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Haagsche Courant Dag Uitgaven
. vanaf de extra watersnood editie van Maandag 2 februari 1953 t/m Woensdag 18 februari en de uitgave van 31 december 1953 . Uiteraard zijn alle nummers bruin geworden, maar verder nog in relatief goede conditie. MET: Koen Aartsma: Nederland en de zee. Een eeuwigdurende strijd. Met op de voorkant nog extra gedrukt: februari 1953 - 1978: 25 jaar na de ramp.Wageningen, zomer & Keunig, 1977, 142blz. paperback, rijk geillustreerd met foto's toen en nu.
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ACKERSDIJCK, JAN (1790- 1861)
Verhaal Eener Reize in Rusland, Gedaan in Het Jaar 1835. 2 Volumes.
. Groningen, W. van Boekeren 1840. [VI],XIV,302; [IV],VI,[2],363p. With engraved frontispiece to volume 1. Contemp. half black calf leather binding with leather corners, gilt titles and decorations on the spines, marbled paper covered boards . Text sl. darkened, which is usual for this work, pinhole in margin on pp. 130/131, First (only) edition. An account of the author's three months crossing through Russia, with visits to St Petersburg, Moscow, Gorki and Kazan, for the greater part written in the form of a diary. It is regarded as one of the most interesting and one of the most reliable sources for the knowledge of Russia in the early nineteenth century, full of details about Russian history, culture, daily life, administration, institutions, commerce, etc. Jan Ackersdijck had been a lawyer in Utrecht and in 1825 was appointed professor of political sciences in Liège. After the Belgian revolution of 1830 he left the Southern Netherlands and the following year was appointed professor in Utrecht. He there occupied himself with a variety of subjects, public law, political history, colonial policy, rural economy, etc. He also lectured on statistics and economic theory, and for that has been credited with being the first academic economist in the Netherlands. Though he published a number of smaller works on these subjects he did not expose his economic theory in a more systematic way, yet he is said to have considered himself a follower of Malthus. He was convinced of the importance of own observation of foreign countries and therefore made travels to most European countries. The present book on his travel to Russia is his only more extended publication. He travelled all over Europe to collect data on the geography, population, society, trade, etc. paving the way and laying the foundation for the disciplines that later in the 19th century would be called 'economy' and 'sociology'. Ackersdijck left Utrecht in June 1835, and travelled by way of Hamburg, Kiel and Lübeck to St. Petersburg, and from there to Novgorod, Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan, Simbirsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Hamburg to return to Utrecht in October of the same year. SEE: Cat. Russica A135. NNBW IV,c.9. Butter p.54, Muller, Bibl. Neerlando-Russe 13; Cat. NHSM I, p.196; Tiele, Bibl. 24; WorldCat shows 2 copies.
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Verscheyden Brieven Bequaem in de Scholen Te Ghebruycken.
. Haarlem, Tuinwijkpers, 1968, (23)p. woodcut printer's mark in red, printed in 48 numb. Copies of which this is number 20, orig. blue wrappers with mounted title printed in black and red on front cover, oblong, 12mo.( private press ).
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Stundenbuch Der Katharina Von Kleve [ the Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves ] the Facsimile Volume with the Commentary Volume
. 2 volumes.Consisting of: Die Miniaturen aus dem Stundenbuch der Katharina von Kleve mit einer Einleitung und Erläuterungen von John Plummer. Berlin, Gebr. Mann Verlag, 1966. 8°. 359pp. Original hardcover, illustrated slipcase. With many illustrations in colour. Fine copy. Original artif. leather binding gilt title on spine WITH the commentary: GORISSEN, F. - Das Stundenbuch der Katharina von Kleve. Analyse und Kommentar. Berlin, 1974. 1204 pp. with 695 illustrations. Cloth. a fine set
¶ The original is in New York, Pierpont Morgan Gallery. M. 945 and M. 917.Origin was Northern Netherlands (Utrecht), c. 1440. Scribe: One hand for text and rubric (anonymous) Painter: One hand, the Master of Catherine of Cleves The Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves has been described in the following way : "The best-known and one of the most important, not only of Dutch, but of all medieval manuscripts is the Hours of Catherine of Cleves, which was made about 1440 for the Duchess of Guelders of the same name. Because it is one of the richest books of hours ever made, both from the point of view of its texts and cycles of illumination, many of which are not only unusual but unique, it is also a key monument in the history of Books of Hours." The Hours was divided into two parts in the middle of the 1800s by an unknown person, most often thought to be an unscrupulous art dealer seeking to make a profit. The second part of the book (M. 917) surfaced again in 1963, and was acquired in 1970 by the Pierpont Morgan Gallery. The book as a whole numbers 369 pages, although eleven pages still remain missing. The Hours contains 157 miniatures (originally 168) with corresponding border decorations, of which 32 were full-page and another 136 half-page miniatures. The finest quality pergament was used in the book's production, in which a feather brush was first used to draw the miniature onto the page before it was painted. Given the above facts it is not at all surprising that the Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves has drawn the discerning attention of many art historians; the book has nonetheless in one regard rebuffed the critical and inquisitive eyes of its admirers. The many commentaries on the Hours of Catherine of Cleves show that there is some considerable strain in attempting to locate a symbolic or iconographic significance motivating border decoration and miniature. Noting their incongruity, one must nevertheless admit that a relationship is effected between border and miniature by the mere fact that they cohabit the same page. This effect seems to be of a fantastic nature-that is, it is produced by the juxtaposition of seemingly irreconcilable elements. Without knowing whether to read the border decorations as symbol or as ornament one will never be sure whether one's viewing of the page is motivated or arbitrary, a product of text or fantasy. Beyond an effect of fascination, one might attempt to elucidate the particular play between a miniature and its border on a singular page, like that of the "Adoration of the Magi".
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Een Wijze Van Lev/Zen . Een Verhalend Essay Van Een Tijdgenoot Van Poot, Feith En Gagarin
. Oxford, Mouette Press, 1969, 35 pages : illustrated with a wood engraving by Hanns H. Heidenheim, and drawings by Faber Heeresma . [ brother of Heere ] Printed by L. Bourdeaux-Capelle in Dinant, Belgium. Set in times roman. This is one of the 295 copies on Burgundia paper with black illustrated covers:
¶ R. A Cornets de Groot ( 1929-1991 ) Dutch literary critic, born in Bandung, in the former Dutch East Indies. He said of himself that he wrote like a teacher teaches. The total edition consisted of 333 copies.
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Een Wijze Van Lev/Zen . Een Verhalend Essay Van Een Tijdgenoot Van Poot, Feith En Gagarin
. Oxford, Mouette Press, 1969, 35 pages : illustrated with a wood engraving by Hanns H. Heidenheim, and drawings by Faber Heeresma . [ brother of Heere ] Printed by L. Bourdeaux-Capelle in Dinant, Belgium. Set in times roman. This is one of the 12 copies numbered I - XII with the wood engraving printed on Japanese Ouda paper by the artist and signed in pencil. The board papers and endpapers are made of Japanese cream Natsume paper. Bound in half calf leather. : R. A Cornets de Groot ( 1929-1991 ) Dutch literary critic, born in Bandung, in the former Dutch East Indies. He said of himself that he wrote like a teacher teaches. The total edition consisted of 333 copies.
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Toonneel Der Wereltsche Veranderingen. Door Deftige, Vermakelijke En Ware Geschiedenissen Afgebeelt, Daar in, Onder Hoge En Lage Staten Van Menschen, Zuivere Liefden,
. schrikkelijke veinzingen, spitze vonden, bevallijke antwoorden, wrede moorden, verwoede wraken, rechtvaardige straffen, en ontellijke sporeloze hertstogten spelen. Uit verscheide Schrijvers, door I.H. Glazemaker vertaalt. Dezen laatsten druk, van nieus overzien, en met verscheidene nieuwe historien vermeerdert. 2 volumes in one. Dordrecht, Symon onder de Linde, 1669,[6] 440,[6]456pp. Illustrated. On the title page of volume 2 the translator is spelled: Glasemaker. Volume 1 is a reprint of the edition Amsterdam, Nicolaes van Ravesteyn, voor J.J. Schipper, 1645; volume 2 an enlarged reprint of the edition Amsterdam, Jan van Hilten 1650. See: Thijssen-Schoute 3,7; Buisman 706. rebound while preserving original (?) vellum title (handwritten) in imit. vellum, new endpapers. ( Jan Hendrik Glazemaker (1620-1682) Dutch word in ink on last page, last 2 blank pages soiled, most of the text is clear with a few sections where the pages are darkened. Lacks the frontispiece. of which a xerox copy is loosely inserted.[ DR-2 ].
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A Generall Historie of the Netherlands, with the Genealogie and Memorable Acts of the Earls of Holland, Zeeland, and West-Friseland, from Thierry of Aquitaine the First Earle, Successiuely Unto Philip the Third King of Spaine:
. Continued unto this present yeare of our Lord 608, out of the best authors that have written of that subject; London Printed by A. Islip and G. Eld 1609 London Printed by A. Islip and G. Eld 1609 COPAC states in the listing of the first 1608 edition: A variant (STC 12375) is dated 1609. We find other descriptions calling this the first edition, 2nd issue. Folio (318 x 225 mm). 1415 (i.e. 1403) pp. With engraved title and 56 large text engravings by Christoffel von Sichem. Woodcut chapter initials, head- and tailpieces. Some worm holes in the centre of pp. 1403 till the end ranging in size from 2 mm to 3 cm in width, mostly in the table section. Page 1413 is misnumbered 1415. In this edition Grimeston includes a translation of Le Petit's preface from "La grande chronique" and mentions in the translator's preface that the continuation of the history is derived from "Historia Belgica nostri potissimum temporis" by Emmanuel van Meteren. Eld printed quires O-2D, 3A-3P, 4I-5F, 5X-6C, and possibly the index; Islip printed the rest (STC). The engraved title-page border and many of the fifty-seven portraits are signed by Christoffel van Sichem and were originally published in Le Petit's "La grande chronique". The engravings include William II, 18th Earl of Holland and Zeeland; Mary of Austria, Queen Dowager of Hungary and sister to Emperor Charles V; Ferdinando Alvards of Toledo, Duke of Alva, Lieutenant Governor and Captain General of the Netherlands for Philip II of Spain; Queen Elizabeth; Charles II of Austria; and William V of Bavaria. Grimeston was an English translator of numerous related works, including histories of France, Spain, the East and West Indies, and Turkey. George Chapman.. Full calf, rebacked. The new spine is splendid, very elaboratedly tooled, with 6 raised bands and a brown title label, the corners have also been repaired, the boards are somewhat scratched. Armorial book plate of English entomologist Frederick William Hope (1797-1862) on inside of front board. [ DL 3/5].
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Itinerarium Frisio-Hollandicum, Et Abr. Ortelii Itinerarium Gallo-Brabanticum. In Quibus Quae Visu, Quae Lectu Digna.
. Lugd. Batavor. (= Leiden), Ex officina Elzeviriana (Bonaventura and Abraham), 1630. 177, (8), 183-343 , (16) pp. 24mo.Title in red and black. with the famous Elzevier printer"s device on the title page, With occasional woodcut tailpieces. This is Gotfridus Hegenitius"s description of his journey to Groningen, Friesland and Holland during the years 1626-7. This is a volume in the series res Republicae. ? see: Willems 330, Jacobsen Jensen 35. in new full calf leather binding red printed title label. [ dr 5 ].
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Neederlandsche Histoorien, Sedert de Ooverdraght Der Heerschappye Van de Kaizar Karel Den Vijfden, Op Kooning Philips Zynen Zoon. En: Vervolgh Der Neederlandsche Historien, Seedert Het Ooverlyden Van Prins Willem,
. tot het einde der landtvooghdyschap des graaven van Leicester. Amsterdam, Jan Jacobz Schipper, 1656, Amsterdam, Joan Blaeu, 1654. [XII], 842, [26], [VI] 333, [9]pp. With a finely engraved full page title engraving by Joachim von Sandrart (12 May 1606 - 14 October 1688) the German Baroque art-historian and painter, active in Amsterdam during the Dutch Golden Age. This includes the printer's vignette at the base. In a very detailed blind-tooled full leather binding with clasps ( lacks one clasp ) First part published by Ian Iacobz Schipper, the 2nd part by Blaeu 1e druk. See: Haitsma Mulier, 193/195 Front hinge of binding split, top/bottom spine worn, leather boards scuffed, spine with 5 raised bands. Name in gilt Rhodes University college library on spine. Ex-library Professor G.N. Clark [ Sir George Norman Clark (27 February 1890 - 6 February 1979, knighted 1953, although what he valued most was the order of Commander of the order of Orange Nassau bestowed on him in 1949 for services to the Dutch cause under severe circumstances (see enclosed copy of the pages 181 -186 Jaarboek KNAW 1979. Sir George phoned 6 months prior to his death to ask if I would be interested to buy "some Dutch books" This appeared to be the largest historical library on the Netherlands I had ever come across in the UK. [note by W.A. Meeuws] With his name G.N. Clark in ink on f.e.p.
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Facts and Documents Illustrative of the History of the Period Immediately Preceding the Accession of William Iii. Referring Particularly to Religion in England and in France. And Bearing on Recent Events.
. C. & J. Rivington, 1827. [8], 279pp. half calf wwith marbkled paper covered boards, giult decoration and red leatehr title label on spine, Ex-libris Arthur Capel on first paste-down. spine very sl. rubbed at the top. [Catholic church ].
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Post Incunable Leaf in Old Dutch (Middel Nederlands Or Diets)
. Early 15th century . Taken from Ludolphus of Saxonia: Vita Christi. Ludolph of Saxony (c. 1300 - 1378), also known as Ludolphus de Saxonia and Ludolph the Carthusian, was a German Roman Catholic theologian of the fourteenth century. Ludolph is one of the many writers to whom the authorship of "The Imitation of Christ" has been assigned. [ DR 5 ].
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Book number: F1805
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Keywords: Incunable Inkunabel

Physiologie Der Nahrungsmittel.
. Ein Handbuch der Diaetetik. Zweite voellig ungearbeitete Auflage. Giessen, Ferber'sche Buchh. 1859; xxiv,572 pp. + 254 pp. Zahlenbelege. text occ foxed but fresh, in new cloth binding, red title label, ` Schoenes Exemplar in neuem Einband, text v. sl. browned. ? Jacob Moleschott (1822-93) originally fromt the Netherlands, studied medicine in Heidelberg and had a practice in Utrecht from 1845 to 1847. He then taught physiology in Heidelberg from 1847 to 1854 and was appointed to the chair in physiology at Zurch university in 1856. From 1861 he worked in Torino and from 1879 in Rome. See: Drexel 904; Mueller 148. [ DL- I/1].
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Book number: 091039
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Catalogue: Elke

Bell Beakers Today: Pottery, People, Culture, Symbols in Prehistoric Europe
. 2001, 2 volumes, 736pp. black and white illustrations, HB. These two volumes present over sixty contributions, from and international colloquium held in Trento, Italy, in 1998, which provide an invaluable overview of the Bell Beaker culture and recent developments in scholarship. The papers cover sites and discoveries in Spain and Portugal, Italy and Sicily, France, the Netherlands, Britain and Ireland, eastern and central Europe, as well as more thematic discussions of, for example, radiocarbon dating, metallurgy, society and culture, European contacts, technology, tools, gender and burial rituals. The majority of the papers are in English, although most European languages are represented along with English abstracts. One of the most puzzling archaeological phenomena of prehistoric Europe is the widespread appearance of a specific form of ceramic vessel, a decorated, thin-walled, handleless drinking cup known as a bell beaker, throughout western and central continental Europe and the British Isles during the second half of the third millennium B.C. The bell beakers were often found in male burials that also included archer's wrist guards of polished stone, V-perforated buttons (with two holes drilled from one side at an angle until they converged to form a single V-shaped channel), and copper daggers. Archaeologists refer to this phenomenon as the "Bell Beaker complex" or, more efficiently, simply as "Bell Beakers." The earliest form of Bell Beaker called the Maritime Bell Beaker probably originated in the vibrant copper-using communities of the Tagus estuary in Portugal around 2800 - 2700 BC and spread from there to many parts of western Europe. An overview of all available sources from southern Germany concluded that the Bell Beaker Culture was a new and independent culture in that area, contemporary with the Corded Ware Culture.This conclusion was supported by a review of radiocarbon dates for Bell Beaker across Europe, which showed that the earliest dates for Bell Beaker were 2900 BC in Iberia. This makes the style contemporary with Corded Ware, but beginning in a different region of Europe. Bell Beaker has been suggested as a candidate for an early Indo-European culture, more specifically, an ancestral proto-Celtic. Despite the date this work came out in 2006.
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Catalogue: Archaeology
Keywords: Archaeology, Glockenbecherkultur Prehistory, Europe Weblists

Bij Tijd En Wijle Moet U Eens Komen Kijken. Maastricht in Zeven Prentbriefkaarten.
. Met een voorwoord van C. van Dijk. Haarlem, De Tuinwijkpers, 1968. Oblong. 9,5 x 14,3 cm. Ingenaaid. Samen met een mapje met zeven prentbriefkaarten en een facsimile van het handschrift van Nypels gestoken in een foedraal. Met de hand gezet uit de Romanée en gedrukt in rood en zwart in een oplage van 120 genummerde exemplaren.
¶ In het boekje zijn teksten opgenomen die Charles Nypels zond aan S.H. De Roos, in het mapje zijn facsimiles van de beeldzijde van de prentbriefkaarten opgenomen en éen facsimile van het handschrift. Exemplaar 50( private press ).
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Book number: F3092
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Catalogue: Private Press
Keywords: Private Press Dutch Netherlands Typography

Een Studie Gewijd Aan de Illustraties Exlibris En Gelegenheidsgrafiek Van de Tsjechische Grafici: V. Cinybulk, M. Florian, J. Lukavsky, P. Simon
. Vertalingen: Ine Bartosik-Woudstra. (De Gouden Hommel, Deel X) Nijmegen, Stichting de Getijden pers, 1958; 95pp; with plates in b/w and colour (some tipped-in) and some illustrations in the text, 53 original wood cuts, several in fine colours, lithographs and etchings, all by the four artists, 4 Etchings signed by Pavel Simon ; bound in original cloth; cloth v sl used, small inscription on paste-down e.p. etchings protected by tissues, very good. LIMITED EDITION of 200 copies , this is the copy numbered 125, printed on Supra text paper, typography and binding designed by Wim Zwiers. All illustrations printed from the original woodblocks and copper plates. Summaries in German, French and English. [DR-M].
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Book number: 030401
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Bibliophile Signed Signaturebook Wim Meeuws Dutch Artists Limited Editions Netherlands Czech Czechoslovakia

. 's-Gravenhage, [The Hague] Trio 1964. pages not numbered 2,3 x 1,5 x 0,8 cm. in carton box with text: Van Trio aan zijn zakenvrienden - Boekenweek [ the Dutch week of the book] / Schrikkeldag 1964 [= 29 February 1964] the box measures 8,0 x 5,4 x 2,4 cm. [BOEKENWEEK GESCHENK].
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Keywords: Dutch Holland Netherlands Miniature

Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of Autograph Letters and Documents Relating to the History of the Netherlands and Dutch Colonisation in America
. and autograph letters and manuscripts of artists, and a few others, the property of Martin B. Asscher .. which will be sold by auction by Messrs. Sotheby & Co.. at their large galleries .. on Monday, the 10th April, 1961 ..88pp..
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Book number: F3173
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Catalogue: Colonial History
Keywords: Netherlands Auction Catalogue Autograph Letters Colonies Dutch East Indies

Observations Upon the United Provinces of the Netherlands. The Seventh Edition, Corrected and Augmented.
. By Sir William Temple of Shene in the County of Surrey, Baronet, Ambassador at the Hague and at Aixla-Chapelle, in the Year 1668 London, Printed for Jacob Tonson .. and Awnsham and John Churchill .. 1705. [16], 279pp. original panelled calf boards rebound into new calf, title label on spine, 7th edition corrected and Augmented, but following the definitive text of the second edition of 1673. Title and imprint within double line border. some marginal wormholing to initial 35 pp. not affecting the text. ? Temple arranged the marriage of the Prince of Orange and Princess Mary of England and negotiated the Triple Alliance of 1668 [DR 1 ].
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Book number: F1050
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Catalogue: Antiquarian Rare
Keywords: Rare Dutch History Netherlands

Aan de Liefde
. Oxford, Mouette press, 1968, 4pp. in blue carton printed wrapper, number 18 of a limited edition of 75 copies.
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Book number: WO126
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Keywords: Weblists2 Dutch Literature

Clocks: Their Origin and Development 1320-1880. 2 Volumes.
. Wilsele, Belgium, 1st. edition, 2004, 1032 pages and about 950 colour illustrations. bibliography, index; .small-folio sized, immaculate new set in box and still in shrink wraps.( 25 x 33.1 cm )
¶ A completely rewritten and vastly expanded version of an earlier publication in Dutch (Vehmeyer, Antieke Uurwerken - Een familienverzameling, 1994, 624 pages ) this work is therefore vastly more accessible to most collectors. It is basically a detailed history of the mechanical clock in Europe, illustrated primarily with examples from the extraordinary collection of the author's family. The 1994 edition showed 233 clocks in detail; the 2004 edition has grown to 330 clocks so shown. Therefore, the book is also a massive collection catalogue. Each clock in the family collection is catalogued on two (or more) large (13x10 inches) pages, with about half a page of text describing maker, dial, movement and case, half a page of colour photos of details, and a large, full page colour picture of the clock facing the initial page. The clocks are arranged by country (52 from Germany, 109 from the Netherlands, 94 from England, 83 from France. ). Within each country, they are in chronological order. Part I comprises a comprehensive introduction to the origins of clockmaking, while Part II presents a comparative horological history of the leading European clockmaking countries: Germany, England, France, Italy and last but not least, the Netherlands. The book has a lot more to offer than just historical and technical facts about clocks. On the basis of the Vehemeyer family collection of more than 350 clocks, which are illustrated at the end of each relevant chapter, it gives insight into the relative importance of each country and the mutual influence these countries exerted on each other. Owing to its large number of beautifully produced photographs of both the exterior and very often also the interior of the various artefacts, as well as the explanatory accompanying texts, which follow a set pattern, this book will prove to be of interest to both laymen and specialist alike. 9053494316 / ISBN-13: 978-9053494318. Very heavy set, postage for about 9 KG. (ISBN: 9053494316) .
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Book number: F2831-5
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Catalogue: Clocks
Keywords: Clocks Uhr Klok 9053494316

Rei Van Smeeckelingen.
. 's Hertogenbosch, Ursus Maior, n.d. (= Amsterdam, F. Hoes, 1944, printed in liberated Tilburg ), (13)p. 2 col.oured drawings by A.W.J.M. NOYONS, printed in 550 numb. copies (this one is no. 440 ), original wrappers,printed in brown and red, the text ib black and red. (De Jong 897). Joost van den Vondel, a pseudonym used by Albert Helman. Helman [ = Lodewijk Alphonsus Maria Lichtveld ] was a member of the Artist's Resistance in the Netherlands and wrote poetry about the Resistance. Joost van den Vondel was a famous poet in 17th century Holland. Helman wrote"Rei van Smeeckelingen" in the style of a 17th century poem and it deals with the deportation of the Jews, names of occupiers and leaders in Germany and collaborators in Holland. It also has religious undertones like Joost van den Vondel's poetry. Helman did this because if his writings were published and displayed under Joost van den Vondel's name, then people would purchase it and the Germans would not know it was really written by a member of the Resistance; in Dutch; dated 1944.
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Book number: R355-B
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Keywords: Resistance 2nd World War Dutch Occupatiopn By Nazis, Limited

Een 1/2 Tuinhuis.
. Met illustraties van Dick Wessels. Maastricht, Het gonst, 1989, one of 55 copies, signed by Wessels. Het boek, eigenlijk vijf gevouwen bladen in een omslag -- je kunt elk vel apart bekijken, uiteenvouwen?, schrijft Dick Wessels in het colofon -- kan gelezen worden als een afscheidssaluut aan kindertheatergroep de Blauwe Zebra. De teksten die Wessels selecteerde, hebben alles te maken met de onbevangenheid en de speelsheid van het tegen het verkennende kind. Maar voor wie de drukker/vormgever/uitgever beter kent, valt er ook een persoonlijk statement in te lezen. Waar ligt de grens van droom en werkelijkheid, op welk punt vloeien ze in elkaar over, wat neem ik mee uit het ene dat ik in het andere achterlaat? 6 katernen : ill. ; 20x27 cm Toegevoegd een gedicht van Hans Berghuis t.g.v. het afscheid van de groep.( private press ).
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Book number: F1641
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Catalogue: Antiquarian Rare
Keywords: Bibliophile Private Press Limited Private Press Webslists Dutch Holland Netherlands Limited

. [Maastricht]: Het Gonst, 1989. 19pp.with colour illustrations 335 x 138 mm. Number 32 of a limited edition of 55 numberd copies set in Garamond and printed on fine Velin d'Arches paper. Very fine copy. With a handwritten letter in Ddutch by Wessels dateds 30-10-'90. in which he talks about future titles.( private press ).
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Catalogue: Antiquarian Rare
Keywords: Bibliophile Private Press Dutch Bibliophile Private Press Limited Holland Dutch Nederland Netherlands Holland

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