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Religion in Communist Lands. Vol. 18 no. 2 Summer 1990
n.p., Keston College, 1990. Paperback. No images. Conditie: Good. Subjects: Courtesy towards God: Religion and Change in Eastern Europe. John Anderson. The Polish Catholic Church and the Elections of 1989. Krzysztof Kosela. The Church and Change in the GDR. Arvan Gordon. The Baltic Churches and the National Revival. Marite Sapiets..
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The Great Illusion 1933
London, William Heinemann Ltd., 1933. Hardcover (cloth), met stofomslag. xiii+387 pp. No images. Conditie: Good, Dustjacket missing parts as well as strengthened with tape on the inside.. With letter by the publisher to a reviewer which also mentions the publication date (june 26 1933) and a letter from The Saturday Review : "With compliments from Miss Armstrong." Originally published in 1909 with the title Europe's Optical Illusion. Angell argues that in modern industrialised societies war is contra-productive as all countries are interdependent. In this revised edition of 1933 he urges countries bordering Germany to form an alliance. Although the book received a lot of critisism after the First World War this was unfair. Angell did not argue war would be impossible, only that it would not be in the best interest of countries.
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Les Causeries de Lucine. Etudes de Psychologie Sexuelle. Preface du Docteur Minime
Paris, Lucien Gougy, n.d.. 24,5 cm, Hardcover. 172+(8) pp. No images. Conditie: Good, Half vellum binding (spine and corners) with marbled boards. Some foxing on end papers. Printed in a limited edition of 525, this is number 46 of 500 printed on "papier vergť". Not dated. With decorations at the start and end of the chapters with a mixture of Art Nouveau and Art Deco influences.
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Book number: 8015
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Six Publications on Africa: Notes on Nassarawa Province Nigeria (1920); Gazetteer of Zaria Province (1920); Gazetteer of Ilorin Province (1921); Gazetteer of Kano Province (1921); Gazetteer of Muri Province (1922); Gazetteer of Yola Province (1927)
London and Lagos, Waterlow & Sons; Government Printer Lagos, 1920-1927. Paperback. No images. Conditie: Fair, Six publication on Africa. The first five printed by Waterlow and Sons, the last printed by the Government Printer Lagos. With maps, charts, etc. Three (Ilorin, Kano and Yola) are missing pieces of the cover. Backcover of the Kano copy (partly) loose. With exception of the Yola copy contents in good condition. The Yola copy has some damage in the margin, not affecting the text. Rare set of publications on the northern regions of Nigeria.
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Book number: 6517
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Oriental and Western Siberia: A narrative of Seven Years' Explorations and Adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and Part of Central Asia
Philadelphia, .W. Bradley, 1859. Different. 483+(13) pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, Hardcover. Spine renewed with large part of the original spine reused. Inscription on blank end paper. With titleplate and other illustrations. Atkinson was a British architect and artist who travelled through Siberia and adjoining countries between 1847 and 1853, accompanied by his wife. During this time Siberia was largely unknown to Europeans.
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Instruction sur les campemens, avec tentes ou baraques
Paris, Anselin, 1830. Halfleather binding. 80 pp. No images. Conditie: Good, Leather on spine, marbled boards. First and last leave with brown spot at top and bottom, otherwise good. Interesting provenance as this copy was once owned by general Guiguer de Prangins. His name is lettered in gilt on the front board and he has signed it on the first blank leave. General Guiguer was a officer in the French army and later became a general in the Swiss army. In 1830 he became chief commander of the Swiss army..
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Book number: 6145
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Architectures de Sienne - 1/8 Hors Commerce avec extra epreuve + dedication Solier
Auvernier, Edition Galerie Numaga Suisse, 1972. Different. Color Illustrations. Conditie: Very good, Livre d'artiste. Limited edition of just 23 copies, 8 of which are hors commerce. This one is numbered vi/viii on the page where it states the copy but is numbered iv/vi on the actual engravings (either way hors commerce). This work contains the four engravings but also an additional epreuve (proof). There are 7 leaves of text. Signed by both the artist and author and an additional dedication by the author. The contents are stored within the original box with an sculpture on the box. Engravings are 'sculpted' in the paper so some are almost like a vulcano in appearance. Rare livre d'artiste but even rarer due to the fact this is a hors commerce copy and with an extra epreuve and extra dedication.
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The Thoughts of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
London, Philip Lee Warner Publisher to the Medici Society Ltd., 1909. Leather binding. Color Illustrations. Conditie: Good, Limited edition of 500 copies, this being number 179. With 12 beautiful plates in colour by W. Russel Flint. Printed on hand made Riccardi paper. Translation by George Long. Vellum binding. All edges gilt. Boards a little warped, missing the silk ties.Contents very good. More photo's available upon request.
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Book number: 5109
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Greco ou Le secret de Tolede
Paris, Les Editions d'Art Devambez, 1928. Hardcover. (6),109,(7) pp. Engravings. Conditie: Very good, Binding by A. & R. Maylander. Bound in gilt and dec. full brown morocco by A. and R. MAYLANDER, w. large inlay green paper cross on front- and backcover, ribbed spine w. green mor. onlay rectangles in most compartments, t.e.g., in matching (sl. worn) mor.-lined slipcase A little bit of foxing.. One of 20 copies (#10) on "japon ? la fome", with the etched plates/ ills. present in 3 diff. states and one ORIGINAL SIGNED DRAWING in pencil by A. BROUET. Rare..
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Book number: 7436
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Mes Trois Grandes Courses
Paris, Librairie Hachette et Cie, 1912. Hardcover (cloth). Black & White images. Conditie: Good, Avec un Sonnet d'Edmond Rostand. Boek compleet: tekst, illustraties en kaarten. Achterin uitvouwbare bladzijde met daarop drie kaarten. Verder 32 platen buiten de tekst met in totaal 60 illustraties naar foto's. Band versierd in goudopdruk en voor leeftijd nog in goede tot zeer goede staat. Boekblok met wat foxing, voor leeftijd in goede staat. De auteur volbracht in 1911 drie lange vluchten: een rondvlucht over Engeland en Schotland, een rondvlucht over Engeland, Frankrijk, BelgiŽ en Nederland en een vlucht van Parijs naar Rome. Luchtvaart, vliegen. . Gilt decoration on binding. Contents with a little foxing. Three maps on one folding page, 32 plates with 60 illustrations in total. Aviation. More photo's available upon request.
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 BELL, ADRIAN, The Budding Morrow PLUS Seven (7) Other Books
The Budding Morrow PLUS Seven (7) Other Books
London, John Lane The Bodley Head, 1946. Different. 170 pp. No images. Conditie: Good, Verzameling van acht Engelstalige boeken over diverse onderwerpen. Hardcover. Bell, Adrian. The Budding Morrow. London: John Lane The Bodley Head. First published 1946 (eerste druk). 170 blz. In goede staat. Bell was journalist en schreef een aantal boeken, waaronder dit boek, over het Engelse platteland. Referentienummer 7247. Hardcover met stofomslag. Jarvis, Stan (Introduction & Commentaries). Victorian and Edwardian Essex from old photographs. London: B.T. Batsford Ltd. 1973. Niet gepagineerd. Korte inleiding gevolgd door 152 foto's voorzien van onderschrift. Essex is gelegen in zuid-west Engeland. Foto's beslaan de periode 1860 tot aan de Eerste Wereldoorlog. Referentienummer 8026. Hardcover met stofomslag. Adams, W.S. Edwardian Portraits. London: Secker & Warburg. 1957. vii+228 blz. Stofomslag beschadigd. Voorste blanco schutblad verwijderd. Boek voor leeftijd in goede staat. Inhoud: Part One: The Edwardian Age 1. As a Boy Saw It 2. In Search of the Truth Part Two: Some Famous Edwardians 3. Edward VII and the Monarchy 4. The Education of Wilfrid Blunt 5. Baden-Powell 6. Leverhulme 7. E.D. Morel and his Friends References and Bibliographies De schrijver plaatst het begin al in 1880, waar de Victoriaanse politiek, economie en sociale interactie in verval raakte. Referentienummer 8059. Hardcover met stofomslag. McCloskey, Donald N. (ed.). Essays on a Mature Economy: Britain after 1840. Papers and Proceedings of the MSSB Conference on the New Economic History of Britain 1840-1930. London: Methuen & Co. Ltd. 1971. xv+439 blz. I. Britain and the Atlantic Economy II. The Functioning of the Capital Market III. Economic Efficiency and the Choice of Technique IV. Problems of Measuring Productivity: The Capital Goods and Service Sectors V. The Future of the New Economic History in Britain Referentienummer 8062. Hardcover met stofomslag. Catherwood, H.F.R. Britain with the brakes off. London: Hodder and Stoughton. 1966 first printed (geen latere druk vermeld). 222 blz. Boek in goede staat. Plan van aanpak voor de Britse economie. Economie Engeland Groot-BrittanniŽ Verenigd Koninkrijk. Referentienummer 8063. Hardcover. Thomas, Hugh. An Unfinished History of the World. Nationwide Book Service, 1980. xix+700 blz. Boek in goede staat. Wereldgeschiedenis, thematisch geordend. Referentienummer 8067. Hardcover. Arnot, R. Page. The Miners: Years of Struggle. A History of the Miners' Ferderation of Great Britain (from 1910 onwards). London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd. 1953. 567 blz. Titelplaat in kleur, andere illustraties in zwart-wit. Mijnbouw, mijnwerkers en stakingen. Met een hoofdstuk over de gevaren van mijnbouw. Groot-BrittanniŽ. Referentienummer 8410. Hardcover met stofomslag. West, T.W. A History of Architecture in England. London: University of London Press. 1963. 176 blz. Stofomslag met slijtagesporen en kleine beschadigingen. Voorin papieren uitleenlabel van Oakfield bibliotheek, tevens nummers met inkt/stift op blanco schutblad geschreven. Boek in goede staat. Met lijntekeningen en foto's. Boek over de geschiedenis van de Engelse architectuur. Referentienummer 8442..
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 BELLANGER, STANISLAS, Le Keroutza. Voyage en Moldo-Valachie
Le Keroutza. Voyage en Moldo-Valachie
Paris, Librairie Francaise et Etrangere, 1846. Halfleather binding. (6)+456, 469 pp. No images. Conditie: Good, Twee delen in ťťn band. Boek compleet. Leer op rug, gemarmerde boorden. Slijtageplekjes band, scheurtje in gemarmerd papier aan de voorzijde waar de hoek iets verbogen is geweest. Versieringen in goudopdruk op rug. Boekblok met wat foxing en hier en daar zijn de bladzijden gebruind. Zeldzaam boek uit 1846 over Moldo-ValachiŽ, tegenwoordig onderdeel van RoemeniŽ. Zeldzaam (geen moderne herdruk!).
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Book number: 7603
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Esto Perpetua Algerian Studies and Impressions
London, Duckworth and Co., 1906. Hardcover (cloth). viii+191 pp. Color Illustrations. Conditie: Good, Binding decorated in gilt, top edge of pages gilt. A little wear to binding. Tipped-in colour plate, illustrations in text. More photo's available upon request.
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Book number: 3699
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In the Niger Country
Edinburgh and London, William Blackwood and Sons, 1898. Hardcover. Color Illustrations. Conditie: Good, Wear to binding, with remnants of a label (subscriber library) in the front. Two maps, one a colour fold out map.
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Book number: 6550
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L'Art Intime et le Gout en France (Grammaire de la Curiosite)
Paris, Ed. Rouveyre et G. Blond, 1884. Paperback. 396 pp. Color Illustrations. Conditie: Good, A little wear to binding, some foxin. Gilt binding, all edges gilt. Lots of illustrations.
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Book number: 1849
€  120.00 [Appr.: US$ 145.73 | £UK 103.5 | JP• 15939]

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