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The First Saturday in May; an Echo of a Shropshire Lad
. The Tern Press, Shropshire, 1993. Hardcover. First book Edition, limited to 140 numbered copies printed on Lana paper and signed by the publishers, Nicholas and Mary Parry. Landscape small8vo. Unpaginated. Decorated boards. Illustrated with eight black and white wood engravings from drawings and photographs taken at various villages on the first Saturday in May, 1993,by Nicholas Parry. In fine state. No dust wrapper, as issued. A delightful account of the first village cricket match of the 1936 season and the train journey to and from the game. Carr's story was first printed in the cricketing anthology 'Fine Glances', issued three years previously. White and green pictorial paper over boards. Title in red on front cover and spine. outer edge untrimmed. Textured green end papers A charming book on cricket. delightful little story by J.L Carr recalling a match he played at Bridgenorth in Worcestershire in 1936. Strangely, this attractive item is not widely known. Byron Rogers wrote a highly acclaimed biography of JL Carr , but the First Saturday in May is not shown in the list of books written by Carr. It also escaped the attention of Stephen Gibbs in Post Padwick. J.L. Carr. 1912-1994, was one of the great polymaths of the twentieth century, putting his hand to teaching, travelling, novels, and social history, and even serving a stint as a photographer for the R.A.F. Famed for his eccentricity, he went through six publishers, one for each novel he wrote, until he formed his own Quince Tree Press. This is a beautiful and wistful account of a half-remembered pre-war cricket match: 'At least two of us would die in fixtures even then tentatively arranged for our generation." 1993 . Loosely inseted is a handwritten letter by Mary Parry dated 11-9-2004. also herewith: 2 signed etchings in sepia by Nicholas Parry measuring 100 x 150 mm for the actual etchings both mounted and protected by cellophane.
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Book number: 091849-13
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Keywords: Bibliophile Private Press Weblists2 Bibliophile Limited Editions English Literature

Newcastle Upon Tyne: A Short Account of Its Foundation
Esslemont. Newcastle, David Esslemont, 1980 14pp. 32mo. A small pamphlet published by Esslemont upon the 900th anniversary of the founding of Newcastle: a short account of that history,With Woodcuts . In teh original envelope. (ISBN: 090701402X) .
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Book number: F1100
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Catalogue: Private Press
Keywords: Bibliophile Private Press Bibliophile Printing Engraving Limited( Private Press ) 090701402x

A Miracle in Wilderness. A Story for Christmas.
. Illustrated by Jane & Anne Grahame-Johnstone. Oxford, Mouette Press, 1975. Printed by the Whittington Press, in a limited edition of 250 numbered copies signed by Paul Gallico. This is one of the 50 copies which were numbered M1 - M50. Printed on an 1848 Columbian press, on mould made paper from St Cuthbert's Mill. embossed cloth binding in protective white plain d/j. gilt top edge. Fine copy.( private press ). (ISBN: 0904845001) .
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Book number: F3162-4
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Keywords: Bibliophile Private Press Weblists2 Wim Meeuws Sch1 Gallico English Literature Bibliophile Private Press Limited Editions Christmas Noel Kerstmis Weihnachten Natale Natali 0904845001

Het Land Van Windegang
. Mouette Press, Oxford, 1977; tall format: 11 x 6.8in; in publ. paper wrappers; Edition limited to 226 copies( private press ) gesigneerd door de dichter.
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Book number: 030636
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Catalogue: Private Press
Keywords: Bibliophile Private Press Poetry Private Press Dutch Poetry

De Vierlingen Van Den Heer Van Pybrac. Uit Het Frans in Het Nederlands En in Het Latijn Vertaald Door Mr. Dirck Graswinckel. Ingeleid En Verzorgd Door Geerten Gossaert.
. Utrecht, Stichting de Roos, 1955. Hardcover without dust jacket as issued , top edge gilt, XLVIII + 136 [2] pp. all text pages clean and unmarked, but sl. darkened, end papers discoloured / . 140pp. Kop verguld. Typografie en band Aldert Witte. Gezet uit de Lutetia, de Romanée en de Open Kapitalen van J. van Krimpen, en gedrukt door Van Amerongen in rood en zwart op Eenhoorn Propatria antiek van Van Gelder Nummer 173 van een oplage van 175 genummerde exemplaren.
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Book number: F3227
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Catalogue: Private Press
Keywords: Netherlands Dutch Bibliophile Rare Limited Private Press

Holzschnitte Zur Bibel. / Woodcuts of the Bible. 5 Volumes
. 5 volumes in folio. splendid edition, one of 300 numbered copies printed by hand from original woodblocks on hand-made Japanese paper. All prints signed by the artist/printer. Bound block-book type in oak-tanned cowhide, covers embossed from woodblock. Folder and slipcase covered in hand-made paper, main title and masthead of the volumes are also woodcuts. Düsseldorf, Ursus presse, 1965-1970. Splendid set.
¶ Volume 1: IJOB (Job) 23 woodcuts, separate introduction enclosed; Volume 2: Das Lieder der Lieder (Song of songs) 17 woodcuts, biblical text edited by Max Brod; introd. by J. Mager; Volume 3: Jesaja (Isaiah) 20 woodcuts. Volume 4: Am Anfang ( In the beginning) 21 woodcuts, 1998, In these woodcuts the artist tried to show the development of the Deus absconditus, the hidden God till His revelation in creation. Foundation of this work were the books of the Kabbalah. Volume Volume 5: Ursprung (Origin) 20 woodcuts, 2002, the 2nd announcement of the creation in the Bible. The illustrations cover old folk legends gathered over 3000 years going back to the Stone Age. Cave drawings from 7000 to 200,000 years ago form the basis of these woodcuts. A descriptive booklet in the German language is added. ADDED ALSO: Large poster-sized print , measuring 97 x 61 cm. PSALM 22: Eli, eli, lema sabachtani. Printed from the woodblock in 3 colours, one of an edition of 180 copies printed on Japanese paper signed and numbered . AND Numerous invitations to Heidenheim's gallery in Duesseldorf( private press ).
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Book number: F2085
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Catalogue: Private Press
Keywords: Theology Wim Meeuws Bibliophile Limited Editions Private Press Bible

Kikeriki [Oder Das Krähen Des Edlen Hahnes Beneventano]
. Holzstiche von Otto Rohse. - Limitierte und vom Künstler signierte Ausgabe. 40 Seiten mit einigen schwarz-weiß-Abbildungen nach Holzstichen, eines von 1000 von Otto Rohse handsignierten Exemplaren, Erschienen als Jahresgabe für die Mitglieder der Maximilian-Gesellschaft im Jahre 1959.farbig illustr. Orig.-Pappband - guter Zustand . In Schuber. Schuber teilw. verblichen.( private press ).
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Book number: F3081
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Catalogue: Private Press
Keywords: Signed( Private Press )

Voi'na I Mir :
. Seriia Ksilografii Po Motivam Roman L?Va Tolstogo / R.I. Kalashnikova / War and Peace : A Suite of Wood Engravings Based on the Book By Leo Tolstoy By Anatolii I. Kalashnikov . Vvedenie W. E. Batlera / introduced by W. E. Butler. Society of Wood Engravers, 1991, 64pp. foliosized Signed limited edition of 300 copies printed by the Libanus Press. text set in Plantin, bound in red cloth by Smith Settle. Parallel English and Russian text. [ 0948021292 9780948021299 ] (ISBN: 0948021292) .
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Book number: F3225
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Catalogue: Private Press
Keywords: Russian Art Rare Private Press Engravings

Whittington Press, Andoversford, a Collection of Books, Their Catalogues and Other Ephemera
. Full details on our website or ask for a list. this small collection includes some very rare posters like Hellmuth Weissenborn's signed liniocut for John Clare's a cottage evening, only 35 copies printed by the press.
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Book number: F3252
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Catalogue: Private Press
Keywords: Private Press Bibliophile Printing

The Collected Papers Volume 26 : Cold War Fears and Hopes, 1950-'52
. Introduction by Andrew G. Bone, Routledge, 2020, 1132pp. 15 B/W Illustrations. NEW COPY. Table of Contents: Introduction Andrew G. Bone. Chronology. Part 1: Australian Broadcasts, Lectures, Articles and Miscellanea / 1. Guest of Honour [1950] Three Broadcasts for Window on the World / 2. The World as I See It [1950] / 3. My Philosophy of Life [1950] / 4. What Hope for Man [1950] / 5. Ferment in Asia [1950] / 6. Obstacles to World Government [1950] / 7. Blurb for C. K. Bliss, Semantography [1950] / 8. We and U.S. Can Lead and Help Asian People [1950] / 9. Science Can Help Australia Support More People [1950] / 10. Communism, Capitalism, Socialism [1950] / a. Bertrand Russell Tells Us What Communism Is / b. Private Monopoly Is Bane of Capitalism / c. Greater Democracy Is Socialism's Purpose / 11. Living in the Atomic Age [1950] / a i. Institutions / b ii. Individuals / 12. Refuting the Archbishop of Melbourne [1950] / a. Reply to Dr. Mannix / b. Telegram from Perth / 13. Why Western Australians Should Be Happy [1950] / 14. Land with a Future for Ambitious Youth [1950] / 15. My Impressions of Australia [1950] / 16. Happy Australia [1950] / 17. Hopes for Australia in a Hundred Years [1951] / Part 2: "A Common-Sense Paradise" / 18. If We Are to Survive This Dark Time- [1950] / 19. What Desires Are Politically Important? [1950] / 20. Loquacious Man and His Mind [1950] / 21. "To Replace Our Fears with Hope" [1950] / 22. "What Can I Do?" [1951] / 23. What Does the Single Individual Signify? [1951] / 24. The Future of Science [1951] / 25. "Living in an Atomic Age": Abstract, Foreword and Related Blurb [1951] / a. Provisional Abstract / b. Living in an Atomic Age / c. Blurb for New Hopes for a Changing World / 26. Christianity and Science: Is There a Gulf? [1951] / 27. Prof. Gilbert Murray Honoured [1951] / 28. Are Human Beings Necessary? [1951] / 29. Competition and Co-operation in Politics and Economics [1951] / 30. Denies Categorization as a "Humanist" [1951] / 31. New Hopes for a Changing World [1951] / 32. The Road to Happiness (i) [1951] / 33. Lecture to Young Men and Young Women's Hebrew Association [1951] / a. Life without Fear: A View of Poetry / b. Questions and Answers / 34. Sex Education Is Desirable [1951] / 35. My Faith in the Future [1951] / 36. A Liberal Decalogue [1951] / 37. Prefatory Note to Reprint of "The Elements of Ethics" [1952] / 38. The Road to Happiness (ii) [1952] / 39. How Fanatics Are Made [1952] / 40. Future of the B.B.C. [1952] / 41. Leonardo's Day-and Our Own [1952] / Part 3: Autobiography, Humour, Fiction / 42. Celebrity [1950] / 43. How to Grow Old [1951] / 44. How I Write [1951] / 45. The Use of Books [1951] / 46. Things I Know and Things I Conjecture [1951] / a. Things I Know / b. Things I Conjecture / 47. Bertrand Russell: Biographical Notes [1951] / 48. The Corsican Ordeal of Miss X [1951] / Part 4: Avoiding War / 49. The Fanatics [1950] / 50. Message to Japanese Students [1950] / 51. On Nationalism [1950] Two Letters on Preventive War / 52. Resignation from the Cambridge University Labour Club [1950] / 53. Lord Russell and the Atom Bomb [1951] / 54. Dictatorship Breeds Corruption [1951] / 55. My Plan for Peace [1951] / 56. Why Defend the Free World? [1951] / 57. Soviet Humour-Does It Exist? [1951] / 58. Fifty Years' Movement towards Equality [1951] / 59. Communism and Christian Socialism [1951] / 60. European Unity and the Atlantic Alliance [1951] / 61. China in the Light of History [1951] / 62. The Problem of Germany [1951] / 63. Preface to A World Apart [1951] / 64. The Narrow Line [1951] / 65. Western Values [1952] / 66. How Near Is War? [1952] / 67. One World-Is It Feasible? [1952] / 68. Message to Anti-Franco Protest Meeting [1952] / Part 5: Cold War America at Home and Abroad / 69. On Mass Hysteria [1951] / 70. Every Crisis an Opportunity [1951] / 71. Why America Is Losing Her Allies [1951] / 72. Lord Russell Sees MacArthur Dismissal as "Act of Courage" [1951] / 73. What's Wrong with Anglo-American Relations [1951] / 74. Are These Moral Codes Out of Date? [1951] / 75. Commentary on "U.S.A. The Permanent Revolution" [1951] / 76. Meet the Press [1951] Three Papers on Political Conformity and Civil Liberties / 77. Using Beelzebub to Cast Out Satan [1951] / 78. Bertrand Russell and the U.S.A. [1952] / 79. Bertrand Russell and the U.S. [1952] / 80. Is America in the Grip of Hysteria? [1952] / Appendixes / Interviews and Reported Speech / Multiple-Signatory and Other Non-Authorial Texts / Broadcast Transcripts / Original Non-English Texts. / Missing and Unprinted Papers / Annotation / Textual Notes / Bibliographical Index / Index of Paper Titles / General Index. (ISBN: 9780049200920) .
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Catalogue: Philosophy
Keywords: 9780049200920

Ed Lear Wasn't So Crazy
. Leaning Chimney Press [ Chris Hicks ] , 1967, 4pp. 150 x 70 mm. limited edition, number 12 of 25 copies, black covers with grey title label. covers sl. soiled, good copy. Chris Hicks initially worked for Blackwell's for many years before setting up his succesful book binding business in Oxford.
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Book number: F3279
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Catalogue: Private Press

Sonnets in Chinese
. 2 volumes in a silk (?) covered box bound in an Eastern style blockbook.Images available in w e b s i t e or via email.
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Book number: F0034-B
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Catalogue: China
Keywords: Bibliophile Private Press Weblists2 Limited( Private Press )

Splitter Haben Scharfe Kanten
. Ill.: Masereel. Mit einem Originalholzschnitt von Frans Masereel und 8 Linolschnitten von Paul Peter Piech. Limitierte Auflage von 126 Exemplaren, dies ist eins der Exemplare auf Basingwerk Parchmentpapier. Gedruckt auf der Handpresse von Stanislaw Gliwa der Oficyna Stanislawa Gliwy. 16 Seiten. Oxford, Mouette press, 1974. 16pp. Printed on the handpress of the Oficyna Stanislaw Gliwa in October 1973. Total edition limited to 126 copies. The printer Gliwa , a graphic artist in his own right, re-cut the 2nd design by Masereel, not accepted by the publisher (Wim Meeuws) into linoleum, this is featured at the back of this private press edition. this is one of the 100 copies numbered 1 - 100 on Basingwerk Parchment paper, = Vorms/Gabelentz , Mercatorfonds-Verlag 1975 in chapter E -lists the Dutch edition under number 82 . Paul Ritter, Frans Masereel, Eine Annotierte Bibliographie, Saur-Verlag 1992, page. 385, chapter Cb lists both German and Dutch editions under the numbers 100 and 101.
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Book number: 020285-3
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Catalogue: Bibliography
Keywords: Bibliophile Private Press [Bibliophile Private Press Limited Editions Dutch Flemish Vandeloo Masereel Privatdruck Handprese Pressedruck Flandern Flaemisch

Le Débat Du Cueur Et Du Corps de Villon En Forme de Ballade. The Dispute of the Heart and Body of François Villon
. English translation by Algernon Charles Swinburne. With linocuts by Paul Peter Piech. Oxford, Mouette Press and Frankfurt, Johannes Alt, 1970, 10 pages. Set in Garamond Roman for the French text and Italic for the English translation. Printed in red and black. One of the 26 copies marked A - Z.( private press ).
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Book number: F147-M
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Keywords: Frenchall Bibliophile Private Press Limited Rare Private Press French Literature Numbered

Le Débat Du Cueur Et Du Corps de Villon En Forme de Ballade. The Dispute of the Heart and Body of François Villon
. English translation by Algernon Charles Swinburne. With lino cuts by Paul Peter Piech. Oxford, Mouette Press and Frankfurt, Johannes Alt, 1970, 10 pages. Set in Garamond Roman for the French text and Italic for the English translation. Number 11 of the 30 copies (11 to 40) bound in Japanese brown Natsume paper covered boards and prited on Roger Powell paper , the frontispiece signed by the artist on Natsume paper bound in.( private press ).
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Book number: F2372-2B
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Keywords: Frenchall Bibliophile Private Press Limited Rare Private Press French Literature Numbered

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