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Melodika Russkogo Liricheskogo Stikha
. [On the cover: MELODIKA STIKHA Peterburg: OPOYAZ, 1922, 200pp. 12mo. First (and the only) edition, in protected wrappers, spine sl. damaged at top and bottom, text browned as is usual. ? Boris Michailovich Eichenbaum, or Boris Mikhailovich Eikhenbaum, Russian: Boris Michajlovic( E.jchenbaum (October 4./October 16, 1886, Voronezh - November 2, 1959, Leningrad) was a Russian and Soviet literary scholar, and historian of Russian literature.
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27 First Editions of His Lectures at the Prussian Academy 1922 - 1938.
. 26 first editions of his lectures held at the Prussian Academy 1922 - 1938. The proceedings are entitled Sitzungsberichte der preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften - Physikalisch-mathematische Klasse [=Proceedings of the Prussian Academy of sciences - physics and mathematics section ] We have so far listed the contributions for the years 1922 to 1931 and these volumes contain a vast number of lectures by the most famous physicists, mathematicians, geologists, astronomers, botanists, zoologists, meteorologist (like Hellmann ), geographers etc. etc. of the period. All contributions are first editions, first impressions. Many of the individual articles also appeared as offprints. The offprints and the contributions in the proceedings were both first printings printed on the same paper and issued at the same time. The only difference was that the offprints sometimes had their own paginations and were 2nd impressions. It is at the same time a fascinating history of the early nazi period recording treatment and betrayal of Jewish scientists on the one hand and tells about colleagues, who sacrificed their positions when asked to dismiss Jewish colleagues on the other. Cataloguing is ongoing and this entry will be updated regularly. To mention just a few other contributors they are Max Planck, Otto Hahn (the father of nuclear chemistry ) Emil Landau and Harald Bohr brother of Nils. 27 first editions: : Zur Theorie der Lichtfortpflanzung in dispergierenden Medien. Pp. 18 - 22, 1922; // Bemerkung zu der Abhandlung von E. Trefftz: Das statische Gravitationsfeld zweier Massenpunkte in der Einsteinschen Theorie. Pp. 448 - 449, 1922; // Zur allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie. Pp. 32 - 38, 1923; // Bemerkung zu meiner Arbeit "Zur allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie" pp 76- 77, 1923; // Zur affinen Feldtheorie. Pp. 137-140, 1923; // Bietet die Feldtheorie Moeglichkeiten fuer die Loesung des Quantenproblems. Pp. 359 - 364, 1923; // Quantentheorie des einatomigen idealen Gases. Pp 261 - 267, 1924; : // Quantentheorie des einatomigen idealen Gases. Zweite Abhandlung. pp. 3-25 , 1925; // Einheitliche Feldtheorie von Gravitation und Elektrizität. pp. 414 - 419, 1925; // Über die Interferenzeigenschaften des durch Kanalstrahlen emittierten Lichtes. Pp 334 - 340, 1926; // With J. Grommer: Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie und Bewegungsgesetz. Pp. 2 - 13, 1927; // Zu Kaluzas Theorie des Zusammenhanges von Gravitation und Elektrizität. Erste Mitteilungpp. 23 - 25, 1927; // Zu Kaluzas Theorie des Zusammenhanges von Gravitation und Elektrizität. Zweite Mitteilung. Pp. 26 - 30 , 1927; // Allgemeine Relativita?tstheorie und Bewegungsgesetz. Pp . 235 -245, 1927; // Riemann-Geometrie mit Aufrechterhaltung des Begriffes des Fernparallelis-mus. Pp. 217 - 221, 1928; : // Neue Möglichkeit für Eine Einheitliche Feldtheorie von Gravitation und Elektrizität. Pp 224 - 227, 1928; // Zur einheitlichen Feldtheorie. Pp. 2 -7, 1929; // Einheitliche Feldtheorie und HAMILTONsches Prinzip. Pp. 156 - 159, 1929; // Die Kompatabilität der Feldgleichungen in der einheitlichen Feldtheorie. Pp 18 -23, 1930; // With W[alter]. Mayer: Zwei Strenge Statische Losungen der Feldgleichungen der Einheitlichen Feldtheorie. Pp. 110 - 120, 1930 // Zur Theorie der Raeume mit Riemann-Metrik und Fernparallelismus, 1930 pp. 401 -402 // // Die Kompatibilitaet der Feldgleichungen in der einheitlichen Feldtheorie, 1930 pp. 18 -23 // // Zum Kosmologischen Problem der allgemeinen Relativitaetstheorie, 1931 pp. 235 - 237. // Systematische Untersuchung über kompatible Feldgleichungen welche in einem Riemannschen Raume mit Fern-Parallelismus gesetzt werden können pp. 257 - 265 ,1931 // with W. Mayer: Einheitliche Theorie von Gravitation und Elektrizität. 1931 pp. 541 - 557 // Einheitliche Theorie von Gravitation und Elektrizitaet, 2. Abhandlung .1932 pp. 130 - 137. // Semi-Vektoren und Spinoren, 1932 pp 522 - 550 // . We found the listing of the the last 5 lectures in the website of the Einstein Annalen.
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Original Letters Illustrative of English History
. "Including numerous royal letters. From autographs in the British Museum, and one or two other collections" Second series. In 4 volumes. London, Harding and Lepard, 1827; 348, 336,383, 544pp, engraved frontispieces (2 folding); occas. light foxing (esp. 2nd frontis.), top corner pp. 329-336 with light crease, top corner last blank page creased and somewhat soiled as a result. Otherwise the contents are very good. An interesting and wide-rainging collection of letters, with notes, spanning from Henry the Fourth to the Eighteenth Century. Skilfully rebound in medium brown cloth with green title labels. in new slip-case (green matching the colour of the title labels ) ask for postal quote first.
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Oeuvres Complètes. 2 Volumes
. Edited by Marcelle Dumas and Lucien Scheler, preface by Lucien Scheler. ( Bibliothèque de la Pléiade volumes 200 and 201 ) Volume I : 1913-1945. Contient des textes écrits en collaboration avec André Breton, René Char, Max Ernst et Benjamin Péret, ainsi que Ode à Salvador Dali de Federico Garcia Lorca, traduite par Paul Eluard et Louis Parrot, 1760 pagesTOME II : 1945-1953. Contient également des œuvres de jeunesse, des Poèmes retrouvés, des préfaces, prières d'insérer, dédicaces et des documents surréalistes, 1520 pages. Gallimard, 1996 - 2002, splendid new set, full leather, richly decorated spines/ nouvel exemplaire.
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Detskaya Illyustrirovannaya Kniga V Istorii Rossii. 1881-1939. Iz Kollektsii Aleksandra Lur'e. 2 Volumes in Slip Case
. Moscow, Samolet; Ulei, 2009. 382; 471pp. small folio format: 330x277 mm, weight 8 KG .Book Illustration is a a complex art form, and many famous artists have been book illustrators at some stage during their career especially during first third of the twentieth century . For painters children's book illustration was just a way to somehow survive . Like Petrov-Vodkin, Chekhonin , Boris Kustodiev , Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Vladimir Konashevich This massive and richly illustrated two-volume set, which includes more than 500 entries of Russian children's picture books during the years 1881-1939 years , contains an index of more than 190 names of artists . with brief biographical information and numerous references. The text is divided into nine chapters . The two volumes contain 1,800 illustrations and a glossary and is the result of many years of research . Many artists are listed here for the first time not only in Russia but also in the world. In addition to the rare illustrations one has added a list of all pre-revolutionary and Soviet children's book publishers . Fine set in slip case HEAVY Please ask for correct postage quote before ordering. ABE's postage estimate is wrong as usual. (ISBN: 978591529-006) .
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Newcastle Upon Tyne: A Short Account of Its Foundation
Esslemont. Newcastle, David Esslemont, 1980 14pp. 32mo. A small pamphlet published by Esslemont upon the 900th anniversary of the founding of Newcastle: a short account of that history,With Woodcuts . In teh original envelope. [ DL 1/3 ]( private press ). (ISBN: 090701402X) .
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Catalogue: Antiquarian Rare
Keywords: Bibliophile Private Press Bibliophile Printing Engraving Limited( Private Press ) 090701402x

Volume 11
. Ill.: Chekhon. Moskva, GIKHL, 1931; 300pp. paper. Oblozhka khudozhnika S.Chekhonina. Edges of coloured front cover frayed, spine rubbed at the bottom, otherwise very good. Contents: Mikhail Irinin. "Teoriya bezzashchitnosti" (roman). Viss. Sayanov. "V strecha druzei" (stikhi). N.Braun. "Literaturnyi vecher" (stikhi). S.Obradovich. "Devstvennost'" (stikhi). P.Nizovoi "Tekhnoruk Popov" (rasskaz). Vl.Cherevkov "Urtak" (rasskaz). S.Shchipachev. "O lyubimoi" (stikhi). Vas.Nasedkin. Stikhotvorenie (stikhi). P.Oreshin. 4 stikhotvoreniya (srikhi). N.Lyashko "Kam en' u morya" (rasskaz).
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Examples of the Interposition of Providence
. in the Detection and Punishment of Murder .. with an Introduction and Conclusion both written by Henry Fielding Esq. London, for A. Millar, 1752; 12mo (c. 12.5 x 7.5}; iv, 94pp.; publisher's original unlettered sheep; joints worn, head of spine chipped. Very good copy. The work was intended to reduce and preempt the crime of murder by demonstrating that guilt can't be kept secret and that through the workings of Providence truth will out and guilt be revealed. It draws on various sources, including Nathaniel Wanley's "Wonders of the Little World" (1677), Thomas Beard's "The Theatre of God's Judgments" (1597), and John Reynolds' "The Triumph of God's Revenge..".(1635). and the compression of the narratives, though thought to have been presided over by Henry Fielding, may be by Sarah Fielding or William Young, Henry Fielding's authorship being confined as the title-page states to the introduction and conclusion. The litle work or compendium was priced at "Bound one Shilling, or Ten Shillings a Dozen to those who give them away". It is now very rare.
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The History of Tom Jones,
0. 1780. a Foundling. Four volumes, Paris, Printed by Fr. Amb. Didot the eldest.. 1780; each volume c. 300-350pp.; contemporary chocolate-brown half calf over marbled boards, spines lettered in gilt and gracefully decorated in gilt and blind, marbled endpapers, mottled edges; neat contemporary owner's name entered on half-titles. A fine copy of this well-printed [and so also very legible] Paris edition, in what is almost certainly a French binding.
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Das Glückhafft Schiff Von Zürich : Ein Lobspruch Vonn Der Glücklichen Und Wolfertigen Schiffart, Einer Burgerlichen Gesellschafft Auß Zürich, Auff Das AußGeschriben Schiessen Gen StraßBurg Den 21. Junij, Des 76. Jars, Nicht Vil Erhörter Weis Vollbracht.
Muenchen, Rupprecht Presse. 1927. Dazu eines Neidigen Verunglimpfers schantlicher Schmachspruch, von gedachtem Glückschiff . Samt desselbigen Notwendigem Kehrab ist gethan worden. ( Buch der Rupprecht-Presse , 38 ) München : Rupprecht-Presse, 1927, small 4to. full vellum. 83 [1] pp. Number 19 of an edition of 150 numbered copies hand-printed on Bedenk paper. A example of fine printing by the most profoundly German private press of the early 20th century. Founded in 1914 in Munich by typographer Fritz Helmut Ehmcke, the Rupprecht Presse published over a span of 20 years some 57 books, of which this No. 38. Drawing mainly on German literature for his sources, Ehmcke printed in artistic form a number of works by philosophers, and this poem composed by pro-Reformation satirist Johann Fischart (1546 - 1590) was typical of his choices. One of the most prominent writers of his time, Fischart first saw his poem published in 1576, and it was regarded as one of the most distinguished works of the last quarter of the 16th century. As in all Rupprecht Presse offerings, Ehmcke designed the covers, endpapers and typefaces for this work. Text is in Ehmcke-Schwabacher, designed in 1920; headings in Ehmcke-Fraktur, designed in 1909 and cut by noted typographer Louis Hoell. Hoell also worked with the renowned Bremer Presse of Munich, as did calligrapher Anna Simon, who created the handwritten initials in red for this volume. Finely printed with wide margins on Bedenk hand-made paper with deckled edges. T.e. gilt.( private press ).
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QUARLES FRANCIS ( 1592 1644 )
Emblems Divine and Moral: Together with Hieroglyphics of the Life of Man
. London: Printed and sold by H. Trapp, 1777. rebound in half brown calf and green cloth covered boards with leather corners, gilt-lettered spine, 5 raised bands, spine extremities, bookplate on front paste-down, pictorial clipping pasted to verso of first preliminary, frontispiece consists of 2 images on 2 pages, a fine copy. 12mo. [xii] 9-289 , plates not included in the pagination. Profusely illustrated with wood cuts, Signature in ink by [previous owner dated 1791 in ink on original preserved first end paper, she also added some notes of rear end paper. Francis Quarles , English poet descended from an old Essex family, and educated first at Cambridge and then at Oxford. Upon completing those studies he went to Lincoln Inn to study and practice law.Though not an ardent royalist, he wrote pamphlets during the Commonwealth upholding the divine right of kings. In the 1630's he went back to Essex and began work on what was to become his best-known and most popular work "his best-selling Emblems (1635), lavishly-illustrated and containing five books of meditative verse. The poems are introduced by a scriptural motto, then a commentary based on quotations from various sources, and at the end closure is achieved with a short didactic epigram. The visual impact is supplied by the centre-piece, the emblem itself. Quarles says that "an emblem is but a short parable," and the verse puts the visual into the mental. The words and pictures, complementing each other, may then be said to have a double impact upon the reader.
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Précis Historique de la Révolution Française 6 Volumes and Related Volumes
. The set consists of: Précis historique de la Révolution française. Nouvelle edition , 6 volumes. Paris, Chez Treuttel et Würtz, libraires, Strasssbourg/Londres 1806 - 1822. Consisting of I:Assemblée Constituante. Suivi de Réflexions politiques sur les circonstances. Par J. P. Rabaut, 1822, 444,LXXVpp. and 6 engravings after J.M. Moreau-( On the spine it reads: Revolution francaise - Precis Tome I 1774 - 1791 - Louis XVI Assemblee Constituante. J.P. Rabaut) II:Assemblée législative, par Lacretelle Jeune. 1821, 432. XXXIV, 2 engravings after F. Bertaux- III-IV: Convention nationale, Par Lacretelle Jeune. 4ieme edition, 1816. 2 volumes, CXXXVI,-332 + 476pp. and 4 engravings after F. Bertaux. V-VI: Directoire exécutif, par Lacretelle Jeune. 2 volumes,Vol. 1: Troisième édition. 1815, CLX,322pp. -Vol. 2, 1806, 394-CCXVpp. and 4 engravings after Bertaux (finished by Bovinet.) . AND Poesies revolutionnaires et contre-revolutionnaires, ou recueil, classe par epoques, des hymnes, chants guerriers, chansons republicains, odes, satires, cantiques des missionaires, etc. etc. Les plus remarquables qui ont parues depuis trente ans. 2 volumes. Paris, Librairie Historique 1821, [2]316; 276pp. AND Conside?rations sur les inte?re?ts du Tiers-E?tat ; suivies d'autres e?crits. Précédées d'une notice sur sa vie,par M. le Cte. De Boissy-d'Anglais. Paris : Kleffer, 1826.XXXVI, 233pp. AND Événements de Paris, des 26, 27, 28 et 29 juillet 1830 ; par plusieurs témoins oculaires. Sixieme edition, continuée jusqu'au serment de Louis-Philippe 1er, et augmentée de la Charte, avec l'indication comparée des nouvelles modifications, de plusieurs articles intéressants, et de la marche parisienne, de M. Casimir Delavigne, avec la musique. Paris, Audot, 1830,216,12 pages = publisher Audot's catalogue, this volume is printed on 3 different papers, the first 72 pages on blue paper. BOUND WITH: Procès des ex-ministres: Relation exacte et détaillée, contenant tous les débats et plaidoyers recueillis par les meilleurs sténographes, les interrogatoires des accuses. les dépositions des témoins, etc. Volume 1. 2nd. Edition, Paris Librairie encyclopedique de Roret, 344pp.AND the volumes 2 and 3 of this same title Proces des ex-ministres..etc. Volume 2, XVI,308pp 2nd edition, Portrait frontispiece Volume 3 in first edition, 290pp. the publisher promised to send his subscribers the portraits later as these had not been supplied on time. These are not included here. A very rare ensemble in exquisite full calf leather bindings, gilt decorated spines with 4 raised bands and each with 3 green leather title labels, 24mo. size: 90 x 135 mm. together 10 volumes.
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Catalogue: Antiquarian Rare
Keywords: Frenchall French Revolution France French History Rare Cutayar

Das Berliner Weihnachtsspiel Von Den Prinzen Und Prinzessinnen Des Kurfuerstlichen Hofes Im Jare 1589 in Berlin Aufgefuehrt .
. Leipzig, Verlag von Doerffling & Franke, 1882, 36pp. test printed in red and black within red borders, spine split, front wrapper rather frayed and detached, rear wrapper less so.Rare copy of the original edition.
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Keywords: Kiefer Berlin Christmas

Studien Zur Vorgeschichte Einer Romanischen Tempuslehre (Vorgelegt in Der Sitzung Am 13. 11. 1912)
. [Sitzungsberichte der Kais. Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien. Philos.-Hist.Klasse., 6 Abhandlung]. Wien, 1913; tall 8vo; [2] + 306pp; bound in publ. paper wrappers; wrappers sl. marked with deeply chipped spine ends & sl. wear to other extremites, one small stamp on verso of t.p. unopened, otherwise the interior is good. Rare.
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Book number: F2170
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Catalogue: Linguistics
Keywords: Linguistics Romance Latin

Fisiología General Y Quimica Biológica. Volume 1: Fisiologí General.
. Salamanca 1961, XII,362pp. In a splendid full leather binding, 5 raised bands, richly decorated in gilt on spine and on front and rear boards, small imit. diamonds inlaid on front and rear boards, dentelles on inside of boards, with a full vellum wrapper lined with velvet and with an original drawing of the author in black and red on the front signed Beneitez, 24-2-1961, the small leather strips holding this together partly missing, a gilt dotted pattern has been embossed onto the orange coloured edges all around. This copy specially printed for Professor E.G.T. Liddell and signed in ink below the printed dedication Juan Manuel de Gandarias. The vellum wrapper is sl. soiled with a reddish stain in the centre of the front. a curious binding, overdone even. Probably quite unique. [ DR 2 ].
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Book number: F0766
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Keywords: Bibliophile Signed Weblists Signaturebook Rare Medicine Physiology Medical History of Medicine

Handwritten Letter in Ink
. Dated and signed 4-7-1968, one A-5 sized sheet. with handwritten envelope addressed to an address in Oxford. Together with the copy of a letter from her correspondent in Oxford dated 28-3-1968 in which she is being asked for permission to print her brother's poem ESTE ES EL PROLOGO O LA CREACION DE LAS ROSAS. in a limited ediiton. Also a copy of this correspondent's earlier letter to Isabel and the publisher Aguilar 's letter of 25-1-1968 giving details of Isabel's address. Isabel Garcia Lorca, (1909 - 2002 ) spent much of her life guarding the legacy of her late brother Federico, one of Spain's greatest 20th century literary figures. She created and directed the government-approved foundation that preserves her brother's name and the family home, as well as an extensive archive of his manuscripts, letters, photographs and drawings.
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Book number: F3024
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Catalogue: Antiquarian Rare
Keywords: Spain Spanish Literature Rare

Alessandro Magnasco.
0. 1914. Berlin, Paul Cassirer, 1914. small folio; xxiv, 76 plates [with 77 illustrations], each preceded by a page of caption; publisher's printed wrappers; a few spots to edges, otherwise a very good copy. Apparently the first attempt ever to unite the scattered oeuvre of this Italian baroque master, reprinting Ratti's LIfe of Magnasco [in Italian] in the prefatory material. For Geiger, the artist puts 'sein unerhoertes, durch die Erfindung lediglich bedingtes Koennen in den Dienst des Ausdrucks; und leitet ueber, vorTiepolo, vor Guardi oder Goya, zu jenem umgepfluegten Erdreich, darinnen wir die Wurzel der modernen Malerei erkennen.'.
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Book number: IS00848
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Catalogue: Italian
Keywords: Ianweb Art History Baroque 17th Century German Antiquarian Rare Illustated Italian

New Songs.
0. 1904. A Lyric Selection made by A.E from Poems by Padraic Colum, Eva Gore-Booth, Thomas Keoghler, Alice Milligan, Susan Mitchell, Seamus O'Sullivan, George Roberts and Ella Young. Dublin, 1904; 56pp. with frontispiece by Jack.B.Yeats; publisher's boards, printed label on front cover; lacking most of spine, boards very slightly discoloured. The rare First Edition.
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Book number: IS00445
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Catalogue: First Editions
Keywords: Ianweb Ian Rare Modern Irish Literature Poetry First Editions Illustrated Women's Ireland Bibliophile

Het Land Van Windegang
0. Mouette Press, Oxford, 1977; tall format: 11 x 6.8in; in publ. paper wrappers; Edition limited to 226 copies( private press ).
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Book number: 030636
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Catalogue: Antiquarian Rare
Keywords: Bibliophile Private Press Poetry Private Press Dutch Poetry

Emile-Paul. (Oeuvres volume 1 ) Paris, Editions Émile-Paul Frères, 1927, numbered copy. number 497 of 3000 copies. paperback, text pages sl. yellowed. Unique copy with a handwritten and signed dedication by Giraudoux on the half Professor Jean Seznec [ All soul's college, Oxford University ] by Giraudoux on the half title.
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Book number: F0089
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Keywords: Frenchall Bibliophile Signed Rare Weblists2 Signaturebook Signed Books French Literature Signed

Toonneel Der Wereltsche Veranderingen. Door Deftige, Vermakelijke En Ware Geschiedenissen Afgebeelt, Daar in, Onder Hoge En Lage Staten Van Menschen, Zuivere Liefden,
. schrikkelijke veinzingen, spitze vonden, bevallijke antwoorden, wrede moorden, verwoede wraken, rechtvaardige straffen, en ontellijke sporeloze hertstogten spelen. Uit verscheide Schrijvers, door I.H. Glazemaker vertaalt. Dezen laatsten druk, van nieus overzien, en met verscheidene nieuwe historien vermeerdert. 2 volumes in one. Dordrecht, Symon onder de Linde, 1669,[6] 440,[6]456pp. Illustrated. On the title page of volume 2 the translator is spelled: Glasemaker. Volume 1 is a reprint of the edition Amsterdam, Nicolaes van Ravesteyn, voor J.J. Schipper, 1645; volume 2 an enlarged reprint of the edition Amsterdam, Jan van Hilten 1650. See: Thijssen-Schoute 3,7; Buisman 706. rebound while preserving original (?) vellum title (handwritten) in imit. vellum, new endpapers. ( Jan Hendrik Glazemaker (1620-1682) Dutch word in ink on last page, last 2 blank pages soiled, most of the text is clear with a few sections where the pages are darkened. Lacks the frontispiece. of which a xerox copy is loosely inserted.[ DR-2 ].
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Book number: F1095
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Catalogue: Antiquarian Rare
Keywords: Nederland Dutch Holland Rare Netherlands

Abhandlung Vom Zwischenkieferknochen 1784/1786.
. Heinz Moos Verlag, Muenchen, 1968. Fine facsimile of the edition 1784 owned by the Goethe- and Schiller-Archiv in Weimar. Number 289 of a limited edition of 350 copies. in red marbled paper covered boards supplied by the Legatoria Piazzesi in Venice. printed on fine handmade paper . book design by Walter Wilkes.who signed below the colophon. Set by hand in Garamont by Deberny & Peignot, printed by Christoph Kreickenbaum Darmstadt Initials by Herbert Post. With 10 exquisite plates after anatomical drawings by Imre Kocsis. folio. some small lettering offset onto f.e.p.caused by inserted printed slip [ ST].
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Book number: F1248
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Keywords: Rare Science Teeth

Faust. Eine Tragödie. Erster (-Zweiter) Theil
. ( = borth parts in one volume ) Jena, Eugen Diederichs, 1912, Original full vellum binding with gilt titling to spine and front board, complete with the brass clasps attached to the binding with vellum strips. A fine copy. The text, set in Fraktur, is slightly yellowed, f.e.p. with vertical crease, paste downs to inner boards a bit wrinkled which is usual for this title. Rare in this condition [DL ].
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Book number: F0636
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Goethes Buch Suleika Gefolgt Vom Schenkenbuch. Dem Westöstlischen Divan Entliehen Und Mit Vierzehn Auf Den Stein Gezeichneten Farblithographien Versehen Von Max Pfeiffer Watenphul
. No. 233 of 370 signed and hand-numbered copies. With 14 lithographs by Max Pfeiffer signed in the stone. Frankfurt am Main, Verlag Ars Librorum, Gotthard de Beauclair 1966. folio (410 mm. x 280 mm.) loose sheets held in publisher's orange vellum-backed linen cloth binding with spine lettered in gilt and one of the coloured lithographs pasted to the front board. In dark reddish brown quarter goat's leather slip case with gilt lettering on the spine. A dust jacket was not issued. A fine copy. Printed on "velin d'Arches" and uncut. Five of the 14 coloured lithographs are full-page. Signed in the colophon by Max Pfeiffer Watenphul and Gotthard de Beauclair. 37pp. + colophon. Typeface used is Dante-Antiqua. Ars Librorum print no. 14. The first book ilustrated by the German artist Max Pfeiffer Watenphul(1896-1976). Inserted are the special lge 8-vo leaflet the publisher issued for this book with three of the illustrations reproduced in a smaller size and the publisher's catalogue of editions with original graphics.( private press ).
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The Crimes of Cabinets; Or a Review of Their Plans and Aggressions for the Annihilation of the Liberties of France and the Dismemberment of Her Territories. With Illustrative Anecdotes Military and Political.
. London, for and sold by the Author. 1801 First edition, [2] viii, 315 (1) a new half leather binding with marbled paper covered boards, older (original ?) title label pasted back to spine. text paper darkened and with occas. foxing ? Lewis Goldsmith (c.1763, probably Richmond, Surrey January 6, 1846, Paris) was an Anglo-French publicist of Portuguese-Jewish extraction. Talleyrand introduced him to Napoleon. Later in 1811 he published Secret History of the Cabinet of Bonaparte and Recueil des manifestes, or a Collection of the Decrees of Napoleon Bonaparte; and in 1812 he published a Secret History of Bonaparte's Diplomacy. He claimed Napoleon then offered him 200,000 [francs?] to discontinue his attacks. In 1815, he published An Appeal to the Governments of Europe on the Necessity of Bringing Napoleon Bonaparte to a Public Trial. [ dr 1 ].
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