pertinent to what MacLeish has written on the small card: "Robert Fitzgerald and 'a poet -- a man who knows the world.'" In an article by poet Donald Hall titled "Visiting the MacLeishes" in THE NEW YORK TIMES on 9 July 1978, a few months after Fitzgerald's letters, MacLeish tells Hall how he read aloud Robert Fitzgerald's translation of THE ODYSSEY to his wife Ada, and how he found a line that he had never seen before, a line translated differently by other translators. "In the 11th book, Odysseus tells his story to Alkinoös, who answers him saying that Odysseus has told his story, 'As a poet would, a man who knows the world.' MacLeish pauses to let the line sink in. He shakes his head. 'These are the words that needed for years. Who does know the world? Not the businessman. Not the scientist. Yes Shakespeare, Homer, Dante. This is what makes greatness in a poet: to know the world.'. Near Fine .
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Keywords: Signed, Literary Autographs, Modern First Editions, Greek LIterature, Homer, Modern Firsts, Archibald MacLeish, Translation Signed Modern First Editions Autograph Letters Greek LIterature

Autograph Letter Signed (Als) of 4 Pages
14 June 1970. Letter. Fine 4-page letter written entirely in the jazz legend's hand with interesting personal content on the back of four 8-1/2" x 11" photocopies of his advertisement for "Lose Weight The Satchmo Way," often used by Armstrong as stationery to his frequent correspondent, Mr. Kauffmann. Armstrong mentions being very sick in the hospital: "I was really sick this time. Everybody thought that I would die. But the Lord Jesus -- my Doctor -- and my wife Lucille were right there with me at all times-- so I came through alright." He goes on to explain, at some length, what C.O.D. means and then mentions receiving a trombone that Kauffmann had sent to him that had belonged to Mr. Franz Schuritz who had provided Armstrong with his favorite lip salve-- Ansatz-Crčme. "I won't let anyone touch (put their hands on it). It is a beautiful trombone.. Mr. Schuritz' always a dear friend of mine. I offtne [sic] think of him. God Bless his soul. You are a nice man also. SIGNED "Satchmo and Lucille Armstrong. Some creases and wrinkling from mailing. Very Good Erich Kauffmann was the partner of trombonist Franz Schuritz.
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Keywords: Signed, Modern Firsts, Autograph Letters, Louis Armstrong, New Orleans, African-American Music, Jazz, Musical Autographs Signed African-American Music Jazz Musical Autographs

ARNOLD, Matthew
Literature and Dogma, an Essay Towards a Better Apprehension of the Bible
New York, Macmillan and Co. 1881. First American Edition. Hardcover. Publisher's brick cloth with gilt lettering on the spine; 316 pages. INSCRIBED and SIGNED on the front blank: "with sincere regard and all/good wishes./Matthew Arnold.--/Indianapolis, Feb. 4th 1884." Arnold spent the latter months of 1883 and the first months of 1884 touring the United States for the first time and giving a series of lectures in various cities. It was on this tour that he inscribed this book which is Arnold's attempt to show the ways secular literature and religious texts intersect. Books inscribed by Arnold are fairly scarce. Tightly bound; wear to tips of spine which is a little darkened. Very Good .
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Keywords: Signed, 19th Century British Literature, Matthew Arnold, Inscribed, Victorian Literature Signed Literature: English 19th Century British Literature Fine Bindings

Turandot and Other Poems
New York, Tibor de Nagy Gallery, 1953. First Edition. Softcover. Ashbery's first book, a 23-page chapbook in sewn decorated paper wraps, one of only 300 copies printed. Illustrated with four drawings by Jane Freilicher. In this copy two of the plates are duplicated giving a total of six plates. INSCRIBED and SIGNED by the poet to Herbert with love and also INSCRIBED and SIGNED by the artist to Herbert with "my love, too." Both inscriptions are on the title page and appear to be contemporary. Ill.: Jane Freilicher. Wrappers are slightly darkened with two round oily stains on the rear, not too dark. The front wrapper has one short closed tear neatly repaired internally with tape and a sliver chip on the lower right corner with the detached piece still present. Very Good to Near Fine example of this scarce book .
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Book number: 010999
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Keywords: New York School, Signed, Inscribed, Association Copy, Jane Freilicher, Modern Poetry, Modern Firsts, Limited, Modern First Editions, First Book, First Books Jane Freilicher Signed First Book Limited Modern First Editions

Autograph Letter Signed (Als)
New York, 21 May 1947. Letter. Scarce AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED by the poet to a Mr. Roberts about his first book. In part: "Thank you for your letter. Unfortunately, I can help you very little myself. There was a little privately printed (on a hand-press by Stephen Spender) book of my poems in 1928. As to the Faber 1930 volume, I have no idea how many copies there were in the first issue." Auden mentions John Heyward who managed an exhibition of first printings and how he can be reached at Faber. SIGNED "yours sincerely, W. H. Auden. Creases from folding, otherwise Near Fine .
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Keywords: Signed, Autograph Letter, Modern First Editions, W. H. Auden, Modern Poetry, 20th Century American Literature Signed Modern Poetry Modern First Editions Literature: American

Autograph Manuscript Poem (Juvenilia - 4 Pages): "Bank Holiday
[1926]. Manuscript. Exceptionally scarce 4-page AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT of a poem written by Auden as a teenager. Published in THE OXFORD OUTLOOK in November 1926 and not published in book form until 1994 in W. H. AUDEN JUVENILIA edited by Katherine Bucknell, from which much of the information below was acquired. Two other manuscript copies of this poem are known to exist, in the collections of David Ayerst (Bloomfield J16) and of Christopher Isherwood, neither exactly identical to this but both resembling this much more than the published version which eliminated several stanzas present here. All told there are 78 lines divided into three sections on both sides of two 6-7/8" x 8-7/8" sheets of paper watermarked "Civic Bond" that have long ago been neatly joined by a conservator who also made several paper repairs. The poem begins "The queen's hand on the king's cold shoulder falling." Bucknell points out that the poem is reminiscent of THE WASTE LAND with the left out passages revealing some borrowing from Eliot's "The Hollow Men." This manuscript was acquired along with a letter from Auden to Robert Medley (not included) and was likely given to Medley at some point. Auden met and became friends with Medley in 1922 shortly after Auden's 15th birthday. It was Robert Medley who suggested that Auden try writing poetry. Later Medley helped to create the Group Theater where he provided scenery and costumes for the play ON THE FRONTIER by Auden and Isherwood. Several words on the last page are partly faded and obliterated by a repaired tear. A spectacular find in Good to Very Good condition .
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Keywords: Signed, Manuscripts, Manuscript, Rare, Inscribed, Modern Firsts, W. H. Auden, Literary Autographs, Manuscript Poetry, Modern First Editions, Modern Poetry Modern First Editions Modern Poetry Literature: American Manuscript Poetry

[AUDEN, W. H.] HORAN, Robert
A Beginning
New Haven, Yale University Press, 1948. First Edition. hardcover. Bloomfield & Mendelson B36: 1014 copies. Horan's first book, with a 4-page foreword by W. H. Auden. This copy SIGNED by Auden on the front endpaper and quite uncommon thus. Covers foxed with small tear to spine. Very Good in a Very Good dustwrapper with chipping at the spine tips and corners .
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Book number: 021645
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Keywords: Signed, Modern First Editions, Modern Poetry, First Book, First Books, Modern Firsts, 20th Century American Literature Signed Literature: American First Book Modern First Editions

City without Walls and Other Poems
New York, Random House, (1969). First Edition. Hardcover. Preceded by the English edition. SIGNED by the author below his crossed-out name on the title page. Fine in a very close to Fine dustwrapper with just a touch of wear to the spine head .
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Book number: 017954
USD 625.00 [Appr.: EURO 589.25 | £UK 503 | JP„ 96643]
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Keywords: Signed, Modern First Editions, Modern Poetry, Modern Firsts, W. H. Auden Signed Modern First Editions 20th Century British Literature Literature: English

The Dyer's Hand
London, Faber & Faber, (1963). First British Edition. Hardcover. Bloomfield A45b: 3000 copies, preceded by the American edition which had a larger printing. INSCRIBED and SIGNED "To/Hedwig [Petzold]/with love/from /Wystan" in 1963 on the front free endpaper and with seven manuscript corrections by Auden in the text. Sensational association copy! According to Humphrey Carpenter in W. H. AUDEN: A BIOGRAPHY (p. 69), Auden's "first sexual experience with a woman was when he went to bed with Frau Petzold .. and in the later period of the friendship he seems to have regarded her as a mother- or aunt-figure. Hinges fairly neatly repaired. Very Good, lacking the dustwrapper .
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Book number: 005948
USD 5625.00 [Appr.: EURO 5302.5 | £UK 4525.5 | JP„ 869786]
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Keywords: Signed, Literary Criticism, Essays, Association, W. H. Auden, Modern Firsts, Literature: English Modern Poetry Inscribed Association Copy Modern First Editions

[AUDEN, W. H.] PATCHEN, Kenneth
First Will & Testament
New York, New Directions, (1939). First Edition. Hardcover. Patchen's second book, consisting of 800 copies, this copy INSCRIBED "with respect and admiration" for W. H. Auden on 10 May 1940 and SIGNED by Patchen. Patchen's first book brought him much acclaim including comparisons to Auden, unlikely as that might seem now. Among Patchen's accomplishments was the initiation of the poetry-and-jazz movement in the late 1950s. Although Auden never seems to have figured in an important way in Patchen's life, the elder poet did take part in a benefit for Patchen two decades after being presented with this book. A truly important presentation copy. Backstrip darkened, a few nicks in the cloth. Very Good, lacking the dustwrapper .
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Book number: 002946
USD 3125.00 [Appr.: EURO 2946 | £UK 2514.25 | JP„ 483215]
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Keywords: W. H. Auden, Signed, Rare, Modern Firsts, Literature: American, Modern First Editions, Inscribed, Association Copy, Kenneth Patchen, Modern Poetry Modern First Editions Association Copy Modern Poetry Signed

[AUDEN, W. H.] LA FARGE, Henry (editor)
Lost Treasures of Europe
(New York), Pantheon Books, (1946). First Edition. Hardcover. Illustrated with 427 photographs. On the front endpaper Auden has SIGNED and INSCRIBED the book to "Herbert and Helen [Santoff]/with love/from/Wystan/Christmas 1946." Several silver print photographs of a church laid in. Fading to cloth. About Very Good, lacking the dustwrapper .
Charles AgventProfessional seller
Book number: 010955
USD 625.00 [Appr.: EURO 589.25 | £UK 503 | JP„ 96643]
Catalogue: Signed
Keywords: Signed, Inscribed, Architecture, W. H. Auden, Modern Firsts, 20th Century British Literature, Modern First Editions, Modern Poetry Modern First Editions Modern Poetry Literature: English Inscribed

[AUDEN, W. H.] PERSE, St.-John
On Poetry
(New York), Bollingen Series, (1961). First Edition. wraps. Bloomfield & Mendelson B77. Published in an edition of 2500 copies, none of which were for sale, in white card covers with a grayish green printed wrapper. This is St.-John Perse's Nobel Acceptance Speech translated by Auden and printed here in both the original French and Auden's English translation. SIGNED by Auden on the title page. Quite uncommon, especially signed. Fine .
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Book number: 007445
USD 500.00 [Appr.: EURO 471.5 | £UK 402.5 | JP„ 77314]
Catalogue: Signed
Keywords: Signed, Modern Firsts, W. H. Auden, Modern Poetry, Modern First Editions, Nobel Prize Signed Modern First Editions Nobel Prize Literature: English

The Orators. An English Study
New York, Random House, (1967). First American Edition. Hardcover. Originally published by Faber & Faber in 1932, this edition is revised with a new foreword. This copy is SIGNED by the poet on the title page with an ink stroke through his printed name. Fine in a Fine dustwrapper .
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Book number: 017827
USD 750.00 [Appr.: EURO 707 | £UK 603.5 | JP„ 115972]
Catalogue: Signed
Keywords: Signed, W. H. Auden Modern Poetry Modern First Editions Modern Firsts Literature: English

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