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O Rossii V Carstvovanie Alekseja Mixajlovica. [ = Russia in the Reign of Aleksej Mixajlovic] .
. Text [in Russian] and Commentary by A[nne] .E. Pennington , Oxford University Press, 1980, XVI, 775pp. Fine hardback, no d/j. (ISBN: 0198156391) .
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Catalogue: Russian History
Keywords: Loft 3 Russian History 0198156391

Satira 60-Kh Godov.
. Redaktsiya i predislovie N.Bel'chikova. S 39 illyustratsiyami v tekste. Pereplet, super-oblozhka i forzats V.Milasheskogo. Moskva-Leningrad, Academia, 1932; 385pp. bound, spine rubbed, corners bumped, boards evenly sl.soiled, d/j. missing, library pocket neatly pasted to the front end-paper (ed. of 5250 copies).
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Keywords: Wim Meeuws Russian Literature, Russian Periodicals, Russian History, Poetry, Satire, Caricature, Cartoon

Landwirtschaft, Industrie Und Handwerk
0. 1904. oder die Vereinigung von Industrie und landwirtschaft, geistiger und koerperlicher Arbeit. Autorisierte Uebersetzung von Gustav Landauer. Berlin, S.Calvary, 1904; [viii], 276pp.; publisher's printed boards backed with cloth with printed lettering on paper on spine (publisher's binding); two minimally short splits to base of spine. A good copy of the rare first edition of Landauer's translation (from English).
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Catalogue: Ian
Keywords: Ianweb Anarchism Philosophy Economics Socialism Russian Philosophy Revolution German Modern History Collectivism Political Theory

Zaumnyi Iazyk U: Seifullinoi, Vs. Ivanova, Leonova, Babelia, I. Sel'vinskogo, A. Veselogo, I Dr. Kniga 127-Ya
. Oblozhka I kontsovni V. Kulaginoi-Klutsis. (Avto-keilografiya) Moskva , Izdanie Vserossiiskogo Soiuza Poetov, 1925. 59, [5]pp. 2 tailpieces by Kulagina. In original wrappers with the typographic cover design, printed in red and black, and two tailpieces in the text, printed in black, by Valentina Kulagina (1902-1987). See Compton 1917 - 1934: Kulagina designed a cover for Kruchenykh's book 'Transrational Language' ('Zaumnyi iazyk) which makes a good stylistic comparison with Rodchenko's design for Mayakovsky's poem 'Mayakovsky Smiles, Mayakovsky Laughs, Mayakovsky Jeers'.. She purposely made some of the title appear 'out of key' by allowing some letters to read out of register where the background colour changes from red to black, thus emphasizing their meaning. In contrast, Rodchenko strove to convey the greatest possible sense of order in his carefully spaced lettering.. covers sl. frayed, some foxing in the text, rear cover soiled and with library stamp and marking in ink. Text stapled. MOMA 599; Getty 392; Compton: 1917-1934, p. 79f. (full-page illus. 42).
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Catalogue: Russian Rare
Keywords: Weblists2 Russian Literature Rare

Akvareli Dekabrista Petra Ivanovicha Borisova.
. Moskva, Iskusstvo, 1986; 549pp. fine hardback, in proterctive transparent jacket, 461 fine ornithological and botanical colour plates,[Borisov, Petr Ivanovich, 1800-1854 ] [ DL 5/2 ].
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Catalogue: Russian Art
Keywords: Russian History Russia Slavic Art Thornslav

Kryl'ya: Povest' V Trekh Chastyakh.
. Reprint S.-Peterburg: Petropolis, 1923. / Ann Arbor: Ardis, 1979. 120 pp, small-sized volume, fine hardback.
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Keywords: Emigreall Russian Literature Slavic

Stalinabadskii Arkhiv: Rasskazy I Dokumenty O Sovetskom Tadzhikistane.
. Eta kniga - rasskaz o Tadzhikistane v stikhakh, povestyakh, pis'makh, dnevnikakh, gazetnykh vyderzhkakh, risunkakh i pesnyakh. Avtory - ochevidtsy sobytii - pytalis' pravdivo pokazat' protsess sotsialisticheskogo pereustroistva tadzhikskoi gornoi strany. Moskva: "Federatsiya", 1932. 147 pp. b/w illustrations; illustrated covers, small-sized volume, good paperback, first inner hinge torn, otherwise very good condition. ( Tadzhik ).
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Russian History Russian Literature Tajikistan Rare Book

Pskovskii Oblastnoi Slovar' S Istorischeskimi Dannymi. Volumes 1 - 8
. Edited by Boris Aleksandrovich Larin; Leningradskii gosudarstvennyi universitet imeni A.A. Zhdanova. Mezhdkafedral'nyi slovarnyi kabinet imeni prof. B.A. Larina. Brtiish library entry ststes : sost. IU.I. Borkovskii .. [et al.] ; [red. koll. B.A. Larin .. [i dr.], redaktory L.A. Ivashko, I.S. Lutovinova, M.A. Tarasova.Leningrad : Izd-vo LGU, 1967 - 1990, a rare set of the earlier volumes 1 - 8 . bound set [Pskov Regional Dictionary with Historical Data].
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Book number: F3020
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Catalogue: Linguistics
Keywords: Russian Dictionaries Linguistics

Polnoe Sobranie Russkikh Letopisei. Tom 9- Tom 10 in One Volume.
. Izdannoe po Vysochaishemu poveleniyu Arkheograficheskoyu komissieyu. Sankt-Peterburg. V tipografii Eduarda Pratsa,1862, V Tipografii Ministerstva Vnutrennikh Del, 1885. (Contents: VIII. Letopisnyi sbornik, imenuemyi Patriarsheyu ili Nikonovskoi Letopis'yu.Predislovie k Letopisnomu Sborniku, imenuemomu Patriarsheyu ili Nikonovskoi Letopis'yu. Dve tablitsy snimkov. I. Stat'i, pomeshchennyya pered Letopisnym Sbornikom, imenuemym Patriarsheyu ili Nikonovskoyu Letopis'yu. II. Letopisnyi Sbornik, imenuemyi Petriarsheyu ili Nikonovskoyu Letopis'yu (do 1176 goa vklyuchitel'no). xi, xxi, 256, 244pp. 24x31cm, two plates in colour; top corner of blue front wrapper rrepaired, top corner title page and pp.249-256 repaired - The right top of the first title page was missing and this has been carefully repaired. The letters NIE added by hand in sobranie and the letters ISEI added to Letopisei by hand, foxed throughout, some scoring. In a fine recent hardback binding, dark blue half calf with marbled paper covered boards, title label on spine.
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Book number: 092790
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Catalogue: Russian Rare
Keywords: Slavonic-Lot Wim Meeuws Russian History, Literature, Old Slavonic Chronicles, Manuscrips

Eros and Pornography in Russian Culture/Eros I Pornografiya V Russkoi Kul'ture: Sbornik Statei. (Russian Forbidden Literature/Russkaya Potaennaya Literatura)
. Moskva: Ladomir, 1999; 700pp. coloUr illustrations, tipped in plates, b/w illustrations; fine hardback. This bi-lingual collection of articles addresses a broad spectrum of questions connected to the history and national character of erotica in Russian literature, folklore and art of the 18th-20th centuries. It is based on papers given at the international Russian-American " Conference on Russian Pornography," held at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) on May 22-24, 1998. In addition, the volume contains a unique set of illustrations the greater part of which was supplied by the collector and bibliophile L.V. Bessmertnykh. CONDITION: NEW.
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Book number: F3070
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Wim Meeuws Russian Literature Russian Culture Slavic Russian Folklore Erotica

The Character of the Russians and a Detailed History of Moscow and Also Containing a Dissertation on the Russian Language and an Appendix Which Contains Tables, Political, Statistical and Historical,
. An Account of the Imperial Agricultural Society of Moscow, A Catalogue of Plants Found in and Near Moscow, An Essay on the Origin and Progress of Architecture in Russia &c. &c. London, Cadell, and Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1823, 639 pp. with 13 coloured aquatints including a fold out panorama of Moscow and one uncoloured aquatint, 9 black and white engravings (2 fold out) being a total of 23 plates and also a large fold out engraved plan of Moscow, with three woodcut/diagrams in the text. The text pages have a wide margin and the text is clean apart from some light offsetting from the plates onto the text and a small amount of foxing on a few pages. The black and white engravings have some light browning, generally at the edges of the plates. There is some overpainting on the fold out coloured panorama aquatint of Moscow. Marbled page edges. The leather and marbled boards have come away from the binding and the spine is missing. There are two 4 cm (1.6 inch) tears in the large fold out plan of Moscow which do not affect the city plan. One black and white plate which has a small fold out section at the bottom is frayed at the bottom edge. The coloured aquatint opposite the title page has two frayed corners. The size of the book is approximately 22 x 28 cm (8.7 x 11 inches).
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Catalogue: Russian History
Keywords: Rare Russian History

Pesn' O Polku Igoreve. Novye Otkrytiia.
. Iazyki Slavianskoi Kul?tury, Moscow, 2009, paper 96 pp. ? the first study of the Igor Tale to incorporate data from an overlooked version of the Skazanie o Mamaevom poboishche - a version that appears to be from the lost first redaction. Its new parallels to the text of the Igor Tale help to confirm the authenticity of the Slovo o polku Igoreve as an epic song of the Kievan Period that first circulated orally before it was recorded sometime after 1215. The rare 15th-century version of the Skazanie, published in booklet form in 1835 and subsequently forgotten, casts light on the evolution of the Zadonshchina as well. It now appears that the Zadonshchina consists primarily of an originally oral text, with a conclusion that was added from written sources. The overlooked Skazanie redaction - along with the chronicle accounts of the Kulikovo Battle - helps to identify the boundary between the oral text and the more "literary" conclusion that was attached to it. (ISBN: 978955103235) .
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Keywords: Slavonic Russian Medieval Russian-Lot 978955103235

Polnoe Sobranie Sochinenii. 2 Volumes in 8 Parts.
. S Kritiko-Biograficheskim ocherkom, bibliograficheskim ukazatelem i portretom i avtografom Maya. V dvukh tomakh (8-mi knigakh). Izd. 4-oe. Redaktor P.Bykov Prilozhenie k zhurnalu "Niva" na 1911 g. S.-Peterburg, Izdanie A.Marks, 1911, 616+559pp. paper (1 vol.has split spine,all spines and edges frayed) [ SP ].
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Book number: F3190
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Russian Literature Slavic Thornslav

Stikhotvoreniya I Razskazy
. S kritiko-biograficheskim ocherkom, bibliograficheskim ukazatelem i portretom i avtografom' L.A. Meya. v' trekh tomakh' Izdanie chetvertoe, vnov' prosmotrennoe i dopolnennoe. Redaktsiya izdaniya P.V.Bykova. ( Polnoe Sobranie Sochinenii L.A.Meya Volume 2.) S-Peterburg, Izd-e T-va A.F.Marksa, 1911; original grey cloth binding with black titling on spine and front board, frayed d/j.
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Book number: F2035
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Catalogue: Russian Rare
Keywords: Russian Literature Russian-Lot

500 Ekslibrisov. Ekslibrisy Khudozhnikov Rossiiskoi Federatsii. Exlibris of the Russian Federation. Les Ex Libris Des Artistes de la Federation de Russie. Die Exlibriskust in Der Russischen Foderation
. Summaries in English, German, and French. Knizhnyi znak. Knizhnaya grafika. Knizhnaya illyustraciya. Al'bom. Na russkom, angliiskom, francuzskom i nemeckom yazykah. M. : Sovetskaya Rossiya, 1971, 319 p. profusely illustrated in b/w and several colours, good hardback in d/j.
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Book number: F3056
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Catalogue: Russian Art
Keywords: Russian Art Engraving Book Art

Vliyanie Poezii Pushkina Na Razvitie Samosoznaniya Russkago Naroda.
. Rech', proiznesennaya v torzhestvennom zasedanii Odesskago Slavyanskago Obshchestva 11 maya 1899g. Odessa, 1900; 16pp. paper covers detached, evenly soiled, library stamps on title and last pages.
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Book number: WO0058
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Keywords: Russian Literature Slavic

Jews and Slavs Volumes 1 - 25
. An intern. series on relations and contacts between Jewish and Slavic cultures and religions (in English, German, French and Slavic LangS.) aim of the series is to research the problems of mutual understanding between the Jewish and Christian civilizations, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe . Contributions by scholars from over 20 countries. Contents: 1-Jews and Slavs, W.Moskovich, 1993, Volume 2-The Bible in a Thousand Years of Russian Literature, W.Moskovich et alii , 1994, Volume 3-Judaike Arkheologia (In Honour of Professor Moshe Altbauer, W.Moskovich et alii (ed.s), 1995, 302 pp. Volume 4- Judeo-Slavic Interaction in the Modern Period, W.Moskovich et alii , 1995, 290 pp. Volume 5- Jews and Ukrainians, W.Moskovich et alii, 1996, 302 pp. Volume 6- Jerusalem in Slavic Culture, W.Moskovich et alii(eds. ) 1999, 476 pp. Volume 7- Jews and Eastern Slavs.Essays on Intercultural Relations, W.Moskovich et alii mJerusalem, 2000, 342 pp. Volume 8: Oh, Jerusalem !; Pisa-Jerusalem , Universita deli Studi di Pisa, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; 1999 , 300 p. Volume 9 - Festschrift Professor Jacob Allerhand , Judaeo-Slavica et Judaeo-Germanica, W.Moskovich(ed.) 2001, 392pp.Volume 10- Semiotics of Pilgrimage, W.Moskovich and S.Schwarzband , 2003, 328 pp. Volume 11, W.Moskovich and I.Fijalkowska-Janiak (eds 2004, 363pp. Abstracts, Articles in English, Russian and Polish on Jewish-Christian relations, history of Jews in Slavic lands and the Jewish theme in Russian literature. volume 12- Jews and Anti-Semitism in the Balkans. 344pp. Abstracts, A team of European expertson the problems of anti-semitism in Balkan countries. volume 13 -Anti-Semitism and Philo-Semitism in the Slavic World and Western Europe. V.Paperni and W.Moskovich (eds2004, 272pp. Abstracts, Articles in English and Russian of scholars from a number of countries on the attitudes to Jews in various regions of Europe. Volume 14 -Judaeo-Slavica et Russica?, Festschrift Professor Ilya Serman, 2004, 344pp. Abstracts, Articles in Russian of scholars from many countries on the history of Russian literature dedicated to Professor Ilya Serman, an international authority in this field. Volume 15- Judaeo-Bulgarica, Judaeo-Russica et W.Moskovich and S.Nikolova , Jerusalem-Sofia, 2005, Center for Slavic Languages and Literatures of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Cyrillo-Methodian Center of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 332pp. Abstracts, Articles in English, French and Russian on Jewish-Bulgarian and Jewish-Russian cultural contacts through history. Volume 16 - Khazars, V.Petrukhin et alii , 2005, 568 pp, Volume 17 -The Russian word in the land of Israel , the Jewish word in Russia.; 368 pp. 2006. Volume 18 - Messianic Ideas in Jewish and Slavic Cultures, W.Moskovich and S.Nikolova, eds, 2006, 306 pp. Index, Abstracts, ; Articles in Russian and English of an international group of authors on messianic ideas in Jewish and Slavic cultures since the XI-th Century. Volume 19 - Jews, Ukrainians and Russians. Essays on intercultural relations.2008, Edited by Wolf Moskovich and Leonid Finberg. 424pp. Volume 20 - The Holy Land and the manuscript legacy of Slavs. Ed. by Wolf Moskovich, Svetlana Nikolova and Moshe Taube. 2008, 380pp. Index, Volume 21: Jews, Poles and Russians. Jewish-Polish and Jewish-Russian contacts. 2008, 450pp.Volume 22, Yiddish - a Jewish National Language at 100. Proceedings of Czernowitz Yiddish language 2008 international centenary conference. 2010, 352pp. Volume 23: Galicia, Bukovina and other borderlands in Eastern and Central Europe. Essays on Interethnic contacts and multiculturalism. 24: The Knaanites: Jews in the Medieval Slavic World, 25: The Ukrainian-Jewish Encounter:Cultural Dimension. 23 articles,all in English,324 pp, 2016. Forwarding via DHL. ASK FOR QUOTE FIRST. PAYMENT ONLY BY BANK TRANSFER.
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Book number: 2950
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Catalogue: Judaica
Keywords: Slavic Judaica Jewish

Sofiya. Zhurnal Literatury I Iskusstva.
. Moskva, 1914. No.1-6 (Complete set); 131+ 6,70 + 8,106 + 6,96+ 6,100 + 4,88,8pp. paper, 30x21cm, lavishly illustrated. Spines rubbed, worn, chipped, partly missing, some paper covers detached, frail, edges frayed, binding loose; interior parts of all the issues are in good condition, text and illustrations (Phototypies) are printed on good quality paper which does not show signs of ageing. CONTENTS of zhurnala iskusstva i literatury, izdavaemogo s 1914 goda v Moskve K.F.Nekrasovym pod redaktsiei P.Muratova. Vol.1: N.M.Shchekotov. Drevnerusskoe shit'e; P.Muratov. Gaudentsio Ferrari; B.Bernson. Osnovy khudozhestvennogo raspoznavaniya; A.Diesperov. Blazhennyi Ieronim i ego vek; B.Griftsov. Derzhavin, etc. 22 plates. Vol.2: Vizantiiskoe mifotvorchestvo; P.Muratov. Dva otkrytiya (o drevne-russkoi zhivopisi); B.fon Eding. Ocherki drevne-russkoi arkhitektury. Nalichnik; P.Sukhotin. Drevne-russkaya povest'. O Muromskom kn.Petre i supruge ego Fevronii. O Marfe i Marii. O svyashchennike. O khristianskoi dushe-golube. O chernykh vsadnikakh na voronykh konyakh. Makarii i Antoniya; Bor.Zaitsev. Udobnoe i prekrasnoe; VI.Khodasevich. "Juvenilia" Bryusova, etc. 30 plates. Vol.3: A.Anisimov. Etyudy o novgorodskoi zhivopisi; A.M.Skvortsov. Freski Kavallini; Em.Husid. Dom zolotykh amurov; N.Berdyaev. Picasso; M.Gershenson. Umilenie; K.Loks. Apulei; Ars Asiatica; P.Serov. Zvenigorodskie freski; Roman A.Belago; V.Rozanov, etc. 26 plates. Vol.4: Vse kak v zhizni; V.Grineizen. Illuzionisticheskie portrety (I. Illyuzionizm v iskusstve i iskusstvo povestvovatel'noe. II. Istoriya illyuzionistskogo portreta. A. Skul'pturnyi portret. 1. Egipetskii ritual'nyi portret i razreshenie v skul'pture pervykh osnovnykh problem illyuzionizma. 2. ellinisticheskie portrety. 3. Etrusskii ritual'nyi portret. 4. Rimskii illyuzionisticheskii portret. B. Portret v zhivopisi; I.Eiges. V.A.Zhukovskii; V.Khodasevich. Poetu ili chitatelyu?; Pis'ma Belinskago; K.L. Literatura dlya kannibalov; Pt.Peterburgskaya "Russkaya ikona"; P.Ettinger. Sapunov. 53 plates. Pages 57-64 of this volume, including 3 illustrations, printed twice. Vol.5: Pereotsenki. Ald-r Anisimov. Etyudy o novgorodskoi zhivopisi. II; W.Deonna. Iskusstvo i deistvitel'nost'. Voprosy arkheologicheskogo metoda; P.Muratov. Molodost' Pantormo; B.Griftsov. Poslednii poet; L.Grossman, Bal'zak, Dostoevskii; "Vakkh s vinogradnoi kist'yu - Bruni; 22 plates. Vol.6: Ot izdatelya; Nasledie romantizma; J.Strzygowski. Ravenna kak otrasl' Arameiskago iskusstva; A.M.Skvortsov. Ikona svyatykh knyazei Borisa i Gleba; G.Simmel. Ruiny; N.Berdyaev. rytsar' nishchety; M.Gershenson. Vdokhnovenie i bezumie; V.Bryusov. Russkaya lirika. Poeziya i proza. 14 plates. [ DL IV ].
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Book number: R70793
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Catalogue: Russian Rare
Keywords: Weblists2 Wim Meeuws Russian Literature Art Russian Rare Periodicals Russrare Rare Russian

Mikhail Zoshchenko a Literary Profile
. Oxford, Willem A. Meeuws, 1981, 163 pp. Paperback with sunned spine, o/w very good, text pristine. (ISBN: 0902672444) .
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Book number: F048-F
GBP 4.95 [Appr.: EURO 5.75 US$ 6.91 | JP¥ 739]
Keywords: 0902672444

Stikhotvoreniya S. Ya Nadsona
. s portretom, faksimile i biograficheskim ocherkom.Izdanie 22. Sobstvennost' literaturnogo fonda, S.Petersburg, Tipografiya Skorokhodova, 1906, 369pp. bound, portrait, ill. beautiful edition, title page yellowed and repaired, text fine, no lettering on binding.
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Book number: F3038
GBP 45.00 [Appr.: EURO 51.25 US$ 62.85 | JP¥ 6716]
Catalogue: Russian Rare
Keywords: Russian Literature Slavic Literature, Poetry, Russrare Thornslav

Russian Songs for British Soldiers / Words By Rosa Newmarch.
. London & Brighton, J. & W. Chester, s.d. 16pp. decorasted front cover is part of the 16pp./, bottom corners bewnt with some sl. damage to the last page's bottom corner. [ DR 1 ].
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Book number: 093071
GBP 14.95 [Appr.: EURO 17 US$ 20.88 | JP¥ 2231]
Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Weblists Russian Songs Mussic

General Semiotics (Russian Poetics in Translation Volume 3)
. Oxford, Holdan Books, 1976,82pp. paperback. Contents: Modelling significance of the concepts "end" and "beginning" in artistic texts / Yu. M. Lotman ; translated by Wendy Rosslyn --Logico-semiotic level of proverbs and sayings: towards a classification of the genre / G. Permyakov ; translated by Doris Bradbury --Stage setting, artistic space and time in the folk theatre / P.G. Bogatyrev ; translated by L.M. O'Toole --On the cosmological origins of early historical descriptions / V.N. Toporov ; translated by Christopher English. In the mid-1970s, with the establishment of the Neo-Formalist Circle in Britain and the publication of a number of international anthologies of and commentaries on the Russian Formalist theorists of the period 1916-1932, it became clear that this important school of literary theory and criticism was only sketchily known to scholars unable to read Russian. The editors, Ann Shukman and Michael O'Toole, published in English ten volumes (80-120pp. each) of the key Formalists: Eikhenbaum, Tynyanov, Shklovsky, Brik, Jakobson, Tomashevsky, Yarkho, Bernstein, Freidenberg, Bogatyrev and Vinogradov on poetry, prose genres, dramatic structure and cinema.Since the Soviet suppression of Formalist theorizing in the early 1930s, it was left to the Bakhtin School of discourse theory and the Prague School of Structuralists to continue the best of their enterprises until the emergence of the Russian Structuralist theorists of the 1960s to 80s, such as Lotman, Zholkovsky, Scheglov, Toporov, Gasparov, Tarlinskaya and Permyakov, who have continued to influence theories of literature, cinema, language and culture worldwide. [note; Holdan books took over Thornton's Bookshop in Oxford in 1983 ).
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Book number: F3198
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Catalogue: Linguistics
Keywords: Linguistics Semiotics

Aleksei Mikhailovich Remizov: Bibliografiia
. Sankt-Peterburg: Pushkinskii Dom, 2016. - 836pp. Tir. 350.
¶ Aleksey Mikhailovich Remizov (1877 - 1957) Aleksey Mikhailovich Remizov, outstanding and one of the most original modernist writers of the 20th century. He influenced A.Tolstoy, M.Prishvin, Y.Zamyatin, B.Pilniak, the writers of the «Serapionis Brothers» group. This important bibliography issued in an edition of 350 copies only. (ISBN: 978591476-0332) .
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Book number: F3118
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Keywords: Russian Literature Bibliography 9785914760332

Povesti. Knizhka Pervaya:
. Brigadir. Bal. Nasmeshka mertvetsa. Poslednii kvartet Betkhovena. Improvizator. Sebastian Bakh. (Deshevaya biblioteka). S.Peterburg, Izd. A.S.Suvorina, 1890; 126pp. paper, 11x16cm; spine rubbed, chipperd at top and bottom, 11.5cm of front cover detached, cover soiled, edges frayed, foxed.
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Book number: R70661
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Catalogue: Russian Rare
Keywords: Wim Meeuws Russian Literature

Romanticheskie Povesti.
. Introduction and Selected bibliography by N. Cornwell. Reprint of the 1929 edition. Oxford,1975; 399pp. bound, fine.
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Book number: R71415
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Russian Literature Slavic Thornslav

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