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Voyage pittoresque de Paris, ou indication de tout ce quíl y a de plus beau dans cette grande Ville, en Peinture, Sculpture, & Architecture. Par M. D***. Quatrième édition.
Paris, De Bure, père et fils, 1765. Sm. 8 vo. W. a few woodc. head- & tailpieces, 5 engr. pls. (of which 2 fold.). . Contemp. marbl. clf., top of spine and corners sl. dam., covers some rubb. [a6, A-V12, X2]. (XII, 476, VIII (Index, errata, advert) pp.). (All edges red.). (Small bookplate on upper paste down 'Mont'; small library ticket / shelfmark in blue w. name 'Joh. Rothen' on upper free marbled endp.). Good copy.
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Keywords: History City geography topography Toon France French views guide history city plan

De Walvischvangst, met veele byzonderheden daartoe betrekkelyk. Met plaaten.
Amsterdam, Harlingen, Petrus Conradi; Volkert van der Plaats, 1784. - (1786). 4 parts in 1 vol. Small in 4to. W. 20 (fold.) engr. maps and plates (of 21). (1 plate, a non folding costume plate, vol. III, p. 8/9, missing.). Contemp. half roan over marbled brds. (Spine rubb.). (VIII, 96; 116; 116; 116 pp.). Tiele 104, sub. First edition 1784/6. The first three parts on the whale fishery and the fourth part dealing with the herring fishery (w. 1 engr. plate), also published separately in 1786.: J.A.Allen, Prel. list ... Cete & Sirenia, 384 (This edition 'not seen') & 414 (1791).: Lothrop collection, items 33 - 36 (Whale fishing, Encounter w. a bear & Dwelling in Novaya Zemlya. All illustrated on p. 34): Fr. Muller, Historieplaten, vol. I, 179 & IV, 5107: De Groot, 1980, nr. 180: A very good copy of this rare book on whaling and herring fishery containing the 2 large folding plates (20 x 35 cm image). Engraved by M. Sallieth after H. Kobell Jr. dated 1781. Furthermore 6 engraved fold. maps, unsigned, of the North Pole, Spitsbergen, Nova Zembla, Jan Mayen Island, Old and New Greenland, the Davis Street and Iceland. 2 single page engrs., encounter w. a bear and Dwelling at Nova Zembla, by D. de Jong, 1784. The remaining engrs. (11 in all, of which 10 present), depicting a.o. birds, a cachelot, a sleigh-ride etc. On Dirk de Jong, see Scheen I, 561; Waller, 165; Wurzbach I, 761. On H.Kobell Jr. see Scheen I, 615; Waller, 178; Von Wurzbach I, 302. On Sallieth, see Scheen II, 282; Waller, 282; Wurzbach II, 553.
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Keywords: Natural history biology Fishes fisherie books engravings

Zur Relativitätstheorie. Annalen der Philosophie, 2ter Bd, 3tes Heft.
Leipzig, Meiner, 1921. Orig. pr. wrs. (sp. ends dam.). (pp. 333 - 500). W. contributions by O. Kraus, P. Linke, Fr. Lipsius, J. Petzoldt and L. Höpfer.
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Book number: 384
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Keywords: theoretical physics relativity philosophy periodical Toon

Van Zwaamen's en Thomson's Almanak op het jaar onzes Heeren Jesu Christi, 1834. Voorzien met de jaarmarkten, kermissen, paarde- beeste- en leermarkten; Benevens verscheide Schouw- Regt- en Rekendagen: Het varen der beurtschepen en Trekschuiten van en naar diverse Steden. Alsmede de Maans Op- en Ondergang, en Dagtafel van het Hoog- en Laag-Water.
Rotterdam, By T.L.Thomson, boekdrukker en Verkooper, 1834. 4to. Printed title in red and black. W. 1 woodc. ill. on the printed title ['Lubbek [?]'] & 12 ilwoodc. ills. for each month. Contemp. full vellum w. red machine press heraldic panel stamp on both covers (City arms of Rotterdam or Gouda.). Date in ink on upper cover 'Anno 1834'. (98 pp.) (All edges yellow; ties gone.). (the entire almanack interleaved w. blank paper [watermarked 'Pro Patria'], some of these leaves w. ms. entries pertaining to 'Klachtvergadering' (Complaints meeting). Very good copy, very decorative binding.
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Keywords: almanachs almanakken almanacs heraldry stadswapen

Catalogue of the Collection of Playing Cards bequethed to the Trustees of the British Museum by the late Lady Charlotte Schreiber, compiled by Freeman M. O'Donoghue, F.S.A., assistant - keeper of prints and drawings.
London, Longmans etc., 1901. 8vo. Original dark blue publ. cloth., spine giltlettered. (VIII, 228 pp.).
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Keywords: card games books reference handbibliotheek handbooks

Het Lijk van Thee, opperste O-Taïti, zoodanig als men zulks na zijnen dood bewaarde'.
Meas. appr. 38 cm x 24.5 cm. Original engraving. 18th c. Pl. XCII. from the 13vol. Dutch edition of COOK's travels. [1795 - 1803, Amsterdam, Allart].
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Book number: 10495
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Copperengraving. Contemp. handcoloured.
Leeuwarden, Ferwerda, 1758. - 1763, 1769. Contemp. handcol. copperengr. Meas. appr. 27 x 22 cm. Very good quality. Nissen 1078 & 1077; Dunthorne 171; Stiftung für Bot. vol. II, p. 420; Arpad Plesch Coll., p. 289. A contemp. handcol. plate from this famous work on fruits, fruit trees, garden- and orchard plants and produce from the kitchen- or vegetable garden, as cultivated in Holland in the second half of the 18th century.
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Book number: 6758
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Keywords: . plates col. illustrated copperengravings prints

Aanwijzingen voor de montage en de regeling der Le Rhône-motoren. Type C. 80 PK. Type J. 110 PK.
Soesterberg, no publ., 1914. W. 20 ills. Cl. (46, III pp.). On the assembling and fine tuning of the combustion-engine Le Rhône type C80 Hp and type J110 Hp.
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Keywords: Science aviation aerodynamics aeronautics science engines

Oeuvres complètes de N.H. Abel, mathématicien, avec des notes ét développements, rédigées par ordre du Roi, par B. Holmboe, professeur de mathématiques à l'université de Christiania, membre de la société physiographique à Christiania et de l'Académie Royale des Sciences de Guerre à Stockholm. Tome Premier. ... Tome Second contenant les oeuvres de l'auteur qui nónt pas été publiées auparavant. B.u.w. 2) C. [Fr.] STURM, On the solution of numerical equations. Transl. from the 'Mémoires présentés par divers Savans à l'Académie Royale des Sciences ... by W.H.Spiller.
Christiania; London & Paris, Chez Chr. Gröndahl, Imprimeur-Librarire; John Souter, 73, St. Paul's Church-Yard; Chez Bachelier, 1839. - 1835. 4to. 3 vols. in 1. A mod. half clf. spine, original marbled endp. preserved. The original marbled brds. preserved. (edges of covers rubb.; (Original) corners bumped and dam.). [1 in 4s, 2 in 4s; 1-60 in 4s; n4, 1-37 in 4s; n2, B-G4, H2]. (XVI, 479, I (errata) pp; II (blank), VI (pr. title, preface etc), 294, II (errata) pp.; IV, 51, I (blank) pp.). (Second vol. of the Abel pp. 284 to end some browning and foxed spots;). (The Sturm 2 quires light even browning.). ad 1) First collected edition. Good copy, good quality. Firm in a sympathetic modern half clf. binding, author and title giltlettered on spine. DSB vol. I (Abel), pp. 12 - 17 Niels Henrik Abel, 1802 - 1829, mathematics. Holmboe, assistant of Hansteen, took Abel under his wings and 'It didn't take [him] long to discover young Abel's extraordinary ability in mathematics. He began by giving him special problems ... The two then started to study together the calculus texts of Euler, ... later the works of .. LaGrange and Laplace. ... [on the suggestion of the Danish mathematician Degen Abel turned to elliptic integrals] ... within a cpouple of years he had in the main completed his theory of elliptic functions. ... [his] "Recherches sur les fonctions elliptiques", his most extensive publication (125 pp. in the 'Oeuvres complètes') ... radically transformed the theory of elliptic integrals to the theory of elliptic functions... The first part of the "Recherches" was published in 'Crelle's Journa;' in September 1827, and Abel completed the second part during the winter. He lived in isolation in Oslo ... and he had no inkling of the interest his memoir had created among European mathematicians. Nor did he know that a competitor had appeared in the field of elliptic functions, until early 1828, ... K.G.J.Jacobi, ... [Abel] then wrote, in rapid succession, a series of papers on elliptic functions, ... Jacobi, on the other hand, wrote only brief notices which did not reveal his methods; these were reserved for his book "Fundamenta Nova theoriae functionum ellepticarum (1829). ... On 28 June 1830, The French Academy of Sciences awarded its Grand Prix to Abel and Jacobi for their outstanding mathematical discoveries..': Idem, vol. VI, p. 474 (Holmboe) 'He was appointed teacher at the Cathedral School in 1818; here he made his greatest contribution to mathematics by discovering and nurturing the genius of his pupil Niels Henrik Abel. Together they explored the whole mathematical literature in a quest in which the pupil soon became the leader. ... After Abel's death Holmboe edited his works at the request of the Government; ... ': Poggendorff vol. I, pp. 2 - 3: Darmstaedter p. 362: Volume 2 contains works that are published here for the first time.: Ad 2) DSB Vol. XIII, pp. 126 - 132: First English edition of the 'Complete text of the work containing the statement and demonstration of Sturm's theorem'. It was originally publ. in the 'Mémoires ...', for 1835, vol. 6, pp. 271 - 318, as 'Mémoire sur la résolution des équations numériques'. Charles François Sturm, 1803 - 1855, mathematics, physics. 'Sturm's Theorem. Although the problem of finding the number of real roots of the equation f(x)=0 had already been encountered by Descartes and by Rolle, it was not investigated systematically until the mid 18th century. Gua de Malves .. Fourier... Cauchy [who offered the first solution, but too elaborate]... Sturm's discovery elicited great excitement, and he became famous as the mathematician who had filled a lacuna in algebra. ... Charles Hermite made the following assessment: "Sturm's Theorem had the good fortune of immediately becoming classic and of finding a place in teaching that it will hold forever. His demonstration, which utilizes only the most elementary considerations, is a rare example of simplicity and elegance."':
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Book number: 7489
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Midden Celebes Expeditie. Geologische en Geographische doorkruisingen van Midden Celebes (1909 - 1910). Deel I [ - Deel IV].
Leiden, Boekhandel en drukkerij Voorheen E.J.Brill, 1915. 1917 - 1918. 4to. In 4 vols. text only [Without the ATLAS volume!!]. W. a total of 21 photoengrs., 27 phototype pls., 305 autotype ills., 145 textfigs. Original publisher's cloth. (Some overall light soiling; Spine ends some very light imperf.). (Spines of vol. 1 and 2 a bit scratched and rubb. and a lighter cloth than vols. 3 and 4, as is usual.). (1902, I (epilogue), I (blank) pp.). (Inner hinges vol. I splitting and weakening.). Without the atlas. Good copy of the text. Copiously illustrated, some ills. in colour. Vol. III on the Paleontology.
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Book number: 7006
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Keywords: Indonesia Topography Travel topography expedition indonesia

Tuta, ac Efficax Luis Venereae, Saepe absque Mercurio, Ac semper absque Salivatione Mercuriali, Curandae Methodus. B.u.w. 2) VIGANI, Joh. Franc., Medulla Cymiae, Variis Experimentis aucta, multisq; Figuris illustrata.
Londini; Londini, Impensis Samuelis Smith, ad Insigne Principis in Coemiterio Divi Pauli; ad 2) Impensis Henrici Faithorne, & Joannis Kersey ad insigne Roase in Caemeterio D. Pauli, 1684. - 1685. 12mo. 2 vols. in 1. The Vigani w. 3 engr. fold. pls. of furnaces and distillation apparatus. 19th c. half black pebbled cloth over pebbled paper brds., spine gilttooled and giltlett. [A8 [-A1, probably a half title], B-F8, G4 [G3 signed H3]. [A-E8 [-minus quire B]. (XIV, 79, I (blank), VII (Index Capitum), I (blank) pp.). ( X, 1-6, 23 - 70 pp.). (last 3 lvs. a small tear in upper margin, into the text, but skillfully closed and quite unobtrusive.). (Some annots. in ink; text and pls. quires D and E [pp. 39 to end] throughout even light browning.). (All edges vein marbled.). ad 1) G&M 2375: 'Abercromby advanced the idea that syphilis was caused by a parasite.': Hirsch vol. I, p. 6: '... verschieden Schriften über das Wesen der Syphilis, die Aufsehen machten ... In ihnen erweist sich Abercrombie als, odificirter Antimercurialist, indem er zwar einige Quecksilberverbindungen ... als zweckmässig bei Syphilis empfiehlt, die gewönliche Quecksilberanwendung dagegen aus phantastischen Gründen verwirft.': Translated into French and Dutch ['De Spaanse Pok-meester ...] Wing STC A88: Not in Osler, Waller: Wellcome vol. II, p. 3: Krivatsy, item 14 [also w. 7 lvs prelims.; The Krivatsy copy has an 8 pp book catalogue at the end, not in our copy]: ad 2) Third edition, Second London edition. [Dantzig 1682, London 1683, London 1685, here offered.; furthermore Leyden 1693 and Nuremburg 1718].: DNB (1899), p. 305: Hoefer (1843), II, 244, idem (1869), II, p. 235: Partington vol. II, p. 686: 'The book contains fairly long extracts from several chemical authors. It quotes van Helmont's 'Daegeraad'... and Mayow's 'Tractatus Quinque'... He mentions the preparation of ammonium sulphate, describes tobacco, the distillation of vipers and human skull, and describes and illustrates a portable furnace. Vigani is commended by Stahl for his experiments on the preparation of aqua fortis and spirit of salt; Stahl says Vigani worked more with his hands than his head, and criticised some of his theoretical conclusions.': Ferguson, Bibl. Chemica, vol. II, p. 510: 'John Francis Vigani of Verona travelled and studied pharmacy, mining and metallurgy. He came to England between 1670 and 1680, ... died about 1714. ...The book is not a systematic treatise, but only an exposition of some methods which he had found best for the making of certain drugs.': Schelenz, p. 485: Not in Krivatsy: The reason for the absence of quire B in Vigani's 'Medulla Chymiae' is unclear.
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Book number: 7976
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Keywords: before 1850 chemistry distilling apparaten Latin medicine mercury VD venereal diseases illustrated books 17th century kwikzilver

Psychoanalytischen Studien zur Charakterbilding.
Wien, a.o., Int. Ps. Verlag, 1925. Pr.wr. (64 pp.). Three characterstudies.
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Book number: 2001
€  79.00 [Appr.: US$ 96.04 | £UK 67.75 | JP¥ 10132]
Keywords: psychology psychoanalysis medicine

Infantis androgyni historia et ichnographia accedunt de sexu et generatione disquisitiones physiologicae....
Jena, Typis et sumpt. Maukianis, 1805. fol. [appr. 35. 5 x 23 cm]. W. 5 pls. ['Christ. Koeck del. J.F. Schröter. ZSculps. Lipsiae.']. [heavily foxed.]. Contemporary paste paper brds. w. original spine label, giltlettered. (Some discoloration, edges and corners bumped and rubb.). [a2, b2, A - Z2, Aa - Ee2]. (VIII, 112 pp.) (All edges red.). (Scattered foxing and occasional (light) browning).). (Inner hinge between a1verso and a2 recto splitting). (Bookplate on upper paste down 'Ex Libris Luciani Römer'). Hirsch vol. I, pp. 19 - 20: 'In 'Infantis androgyni...' beschreibt er die Geschichte und anatomische Untersuchung eines Hermaphroditen, stellt viele ähnliche Fälle zusammen und legt seine Gedanken über Geschlecht und Zeugung dar.':
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Book number: 5989
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Keywords: anatomy hermaphrodism teratology gender Anatomy medicine hermaphrodite kween sexuality sexuology physiology

Von der Natur des ansteckenden Typhus dem Wesen des Ansteckungsstoff, der Art sich gegen denselben zu sichern, und der Methode die Krankheit zu heilen. Eine Pathogenie aller ansteckenden heer: und Volkskrankheiten, ...
Heidelberg, bey Mohr & Zimmer, 1814. 8vo. In original black paste paper brds., w. white paper title shield, rubbed and illegible. [n8, 1-20 in 8s]. (XVI, 318, II pp.). (Signature in ink on pr. title.). Very good copy in original paste paper brds.
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Book number: 7435
€  380.00 [Appr.: US$ 461.94 | £UK 325.75 | JP¥ 48734]
Keywords: pathology communicable diseases medicine ansteckende krankheiten typhoid fever

Die Grosshirnrinde als Organ der Seele.
Wiesbaden, J. F. Bergmann, 1902. w. 2 col. pls. and 1 ill. Pr. wr. (IV, 79 pp.). Hirsch I, pp. 24 - 25: Adamkiewicz (1850 - 1921) was profesor of pathology at Krakau.: Comp. Dobson, p. 8-9:
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Book number: 1801
€  110.00 [Appr.: US$ 133.72 | £UK 94.5 | JP¥ 14107]
Keywords: neurology Neurology psychiatry medicine Toon

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