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De melancholia et morbis melancholicis. Tomus Primus [Tomus Alter].
Lutetiae Parisiorum [Paris], Apud P. Guillelmum Cavelier, via San Jacobae‚, sub signo Lilii aurei, 1765. 8vo. In 2 vols. Contemp. near uniform [slight variation in the tools used] mottled clf., spine elaborately gilt, w. red title shields, gilt. (Corners bump./dam; edges of covers some rubb.; spine ends vol. I dam; idem vol. 2 a few chips; outer hinges vol. I weakening). [a8, A-Z8, Aa-Bb8; a4, A-Z8, Aa-Dd8]. (XVI, 399, I (blank); VIII, 429, III (blank) pp.). (Clean and crisp copy.). First edition of the most important book on mental diseases published in France in the eighteenth century. 'Lorry (1726 - 1783) was one of the most prominent French physicians of his time, with wide clinical experience, and one of the first to isolate particular aspects of mental disease. He noted two types of melancholy, one which he called 'Mťlancholie nerveuse', and the other 'mťlancholie humorale', this latter resulting in hysteria in women and hypochondria in men.'[Kraus 205/52]: Bayle & Thillaye, Biogr. Mťdicale, vol. II, pp. 503 - 504: [in transl.:] 'Everything is interesting in this treatise; the style is pleasing, the theory is solid, the divisions are well established, the causes well deducted, the symptoms perfectly described, the cure is exactly adapted to the variety of circumstances.': DSB vol. VIII, pp. 505 - 507: 'Soon after receiving his medical degree (1748) Lorry was presented by the chief royal physician L.G. Le Monnier, to Marshall Noailles. He was thus introduced to Paris High Society and became the physician of the Richelieus, of the Fronsacs, of Mlle de Lespinasse, and of Voltaire, all of whom received him warmly, but paid his less enthusiastically. ... [Lorry] is now primarily known .. for his work in dermatology and mental disease.': Hirsch III, 843: Neuburger Pagel, 641/2: G&M 4920: 'First edition. The most important author on the subject among French authors. The work deals not only with melancholy, but with mental diseases in general.': Norman coll. vol. I, 1391: Blake 2773: Wellcome vol. III, 547:
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Keywords: illness 109 neurology disorders medicine

Mittheilungen aus dem Reisetagebuche eines deutschen Naturforschers - England.
Basel, Druck und Verlag der Schweighauser'schen Buchhandlung, 1842. 19th c. half. mor. over pebbled cloth brds., a few rubbed spots on upper outer hinge. (Author and title in large gilttooled letters on spine.). (XVI, 476 pp.). Holzmann-Bohatta, III, 5016: Hirsch V, 119: Partington IV, 191: 'An interesting book on his visit to the British Association in 1839.': He also visited Faraday, describes the fabrication of white-lead etc. Schoenbein (1799 - 1868) was professor of chemistry in Basel and discovered ozone. First edition. Very good copy.
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Keywords: dagboek travel diary German

Le moraliste mesmérien, ou lettres philosophiques sur l'influence du magnétisme.
London/Paris, Belin etc., 1784. Original pink limp paper covers, spine some dam.age, upper cover detached. Some soiling. (IV, 132 pp.). (Shaken, needs binder's attention.). (Blank corner torn from half title.). (Inscribed in ink on titlpage.). Rare. Barbier III, 356: Caillet III, 9839: Salaville (1755 - 1832) was a journalist and pamphleteer:
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Keywords: occultism mesmerism electricity animal magnetism

Nachricht von dem bey Radeberg befindlichen mineralischen Wasser und dessen Gebrauche.
Dresden, J.N. Gerlach, 1770. Old hlf. clf., spine gilt. (40 pp.). Blake 318, 411.
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Keywords: balneology Toon spas mineral water

Nader Tractaet van Vreede en Vrundtschap, Beslooten den 22. Martii 1657 tusschen de...Staten Generael der Vereenighde Nederlanden.....den Prince.....van Salé.... Met de elucidatie ende ampliatie...October 1659.
's Gravenhage, Erven H.J. van der Wouw, 1659. 4to. Unbound pamphlet. (II {title, verso blank), XII pp.). (A vague watersp. in inner lower margin, last 3 lvs a bit more visible.). Knuttel 8180.
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Keywords: Africana pre 1900 africa ordner behandelen military Pamphlets literature webpamphlets

Naukeurig verhaal van de laatste Batailje ter Zee tusschen de Engelse, Hollandse en Franse Vlooten, En 't gene daar ontrent gepasseert is van den 22 Juny, tot den 5 July, Oude Stijl. Met eenige aanmerkingen daar op, en op Ten [sic] Tegenwoordigen Staat van de Natie. Uyt het Engelsch Vertaalt.
Rotterdam, by Barent Bos, Boekverkoper [Na de copye, tot London gedrukt voor John Karris, 1690. 4to. W. small woodcut vignet on title. Modern half cl., over marbled paper covers, modern spine label, gilt. (56 pp.). Dict. of Nat. Biogr. (concise ed.) p. 1242: 'Pamphleteer; practiced at common law bar, but afterwards took orders; called "Abbat Stephens" for theological learning... published political tracts, 1689 - 90;...': Cat. NHSM vol. I, p. 437: Knuttel 13403: Dealing with the battle at sea near Bevesier in 1690 between the English and the Dutch against the French. Good copy.
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Keywords: pamphlets naval war history Pamphlets anonymous

Nouvelle bibliothèque d'un homme de gout, ou tableau de la littérature ancienne et moderne, dans lequel....l'esprit de tous les livres....dans tous les genres jusqu'en 1797; avec ...l'indication des différentes éditions, ...tant en France qu'en pays étranger. 3me éd., corr. et augm.....
Paris, Desessarts. 1798/9. 4 vols. in 2. 1 vol. in hlf.clf., spine gilt. (top of spine dam.). 1 suppl.vol. in modern limp brds. (spine splitting, shaken.). Besterman I, 1505: Barbier I, 412: Quťrard II., 799: Corrected and enlarged ed. of the ed. publ. at Amsterdam in 1773 in 2 vols. 12mo.
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Keywords: catalogues Books bibliography library catalogue reference handbooks secrets on books

Op- en aanmerkingen op Een gevaarlijk geneesmiddel het Hypnotisme. Eene psychologisch-juridische beschouwing door Filalethes.
Amsterdam, I. Bremer, 1888. 8vo. Original pr.wr. (a few chips). Some discolouring. (17 pp.).
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Keywords: 1850 1930 psychology hypnotism forensic judicial medicine trance

Pharmacopeia Collegii Regii Medicorum Edinburgensis.
Edinburgi, Apud Hamilton, Balfour, et Neill, 1756. sm 8vo. W. nice engr. vignet on title. Early 19th c. limp marbled brds. spine some discol. (X, 206, XVI pp.). (Some annots.). (Sign in ink on title 'Jakob Akerman' See Wittop Koning, Compendium, p. 73, mentions a Dutch edition., Rotterdam, 1774 and a Latin one, ibid., 1775.: Blake p. 348:
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Keywords: medicine pharmacology pharmacy materia medica

Pharmacopoea Amstelodamensis nova.
Amsterdam, Apud P.H.Dronsberg, 1792. 4to. W. engr. title (by Rienier Vinkeles). Contemp. full clf., spine ends dam., corners and covers some scratching. Spine and covers gilt. (XVIII, 210, II (errata and verso blank) pp.). (Index medicamentorum pp. 183 - 201; Index synoymorum pp. 201 - 210). Title watersp. and some moulding; some quires lower and upper margin watersp.). (Inner hinges split.). (Inscribed in ink on verso of upper free endp.). Daems & VandeWiele, 57. The origin of the Amsterdam pharmacopoea can be traced back to the 7th edition of the Pharmacopoea Augustana, the first edition of the 'Dispensatorium Coloniense (1627) and the third edition of the Pharmacopoea Londinensis (1627). In 1792 the 'Pharm. Amst. nova'was published, 66 years after the 'Amstelaedamensis renovata' This new Amsterdam pharmacopoea was a much celebrated one and compiled under the direction of a large body of experienced medical doctors, among whom: Burmann, Bonn, Willet, Lelius de Rhoen and J. Frescarode.: Wittop Koning, pp. 61 - 62: Stoeder, pp. 290 - 294: Inscribed by Frescarode to Jan Gerhard Wichers Governor of Surinam, see NNBW X, pp 1197; Bierman Biogr. Index of apothecaries, p. 43 (on Frescarode):
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Keywords: materia medica pharmacy copy

Pharmacopoea Ultrajectina nova.
Trajecti ad Rhenum (Utrecht), Apud Jac. ŗ Poolsum, 1749. 8o. W. engr. vign. on title, some woodcut head- and tail-pieces and 2 engr. fold. tables. Modern half clf. (VIII, 240, XXIV (Index, XXIII & XXIV blank) pp.). (pp. 1 - 10 upper margin some moulding/ watersp., rest of text occasional watersp.). Daems & Vande Wiele, pp. 179 - 180: The last Utrecht city pharmacopoea. On verso R3 the errata. The 2 engr. plates depicting a list of the 'Characteres medicales'The engraved vignette on the title by Jan Goeree, son of the bookseller Willem Goeree, pupil of G. de Lairesse: Stoeder, pp. 234 - 235: BMN vol. I, 380: Blake, p. 350:
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Keywords: pharmacy pharmacology

Pharmacopoea Gandavensis nobilissimi senatus jussu renovata. b.u.w. 2) ORDONNANTIE van Heer ende weth der stad Gend, op den taux der droguen en medicamenten, raekende de pharmacie van de apothecarissen...
Gandavi, Typis J. Begyn, Breydelstege sub signo Angeli, 1786. - 1786 ['op d'Appel Brugge, n.d.']. 4to. Tog. 2 vols. in 1. W. woodcut vignet on title. Recent half clf., original spine laid down. Original green spine label. (X, 416, 417 - 466 (Index and approbation), I (errata), I (blank) pp.). (IV, 44, IV (A rare occurrance of the 'Taxa Laborum') pp.). (The printed title of the 'Ordonnantie' with a square cut out that probably contained one or more lines of text and a vignet. Cut just above the impressum.). (Inscr. in ink on t.p., some annotations; a few quires browned.). Daems & Vande Wiele, pp. 107 - 108: The last Ghent pharmacopoea and at the same time the last one published in the southernmost part of the Low Countries, presentday Belgium. Text in Latin, but the latin name followed by a Flemish translation. At the end of the Taxa we find the Taxa Laborum which is rarely found in pharmacopoeia. D&vdW reproduce this Taxa in full on p. 107. Our copy with the 'Ordonnantie' which is present in some copies.: Neu, 3195: Blake, 348: BMN vol. I, 382: Wellcome IV, 361: Van de Wiele, Geschiedenis van de pharmacie in Belgie, p. 305, 310, 315/16: On the Taxa Laborum, a first attempt to establish a fixed financial renumeration for certain pharmaceutical procedures. The woodcut on the title depicts the Arms of the City of Ghent and the letters S.P.G. (Senatus Populis Gandavensis).
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Keywords: pharmacy pharmacology Gent

The pharmacopoeia of the USA by authority of the National Medical Convention held at Washington a.d. 1850.
Philadelphia, Lipincott, Grambo & co., 1851. 8vo. Contemp. full clf., overall some rubbing. (XXIII, 317 pp.).
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Keywords: pharmacology pharmacy medicine materia medica

Pleidooi voor de heeren E. de Vry Temminck, J. Rendorp, Regeerende Burgemeesteren en C.W. Visscher, Pensionaris der stad Amsterdam afgevaardigden van de Regeering der gemelde stad aan den Heere Stadhouders, Verweerders, op ende jegens den Hogen en mogenden Heere Hertog Lodewyk van Brunswyk, Veldmaarschalk der Landmagt van de Staat, Bevelhebber van 's Hertogenbosch, enz., enz. Eischer, met het antwoord voor hooggemelden heer Hertog eisscher, in aanmerkingen van Phileleutherus Batavus.
In Holland, no publ., 1781. Fol. Contemp. marbled wr. (40 pp.). V.d. Aa II, 469: Knuttel V, 19808: van Brunswyk was Commander in Chief of the Dutch forces and guardian to Willem V. In 1781 the city of Amsterdam wanted him removed because of incompetence. This counsels' speech was most likely written by Calkoen, solicitor of the city, and dated 6 August 1781. Dutch translation of the French original (see Knuttel V, 19804).
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Keywords: krijgskunde Military books military history mayors law

Preservatijf-dranck Aende Catholijcke Borghers van s' Hertogen-bosch, geschoncken tegens den Toover-Gift-dranck vande Gereformeerde Ministers aldaer, dat is corte beantwoordinghe op het beroep-Boecxken van de predicanten van den Bosch. Overgeset uyt het Latijn inde Nederlantsche Tale.
No place, no publ., 1630. 4to. W. woodc. vignet on title. Mod. brds. (II, 18 pp.). (Smal libr. st. on title.). Willaert, L., Bibl. Jansenica Belgica, Vol. I (1949), item 1889.: Knuttel 4109: Tiele, 2435: Van den Oord, 2 eeuwen Bosch' Boekbedrijf, p. 408, item A 18 on the list of Den Bosch imprints without printer/publisher.: Meindersma, De gereformeerde gemeente te 's-Hertogenbosch, p. 209 - 210: Beijers cat. 100 'Jansenism', see intr.: Polman, P. (O.F.M.), Jansenius als polemist, Hist. TS VII, 1928, p. 326, nr. 3.:
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Keywords: Theology Religion theology religion

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