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'De la Cargaison du Navire "l'Hector", de Bordeaux, Capitaine Chevret. ... Mr. Babain Morneau Habt. a Bellevue pour marchandisea a lui venduea & Livréea: Savoir 1790 18 Blque vin vieux medoc ... 220,- ... Beurre ...Savon ... Jambon... Fromage Gattegrasse... '
1792. [23 Juillet]. 4to. Invoice for goods supplied by Captain Chevret. Folded three times. Pre printed form w. appr. 11 lines of entries in ink by Chevret. (1, I (address) pp.).
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Catalogue of books printed & published at the Doves Press 1900 - 1916.
No place [Hammersmith], (The Doves Press) [At the end: The Doves Press N0. 15 Upper Mall Hammersmith W. MCMXVI], 1916. [March]. sm 4to. Meas. appr. 16.7 x 23.7 cm. Printed on handmade 'Doves Press' paper, watermarked w. the 2 doves on a cross, below the initials CS & EW [Cobden Sanderson & Emery Walker]. [n6]. (11, I (blank) pp. (The brochure folded once vertically, indication of having been sent in the mail at one time.). Rare brochure / book catalogue of the Doves Press publications up to 1916. Similar catalogues exist from 1908 ['Catalogue Raisonné, 300 copies on paper'], 1911 [idem, 250 on paper]. This catalogue in its original 3 leaf quire, uncut.
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'Citadel van Antwerpen / Rapport van den Hoofd - Officier van den dag / van den 21 op den 22 julij 1832.'
Antwerpen, 1832. Folio. [Meas. appr. 20 x 32 cm.]. Autograph letter signed. From Major '...'[?] to the General of the Infantry and Commander in Chief of H.M. naval force on the Schelde before Antwerpen, General Chassé [?]. Paper watermarked 'Van Der Ley'. 18 lines incl. signature. (1 lf., verso blank). After the separation from Belgium, the Dutch held two fortresses near Antwerp. The Dutch held the Citadel of Antwerpen under the command of Chassé, until it was captured by the French under Gérard. Chassé was taken prisoner. His courageous conduct earned him the nickname 'Generaal Bajonet'. This short 18 lines manuscript report to the Dutch commander in chief reports observations on the enemy: 'Gene belangrijke voorvallen hebben er in den Dienst van de Citadel plaats gehad. De Vijand heeft gisteren gewerkt aan de barricades van de toegangen tot de Esplanade. Ook heeft men dezen nagt hooren timmeren in het afgebrande arsenaal, hetwelk vermoedelijk aan een nieuw wagthuis is. de majoor '..??'.
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Compendium Doctrinae Christianiae Idiomate Barmano sive Bomano.
Romae, (Typis Sac. Congregationis de Propaganda Fide), 1776. 8vo. W. woodcut vignet on title, woodc. head piece and initial. Contemp. paper wrapper, frayed and chipped, lower cover some tears and holes. (A-B8, C7 = 23 lvs.). (42 printed pages in Burmese type, lvs. 22 and 23 blank). (Sl. browned, a few spots.). (Inscr. in ink on recto of blank preceding the title 'Ex Libris L.Johannis Romanis ...MDCCLXXVII [1777]'.). Birrell & Garnett, pp. 4 - 6, comp. item 18: 'The congregation de Propaganda Fide. Established in 1626 for propaganda among the Eastern peoples. Ferdinand II presented Illyrian types for a missal, and the Medicean and other Oriental types from the Stamperia Vaticana were added to its stock, while Stefano Paolini engraved others. It continued its existence throughout the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries: Bodoni received his early training there. In 1798 most of the types were taken to Paris ...Much of the type still remains at the Imprimerie Nationale to this day.': Updike, Printing Types, vol. I, pp. 181 - 184: 'The best period of this Office was during the last half of the 18th c. under the directorship of Ruggeri and Amaduzzi. ... the establishment had fonts for 44 languages. Specimens of these ... are important documents in the history of the founding and use of "exotic" fonts.':
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'Concept Sluyzen en doorgravingen, om daar door te verkrygen eenMeerder Loozing voor / Rhijnlands Boezem water, uyt den Rhyn tot in de Noord Zee, omtrent Katwyk. / het Product der Maandelykze en Jaarlykze waarnemingen van de hoogte en laagte, de wyze van 't /Valle en Ryzen der Noord Zee, en het YE, tot Sparendam, met de Rhynlands boezem tot Leyden. / Beschouwing der Vloede en Ebbe in 't YE, en de / Noord Zee, op Ordre van de Wel Edele Heeren Dijkgraafen Hoogheemraaden van Rhijnland, door M.Bolstra. 1740.'
No Publ., 1740. Large folio. Full sheet. Folded once vertically. Engr. surface 65 x 43 cm. Full sheet meas. appr. 71 x 61 cm. Excellent quality paper, very ample blank margins, lower margin 10 cm. Paper watermarked 'PL'[Pieter van der Ley]. Unsigned.
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Keywords: 18th c maas Maas Waal Merwede improvements rivers and canals river rotterdam webmaps Beyerinck Ackersdijck Straalen

derer Neuen Bücher welche in der Frankfurter und Leipziger Herbstmesse 1786 herausgekommen und nebst vielen andern um billige Preise zu haben sind.
Cleve [Cancel underneath reads: Franckfurt am Mayn], bey J.W. Hannesmann Buchhaendler in Cleve [=cancel impressum], 1786. sm 8vo. Unbound, stab sewn. [A - I4]. (72 pp.). Both a cancelled impressum naming another bookseller named Hannesmann, as well as a cancelled price list on page 72, giving the current prices, taking into account the 5% higher margin for the Book Fair, as well as the higher costs for transport and costs in general.
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Dictionnaire de chirurgie, contenant la Description Anatomique des parties du corps humain, le Méchanisme des fonctions, le Manuel des Opérations Chirurgicales, avec le détail & les usages des différens Instrumens & Médicamens employés dans le traitement des Maladies du ressort de la Chirurgie. A l'usage des Etudiants en Médecine & en Chirurgie... Tome Premier [Tome Second].
Paris, Chez Lacombe, libraire, Quai de Conti, 1767. 8vo. In 2 Vols. Contemp. full marbled clf., spine w. 2 red mor.spine labels per volume; bottom of spine vol. I 2 cm. missing.; corners light rubb.). (VI, 686, II; 695, I (blank) pp.). (Nice original marbled endp.). Barbier I, 959: Dictionary of anatomy, physiology, operations and surgical instruments: Le Vacher (Hirsch vol. III, p. 761) wrote this state of the art dictionary in cooperation with Moysant and la Macellerie. Good copy w. nice original marbled endp.
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Dispensatorium pharmaceuticum Austriaco - Viennense, in quo hodierna die usualiora medicamenta ... adjuncta est appendix continens plures praeparationes exquisitas tam pharmaceuticas, ... editio altera ... & nova rursus appendice aucta.
Lovanii, J.Fr. van Overbeke, 1774. 8o. Contemp. mottled clf., spine floral gilttooling, in 6 compartments. W. red spine label. (Small part of both outer hinges split/dam.). (VIII, XX, 395, XLV (Index), 26 (appendix), 10 (appendix altera), I (appr.), I (blank) pp.). Kremers/Urdang, pp. 128 - 129: K/U & Sonnedecker, p. 427, 553: 'In 1618, The Pharmacopoea Augustana, ed. of 1613, became the official standard for the Vienna and the Austrian provinces. ... Up to 1722 all subsequent editions of the Augustana remained in force. In 1729 the first Austrian pharmacopoea printed in Austria appeared under the title 'Dispensatorium...' The book lived through 6 further eds.': Van de Wiele, pp. 225, 240 - 242: In 1745 Empress Maria Theresia of Austria decreed that the 'dispensatorium ...Austriaco - Viennense' was to be used in the entire Southern Low Countries. The Brussels Collegium medicum was commissioned with the adaptation. A second edition of this pharmacopoea [here offered] appeared in 1774 in Louvain, this time the appendix is followed by an appendix altera with some thirty formulas mostly drawn from the 'Codex Parisiensis': Ferchl, 409: Comp. Neu, 1176 (1747 ed): Not in Wellcome: Comp. Blake, p. 347:Very good copy
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Dispensatorium pharmaceuticum Austriaco-Viennense, in quo hodierna die usu aliora medicamenta secundum artis regulas componenda visuntur. Cum S.C. Regiaeque Catholicae Majestatis privilegio.
Vienna, J.T. Edl.v. Trattner, 1770. With 1 finely engr. headpiece. Sm. in folio. (XVI, 202, XVI pp.). (Title sl.soiled and some ll. sl. watersp. in the margins). See van de Wiele pp. 225, 240/2: In 1774 a pharmacopoea Vienn. was published in Leuven.
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L'Ecole de la mignature, dans laquelle on peut aisément apprendre à peindre sans Maitre, ainsi que les secrets de faire les plus belles couleurs; l'Or Bruni, & l'Or en Coquille. Avec la Méthode pour étudier l'Art de la peinture tant à fresque, en Detrempe, & a l 'Huile, que sur le Verre, en Email, Mosaique & Damasquinure: l'éclaircissement sur l'utilité des Estampes: l'Instruction pour la Connoissance des Tableaux: les Sentimens sur la Peinture & sur les différens Goûts des Nations, & un Dictionnaire des Termes les plus usitéz dans l'Art. Receuil fait par M.PIL & autres. Nouvelle édition, augmente'e.
Bruxelles, Chez J. Moris, Imprimeur & Libraire marché aux Trippes à la Bible, 1759. Sm 8vo. Title printed in red and black. Numer. woodc. head- and tailpieces, 2 woodc. ills. (pp. 6, 258). Contemp. mottled clf., spine gilt, top of spine some imperf. [a3, A - S8, T4 [K2 signed I2] (pp. 268 - 283 list of terms]. (VI, 283, XIII (Contents) pp.). (W. green silken 'leeslint' or tassel; all edges red; fine marbled endpapers.). Barbier II, 15: A treatise on miniature painting and on preparing paints, also on painting in general, painting a la fresco, oil-painting, painting on glass and damask. Art history and the understanding / interpretation of paintings. At the end a dictionary of art terms.
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Les élemens des sections coniques, démontrées par synthèse; ouvrage dans lequel on a renfermé le petit traité des sections coniques de N. Delahire.
Paris, Chez Desaint & Saillant, librarires, rue Siant Jean de Bauvias, vis-à-vis le College, 1757. 8vo. W. woodc. vign. on title & 16 engr. fold. pls. Contemp. hlf. clf., over speckled marbled brds., red and green spine label. Nice marbled endp. (top of spine dam., corners a few bumps.). (XXIV, XLVIII, 430 pp.) Barbier Vol. II p. 57: Pogg. Vol II p. 84: Cantor 425-427 ilc. Slip of paper on verso half title which in letterpress of 'François Baron de Landsberg'
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Book number: 955
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Keywords: conics mathematics ex library Ex Bibliotheca illustrated books French Toon

Elpizon. Ueber meine Fortdauer im Tode. Erster [Sechster] Band. Dritte Auflage
Köln, In der Fabricius'schen Buchhandlung und Buchdruckerey, 1811. Small 8vo. 6 vols. in 3. Contemp. half black long grained mor., over marbled brds., spine giltlettered. (Corners sl. bumped.). (I - VI, 7 - 321, III (blank); 332; 280; 254; IV, 275, III (blank); VI, 278pp.). (Upper edges some soiling.). Holzmann Bohatta , Deutsches Anonymen Lexikon, vol. II, comp. 654 (various eds.).:
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Enchiridion medicum ofte medecijn-boecxken, .... den vyfden druck vermeerdert ende verbetert. Foll. by: (Idem), Eenige remedien die aengaen de chirurgie of uijtwendige gebreken des lichaems. (Idem), Clarius et majus lumen pharmacopaeorum . Dat is: Klaerder en meerder licht der apothekers.
Ghendt, Jan Meyer, op d'Hoog-poorte in 't gekroont Sweirt. n.d. (1722). Contemp. full clf., spine gilt, w. spine label (Some light rubbing.). (205, II pp.). (Ex Libris van der Hoeven; Bookplate on upper paste down endp.). (Inscr. in ink on upper paste down: Á. Ingenhousz 1734'). Van der Aa II, 56: BMN III, 210: Wellcome II, 298 ed. 1723 only: Blake 77, ed. 1724 and 1757 only: 5th ed.
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Enchiridion medicum ofte medecyn-boeckxken, Waer in verhandelt worden veel seickten, die dagelijckx voor-vallen, daer by de remedien om die te genesen. .... den sesden druck vermeerdert ende verbetert. Foll. by: (Idem), Eenige remedien die aen-gaen de chirurgie ofte uytwendige gebreken des lichaems. AND: (Idem), Clarius et majus lumen pharmacopaeorum . Dat is: Claerder en meerder licht der apothekers, alwaer wordt voor-gestelt eene sekere maniere, hoe dat eenige medicynen moeten bereyt gemaeckt worden, soo Gallenicé, als Chimicé, alles met redenen bewesen dienende tot onderwysinge van de leerlingen.
Antwerpen, By de Weduwe van Ignatius Vander Hey Boeckdrucker ende Boeck-verkooper in de Borssestraet by de Meir, in den H.Geest, 1750. 8vo. 3 parts in 1 vol. W. small woodc. vign. on the 2 printed titles. Rebound and recased in an 18th c. full vellum binding , thong laced; the original endpapers and free endp. preserved. [*8, (XVI, 78, I Contents), I (Blank); IV, 31, I (Contents); 86, II (Contents) pp). (Owner's inscr. in ink on upper paste down; small libr. stamp on verso upper free endp.; printed title righthand side remargined / strenghthened w. japanese paper.). Van der Aa II, 56: BMN vol. I, 8 (eds. 1724, 1725, 1750, 1757): Wellcome II, 298 (ed. 1723 only): Blake 77, ed. 1724 and 1757 only: 6th ed.
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Book number: 6104
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Keywords: Surgery anatomy pharmacy pharmacology medicine materia medica surgery pharmacopoeia

Errotika biblion.
Rome [?Paris, Neuchâtel], l'Imprimerie du Vatican, 1783. 8vo. W. woodc. vignet on pr. title, some simple woodc. head-pieces. Nice 19th cent. polished hlf .clf., spine in 6 compartments w. gilt floral ornaments. [n2, A-M8]. (IV, 192 pp.). (Top edge gilt.). (Very nice marbled endp.). (Overall some light foxing.). (a few lvs. w. some brown spots.). Rare first ed.: Mirabeau, french revolutionary, offers us here 10 philosophical reflections on the (erotic) mores and customs of ancient times as opposed to those of modern man [i.e. French 18th c.]. One of the most important aspects in the background of these reflections is of course man's curtailed sense of liberty and freedom to act, over the course of hundreds of years. A link with the Revolutionary Movement may well be surmised. Brunet vol. VI (Table), 18010: Barbier II, 172: Hain-Got. vol. IV, 549: Very good copy of this rare booklet. Not many have appeared at auction in the last few decades. A pirated edition Rome 1783 exists, but collates IV, 188 pp. only; a further edition appeared in 1792 and an annotated version in 1833 Brussels.; Weller, 220: Gay, vol. II, 150: Englisch, comp. 460: Kearney, Erotic literature, p. 80: Kearney, Private case 1190:Famous work printed many times. The book was written in prison and '... machte zweifellos nicht nur der Belesenheit und dem Scharfsinn Mirabeaus, sondern auch der Elastizität seines Geistes alle Ehre' [Hain-G]: According to Englisch the first edition exists in three variants. Kearney informs us that the book was written while de Mirabeau was imprisoned in the Castle of Vincennes and that it was attacked with vigour by the authorities, leaving only 14 copies extinct, a figure which (judging by the number of copies offered through the internet) seems quite unlikely. It is said that the entire print run was confiscated by the police in 1796 and destroyed. (This may concern the edition 1792, the year in which the publication was officially put on the index librorum prohibitorum). 'A further edition was ordered to be destroyed in 1826 by the Royal Court of Paris, and for "outrages against public morality and good manners" there were two other prosecutions in, 1856 and 1868' [Kearney]:
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Book number: 7739
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Keywords: Erotica libertinism Classical Biblia erotica books classical antiquity press printing history revolution zeden en gewoonten

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