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Musée du Louvre, L'Orient Musulman. Two volumes. Paris, A. Morancé, 1922.
Small 4to. Size: 23 x 18 cm. Pp. 56 + 40. With 103 plates depicting 175 photos, of which 25 coloured. As issued with loose plates in original printed cloth backed portfolios with tie strings. Both volumes are inscribed "a Monsieur le Président Louis Bourgeois respectueux hommage de l'editeur Albert Morancé Novembre 1922". They are also signed by "Wilhelm Kåge 1930", renowned Swedish ceramic designer. First edition. The collection comprises Islamic art objects in various fields, namely: Cristaux de Roche, Verres émaillés, Céramique, Sculpture, Bois sculptés, Ivoires, Bronzes, Armes, Cuivres, Tapis et Tissus, Miniatures.
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Book number: 100614
€  340.00 [Appr.: US$ 392.92 | £UK 298.5 | JP¥ 44101]
Catalogue: Persia
Keywords: Persia, persia, persian, perse, arabic, islam, muslim, art, egypt, egyptian, byzantin, mesopotamia

The Chinese Lama Temple Potala of Jehol. Exhibition of Ethnographical Collections. Made by Dr. Gösta Montell, member of Dr. Sven Hedin's Expeditions and donated by Vincent Bendix. Chicago 1932.
Pp. 64. Illustrated with many photographs of temples, ritual objects, statues etc. Original printed wrappers, front cover decorated in gold, red, blue and black, rubbed, small stain to back cover. Preface by Sven Hedin. This Lama temple commonly known as Potala was found in Jehol, Tibet in 1930 by Gösta Montell and Sven Hedin. It was built by Emperor Ch'ien-lung in the years 1767-71. A replica was made in China and shipped in parts to Chicago where it was included as "the Golden Pavilion" in "the Century of Progress Exhibition" in 1933. Includes various articles about Lamaism by Gösta Montell.
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Book number: 99807
€  100.00 [Appr.: US$ 115.57 | £UK 87.75 | JP¥ 12971]
Catalogue: Tibet and Nepal
Keywords: Tibet and Nepal, china, chinese, chine, kina, hedin, lamaism, tibet, asia, asian, asie, asien, asiatique, exploration, travel, art,

 MOUSSINAC, LÉON:, [AVANT-GARDE THEATRE]. Tendances nouvelles du théatre choix de décors, costumes, détails de mise en scène utilisés dans les représentations les plus originales de ces quinze dernières années. Précédé de remarques sur les récentes recherches de l'art du théatre. Paris, Les éditions Albert Lévy, 1931.
[AVANT-GARDE THEATRE]. Tendances nouvelles du théatre choix de décors, costumes, détails de mise en scène utilisés dans les représentations les plus originales de ces quinze dernières années. Précédé de remarques sur les récentes recherches de l'art du théatre. Paris, Les éditions Albert Lévy, 1931.
Folio (38 x 28 cm). Pp. 35. With 124 heliotype plates printed on one side only, most with multiple images. 37 fully or partly coloured with pochoir technique in the studio of J. Saude. Modern half calf on marbled paper boards, lightly rubbed. Housed in matching folder. Bound with original printed wrappers. First edition, limited to 615 copies, this is no. 151. A spectacular work devoted to the avant-garde theatre in Europe, Russia and United States. Illustrated with numerous pictures of costumes, set designs, staging details etc. used in the most ground-breaking performances of the previous years. Includes photographic illustrations and brightly coloured pochoir images. Designers include Pablo Picasso, Fernand Leger, Alexander Rodchenko, Alexandra Exter, Enrico Prampolini, Norman Bel Geddes, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and directors Vsevolod Meyerhold, Erwin Piscator, Max Reinhardt, and many more. A wonderful copy of a substantial work. Cf Colas, 2145 bis.
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Catalogue: France
Keywords: France, theatre, illustrated, avant-garde, teater, costumes, pochoir, france, french, stage, setting, design, 

Military Costume in Old Japan. Photographed by K. Ogawa, under direction of Chitora Kawasaki and Ko-yu-kai (Tokyo Fine Art School). Tokyo 1893.
Folio. Pp. preface (iv) and 15 b/w plates (chemigraphs) with descriptive text in English below each photo. Original pictorial wrappers bound in somewhat later half red calf, lightly rubbed. Bound by Karl Björklind, Köping, Sweden. Bookplates. First edition. Contains military costumes from the Fujiwara through Ashiga periods (10th - 16th centuries). The plates are reproduced photographs taken by Ogawa, Japan's leading photographer at the time, and printed by National Chemigraph Co. in St. Louis U.S.A. A beautiful and crisp copy.
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Catalogue: Japan
Keywords: Japan, japan, japanese, japon, asia, asie, asiatic, military, costumes, travel, exploration, illustration, photo, photograph

La mécanique des langues, et l'art de les enseigner ... Paris, chez la Veuve Estienne & Fils, rue S. Jacques ... 1751.
12mo. Pp. (iv), xxiv, 340, (4). Contemporary full mottled calf, spine richly gilt with five raised bands and title-label, corners slightly rubbed. First edition. Pluche's study of the mechanics of language is trying to discover the universal principles of human thought that underlie the profusion of existing grammatical forms. He makes some very interesting observations on the teaching of language, especially in regard to communicative and stylistic competence. Querard viii, p.218. A supplement was published in 1753.
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Keywords: Linguistics general, language, langue, linguistic,

 SÉGUY, EUGÉNE ALAN:, Papillons. Paris, Tolmer editeur 13 Quai d'Anjou, ca 1928.
Papillons. Paris, Tolmer editeur 13 Quai d'Anjou, ca 1928.
Folio (33 x 45 cm). Pp. (4) and 20 pochoir plates including 16 of butterflies (depicting 80 different varieties) and 4 with decorative abstract patterns. As issued loose in original cloth backed white boards with cloth ties. Upper cover decorated with a large coloured butterfly in pochoir and lettered in silver and black. First and only edition of this spectacular Art Nouveau design album. The plates depict exotic and intensely coloured butterflies from India, Africa, the Himalayas, South-East Asia, China, New Zealand and South America, enlarged in size, but reproduced faithfully in form and colour in a mixed technique of collotype and stencil in watercolour or gouache. Eugène Séguy (1889-1985) was one of the foremost French designers at the beginning of the 20th century, working both in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. He produced eleven albums of illustrations and designs, of which this portfolio is considered the most magnificent. Besides being an artist Séguy was trained as an entomologist, eventually becoming Director of the Laboratory for General and Applied Entomoloy at the Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris. In the Papillon collection he presents images of exotic butterflies in a very sensitive as well as artistic way. The pochoir technique is especially suited to the subject, allowing the artist to convey the intensity of colour in the butterflies' wings. The four last plates depict 16 decorative abstract designs derived from the butterflies' shimmering patterns. A most wonderful copy.
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Book number: 120297
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Catalogue: France
Keywords: France, design, art nouveau, pochoir, butterflies, france, french, 

Les peintures chinoises dans les collections américaines. Five volumes. Paris & Bruxelles 1927-28.
Folio. Pp. (iv), 41; 42-56; (iv), 57-70; (ii), 71-86; (ii), 87-112, (4). Title leaves printed in red and black. With 200 plates, captions in French and English. Loose as issued in five original card board portfolios, expertly restored and mounted on grey cloth. Housed in a specially made red cloth box with title label on upper cover. (" Annales du Musée Guimet. Bibliotheque d'Art. Nouvelle serie II"). First edition. A complete set of this extensive and beautifully produced collection of reproductions of Chinese paintings selected by Sirén from American collections. Includes Sirén's descriptions and comments of the various paintings. Osvald Sirén (1879-1966), a renowned Finnish-Swedish art historian, was one of the early Western scholars and collectors of Chinese Art. He made four major travels to East Asia between 1918 and 1935.
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Book number: 100681
€  4200.00 [Appr.: US$ 4853.74 | £UK 3684.75 | JP¥ 544773]
Catalogue: China
Keywords: China, china, chine, chinese, asia, asie, asien, asiatic, art, illustrations, exploration,

A Dissertation on the Ancient Chinese Vases of the Shang Dynasty, from 1743 to 1496, B.C. London, Published by the author, and sold by James Gilbert, 1851.
Small 40. Pp. 63. With 42 woodcut illustrations in the text. Title printed within decorated woodcut border in red. Contemporary half red morocco ruled in gilt, spine decorated in gilt. First scarce edition. Thoms (1814-51) was a British book printer and sinologist living in Canton and Macau from 1814 to 1825. He is mainly known for the printing of Robert Morrison's Chinese dictionary (1815-23). During his time in China he developed an interest in ancient Chinese vases but not until many years later back home in England he composed this work on vases of the Shang, Zhou and Han dynasties. It is based on the ancient celebrated Chinese work; the 'Bogo Tulu'. The illustrations of the bronzes were made by a native of Canton named A-lae. The blocks themselves were exhibited in the Great Exhibition of 1851 held at Hyde Park in London. Cordier BS 695. Löwendahl 1122.
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Catalogue: China
Keywords: China, china, chinese, chine, kina, vases, art, asia, asie, asien, asiatic,

 TZARA, TRISTAN / DELAUNAY, SONIA (ILLS.):,  Le coeur à gaz: costumes de Sonia Delaunay. [Paris], Jacques Damase, [1977].
Le coeur à gaz: costumes de Sonia Delaunay. [Paris], Jacques Damase, [1977].
Narrow folio portfolio. Size: 21 x 45 cm. As issued on heavy paper. With 51 numbered pages printed on recto only on (17) folded sheets + 2 pages and one blank. Comprising the text of the play "Le coeur à gaz" by Dadaist writer Tristan Tzara. Accompanied by twelve lithographs by Sonia Delanay. Comprising seven theatre costumes by Sonia Delaunay which are colour reproductions of the gouache maquettes made for the performance at Théátre Michel in 1923, two more double page lithographs (one issued as extra title page and one with two costumes) and three lithographed decorations in the text. Original card covers with striking design in black, red and cream. Housed in specially made plexiglas slipcase. Limited edition of 150 copies, of which this is no. XXI (of XXV reserved for collaborators) on this publication and signed by S. Delanuay on the colophon. (The first 25 copies in the series were accompanied by a supplementary suite of 7 signed lithographs). A gorgeous copy of this beautiful and rare work. Tristan Tzara (1896-1963) was the renowned Roman born writer and artist who was known for being one of the central figures of the anti-establishment Dada movement. His noted play "Le cÏur à gaz" was first staged as part of the 1921 "Dada Salon" at the Galerie Montaigne in Paris. It was written as a parody of classical drama in the form of an absurd dialogue between characters named after human body parts; mouth, ear, eye, nose, neck and eyebrow (Tzara himself). The second stage production, also titled "Le CÏur à barbe" was performed at Théátre Michel in July 1923. Sonia Delaunay, the famous Ukrainian-born French artist, designed and costumed the production, creating bright coloured eccentric geometrically-shaped costumes of thick cardboard. The play has been viewed as the final event in the evolution of Dada as a cultural movement.
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Catalogue: France
Keywords: France, art deco, design, costumes, fashion, theatre, theater, french, play, art, 

"Ko-Ji Hô-Ten". Dictionnaire a l'usage des amateurs et collectionneurs d'objects d'art japonais et chinois. Paris 1923.
Folio. Pp. 512; 512 + Appendices lvs (69). With five coloured full page plates and 70 full page plates. Numerous illustrations throughout the text. Original green cloth decorated in blind and gilt, calf spines lettered in gilt, extremities rubbed. All edges gilt. First edition of an important and comprehensive reference work on Japanese art. It covers all aspects of the visual and three dimensional arts; ceramics, metal works, prints, Netsuke artists, famous painters, mythological and historical figures, famous sites etc. A limited edition of 585 copies, of which this is no. 412. Cf Nipponalia (Kyoto Gaikokugo Dargaku) 827 (reprint N.Y. 1965).
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Catalogue: Japan
Keywords: Japan, japan, japanese, japon, china, chinese, asia, asiatic, asien, asie, far east, east, art,

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