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La Tentative Amoureuse ou le Traite du vain desir
Paris, Editions de la Nouvelle Revue Française, 1921. 24 cm, Different. Color Illustrations. Conditie: Very good, Beautiful turquoise three quarter (on spine and corners) moroccan binding with marbled boards. Binding with gilt lines at the edges of the leather. Five raised bands on spine and letters gilt on spine. Binding with some discolouration, mainly to the spine. Top of pages gilt. Marbled end papers. Original front and back cover bound in as well. With illustrations after watercolours by Marie Laurencin, engraved in wood by Jules Germain and I. Petitrabat. Frontispiece and three other plates in colour, as well as smaller illustraties in monochrome and colour in the text. Printed in a limited edition of 412 numbered copies, this being number 329 of 400 printed on Lafuma-Navarre. Contents with a little foxing but still a good or better copy . More photo's available upon request.
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Book number: 9993
€  900.00 [Appr.: US$ 1093.93 | £UK 778.75 | JP¥ 119065]

Das Maerchen
Wien und Hellerau, Im Avalun-Verlag, 1922. Different. 105+(3) pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, Hardcover. Bound in leather by hand by P.A. Demeter in Hellerau, near Dresden. Some wear to binding. Top edge of pages gilt. With a beautiful lithograph by Max Slevogt. Printed in a limited edition of 260 copies. This is number 134, one of 135 bound in leather (numbers 1 to 135). First published in 1795 in Das Horen, a publication by Friedrich Schiller. Full of esetoric symbolism. Published during the time of the French revolution, an event Goethe, as a freemason, followed with much interest. Since its first appearance this story has been the subject of much debate regarding its meaning. Rare edition..
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Book number: 7641
€  460.00 [Appr.: US$ 559.12 | £UK 398 | JP¥ 60856]

Binding - Lettres de Vincent van Gogh a son frere Theo
Bruxelles, Editions du Frene, 1946. 19 cm, Hardcover. 395 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Very good, Bound in a beautiful full leather binding by J. Mauhin. Gilt decoration on front board in a flame pattern. Letters in gilt on spines Top of pages gilt. Marbled endpapers. Signed on turn-in. Original covers bound in. With slipcase decorated with marbled paper. . Limited edition of 910 copies (including 10 copies H.C.). This book is numbered 244, one of 800 printed on Velin Superieur. Unique copy due to the binding.
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Book number: 9157
€  120.00 [Appr.: US$ 145.86 | £UK 104 | JP¥ 15875]

Your M.P.
London, Victor Gollancz Ltd., 1944. Hardcover, met stofomslag. No images. Conditie: Good.
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Book number: 7273
€  6.00 [Appr.: US$ 7.29 | £UK 5.25 | JP¥ 794]

Cartouche, of de booswigt. Waar in de konst van beurzen snyden (door Cartouche onderweezen) verhandelt wert. Nog is hier agter aangeplaatst, twee woorden boekjes, namentlyk het eenen met het Nederduitsch voor, en het Bargoens er teegen over, en het andere met het Bargoens voor, en het Nederduitsch er over
Amsteldam (Amsterdam), J. de Ruyter, 1743, 2nd edition. 16,5 cm, Paperback. (12)+176 pp. Engravings. Conditie: Good, Marbled boards. With sixteen engravings (missing frontispiece), Wear to boards, thumbed/soiled at the beginning, a bit dog-eared. At the end there are Dutch-Bargoens and Bargoens-Dutch dictionaries.. Mist titelplaat maar met 16 platen aanwezig in dit boek: voor blz. 1, 13, 21, 35, 49, 51, 55, 63, 67, 73, 89, 95, 119, 127, 133, 137 Op bladzijde 140 een bericht voor de boekbinder. Dit is een lijst waarop aangegeven staat waar in het boek de platen ingebonden moeten worden. Deze lijst vermeld eveneens 16 platen.Slijtageplekjes kaften. Wat ezelsoortjes, wat smoezelig, voorin ex libris. Dit is een zeldzame vertaling in het Nederlands. Het boek geschreven in dichtvorm en is gebaseerd op het leven van de meesterdief Louis-Dominque Bourguignon (1693-1721) oftewel Cartouche. Achterin vanaf bladzijde 141 is bijgevoegd voor deze Nederlandse uitgave een Nederlands-Bargoens en Bargoens-Nederlandse woordenboek. Diefstal Criminaliteit..
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Book number: 9153
€  900.00 [Appr.: US$ 1093.93 | £UK 778.75 | JP¥ 119065]

 GRIMSHAW, BEATRICE, From Fiji to the Cannibal Islands
From Fiji to the Cannibal Islands
London, Eveleigh Nash, 1907. Hardcover (cloth). xii, 355 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, Binding with some wear, stain to front. With a plate from Toynbee Library and some other markings/paper by the library. Tear only affecting the blanc margin . Missing one plate. Gilt lettering to spine.
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Book number: 6849
€  30.00 [Appr.: US$ 36.46 | £UK 26 | JP¥ 3969]

Binding - Terre d'Astarte. Souvenirs de Syrie
Anvers, Buschmann, 1942. Hardcover. 165 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Very good, Bound in a beautiful brouwn full leather binding with darkbrown leather geometric inlay, bordered by gilt lines. This patern is both on the front and back. Letters in gilt on spine. With slipcase. Moiré on endpapers, gilt topedge of pages. Printed in a limited edition of 1000 copies, this is number 257. Printed on Papier Malmedy. With frontispiece tipped in of an Arab on a camel holding a rifle. With another 25 illustrations of Beirut, Halebie, Deir ez-Zor, a water wheel on the river Orontes, an aquaduct in the Ansarieh mountains, a company of Meharisten (French legionairs on camels, active in Syria from 1920) entering Palmyra, horsemen from the Maouali, Aleppo. Also protraits from a sjeikh, emir, a princes, etc. Contents: 1. Vers la Lumiere miraculeuse. 2. Sur le chemin de Damas 3. Chevauchees 4. Deux Portraits 5. Alep, ville royale. Book about a journey through Syria. In a custom made binding, thus an unique copy of this interesting book about Syria.
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Book number: 9161
€  120.00 [Appr.: US$ 145.86 | £UK 104 | JP¥ 15875]

Extracts from the Journal of Lord R. Grosvenor. Being an account of his visit to the Barbary Regencies in the spring of 1830
London, Darf Publishers, 1986. Different, met stofomslag. 100 pp. No images. Conditie: Good, The republication of this scarce volume will be welcomed by students and historians of North African history. It provides an account of the travels of Lord Grosvenor who, in 1829 and 1830, accompanied a British naval expedition to Tripoli, Tunis and Algiers for the purpose of gathering military intelligence. The present work takes the form of a personal narrative of the voyage, combining delightful descriptions of the country and its inhabitants, with the life and exploits of the naval party. This fine facsimile includes the charming engravings which enhanced the original edition. Hardcover with dustjacket.
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Book number: 9694
€  45.00 [Appr.: US$ 54.7 | £UK 39 | JP¥ 5953]

Heralds of Dawn: Early Converts in the New Hebrides
London, Hodder and Stoughton Limited, No Date. Hardcover (cloth). xv+175 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, A little wear to the binding, but still a good or better binding. Some foxing (mainly to the first pages and the edges). With a label from the Women's Missionary Association Library (Muswell Hill Presbyterian Church). All illustrations present (contains list of illustrations). More photo's available upon request.
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Book number: 7109
€  90.00 [Appr.: US$ 109.39 | £UK 78 | JP¥ 11907]

An African Survey. A Study of Problems Arising in Africa South of the Sahara
London, Oxford University Press, 1938. Hardcover. xxviii+1837 pp. Color Illustrations. Conditie: Very good, With six maps. Folding map in colour in the back with two other smaller maps in the corners (so three in total). Elsewhere three other maps in black and white (one folding). Extensive study about Africa. Subjects are agriculture, woods, water, erosion, African people, languages, laws, non-European immigrants, taxes, healthcare, education, minerals and mining, transport and communication, etc..
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Book number: 6526
€  15.00 [Appr.: US$ 18.23 | £UK 13 | JP¥ 1984]

An African Survey. Revised
London, Oxford University Press, 1957. Paperback. xxvi+1676 pp. Color Illustrations. Conditie: Good, With 11 maps. With fold out map in colour, eight in black&white and two fold out maps in black&white.
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Book number: 6539
€  15.00 [Appr.: US$ 18.23 | £UK 13 | JP¥ 1984]

The Price We Pay! or ?7,600,000,000 of Morphia. What the Atlantic Charter means, with some comments on the past and the future
n.d., n.p., n.d., 4th edition. Paperback. 39+(1) pp. No images. Conditie: Good.
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Book number: 7266
€  27.00 [Appr.: US$ 32.82 | £UK 23.5 | JP¥ 3572]

Cities of Northern and Central Italy. In three volumes
London, Daldy, Isbister & Co., 1876. Hardcover (cloth). No images. Conditie: Good. Volume I: On the Rivieras, and in Piedmont and Lombardy. Volume II: In Venetia, Parma, the Emilia, the Marche, and Northern Tuscany. Volume III: Florence, Sienna and other towns of Tuscany and Umbria.
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Book number: 5597
€  70.00 [Appr.: US$ 85.08 | £UK 60.75 | JP¥ 9261]

A Narrative of the Peninsular War. In two volumes
Edinburgh, Daniel Lizars, 1831. Leather binding. xvi-314, viii-298 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, Two volumes bound in contemporary dark blue morocco leather. Decorates in gilt and with five raised band on spine. Pages marbled on edges. Marbled end papers. With 22 plates, all present (two bound not in the place mentioned on the list of plates but at the start of a volume, but all present). Bindings with some wear and contents with some foxing. Rare set of the 1831 edition in nice bindings. Book about the Spanish peninsular war of 1802-1812 where the British and Spanish fought the armies of Napoleon. More photo's available upon request.
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Book number: 6004
€  600.00 [Appr.: US$ 729.29 | £UK 519.25 | JP¥ 79377]

The Life of Bruce, the African Traveller
London, John Murray, 1830. Hardcover. vii+(1)+535 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, Binding with some wear, contents a little foxed. With two folding maps, also some illustrations in the text..
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Book number: 6611
€  60.00 [Appr.: US$ 72.93 | £UK 52 | JP¥ 7938]

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