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Des Divinites Generatrices ou du Culte du Phallus chez les Anciens et les Modernes
Paris, Isodore Liseux & Theophile Belin, 1885. 23 cm, Hardcover. xvi+422+(2) pp. No images. Conditie: Good, Full bordeaux red marocco leather binding. Binding decorated in gilt with floral details. On spine four raised bands and decorated with two bees in gilt. Spine and top of upper board somewhat discoloured. Top edge of pages gilt. Edition uinique sur papier de Hollande. Original wrappers bound in, original front cover repaired. Curiosa erotica.
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Book number: 8014
€  300.00 [Appr.: US$ 364.64 | £UK 259.75 | JP 39688]

 DUMAS, ALEXANDRE, The Borgias [Hatchards Binding]
The Borgias [Hatchards Binding]
London, Arthur L. Humphreys, 1911. 21,8 cm, Leather binding. 357 pp. No images. Conditie: Very good, Ingebonden in een fraaie paarse marokijnen band met vijf ribben op rug welke op voor- en achterplat uitlopen in een plantmotief in blinddruk. Letters op voorplat en rug in goudopdruk. Band door Hatchards Picadilly (voorin op binnenzijde voorplat onderaan in goudopdruk gesigneerd). Bovenzijde bladzijde goud op snede. Gedrukt op papier met watermerk (Unbleached Arnold). Uit de reeks The Royal Library Historical Series. Titelpagina gedrukt in rood en zwart. Boek compleet. Achterin index. Rug wat verkleurd. Voorin op blanco bladzijde inscriptie in zwierig handschrift. Boekblok compleet en in goede staat voor leeftijd. Biografie over de Borgia familie.
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Book number: 10820
€  280.00 [Appr.: US$ 340.33 | £UK 242.25 | JP 37043]

The Gallinaceous Game Birds of North America - #84/100 Large Paper Copy Limited Edition Kellog Foundation
New York, Francis P. Harper, 1897. Different. 220 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, Letters op rug in goudopdruk. Bovenzijde bladzijden goud op snede. Op alle drie de zijden van het boekblok (dus alleen op de snede) een zwarte inktvlek. Boekblok in goede staat. Tekstblokken met ruime marges. Gelimiteerde oplage van 100 exemplaren op "large paper", dit exemplaar genummerd 82. Dit is dus niet de normale "trade edition". Voorin op blanco schutblad met pen geschreven "Property of Mrs N(?) K. Kellogg. Op bladzijde met vermelding gelimiteerde oplage met potlood geschreven ''11-2-66 gift of Kellogg Foundation", verder met inkt een naam geschreven (D.Gellioh?) en met potlood enkele nummers. Op de tegenoverliggende bladzijde is een label verwijderd. De W.K. Kellogg Foundation is n van de grootste Amerikaanse liefdadigheidsinstellingen. Met veel platen met illustraties van hoenderachtige vogels (patrijs, wilde kalkoen, etc.). Met beschrijvingen van hun habitat, verenkleed (zowel jong als volwassen), etc. Ornithologie. Vogels. . Limited edition of 100 copies, this being number 84 (so not the more common trade edition). Gilt letters on spine, Top edge of pages gilt. Ink stain on edge of pages. Contents good. Inscription on blank end paper ("Property of Mrs N(?) K. Kellogg). Also inscription with pencil (''11-2-66 gift of Kellogg Foundation") and a name in ink (D. Gellioh?) en some numbers with pencil. Label removed. The W.K. Kellog Foundation is one of the largest American charities. Illustrated with lots of illustrations.
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Book number: 8989
€  250.00 [Appr.: US$ 303.87 | £UK 216.5 | JP 33074]

Systeme des Titres dans les Nouvelles-Hebrides Centrales d
Paris, n.p., 1973. Paperback. 491+8 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Fair, Number taped to spine, covers with wear and front cover with fold, contents good. With maps (one folding), New Hebrides is a group of islands in the South Pacific.
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Book number: 7040
€  40.00 [Appr.: US$ 48.62 | £UK 34.75 | JP 5292]

The Geology and Geography of Northern Nigeria
London, MacMillan and Co., 1911. Hardcover. xiv+295 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, With plates and maps. Gilt letters on spine, top edge pages gilt. With five maps, one of which is a colour map (fold out) which is loose as issued.
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Book number: 6558
€  50.00 [Appr.: US$ 60.77 | £UK 43.5 | JP 6615]

 FARRERE, CLAUDE, [Walletbinding] Shahra Sultane ou Les sanglantes amours authentiques et mirifiques de Sultan Shah riar, roi de la Perse et de la Chine et de Shahra sultane, heroine 1/100 ex.
[Walletbinding] Shahra Sultane ou Les sanglantes amours authentiques et mirifiques de Sultan Shah riar, roi de la Perse et de la Chine et de Shahra sultane, heroine 1/100 ex.
Paris, Dorbon-Aine, 1923. Leather binding. 70, (2), (72), (4). Color Illustrations. Conditie: Good, Hardcover. Farrere, Claude. Shahra Sultane ou Les sanglantes amours authentiques et mirifiques de Sultan Shah riar, roi de la Perse et de la Chine et de Shahra sultane, heroine. Paris: Dorbon-Ain, 1923. 70, (2), (72), (4) blz. Formaat circa 28,3 cm. Ingebonden in een gesigneerde band (Arabisch schrift in goudopdruk). Wallet-binding in groen marokijn rijk versierd in goudopdruk in Arabische stijl. Schutbladen ook bekleed in marokijn, hier meer blauwgroen. Spiegelrand en binnenflap rijk versierd in goudopdruk. Voorin op spiegel in de linkerbovenhoek gesigneerd in goudopdruk in het Arabisch. Klein beschadiging ook bovenzijde rug. Voorplat waar flap niet over de band valt verkleurd. Rug verkleurt. Achterplat alleen onderaan iets verkleurd. Gelimiteerde oplage van 100 exemplaren met een dubbele suite van illustraties. En suite in de tekst en achterin een suite zonder tekst gedrukt op dikker papier met een gele tint. Deze suite zonder tekst niet gepagineerd. Dit is nummer 124. Totale oplage besloeg 550 exemplaren (50, 100 en 400 exemplaren). Illustraties door Armand Rassenfosse in kleur. Bijzonder exemplaar vanwege de fraaie band. Referentienummer 10430. Meer foto's op aanvraag beschikbaar (more photo's available upon request).
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Book number: 10430
€  1200.00 [Appr.: US$ 1458.58 | £UK 1038.25 | JP 158754]

Péking. Histoire et description
Paris, Descle, de Brouwer et Cie, 1904. Hardcover (cloth). 416 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, Binding black, silver and gilt, all edges gilt. .
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Book number: 5944
€  600.00 [Appr.: US$ 729.29 | £UK 519.25 | JP 79377]

Memoirs of Count Gramont by Anthony, Count Hamilton. Illustrated with over one hundred portraits from original paintings by Lely, Riley Wissing, Cooper, Petitot, etc. (BINDING by Charles E. Lauriat Co. Boston)
London, Bickers and Son, 1906. Three quarter leather binding. xxxvi+376 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Very good, Beatifull three quarter leather binding with marbled end papers. Five raised bands on spine. Decorations on spine in gilt. Binding by Charles E. Lauriat Co. Boston (small stamp of binder to indicate so). Top edge of pages gilt. Al little wear to binding. Marbled end papers. Contents with some foxing. With 12 plates which some an impression in the paper and 77 plates with portraits numbered I to LXXVI (two plates with the same number, one of which has the letter a added to the plate number). More photo's available upon request.
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Book number: 6644
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Hérodias. 1 of 20 copies with original drawing by Leon Courbouleix and 2 extra suites of plates
Paris, n.p., n.y.. 33 cm, Different. Color Illustrations. Conditie: Very good, Published in loose sheets, once folded creating 80 pages. In slipcase. Printed in a limited edition of just 61 copies. This being number 6 out of 20 copies printed on papier Arches, signed by the illustrator (Leon Courbouleix). With an original drawing in colour by Courbouleix (signed at the bottom, the engraving for which this drawing was the base is somewhat different) and two additional suites of plates. One suite in sanguine and one in black and white. Each suite consists of the cover, titleplate and 14 plates which all are also included in the book (so of the mentioned illustrations there three plates each). The plates and suite are blank on the reverse side. The title page is partly illustrated as well and there are three illustrations within the text. Three capital letters are decorated in gilt and black and white. Other capital letters throughout the text are printed in red. Text in French. Rare copy of the edition with two suites. More photo's available upon request.
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Book number: 10511
€  950.00 [Appr.: US$ 1154.71 | £UK 822 | JP 125680]

MI 9: Escape and Evasion 1939-1945
London, BCA, 1979. Hardcover. 364 pp. No images. Conditie: Good.
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Book number: 6414
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MI 9: Escape and Evasion 1939-1945
London, Bodley Head, 1979. Hardcover (cloth). 364 pp. No images. Conditie: Very good.
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Book number: 6413
€  7.00 [Appr.: US$ 8.51 | £UK 6.25 | JP 926]

Denkmäler Deutscher Renaissance
Berlin, Ernst Wasmuth, 1882-1890/1. 49 cm, Hardcover. vii, 86, (1) pp + 275 plates. Black & White images. Conditie: Fair, Eleven portfolio's numbered I to XII (excluding number VII). Wear and spotting to portfolio's. Each portfolio contains 25 plates as stated on the cover of the portfolio's depicting various architectural buildings and details in Germany but also some plates about other cities like Prague, Basel and Zrich. So 275 plates in total. Plates mostly after photographs. Plates with some foxing, a few browned and most a bit thumbed/soiled. Some plates with a few small tears or loss to the edge, not touching the printed area. Size of the portfolio's about 49 x 33 cm and together they weigh nearly 19 kg. Part XII als contains text with illustrations. The date on the titlepage (1891) differs from the date stated on the portfolio (1890).
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Book number: 9516
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Footprints on Malekula: a memoir of Bernard Deacon
London, Free Association Books, 1987. Hardcover (cloth), met stofomslag. xviii+75 pp. No images. Conditie: Very good, With dedication by the author on blank page. With pencil the remark "Press Copy" Small indentation on a page where a paperclip was attatched. Bernard Deacon spent 14 months on the island Malekula. This island is part of Vanuatu (when Deacon lived there it was called the New Hebrides). During his time there he wrote letters to Margaret Gardener. Just when he was about to start his teaching job at the university of Sydney he passed away in 1927. 50 years later Gardiner discovers Deacon is regarded on Malekula as something akin to a mythical figure.
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Book number: 6852
€  30.00 [Appr.: US$ 36.46 | £UK 26 | JP 3969]

Task Force 9156 and III Island Command. A Story of South Pacific Advanced Base During World War II Efate, New Hebrides
n.p., Privately Published, 1983. Hardcover (cloth). ix+125 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, With map and illustrations. Gilt stamped green cloth. About the American military presence on Efate (New Hebrides in the Pacific) during the Second World War.
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Book number: 6756
€  25.00 [Appr.: US$ 30.39 | £UK 21.75 | JP 3307]

De la nature des fievres, et de la meilleure methode de les traiter
Paris, L. Collin, 1808. 20,5, Hardcover. (6), xxxviii, 414; (4), 444 pp. No images. Conditie: Good, Beautiful dark blue full marocco leather bindings, gilt on all sides. Spines decorated with rods of Asclepius. All edges of pages gilt. Marbled end papers. Some wear to bindings, second volume with a few scuffmarks to upper board. Pages with some foxing but far age in good conditioin. First French edition. Treatise on the treatment of fevers.
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Book number: 9152
€  350.00 [Appr.: US$ 425.42 | £UK 303 | JP 46303]

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