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9781839403644 Charlotte Greig 188091, Conspiracies. History's Greatest Plots, Collusions, & Cover-Ups.
Charlotte Greig 188091
Conspiracies. History's Greatest Plots, Collusions, & Cover-Ups.
Sirius Entertainment. Paperback. Pp: 128. Did the Russians help Donald Trump to the White House? What really happened during Princess Diana's final hours? What happened to Malaysian Airways plane MH370, the flight that disappeared? Who poisoned ex-KGB man Alexander Litvinenko with radioactive polonium in a London hotel? How did the body of GCHQ code breaker Gareth Williams end up in a sports bag padlocked from the outside in his Pimlico flat? Who killed Kennedy? From the toppling of Berlusconi to the idea that the world is run by lizards, to examining 9/11, the Illuminati, the Roswell Incident, and Watergate, Conspiracies examines fascinating conspiracy theories of all kinds, separating fact from the fiction. ISBN: 9781839403644. Cond./Kwaliteit: Ramsj.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
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9781943957057 Steve Alten 39157, Undisclosed
Steve Alten 39157
A & M Publishing, LLC, 2017. Gekartonneerd met stofomslag. Pp: 379. A veteran of the Iraq war is appointed Under Secretary of Defense in order to penetrate a secret government purposely black-shelving zero-point-energy, a clean, abundant energy source reverse-engineered from downed UFOs. Are Extraterrestrials and UFOs real? Are there secret subterranean military bases hiding advanced technologies that date back to the incident at Roswell? Is there a False Flag in the works intended to wipe out billions? Steve Alten's UNDISCLOSED is a mind-opening thriller of "faction" which incorporates testimonials from military and intelligence personnel who were actual eyewitnesses and participants involved in the greatest secret in history. ISBN: 9781943957057. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
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9781843402893 Lindsay Porter 57740, Who Are the Illuminati?
Lindsay Porter 57740
Who Are the Illuminati?
Pavilion Books, 2005. Pp: 256. How are the origins of the French Revolution, the murder of the Romanovs, the design of the dollar bill and the Roswell UFO incident connected? The answer is one of the world`s most mysterious and feared secret societies " the Illuminati. References to the Illuminati span centuries, yet reliable historical evidence is scant.   What is known is that on 1 May 1776, at the height of the European Enlightenment, Adam Weishaupt, a professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, founded a secret society of freethinkers, or - enlightened ones` " the Illuminati. The group was formed to discuss and disseminate the radical philosophies of the day, and secrecy was crucial to its survival: neither church nor crown would have countenanced the group`s anticlerical and antimonarchist ideas. At its height the Illuminati numbered 2,500, with members across Europe, including some of the period`s leading thinkers. Yet just 12 years after the group`s founding, it was disbanded by a governmental edict and the Illuminati ceased to exist.   Or did it? For nearly 250 years references to the Illuminati and its alleged influence on major world events have continued to resurface. There are those who claim the Illuminati is much older than its first recorded incarnation suggests, dating its origins to the time of the Pyramids, and others who believe the group is literally not of this planet but part of an alien culture bent on taking over the earth.   This book looks at the reality and the myths, questions the allegations and explores how fears about the group have taken many different forms, whether fear of intellectuals during the Enlightenment, or fear of communists during the McCarthy era. An internet search reveals that belief in the group`s shadowy influence is positively thriving " what does that say about us today? And are we right to be afraid?. ISBN: 9781843402893. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
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Catalogus: Spiritualiteit
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The Roswell Incident
London, Granada. 1980, First Edition. (ISBN: 0246113847) Hard Cover, 8vo - over 7? - 9? tall. unclipped DW has one short closed tear, tidy used copy. 176pp + plates. Very Good/Very Good.
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Coudris, Rene
THE ROSWELL MESSAGE 50 years on - the Aliens speak
Gateway Books, 1997 221pp.+ colour plates and illustrations. A fine large format copy in soft covers. The truth of the Rosewell incident revealed by the aliens themselves
-- Magis BooksProfessionele verkoper
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The Roswell Report Case Closed
Barnes and Noble. 1997. (ISBN: 9780760708149). Paperback. Paperback in good condition internally and back page but front small tear half way up and slight creasing. Sighting after sighting, book after book, expos, after expos..has the United States kept secret the evidence from a 1947 UFO crash landing in Roswell, New Mexico? Says the U.S. Air Force, with many documents and photographs: No! The Roswell Report, authored by Intelligence Officer Captain James McAndrew, says the "aliens" were test dummies; a balloon train known as "Project Mogul" was mistakenly observed to be a flying saucer; and subsequent sightings over the following 50 years were balloons, satellites, missiles, and assorted human-controlled high altitude flights. For those who have read eyewitness accounts of unidentified flying objects, this book may be a counter-balancing point of view. The Air Force carefully dissects each claim, offers its own sworn witnesses, and unemotionally rejects the claims that aliens have landed. Included, as an act of statesmanship, are interviews with firsthand witnesses who claim to have seen crashes and flashes. This report belongs on the shelf alongside books on UFO sightings and, maybe, a good set of binoculars. 8 1/2" x 11" Black-and-white photos. In 1994, the Air Force concluded an exhaustive search for records to determine if the U.S. Air Force, or any other government agency, possessed information on the July 1947 event known as the Roswell Incident. This report, based on thoroughly documented research conducted subsequent to the 1994 report & supported by official records, technical reports, film footage, photos, & interviews with involved individuals, completes the Air Forces goal of providing a complete & open explanation for the alleged observations of alien bodies & other events surrounding the incident. Illustrated. Aliens/UFO's/Conspiracy. 0-7607-0814-2. Used: Acceptable.
-- Lady Lisa's BookshopProfessionele verkoper
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Catalogus: Aliens
Trefwoorden: 9780760708149

0312352646 GOLEMON, DAVID L., Ancients an Event Group Thriller
Ancients an Event Group Thriller
New York: Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Press, 2008. 1st Edition; 1st Printing. Hardcover. ISBN: 0312352646. This book is in Near Fine condition and has a Near Fine dust jacket. The book and its contents are in clean, bright condition. The text pages are clean and bright. The dust jacket is crisp and clean. "David Lynn Golemon (David L. Golemon) is the author of paranormal thriller novels, notably the Event Group Thrillers. In Event, the first book in the Event Group series, Major Jack Collins is drafted into the covert Event Group and investigates a UFO incident seemingly related to the Roswell UFO incident. The books often involve famous events and people from history, such as Jack the Ripperand Czar Nicholas II. " (from Wikipedia). Near Fine in Near Fine dust jacket .
-- S. Howlett-West BooksProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 41636
USD 15.00 [Appr.: EURO 13.75]
Trefwoorden: 0312352646 Modern Fiction First Edition David L. Golemon An Events Group Thriller Ufo's Paranormal Thriller Paranormal Activity

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