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9780593136775 Pamela Paul 52504, 100 Things We've Lost to the Internet
Pamela Paul 52504
100 Things We've Lost to the Internet
Crown Publishing Group, 2021. Gekartonneerd met stofomslag. Pp: 288. The acclaimed editor of The New York Times Book Review takes readers on a nostalgic tour of the pre-Internet age, offering powerful insights into both the profound and the seemingly trivial things we've lost. NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY CHICAGO TRIBUNE AND THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS. "A deft blend of nostalgia, humor and devastating insights."-People Remember all those ingrained habits, cherished ideas, beloved objects, and stubborn preferences from the pre-Internet age? They're gone. To some of those things we can say good riddance. But many we miss terribly. Whatever our emotional response to this departed realm, we are faced with the fact that nearly every aspect of modern life now takes place in filtered, isolated corners of cyberspace-a space that has slowly subsumed our physical habitats, replacing or transforming the office, our local library, a favorite bar, the movie theater, and the coffee shop where people met one another's gaze from across the room. Even as we've gained the ability to gather without leaving our house, many of the fundamentally human experiences that have sustained us have disappeared. In one hundred glimpses of that pre-Internet world, Pamela Paul, editor of The New York Times Book Review, presents a captivating record, enlivened with illustrations, of the world before cyberspace-from voicemails to blind dates to punctuation to civility. There are the small losses- postcards, the blessings of an adolescence largely spared of documentation, the Rolodex, and the genuine surprises at high school reunions. But there are larger repercussions, too- weaker memories, the inability to entertain oneself, and the utter demolition of privacy.100 Things We've Lost to the Internet is at once an evocative swan song for a disappearing era and, perhaps, a guide to reclaiming just a little bit more of the world IRL. ISBN: 9780593136775. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
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Catalogus: Sociologie
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9780879304256 Dave McAleer 87722, The All Music Book of Hit Singles. Top 20 Charts from 1954 to the Present Day
Dave McAleer 87722
The All Music Book of Hit Singles. Top 20 Charts from 1954 to the Present Day
Miller Freeman, 1996. Paperback. Pp: 432. Unlike any other book of its kind, the All Music Book of Hit Singles gives both US and UK Top 20 chart listings, side-by-side, to show at a glance what was happening in the music world on both sides of the Atlantic. Based on the official Billboard and NME/Music Week charts, the month-by-month chart listings are instant nostalgic memory jerkers, giving you an opportunity to compare the development of rock and pop here and in Britain. They include the artist's first and last chart entries, million sellers, previous month's position, label, weeks on chart and the chart position on the opposite side of the Atlantic. Based on many years of research by Dave McAleer, this book contains all the information you will ever need to know about the Top 20 hits since the charts began. An alphabetical listing of song titles with artist, and an alphabetical listing of artists with song titles and chart entry dates, enable easy cross-referencing and help you to track down any Top 20 record since 1954. And to put it all into perspective, musical milestones in chronological order give the whole history of rock, its stars, producers, labels, innovations and styles that shaped the music of the time and the future. ISBN: 9780879304256. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
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9780195046106 Whitney Balliett 176897, American singers. 27 Portraits in Song
Whitney Balliett 176897
American singers. 27 Portraits in Song
Oxford University Press, 1988. Gekartonneerd met stofomslag. Pp: 244. When Whitney Balliett's American Musicians appeared in the Fall of 1986, the acclaim it received was universal. Leonard Feather, writing in the Los Angeles Times, said "no other writer now living can write with comparable grace and equal enthusiasm about everyone from Jack Teagarden and Art Tatum to Cecil Taylor and Ornette Coleman." And Bruce Cook in The New Leader called the book "the quintessential Whitney Balliett, the cream of the cream, a collection that leaves no doubt about his strength." That book gathered together all of Balliett's profiles of jazz instrumentalists. Here, in the revised edition of American Singers, Balliett has added thirteen new biographical profiles to double the size of the book and provide the perfect complement to American Musicians. It now contains all the profiles on singers that Balliett has written for The New Yorker. Alongside original chapters on such great vocalists as Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, Joe Turner and Alberta Hunter, Balliett has added fresh portraits of Mel Torme, Julius La Rosa, George Shearing, and Peggy Lee. To his study of four masters of the cabaret (Hugh Shannon, Mabel Mercer, Bobby Short, and Blossom Dearie) he has joined a fifth, Julie Wilson. There are new chapters on singer-pianists Cleo Brown and Nellie Lutcher, as well as on Carol Sloane, Betty Carter, and David Frishberg. Perhaps most notable is his extended profile of Alec Wilder, one of America's most lyrical and moving songwriters and composers. In the three decades that he has written for The New Yorker, Whitney Balliett has earned the reputation as America's foremost jazz critic. The late Philip Larkin described him as a "writer who brings jazz journalism to the verge of poetry," and Gene Lees called him "one of the most graceful essayists in the English language on any subject." He has an unsurpassed ability to convey in words the sound of a singer's voice, and he makes readers feel, as one observer put it, that they are "sitting with Balliett and his subject and listening in.". ISBN: 9780195046106. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
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 [ARCHIVE] [BIRTH OF A NATION][THOMAS DIXON, JR. ][D. W. GRIFFITH] [MOVIES], Archive of Material Relating to the Movie Birth of a Nation, Including Film, Programs, Movie Stills, and More.
Archive of Material Relating to the Movie Birth of a Nation, Including Film, Programs, Movie Stills, and More.
Various Places: Various Publishers, 0. Other. B&W and Color Photographs & Illustrations; CONTENT WARNING: This description includes information about The Civil War South, The Klu Klux Klan, racial depictions of African Americans, suicide, and a host of other delicate topics dealing with the United States before and during Reconstruction. The Birth of a Nation - a controversial film from before it became a film, was based, for the most part, on the play The Clansman, which was adapted by Thomas Dixon, Jr. From his own novel: The Clansman: A Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan, published 1905 (Doubleday, Page & Company, 374p. ) , The Clansman was part of a trilogy that chronicled the US Civil War and Reconstruction. The Birth of a Nation - a controversial film from before it became a film, was based, for the most part, on the play The Clansman, which was adapted by Thomas Dixon, Jr. From his own novel: The Clansman: A Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan, published 1905 (Doubleday, Page & Company, 374p. ) , The Clansman was part of a trilogy that chronicled the US Civil War and Reconstruction. After several years success with the best-selling book and his adaptation into a play, the author, Dixon, met with several studios, and finally came to an agreement with D. W. Griffith (a fellow southerner) who, along with Frank E. Woods adapted the play into a screenplay which was produced by Harry Aitken. Shooting started July 1914 and the finished product was publicly shown January 1 & 2 of 1915 in Riverside, CA. While the content of the film was highly controversial, the film itself was a "landmark" in film technology for the period. *It was the first American 12-reel film ever made *It was the longest film to that point, running at three hours, which was broken into two parts, with an intermission between. *It was the first American made film to have a musical score for an Orchestra*It pioneered closeups and fadeouts, and included staged battle scenes *It used hundreds of extras (made to look like thousands) *It was the first motion picture to be screened inside the White House (for Pres. Woodrow Wilson) *It was a huge commercial success, with a larger gross than any previous motion picture to that point in time (until being overtaken by another film of the Civil War South - Gone with the Wind) Of course, it is the content of the film that brought controversy. The movie details the drama of the Civil War from both sides: The Camerons' of South Carolina, and The Stonemans' of the North (Pennsylvania). The main characters are loosely based on actual politicians and their families during the Civil War. The movie is broken into two halves with the first half dealing with the early years of the war, shown by sons from both families entering the military, and continues through battles, capture of the southern son by the North, his death sentence and clemency, and through the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The second half of the film shows how the North forgoes Lincoln's policy of conciliation and begins the "so-called" punishment of the south by Radical Republicans in their era of Reconstruction. In this half of the film, the author (and the director) shows his mostly Southern viewpoint of how Reconstruction is decimating the white man by promoting blacks through terror and racial mixing. It's during this time that the son of the Southern Camerons, Ben, begins the reformation of the Ku Klux Klan to preserve the white way of life through white supremacy. Throughout this half of the movie blacks are shown as brutish, stupid, and, sexually aggressive (especially towards white women). The plot is livened by relationships between both the younger generations of Camerons and the Stonemans, while also given tinges of suspense, adventure and thriller, through actions of the two families and interactions between the families and the people around them. The reaction by the public to the film was as oversized as the movie was. This group of items was collected by a teacher and used as part of a college film history program. 1) Group of Eight Original Lobby Cards. 1915. 14" x11" Four canisters of film The Birth of a Nation: (16mm version, with sound). This appears to be a film negative, with starting deterioration (differing amounts to each canister… The number one canister has some smell, while the others have mostly light to nearly no smell of vinegar). This is nowhere near an original copy, but a copy of a later printing. It has been colorized lightly at some point in the process). The film is still supple and useable (again, as far as I know) . Heavy Cardstock. All eight cards are in Very Good to Very Good+ condition, several of the cards have small to medium chips to the edges. The cards have toning to the rectos. Birth of a Nation Souvenir Program. 1916. Epoch Producing Corporation. New York. Good. The front cover has small splotches of ink and several wavy lines of tidemarking. The Spine has tearing to both ends. Several of the pages have edge tears. There are several splotches of ink to the title page as well. Illustrated throughout with black and white illustrations. This copy has two American flag icons shaped as missiles on the front cover. 4. Birth of a Nation Souvenir Program: 1915 Epoch Producing Corporation, New York. Oversized program with a string binding and an illustrated glassine overlay cover. The overlay has chipping, tears, and wear. The program is in Very Good- condition, with light generalized toning, small tears, especially to the foredges. Scarce with the overlay 5.) Majestic Theatre Program featuring Birth of a Nation: (Boston, MA) Oct. 1915 is the listed date, but it appears more showings were added at a later point, making it 29 straight weeks of viewings. The small format program is in Very Good condition. The front and rear covers, and front inside cover are in color. The contents are in black and white, with lots of advertising. The text pages somewhat browned, but clean and complete.6 ) Theatre News Flier for the Fox-Apollo Art Theatre: Featuring Birth of a Nation (in sound). (Hollywood, CA) c1950's. One page, folded vertically, to contain four pages of text. Showing for four pages only. Good condition, with several small tears, and wrinkling. Apparently "colorized" by a youth, 7 ) Band / orchestra orchestration for "The Perfect Song", the Love Strain from: Birth of a Nation. Includes, piano, cornet, Bass, Violin, clarinet, Viola, drums /tympani, flute, cello, trombone. The piano score is also the folder for the other parts, and that score has torn at the spine, almost the full length of the page. Otherwise Very Good and in bright, useable condition. 8.) Program from the 55th St. Playhouse for Birth of a Nation (Manhattan, NY, 1940). One sheet of paper (small format) folded once vertically. The program includes: 1) Clock Cleaners, 2) Birth of the Movies, 3) A Night at the Movies, 4) Charlie Chaplin in the Paper Hanger (all short films) followed by The Birth of a Nation. The program is in Very Good+ condition9.). Dixon, Jr, Thomas: The Clansman (Photoplay title: The Birth of a Nation. Possible later printing thus. Red cloth covers have white lettering and decorations on the spine and front cover of the book. Illustrated with 8 black & white photos from the movie featuring Lillian Gish and Henry Walthall, and Mae Marsh. The book is in Very Good+ condition and has a Good+ to Near Very Good- dust jacket. 10.) Large Wall Poster from the USPS featuring the stamp of D. W. Griffiths. Clean bright condition, without tears or wear. Near Fine condition. 11. ) Dixon, Jr, Thomas: The Root of Evil. 1st edition. Red cloth with off-white letting to the cover and spine of the book. Very Good condition. 12) Huff, Theodore: A Shot Analysis of D. W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation. First Edition. 1961 Museum of Modern Art Film Library. Very Good condition. Issued without a dust jacket. (extremely scarce in this edition). 13.) Gish, Lillian: Lillian Gish; The Movies, Mr. Griffith, and Me. 2nd printing. Signed, with an inscription by the author. Very Good+ with a Very Good dust jacket. 14.) Photographic Portrait of Lillian Gish by Witzel (of LA) , 15.) 1925-1930 (ish) hand-colored, and signed by Gish. (smallest size of photo would be 7x9 - can't check without removing backing on the frame. ) Large wall poster of Birth of a Nation dated 1970 Very Good+ or better condition. 16.) Fry, Henry P. : The Modern Ku Klux Klan. Ex Library copy. 17.) Dixon, Jr, Thomas: The Clansman. Reprint. Triangle Books. Very Good- (toned pages & brittle) Dust jacket is in Very Good- condition. 18.) 18. Dixon, Jr, Thomas: The Leopard's Spots. 1st edition. No dust jacket. Missing front endpaper. Very Good. 19.) Dixon, Jr, Thomas: The Clansman. 1st Edition. Poor condition. 20.) Sheet Music: "Daddy Mine" by Lew Wilson and Alfred Dubin, featuring a photo of Mae Marsh on the cover (the music is not related to the film - just Mae Marsh) Very Good+ condition. 21.) 21. Large Cardboard Circle - Advertisement for Birth of a Nation. No Date. Possible early (c 1916 ish) advertisement for the film. Good only condition. With small chips missing and several tape repairs to the reverse. 22.) Silva, Fred (editor) Focus on: The Birth of a Nation. 1st ed. PB Very Good+ Condition. 23.) Dixon, Jr, Thomas: The Fall of a Nation -early reprint (first Reprint edition) , Very Good condition with a Poor dust jacket. 24. Geduld, Harry M. : Focus On; D. W. Griffith pb 2nd printing. Very Good. 25. Photocopied score of the Birth of a Nation. Good condition - possibly not complete. 26.) Cardboard American Commemoratives Stamp page featuring D. W. Griffiths. Dated May 27, 1975. Includes four stamps plus commentary. Fine condition. 27.) Four copies of "The Perfect Song" (featuring Amos & Andy) from the score for Birth of a Nation. All in varying conditions - editions unknown. This song is the first ever theme song for a film. 28. ) Aitken, Roy E. As Told to Al P. Nelson: The Birth of a Nation Story. 1965. A Dellinger Book. First Edition. Near Fine condition and issued without a dust jacket. 29. ) Film Culture: Special Griffith Issue: Griffith I- The Birth of a Nation (by Seymour Stern) 1965. Film Culture, Ny. First Edition. Very Good + and issued without a dust jacket. 30.) A group of essays, teaching materials, etc. - some typed, some ditto machined, plus several fliers, etc. Regarding at least one showing of the film for a class - several dates. Generally all very good+ or better condition.. Very Good .
-- S. Howlett-West BooksProfessionele verkoper
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Trefwoorden: Entertainment Archives Movies Birth Of A Nation Movie Stills Advertising Materials D. W. Griffiths Thomas Dixon Jr.

9789053308639 Edward Thompson 131040, An atlas of infrared plates of the unseen compiled for The League of Creative Infrared Photographers
Edward Thompson 131040
An atlas of infrared plates of the unseen compiled for The League of Creative Infrared Photographers
Schilt Publishing B.V. Hardcover. Pp: 276. Inspired by the scientific uses of infrared film throughout history, The Unseen - An Atlas of Infrared Plates pushes the purposes and properties of the rarest photographic film on the planet to its scientific and conceptual limits. British documentary photographer, Edward Thompson, set out to explore the boundaries of perception, whether they were things outside our visual spectrum or events that went unnoticed or unreported. From researching the original Kodak advertisements, expert interviews and scientific journals, Thompson has gathered an extensive archive and used some of the last 46 dead-stock rolls ofKodak Aerochrome Infrared film in existence to reveal the unseen. The project comprises ten chapters: In The Red Forest (2012), infrared film is used to document the condition of the most radioactive forest in the world and in turn re-imagines the Ukraine in deep Soviet burgundy, something that has become eerily prophetic since 2012. In The Vein (2014), forgotten medical photography techniques are used to reveal the superficial veins beneath the skin. In The Flood (2012), one of the original purposes of the film, the documentation of crops post-flood via aerial photography, is ignored in favour of making portraits of families who have been affected on the ground. In The City (2014), infrared film is used to document one of the world's most polluted cities, London. In The War (2015), the film is used to photograph military paintings, simultaneously manipulating the film's historical military application of uncovering camouflage and also revealing hidden charcoal under-drawing. In The Village (2012), the film was used to attempt to document supernatural beings in the most haunted village in the U.K. There are no ghosts to be found. The photographs instead depict a 'sci-fi disruption of the green and pleasant lands of the garden of England' akin to H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds. Bees and beekeepers are documented in The Apiary (2015), Gross specimen photography in The Gross Specimen (2015) and Astrophotography in The Past (2015). The final chapter is yet to be revealed. Thompson has created a swan song to the medium of infrared photography, of which this book itself has also become an artefact, a part of its history. ISBN: 9789053308639. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
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Alex Jennings 294069
The Ballad of Perilous Graves
Little, Brown Book Group Limited, 2022. Paperback. Pp: 480. WINNER OF THE 2023 COMPTON CROOK AWARD'Wild, witty, and profound. a cosmic storm of talent' Victor LaVallePut on your dancing shoes and step into New Orleans as you've never seen it before in this vibrant and imaginative debut. Nola is a city of wonders. An alternate New Orleans made of music and magic, where spirits dance the night away and Wise Women help keep the order. To those from Away, Nola might seem strange. To failed magician Perilous Graves, it's simply home. Then the rhythm of the city stutters. Nine songs of power have escaped from the magical piano that maintains the city's beat, and without them, Nola will fail. Unwilling to watch his home be destroyed, Perry will sacrifice everything to save it. But a storm is brewing and even if they capture the songs, Nola's time might be coming to an end. Praise for The Ballad of Perilous Graves: 'A hallucinatory wonder of a debut' Walter Mosley'Gripping and inventive fantasy' Guardian'An enchanting, energetic, wild ride of a story set to a staccato melody. The electric prose leaps off the page in a riot of colours and sounds' Leslye Penelope'A wild, dark and joyful love song to New Orleans, the power of stories, and hope in the face of destruction' H. G. Parry'I ached to live in their world. A stunning debut that is sure to become a classic' Elizabeth Hand'Alex Jennings writes with an energy and a profusion of imagination and vividness that carries you off. Brilliant!' Katherine Addison'A beautiful song full of magic and rhythm, darkness and delight. A profoundly gorgeous debut' Christina Henry. ISBN: 9780356519241. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 3444779
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9780356511337 Anthony Ryan 57772, The black song. Book Two of Raven's Blade
Anthony Ryan 57772
The black song. Book Two of Raven's Blade
Little, Brown Book Group. Paperback. Pp: 512. The action-packed sequel to The Wolf's Call, the epic fantasy blockbuster from New York Times bestseller Anthony Ryan. ISBN: 9780356511337. Cond./Kwaliteit: Redelijk.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 2592642
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Catalogus: Fantasy
Trefwoorden: 9780356511337

9789082174908 Anne Marie Borsboom 220436, BOI, song of a wanderer
Anne Marie Borsboom 220436
BOI, song of a wanderer
BORSBOOM FILMPRODUCTIONS. Hardback. Pp: 347. Boi, Song of a Wanderer is a photographic journey through life and around the world to find peace and salvation, which is being true to oneself. It is a unique document and an impressive story about a ten year period in the life of Nitzan Krimsky and his transition from girl to boi. The story is told through endless diaristic self-portraits. From being the girl with a moustache, to floating in between identities, until the final step was taken. We are witnesses to this fascinating and haunting story of both victim and hero. The self-reflexive images, often provocative, narcissistic and obsessive, result from a constant and feverish investigation of the own identity and its representation. This book, and the documentary with the same title made by Anne Marie Borsboom, are the result of an ongoing experiment with the capacities of the photographic medium to document, communicate, construct identity and above all as a means that allows for imaginary and creating new realities. Most of all Boi, Song of a Wanderer is the proof of an individual who dared to choose to take charge of his own existence, unravelled by photography.Claudia KüsselCurator Foam. ISBN: 9789082174908. Cond./Kwaliteit: Redelijk.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
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Catalogus: Fotografie
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The British Apollo, or, Curious Amusements for the Ingenious to Which Are Added the Most Material Occurrences Foreign and Domestick. Performed by a Society of Gentlemen
London, J. Mayo, 1708. First Edition. Hardcover. Folio (8" x 12-1/2") bound in 19th century half brown leather with leather corners and marbled boards; [2], [516], 14 pages. The first volume of this scarce periodical containing a title page, 117 four-page issues, 12 supernumerary numbers, and an extensive index covering the period of 13 February 1708 to 25 March 1709. Without the two 12-page quarterly issues. The periodical would stop publication in 1711. Edited by Aaron Hill and Marshall Smith, with probable contributions from John Gay, John Arbuthnot, and Samuel Garth, among others. Contains questions from readers and answers from contributors on miscellaneous topics including theology, science, mathematics, natural history, medicine, music, customs, manners, etc. with foreign news, news of war, shipping, advertisements, and much poetry, often ribald. Contemporary manuscript notation on verso of title page by former owner titled "The Disparity" about Sampson signed "Thomas Mellin his own Book." On two blanks at the rear is manuscript music titled "A Song By Mr. H[enry] Purcell," which is his well-known composition "What Can We Poor Females Do" written in 1694. There is also a small sheet of paper laid in with a manuscript statement in an early hand about the volume's contents. Bookplate of Isaac John Greenwood on the front pastedown. Old, mostly rather faint dampstain at bottom of many pages; binding rather worn but intact with a one-inch chip at the head of the spine. About Very Good .
-- Charles AgventProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 021464
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Catalogus: Periodicals
Trefwoorden: 18th Century Literature, Periodicals, Music, 18th Century Science, Theology, Poetry, Natural History, Early Newspapers 18th Century Periodicals Poetry Early Newspapers Music

China: In Ancient and Modern Maps
Sotheby's Publications by Philip Wilson Publishers Ltd. 1998, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 0856674133). Soft cover. Book, English text; Paperback; 22.5 x 28.8 cm; 1.6 Kg; 287 pages with black and white and colour illustrations throughout; Used with signs of wear on the exterior, namely on spine. Edgeworn. Interior as new.; of China is a country with one of the world's earliest civilizations. The ancient Chinese made the world's first maps and in mapping theory and technique, they once led the world. In order to inherit and carry forward Chinese culture, summarize China's ancient mapping techniques and spread Chinese mapping knowledge around the world, the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping and the State Bureau for Museums and Archaeological Data organized a study of Chinese maps and mapping history. China: In Ancient and Modern maps is one of the results of this research programme. The map is a second language of geography. Map making is not only an expression of mankind's geographical knowledge but also a necessary means of broadening geographical visions as well as for utilizing and transforming nature. We cannot but feel proud of the glorious cartographic achievements made by our ancestors. In this sense, China: In Ancient and Modern maps has great significance. The maps contained here are carefully selected from the vast repository of maps in China and accompanied by scientific analyses garnered with painstaking efforts by the authors from voluminous historical records and documents. The book presents convincing evidence about China's important position in the history of world surveying and mapping. Good/No Jacket.
-- Jorge Welsh Works of Art LdaProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 838B
€  250.00
Catalogus: Asian History
Trefwoorden: 0856674133 warring sttes period,western han dynasty,eastern han dynasty,northern wei dynasty,tang dynasty,five dynasties,northern son dynasty,southern son dynasty,jin dynasty,southern song dynasty,yuan dynasty,ming dynastyqing dynasty

9780691090160 Tyler Cowen 21359, Creative Destruction. How Globalization Is Changing the World's Cultures
Tyler Cowen 21359
Creative Destruction. How Globalization Is Changing the World's Cultures
Princeton University Press, 2002. Linnen band met stofomslag. Pp: 179. A Frenchman rents a Hollywood movie. A Thai schoolgirl mimics Madonna. Saddam Hussein chooses Frank Sinatra's "My Way" as the theme song for his fifty-fourth birthday. It is a commonplace that globalization is subverting local culture. But is it helping as much as it hurts? In this strikingly original treatment of a fiercely debated issue, Tyler Cowen makes a bold new case for a more sympathetic understanding of cross-cultural trade. Creative Destruction brings not stale suppositions but an economist's eye to bear on an age-old question: Are market exchange and aesthetic quality friends or foes? On the whole, argues Cowen in clear and vigorous prose, they are friends. Cultural "destruction" breeds not artistic demise but diversity. Through an array of colorful examples from the areas where globalization's critics have been most vocal, Cowen asks what happens when cultures collide through trade, whether technology destroys native arts, why (and whether) Hollywood movies rule the world, whether "globalized" culture is dumbing down societies everywhere, and if national cultures matter at all. Scrutinizing such manifestations of "indigenous" culture as the steel band ensembles of Trinidad, Indian handweaving, and music from Zaire, Cowen finds that they are more vibrant than ever-thanks largely to cross-cultural trade. For all the pressures that market forces exert on individual cultures, diversity typically increases within society, even when cultures become more like each other. Trade enhances the range of individual choice, yielding forms of expression within cultures that flower as never before. While some see cultural decline as a half-empty glass, Cowen sees it as a glass half-full with the stirrings of cultural brilliance. Not all readers will agree, but all will want a say in the debate this exceptional book will stir. ISBN: 9780691090160. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 3205266
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Catalogus: Politiek
Trefwoorden: 9780691090160

9780008238872 Michela Wrong 123217, Do Not Disturb. The Story of a Political Murder and an African Regime Gone Bad
Michela Wrong 123217
Do Not Disturb. The Story of a Political Murder and an African Regime Gone Bad
4th Estate, 2021. Gekartonneerd met stofomslag. Pp: 512. SHORTLISTED FOR THE ORWELL PRIZE 2022 'Superb' The Times 'Engrossing and revelatory' Observer 'Powerful, compelling and meticulously researched' New Statesman A new book from the award winning author of In the Footsteps of Mr Kurtz,Do Not Disturb explores the controversial career of Paul Kagame and the legacy of the Rwandan genocide Do Not Disturb is a dramatic recasting of the modern history of Africa's Great Lakes region, an area blighted by the greatest genocide of the twentieth century. This bold retelling, vividly sourced by direct testimony from key participants, tears up the traditional script. In the old version, an idealistic group of young rebels overthrows a genocidal regime in Kigali, ushering in an era of peace and stability that makes Rwanda the donor darling of the West, winning comparisons with Switzerland and Singapore. The new version examines afresh questions which dog the recent past: Why do so many ex-rebels scoff at official explanations of who fired the missile that killed the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi? Why didn't the mass killings end when the rebels took control? Why did those same rebels, victory secured, turn so ruthlessly on one another? Michela Wrong uses the story of Patrick Karegeya, once Rwanda's head of external intelligence and a quicksilver operator of supple charm, to paint the portrait of a modern African dictatorship created in the chilling likeness of Paul Kagame, the president who sanctioned his former friend's murder. 'A withering assault on the murderous regime of Kagame, and a melancholy love song to the last dreams of the African Great Lakes' John Le Carre. ISBN: 9780008238872. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 3490201
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Catalogus: Geschiedenis
Trefwoorden: 9780008238872

9789063692889 Marcus Kraft 105520, Dont eat the yellow snow. Pop music wisdom
Marcus Kraft 105520
Dont eat the yellow snow. Pop music wisdom
BIS Publishers BV. Hardback. Pp: 250. When times are particularly difficult, and you are likely to slip into despair, some of the greatest pop songs can provide true comfort to make it through the pain. The problem with advice in general is that we often don't take it. The great thing about advice songs is that you can kick back and listen to someone else coach you through a tough situation while rocking out at the same time. This wonderful book lists 250 of the best pop songs for those times that solid life advices are needed. The songs represent all popular music styles from the last 50 years, from rock, to folk and from punk to hip hop.There are for example many times in which the three words "Let it be" are words of wisdom. Although the lyrics may have originally been written in reference to interpersonal difficulties within the Beatles, the song does possess a universality that makes "Let It Be" one of the great advise pop songs of all time.Other famous pop music advises to live by are:You Can't Always Get What You Want - Rolling StonesIf You Love Somebody, Set Them Free - StingDon't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrinAlways Look on the Bright Side of Life - Eric IdleDon't Eat the Yellow Snow (Frank Zappa) is a collection of all the famous advice songs and many surprises as well. It gives the reader the song titles, painted by hand by the designer and a striking quote from the song lyrics as well as indexes on artist and themes.This well produced, iconic looking album of words of wisdom from pop music is the perfect gift for music lovers of all ages. ISBN: 9789063692889. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
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9780252017810 Ed Gray 268089, The Erotic Muse: American Bawdy Songs
Ed Gray 268089
The Erotic Muse: American Bawdy Songs
University of Illinois Press, 1992. Gekartonneerd met stofomslag. Pp: 435. If you've ever wanted to know the correct words to Roll Me Over, or wondered where the melody of The Hootchie Kootchie Song came from, this book can answer your questions. Extensively revised, this new edition of The Erotic Muse presents the full texts of some 125 songs, with melodies for most of them and detailed annotations for all. -Capturing the kick and stir of history as it unfolded, American Datelines reveals the courage, hope, and grit of the American experience as chronicled in the headlines of the nation's public press from the earliest issue of The Boston News-Letter to the major newspapers of today. The original articles in this compelling collection are arranged chronologically and appear as they were first published, providing a lively and unique view of the events that have most influenced politics and culture. Readers can experience the thrill and excitement of breaking news from the real story of Jesse James and the capture of Al Capone to a vibrant portrayal of baseball's first professional African American player and a probing look at the shocking New York Armory show where modern art was born. newsworthy additions, including the fall of the Berlin Wall, the O. J. Simpson trial, the Clinton impeachment trial, the home run race between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, and Bush v. Gore. ISBN: 9780252017810. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
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9781846146862 Ben Ratliff 183109, Every Song Ever
Ben Ratliff 183109
Every Song Ever
Penguin UK. Paperback. For the first time ever, we have all the music in the world to choose from. As Ben Ratliff, one of America's celebrated music critics, shows us, it's time to listen in a new way too. Opening our ears to unexpected connections, new experiences and little-known delights, this book will change the way you appreciate music forever. 'Masterly. An instructive guide to opening one's mind and compiling a new kind of playlist. succeeds brilliantly' John Clarke, Independent 'Smart, provocative. in every case informative' August Kleinzahler, The New York Times Book Review 'Like a trip into the world's coolest record store' David Browne, Rolling Stone. ISBN: 9781846146862. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
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Catalogus: Muziek
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