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27 First Editions of His Lectures at the Prussian Academy 1922 - 1938.
. 26 first editions of his lectures held at the Prussian Academy 1922 - 1938. The proceedings are entitled Sitzungsberichte der preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften - Physikalisch-mathematische Klasse [=Proceedings of the Prussian Academy of sciences - physics and mathematics section ] We have so far listed the contributions for the years 1922 to 1931 and these volumes contain a vast number of lectures by the most famous physicists, mathematicians, geologists, astronomers, botanists, zoologists, meteorologist (like Hellmann ), geographers etc. etc. of the period. All contributions are first editions, first impressions. Many of the individual articles also appeared as offprints. The offprints and the contributions in the proceedings were both first printings printed on the same paper and issued at the same time. The only difference was that the offprints sometimes had their own paginations and were 2nd impressions. It is at the same time a fascinating history of the early nazi period recording treatment and betrayal of Jewish scientists on the one hand and tells about colleagues, who sacrificed their positions when asked to dismiss Jewish colleagues on the other. Cataloguing is ongoing and this entry will be updated regularly. To mention just a few other contributors they are Max Planck, Otto Hahn (the father of nuclear chemistry ) Emil Landau and Harald Bohr brother of Nils. 27 first editions: : Zur Theorie der Lichtfortpflanzung in dispergierenden Medien. Pp. 18 - 22, 1922; // Bemerkung zu der Abhandlung von E. Trefftz: Das statische Gravitationsfeld zweier Massenpunkte in der Einsteinschen Theorie. Pp. 448 - 449, 1922; // Zur allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie. Pp. 32 - 38, 1923; // Bemerkung zu meiner Arbeit "Zur allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie" pp 76- 77, 1923; // Zur affinen Feldtheorie. Pp. 137-140, 1923; // Bietet die Feldtheorie Moeglichkeiten fuer die Loesung des Quantenproblems. Pp. 359 - 364, 1923; // Quantentheorie des einatomigen idealen Gases. Pp 261 - 267, 1924; : // Quantentheorie des einatomigen idealen Gases. Zweite Abhandlung. pp. 3-25 , 1925; // Einheitliche Feldtheorie von Gravitation und Elektrizität. pp. 414 - 419, 1925; // Über die Interferenzeigenschaften des durch Kanalstrahlen emittierten Lichtes. Pp 334 - 340, 1926; // With J. Grommer: Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie und Bewegungsgesetz. Pp. 2 - 13, 1927; // Zu Kaluzas Theorie des Zusammenhanges von Gravitation und Elektrizität. Erste Mitteilungpp. 23 - 25, 1927; // Zu Kaluzas Theorie des Zusammenhanges von Gravitation und Elektrizität. Zweite Mitteilung. Pp. 26 - 30 , 1927; // Allgemeine Relativita?tstheorie und Bewegungsgesetz. Pp . 235 -245, 1927; // Riemann-Geometrie mit Aufrechterhaltung des Begriffes des Fernparallelis-mus. Pp. 217 - 221, 1928; : // Neue Möglichkeit für Eine Einheitliche Feldtheorie von Gravitation und Elektrizität. Pp 224 - 227, 1928; // Zur einheitlichen Feldtheorie. Pp. 2 -7, 1929; // Einheitliche Feldtheorie und HAMILTONsches Prinzip. Pp. 156 - 159, 1929; // Die Kompatabilität der Feldgleichungen in der einheitlichen Feldtheorie. Pp 18 -23, 1930; // With W[alter]. Mayer: Zwei Strenge Statische Losungen der Feldgleichungen der Einheitlichen Feldtheorie. Pp. 110 - 120, 1930 // Zur Theorie der Raeume mit Riemann-Metrik und Fernparallelismus, 1930 pp. 401 -402 // // Die Kompatibilitaet der Feldgleichungen in der einheitlichen Feldtheorie, 1930 pp. 18 -23 // // Zum Kosmologischen Problem der allgemeinen Relativitaetstheorie, 1931 pp. 235 - 237. // Systematische Untersuchung über kompatible Feldgleichungen welche in einem Riemannschen Raume mit Fern-Parallelismus gesetzt werden können pp. 257 - 265 ,1931 // with W. Mayer: Einheitliche Theorie von Gravitation und Elektrizität. 1931 pp. 541 - 557 // Einheitliche Theorie von Gravitation und Elektrizitaet, 2. Abhandlung .1932 pp. 130 - 137. // Semi-Vektoren und Spinoren, 1932 pp 522 - 550 // . We found the listing of the the last 5 lectures in the website of the Einstein Annalen.
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Abhandlungen Der Fries'schen Schule.
O. 1906. Neue Folge. Viertes Heft. Göttingen, Vandenhoek & Ruprect, 1906; [ii], pp. 479 - 778, [iv]; publisher's printed wrappers; front wrapper brittle and chipped at edges with small, light marginal stain, short tear without loss in rear wrapper. About three-quarters of this issue is taken up by Hessenberg's "Grundbegriffe der Mengenlehre. Zweiter Bericht über das Unendliche in der Mathematik". It also includes "Das Muskelproblem. Physiologische Betrachtungen" by Karl Kaiser, and "Über einige neuere Missverständnisse der Fries'schen Philosophie uns ihres Verhältnisses zur Kantischen" by Kurt Grelling.
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MONTUCLA, J.F., [JEAN ETIENNE, 1725 - 1799)
Histoire Des Mathématiques Dans Laquelle on Rend Compte de Leurs Progrès Depuis Leur Origine Jusqu'à Nos Jours ; Où L'on Expose le Tableau Et le Développement Des Principales Découvertes Dans Toutes Les Parties Des Mathématiques, 4 Volumes , Complete Set
. les contestations qui se sont élevées entre les mathématiciens et les principaux traits de la vie des plus célèbres. Nouvelle édition considérablement augmentée et prolongée jusque vers l'époque actuelle? P. Agasse, An VII/An X; [1799 - 1802 ] 4 volumes in 4, Volume I [2], 8pp. 739pp. 12 folding plates, Volume II (2), 718pp. 14 folding plates Volume III 1 portrait (Montucla), [2], VIII, 832pp. 17 folding plates, volume IV Portrait La Lande[2], 688pp. 2 folding plates, ` Montucla's friends persuaded him to work on a new edition of his famous Histoire des mathématiques.(2 volumes, 1758 ) In August 1799 Montucla published new editions through Agasse in Paris of the two volumes originally published in 1758. Montucla extensively revised and enlarged the two volumes. He had intended to extend his cover of history to the end of the 18th century and part of the third volume on this topic was printed by the time he died, four months after the publication of the new editions of 1799. Lalande, with the help of some other scientists, completed volumes three and four to give the coverage that Montucla had intended. Volume three covered 18th century pure mathematics, optics and mechanics in 832 pages, while the fourth volume covered 18th century astronomy, mathematical geography and navigation. - "Montucla's major work, the first classical history of mathematics, was a comprehensive and, relative to the state of contemporary scholarship, accurate description of the development of the subject in various countries. The account also included mechanics, astronomy, optics and music which were then considered subdivisions of mathematics. The first volume covers the beginnings, the Greeks (including the Byzantines) and the West until the start of the seventeenth century ; the second volume is devoted entirely to the latter century. Montucla originally planned to take his work up to the middle of the eighteenth century in a third volume but could not do so, principally because of the abundance of material. In the second edition, extended to cover the whole eighteenth century, he was able to reach this goal. Much remained unfinished, however, since Montucla died during the printing of the third volume. Lalande, his friend from childhood, assisted by others, completed volumes III (pure mathematics, optics, mechanics) and IV (astronomy, mathematical geography, navigation) and published them in 1802". (DSB IX p. 501) Cajori p. 250 - Honeyman N 3284. In a later half calf binding with shagreen covered boards, green and red leather author/title labels on the spines. calf leather corners. Inside hinges re-enforced with linen strips. Copy with large margins, Volume I: Staining in top margins between page 1 and page 133, smaller at first then getting larger and then becoming less again; leaf 425/426 has a small tear, leaf 423/424 browned and has small hole in margin; small hole in 425/426 due to trimming error by printer/binder. Volume II: some wormholes in outer margins pages up to page 60 , leaf 73/74 stained; Volume III has holes in inner margins of pp. 595-622, this volume has an exceptionally clear text. Volume IV: Staining on pp. 221 - 312, all very small in right hand top margins and also on pp. 526 - 659, but again gradually from small stains to larger and then getting smaller again. We can send some images.
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