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9780452280922 Bill McKibben 45640, Maybe One - a case for smaller families
Bill McKibben 45640
Maybe One - a case for smaller families
Penguin Publishing Group, 1999. Paperback. Pp: 256. In light of climate change warnings, more families are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and help prevent disasters like rising sea levels, wildfires, and increasing global temperatures. In this compelling book, the author of The End of Nature and Falter argues for a solution with sociological, population, and environmental benefits: having fewer children. The earth is becoming dangerously overcrowded, and if more families chose to have only one child, it would make a crucial difference toward ensuring a healthy future for ourselves and our planet for generations to come. But the environment alone may not persuade most people to consider having just one child, as 80% of Americans have siblings. Powerful stereotypes about only children"that they`re spoiled, selfish, or maladjusted in some way"still persist. McKibben, the proud father of an only child himself, debunks these myths, citing research about the many emotional and intellectual strengths only children possess, including higher test scores, higher levels of achievement in school, and greater development of positive personality traits like maturity and self-control. At once a powerful personal argument and an accessible exploration of what overpopulation could mean to human life and environmental sustainability, Maybe One is a provocative yet well-reasoned opening to what has become important and lasting debate. ISBN: 9780452280922. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
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Catalogus: Filosofie
Trefwoorden: 9780452280922

 Anschütz, Marieke,, Children and their temperaments.
Anschütz, Marieke,
Children and their temperaments.
A guide to children's different temperaments and their role in child character, health and personality development. l Floris Books. Edinburgh 1995. Pb. 128 pp. Very good.
-- Gamander Antiquariaat [Psweloveyou]Professionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 210293
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The Development of Motives and Values in the Child
Basic Publishing. 1964. Hard Cover. Hardcover/pub.1964/Gd. condition/114 pages - Theories of child-rearing are frequently divorced from theories about the nature of man. [AH228033]. Good.
-- Mike Long BooksProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 28033
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Catalogus: Sociology
Trefwoorden: children, rearing, motivation, personality, laws, psychiatry, social-class religion, sociology

Blokland, Arjan & Paul Nieuwbeerta (eds.)
Developmental and life course studies in delinquency and crime : a review of contemporary Dutch research.
The Hague : BJu Legal Publishers, 2006. Paperback. 351 pp. English text. Mailorder only - Alleen verzending mogelijk. Book condition : as new. - Contents : Developmental trajectories of externalizing behaviors in childhood and adolescence / Ilja L. Bongers ... [et al.] -- Male and female delinquency trajectories from pre through middle adolescence and their continuation in late adolescence / Johannes A. Landsheer & C. van Dijkum -- Life span offending trajectories of a Dutch conviction cohort / Arjan A.J. Blokland, Daniel Nagin & Paul Nieuwbeerta -- Early preschool predictors of preadolescent internalizing and externalizing DSM-IV diagnoses / Judi Mesman & Hans M. Koot -- Genetic and environmental mechanisms underlying stability and change in problem behaviors at ages 3, 7, 10 and 12 / Meike Bartels ... [et al.] -- Individual stability of antisocial behavior from childhood to adulthood : testing the stability postulate of Moffitt's developmental theory / Andrea G. Donker ... [et al.] -- Relations between parenting and externalizing and internalizing problem behavior in early adolescence : child behavior as moderator and predictor / Ellen Reitz, Maja Dekovic & Anne Marie Meijer -- Child personality and parental behavior as moderators of problem behavior : variable- and person-centered approaches / Karla G. Van Leeuwen ... [et al.] -- Contemporaneous and longitudinal associations between differential parental treatment, sibling relationships and adolescent delinquency / Ron H.J. Scholte ... [et al.] -- Long-term effects of parenting and family characteristics on delinquency of male young adults / Machteld Hoeve ... [et al.] -- A longitudinal study of relations between attitudes and delinquent behavior in adolescents / Rutger C.M.E. Engels ... [et al.] -- Early adolescent delinquency : the role of parents and best friends / Raymond A.T. de Kemp ... [et al.] -- A multilevel network study of the effects of delinquent behavior on friendship evolution / Tom A.B. Snijders & Chris Baerveldt -- Understanding mechanisms of change in the development of antisocial behavior : the impact of a universal intervention / Pol A.C. van Lier, Patricia Vuijk & Alfons A.M. Crijnen -- Parents and partners in crime : a six-year longitudinal study on changes in supportive relationships and delinquency in adolescence and young adulthood / Wim Meeus, Susan Branje & Geertjan Overbeek -- The effects of life circumstances on longitudinal trajectories of offending / Arjan A.J. Blokland & Paul Nieuwbeerta. ISBN 9789054547310.
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Trefwoorden: RECHT, criminal law criminal law

From Instinct to Identity: The Development of Personality.
Lebanon, Indiana, U.S.A. Prentice Hall, Inc. 1974. (ISBN: 0-13-331637-8). Hard Cover. Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc. 1974, V.Good, HB, ISBN: 0-13-331637-8. Very Good.
-- Mike Long BooksProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 010129
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Catalogus: Psychology
Trefwoorden: child psychology personality developmental 0133316378 0133316378

Personality Development & Psychopathology : A Dynamic Approach
New York, NY, U.S.A.: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1985. Hard Cover. Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1985, Good, HB, ISBN: 0-39534387-9.
-- Mike Long BooksProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 001542
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Catalogus: Insurance
Trefwoorden: child psychology psychiatry research pathological 0395343879

9780393079968 Sophie Crumb; R. Crumb; A. Crumb, Sophie Crumb: Evolution of a Crazy Artist
Sophie Crumb; R. Crumb; A. Crumb
Sophie Crumb: Evolution of a Crazy Artist
W. W. Norton & Company, New York, 2011. First Edition, Hardcover. Fine Condition/Fine. 9780393079968 26cm x 21cm. 271 pages, colour illustrations. Matte papered boards, illustrated jacket. "A groundbreaking work of striking originality that charts a young artist's life through her own drawings-from toddlerhood to motherhood. Sophie Crumb's startlingly expressive drawings track her development as an artist from age two to twenty-eight. Sifting through dozens of their daughter's remarkable sketchbooks, our generation's most celebrated graphic artists have, with their only child, Sophie, now selected more than three hundred paintings and drawings that depict her artistic and psychological maturation. Revealing how an original artistic sensibility is both innate and nurtured, the book features six separate developmental stages, including Sophie's earliest drawings, the elaborate fantasy world of her childhood, her late adolescent rebellion, and her coming of age in the milieu of the Paris circus world and New York's "seventh circle of hell." The drawings from her early twenties -- of tattoo artists, dangerous menreflect a personal anguish that finally ends with her becoming a mother and creating a family of her own. Illuminating and intimate, this book is a dramatic yet subtle statement on the evolution of personality as seen through art." (publisher's blurb) Shipped Weight: 1.08 kilos. ISBN/EAN: 9780393079968.
-- Book Merchant JenkinsProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 0022718
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Catalogus: Art & Design
Trefwoorden: BZDB407 Art & Design; Art & Design::American Art; Comics & Graphic Novels. Unbranded EAN: 9780393079968 Sophie Crumb; R. Crumb; A. Crumb Sophie Crumb: Evolution of a Crazy Artist Art & Design::American Art Comics & Graphic Novels

9781841690247 Dweck, Carol, Self-theories. Their Role in Motivation, Personality, and Development
Dweck, Carol
Self-theories. Their Role in Motivation, Personality, and Development
Taylor & Francis. Paperback. Pp: 212. This innovative text sheds light on how people work - why they sometimes function well and, at other times, behave in ways that are self-defeating or destructive. The author presents her groundbreaking research on adaptive and maladaptive cognitive-motivational patterns and shows: * How these patterns originate in people's self-theories * Their consequences for the person - for achievement, social relationships, and emotional well-being * Their consequences for society, from issues of human potential to stereotyping and intergroup relations * The experiences that create them This outstanding text is a must-read for researchers in social psychology, child development, and education, and is appropriate for both graduate and senior undergraduate students in these areas. ISBN: 9781841690247. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 2993257
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Catalogus: Psychologie
Trefwoorden: 9781841690247

Personality Development
Brooks Publishing. 1970. Soft Cover. PB/pub.1970/Fair condition/213 pages - This volume attempts to present coherent account, illuminated by theory and based on emporical evidence, of the development of the child's interpersonal relation s from birth to adolescence. [KT212425]. Good.
-- Mike Long BooksProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 12425
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Catalogus: Psychotherapy
Trefwoorden: therapy, psychology, psychiatry, treatment, mental, development, heredity, literature, psychotherapy

 Guthrie, George M.; Jacobs, Pepita Jimenez, Child Rearing and Personality Development in the Philippines
Guthrie, George M.; Jacobs, Pepita Jimenez
Child Rearing and Personality Development in the Philippines
University Park, Pennsylvania State University Press, 1966. Cloth/dust jacket Octavo. Hardcover. mustard cloth, dust jacket, 223 pp, stamp to front end paper, ex library, dj chipped Standard shipping (no tracking) / Priority (with tracking) / Custom quote for large or heavy orders. Very good/good.
-- San Francisco Book CompanyProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 88829
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Catalogus: Psychology
Trefwoorden: Anthropology, Family, Sociology

Ingham, John M.
Psychological Anthropology Reconsidered
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, (2000). reprint. orig.wrappers. 23x15cm, xii,308 pp. PAPERBACK. Series: Publications of the Society for Psychological Anthropology, 8.. Minor rubbing. VG.
John Ingham reviews developments in pyschological anthropology and argues for an eclectic approach that finds room for psychoanalytic, dialogical and social perspectives on personality and culture. The argument is developed with special reference to human nature, child development, personality, and mental disorder, and it draws on studies set in many different cultures. The author also shows the relevance of work in psychoanalysis and child development to current concerns in anthropology with agency and rhetoric" - Publisher's description.
-- Expatriate Bookshop of DenmarkProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: BOOKS016039I
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Trefwoorden: Psychological Anthropology, Ethnopsychology, Social Psychology, , , , , ,

0201033194 James, Muriel, Born to Win : Transactional Analysis With Gestalt Experiments / Muriel James [and] Dorothy Jongeward
James, Muriel
Born to Win : Transactional Analysis With Gestalt Experiments / Muriel James [and] Dorothy Jongeward
Reading. Mass. : Addison-Wesley Pub. Co 1976. 1st edition. Very good copy in the original stiff-card wrappers; edges somewhat nicked and dust-dulled as with age. Remains quite well-preserved overall. Physical description: xx. 286 pages illustrations 23 cm. Notes: First published in 1971 by Addison-Wesley. Includes bibliographical references. Contents: Winners and losers -- An overview of Transactional Analysis -- The human hunger for strokes and time structuring -- The drama of life scripts -- Parenting and the Parent ego state -- Childhood and the Child ego state -- Personal and sexual identity -- Stamp collecting and game playing -- The Adult ego state -- Autonomy and adult ethics. Subjects: Transactional analysis. Gestalt therapy. Interpersonal relations. Mental health. Psychotherapy. Sensitivity training. Counseling. Parents. Medicine Gestalt psychotherapy. Self-development Applications of transactional analysis. Summary: This book will help the reader increase his awareness of the real power he has to direct his own life. to make decisions. to develop his own ethical system. to enhance the lives of others. and to understand that he was 'born to win.' Primarily concerned with Transactional Analysis theory and its application to the daily life of the average person. the book also uses gestalt-oriented experiments to show the reader a useful way to discover he many parts of his personality. to integrate them. and to develop a core of self-confidence. ISBN: 0201033194.
-- MW BooksProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 328727
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Trefwoorden: 0201033194

9780674983458 Jay Belsky 302023, Avshalom Caspi 302024, Terrie E. Moffitt , Richie Poulton 302025, The Origins of You. How Childhood shapes Later Life
Jay Belsky 302023, Avshalom Caspi 302024, Terrie E. Moffitt , Richie Poulton 302025
The Origins of You. How Childhood shapes Later Life
Harvard University Press, 2020. Gekartonneerd met stofomslag. Pp: 400. After tracking the lives of thousands of people from birth to midlife, four of the world`s preeminent psychologists reveal what they have learned about how humans develop. Does temperament in childhood predict adult personality? What role do parents play in shaping how a child matures? Is day care bad"or good"for children? Does adolescent delinquency forecast a life of crime? Do genes influence success in life? Is health in adulthood shaped by childhood experiences? In search of answers to these and similar questions, four leading psychologists have spent their careers studying thousands of people, observing them as they`ve grown up and grown older. The result is unprecedented insight into what makes each of us who we are. In The Origins of You, Jay Belsky, Avshalom Caspi, Terrie Moffitt, and Richie Poulton share what they have learned about childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, about genes and parenting, and about vulnerability, resilience, and success. The evidence shows that human development is not subject to ironclad laws but instead is a matter of possibilities and probabilities"multiple forces that together determine the direction a life will take. A child`s early years do predict who they will become later in life, but they do so imperfectly. For example, genes and troubled families both play a role in violent male behavior, and, though health and heredity sometimes go hand in hand, childhood adversity and severe bullying in adolescence can affect even physical well-being in midlife. Painstaking and revelatory, the discoveries in The Origins of You promise to help schools, parents, and all people foster well-being and ameliorate or prevent developmental problems. ISBN: 9780674983458. Cond./Kwaliteit: Goed.
-- De SlegteProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 3499849
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Catalogus: Psychologie
Trefwoorden: 9780674983458

0875892787 Johnson, Orval G, Tests and measurements in child development. Handbook 2. vol. 1
Johnson, Orval G
Tests and measurements in child development. Handbook 2. vol. 1
San Francisco (etc.) ; London : Jossey-Bass 1976. First Edition. Good cloth copy in a near-fine. very slightly edge-nicked and dust-dulled dust-wrapper. Remains particularly and surprisingly well-preserved overall; tight. bright. clean and strong. Physical description; xiii.674p : ill. ; 27 cm. Subjects; Children Psychological development Evaluation. Child psychology Method & practice. Personality measurement. ISBN: 0875892787.
-- MW BooksProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 252560
€  14.95
Trefwoorden: 0875892787

Tests and Measurements in Child Development
Jossey-Bass Publishing. 1971. Hard Cover. Hardcover/ pub.1971/Gd. condition/509 pages- A Handbook. A detailed guide to over 300 measures of child behavior and development not available from test publishers. (KH97058). Good.
-- Mike Long BooksProfessionele verkoper
Boeknummer: 7058
USD 314.70 [Appr.: EURO 292.5]
Catalogus: Psychotherapy
Trefwoorden: youth, therapy, parent, family, learn, growth, kid, personality, psychology, psychotherapy children

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