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Kirchen Und Moscheen in Armenien Und Kurdistan.
. 1913.iv,80pp and 31 illustrations, one map and 71 plates. ( Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen der deutschen Orientgesellschaft,25) hardback, REPRINT EDITION .
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Catalogue: Architecture
Keywords: Armenia Islam Mosques Muslim Kurdistan Architecture

The Decorated Word. Qur'ans of the 17th to 19th Century Part One
. ( the Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic art volume 4 ). this volume contains entries on 75 items. Part one covers Ottoman, Iranian and Indian Qur'ans and includes material from China and North and East Africa. 35.5x25.5cm hardcover in slipcase still in sshrink wrap. ? The Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art contains the largest and most comprehensive range of Quranic material in private hands. These holdings cover the entire history of Quran production from the 7th to the 20th century, and include examples from centres as far apart as Spain and India. This volume is the last of four dedicated to the Qurans in the collection, and covers the period 1700-1900 and items from Islamic Africa, Ottoman Turkey, Iran, India and the Far East. [ DL - III/5 ]. (ISBN: 139780197276) .
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Catalogue: Art
Keywords: Weblists Art Islam Byzantium Byzantine Muslim Ottoman 139780197276

Le Sultan Mérinide Abû L-Hassan ‘Alî Et Jacques Iii de Majorque. Du Traité de Paix Au Pacte Secret
. 2011, ( Cahiers des annales islamologiques 32 ) 140pp. coloured wrappers
¶ À la différence des Archives du monde arabe, les chancelleries européennes ont conservé de nombreux traités de paix et de commerce passés au Moyen Âge avec les États musulmans. La Bibliothèque nationale de Paris renferme en particulier un document particulièrement riche et éclairant, le traité de paix passé le 15 avril 1339 à Tlemcen entre le souverain mérinide Abu- l-H.asan ‘Ali-, alors au faîte de sa puissance militaire, et les ambassadeurs de Jacques III, roi de Majorque. Le traité jette une vive lumière sur les relations politiques et économiques entre les États riverains de la Méditerranée occidentale et sur le discours diplomatique qui les traduit. Le Maroc mérinide constituait pour le roi de Majorque un recours et un allié contre son suzerain, son parent et ennemi Pierre IV d’Aragon. L’alliance projetée ne sera pas conclue, et le royaume de Majorque annexé en 1343 à l’Aragon.
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Catalogue: Islam
Keywords: Ancient Near East

Arabic-Arabic Dictionary, By Al-Firuzabadi
. no date, (16th - 17th century) Philological dictionary in manuscript, in which the author lists a comparatively small number of root words, then proceeds their pronunciation and the meanings and Qur'anic references associated with them. This is the work of a scholar for scholars, and was not intended for general reference use. At least three different people have had a hand in inscribing the work, on various qualities of paper. The first fifty pages are of the best quality, displaying the finest calligraphy in the manuscript. The manuscript was possibly made in Egypt, and is almost certainly a copy of an earlier manuscript. The scribe's identity is unknown. Usually one can find the scribe's name on the verso of the title page, or at the end of the manuscript, whereas here the title page is mounted, which possibly conceals the name. it is considered one of the main Arabic dictionaries, the others being Lis?n al-?Arab, T?j al-?Ar?s, and Al-Mi?b?h al-Mun?r. The manuscript also finishes with a prayer for the scribe, the owner, and anyone who reads the book - not with the scribe's name. Small folio, full red embossed calf in frayed leather slip-case. We can send you the full Arabic title in rich text.
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Catalogue: Manuscripts
Keywords: Wim Meeuws Islam Muslim Dictionaries Rare Middle East Manuscript Antiquarian Manuscripts

Nusus 'arabiyya Tarikhiyya 'an Al-Zalazil Wa L-Barakin Fi L-'alam Al-'arabi Wa L-Islami Min Bidayit Al-Tarikh Al-Islami Ila L-Qarn Al-Thani 'ashar Al-Higri
. Textes arabes historiques concernant les séismes et volcans dans le monde arabe et islamique des débuts de l’ère islamique jusqu’au XIIe siecle de l’Hegire (du VIe au XVIIIe siecle de notre ere). (IF 1012) ( Textes arabes et études islamiques volume 46 ) 2011, 230pp. coloured wrappers, fine copy.
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Catalogue: Islam
Keywords: Arabic Islam Seismography Vulcanos Vulkanen

Le Livre Des Califes Qui S’En Remirent Au Jugement D’Un Cadi .
. ( Cahiers des Annales islamologiques, 30 ) 2011, 103pp. glossy printed wrappers,
¶ This short adab treatise by Abu- Hila-l al-?Askari- (d. c. 400/1010) marks an important turning point in the relationship between political power and the judiciary in Islam. Written in the Bu-yid period as a concise mirror for princes, the work sanctions a doctrinal evolution that is the outcome of long-standing tension between the judiciary and the highest levels of the state. Using a series of pseudo-historical narratives, Abu- Hila-l suggests that rulers should be prepared to submit to the adjudication of ordinary men. By presenting caliphs as being under the judicial authority of qa-d.i--s, the author contributes to the de-sacralisation of the caliphate and to the promotion of an independent judiciary. Mathieu Tillier, researcher at the Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo), presents a critical edition of the text with an introduction and a translation into French. righ bottom of front wrapper creased, o/w fine new copy.
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Catalogue: Islam
Keywords: Arabic Islam

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