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Surat Filipi. Tafsiran Alkitab. [Cetakan pertama; First edition[].
Djakarta, Badan Penerbit Kristen, 1967. Medium 8. Original coloured publ. wrappers. Covertitle in bold monochrome type. 130pp. References, preface, publ. serial list printed on verso of preface, table of contents. Indonesian language exegesis of the Paulus epistle to the Philippensians, edited and translated on behalf of indonesian students missiology and theollogy. Published by command of the Indonesian Bible Society. Good copy. (marginal staining on verso of front cover, a little bit dog-eared).
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Book number: 56698
€  45.00 [Appr.: US$ 53.39 | £UK 38.75 | JP 5886]

Unsur-Unsur Liturgia Jang dipakai oleh Geredja-Geredja di Indonesia. [First edition].
Djakarta, Badan Penerbitan Kristen, 1966. 8. Original wrappers. Covertitle in bold black type. 119pp. Extensive footnotes/references, table of conents. Indonesian language theoloogical investigation into he general liturgy of the Indonesian Protestant church. (contents a bit yellowing, NO signs of brittleness however).
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Book number: 55859
€  20.00 [Appr.: US$ 23.73 | £UK 17.25 | JP 2616]
Keywords: missiology protestantism liturgy patterns investigation religion protestantism conversion christianith faithy indonesia southeastasia

Enemy Subject. Life in a Japanese Internment Camp 1943-45. First U.K. edition.
Stroud, Alan Sutton, 1995. Original glossy limp wrappers. Covertitle with some coloured illustrations. 143pp. Monochrome frontispiece (portrait), captioned monochrome illustrations on 4 plates after author's drawings illustrating Camp sceneries and premises, both exterior and interior, appendix (Proclamations Japanese to keep order; Gendarmerie Control, Ban Property Transfer), table of contents, synopsis printed on lower outer cover, table of contents. In defiance of Japanese orders author kept a detailed journal of camp life (in Japan occupied China, Shanghai). A true and authentic life story. Paperback edn. (as publ.). Very fine copy.
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Book number: 53272
€  45.00 [Appr.: US$ 53.39 | £UK 38.75 | JP 5886]
Keywords: pacificwar occupation china camplife internmentcamp diary story recollections history far east asia history

Sedjarah filsafat Islam. First edn.
Semarang, Ramadhani, 1970. sm.8. orig.col. wraps. 163pp. Good copy.(lower margin, inside lower wrap with small spots).
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Book number: 39302
€  45.00 [Appr.: US$ 53.39 | £UK 38.75 | JP 5886]
Keywords: islam

De verhouding van de Koloniale tot tot de theoretische Economie. [Original doctoral dissertation Rotterdam Trade Academy].
Rotterdam, Frank Bosman, 1932. 8. Original printed limp wrappers. 211pp. Some comparative tabhles in text, footnotes/references, errata leave loosely inserted, table of contents. Du8tch language doctoral dissertation by which promovendus researches and comares and assesses theories about [western] economic thought with Colonial economic thought in general and especially of the Dutch East- and West Indian Colonies. Good copy. (small marginal tear in lower outer cover skilfully restored, small library ticket at tail of spine, small ownership's stamp at tail margin of ti.-p.).
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Book number: 54840
€  45.00 [Appr.: US$ 53.39 | £UK 38.75 | JP 5886]
Keywords: dissertation comparision complarative dissertation promovendus economy theory practice colonialism imperialism indonesia southeastasia westindies science research

Further Papers relating to the Slave Trade: Viz. Correspondence with Foreign Powers, and with His Majesty's Commissioners 1821, 1822. [Original edition].
S.I. [London], s.n., 1822. Small folio, modern wrappers (a binder). (viii), 95pp. Printed marginalia, table of contents, names of correspondents. Relative correspondence with France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United States, Sierra Leone, Havanah, Rio Janeiro, Surinam. The British Emancipation Act was passed in 1833, effective 1834. Very good copy.
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Book number: 51695
€  275.00 [Appr.: US$ 326.27 | £UK 236.5 | JP 35968]
Keywords: abolition correspondence papers btitish parliament commons slavetrade slavery surinam france history emancipation europe

The Surgeon's Log. Impressions of the Far East. Rev. edn. with new pref. & additional chapter (30th edn.).
London, 1947. Small 8, cloth, (xi), 299pp., 8 plates, sketch-map on endpapers. From England to Penang, through Singapore, Java, Borneo, Celebes to the Philippines & Japan. (upper boards spotted.)
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Book number: 547
€  70.00 [Appr.: US$ 83.05 | £UK 60.25 | JP 9155]
Keywords: malaysia/singapore/java/bali/japan

YU'I MAMA:Enkele facetten van Gezinsstructuur op Curaçao. [Original PhD. thesis Amsterdam municipal university].
Amsterdam, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 1969. Small 4. Original wrappers. [7], 212; 5; 4; ; [7]pp. Comparative tables in text, some sociogrammes in text, notes, summary in english, literature cited, specimen survey with questionnaire, essays about jobselection, full-page comparative table listing selection and rejected jobs, table of contents, cyclostyled errata on 2 A-4 sized lvs. loosely inserted. Original dutch language PhD. Thesis by which result of field research into kinship relations and family strutures, noticed on Curaao, former dutch territory of the Antilles, West Indies. Research is focused upon the phenomenon of Matricocality. Very good copy.
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Book number: 56934
€  115.00 [Appr.: US$ 136.44 | £UK 99 | JP 15041]
Keywords: caribbean curacao matrifocality gezinsstructuur kinship jobs labour sociology culture heritage curacao netherlandsantilles westindies women familygroup

MOESSONLogeeradressenservice '95-'96 Indonesië en Maleisië. [Eerste druk; Fiurst edition].
Amersfoort, Moesson/Tjalie Robinson, 1995. Medium 8. Original limp wrappers. Frontcover with company name in capital bold white type at top margin, coloured impages of traditional indonesian batik pattern design at tail. large coloured Indonesia State Coat-of-Arms representing the 5 pillars of diversity in centre of lower outer cover. 118pp. Captioned monochrome images after photographs illustrating indonesian environmental sceneris, table listing average rents for Guest houses, lodgings and . B. & B's, colophon, table of contents. 16th dutch language annual survey listing guest houses, Bed-and-Breakfast and other forms of somple lodgings recommended to travellers and tourists visiting Indonesia, all with modern forms of communication. Rather detailed descriptions are given, incl. sightseeing tours. Good to very good copy. (covers a bit rubbed).
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Book number: 56667
€  35.00 [Appr.: US$ 41.52 | £UK 30.25 | JP 4578]
Keywords: travel tourism information lodgings guesthouses bedandbreakfast b.&b. indonesia southeasasia information rentals culture heritage

Tandjong-Priok. Nijverheid & Landbouw, LXXVII.
S.L., 1908. Small 8, wraps., 26pp. Important art. on the Habour of Batavia, Tandjong Priok, exploitation, construction, etc. (folded in centre.)
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Book number: 546
€  30.00 [Appr.: US$ 35.59 | £UK 26 | JP 3924]

Programma van de Openbare Demonstratie naar aanleiding van het Eindexamen 1956. [Originele uitgave; Original publication].
Amsterdam, Academie voor Dramatische kunst De Toneelschool, 1956. Small 8. Original printed front cover. [3]pp. of text., incl. information describing the objectives and curriculae of the Amsterdam Academy of Dramatic Art on lower outer wrapper. WITH 3 original press clippings, reviews of performance of which one illustrated, loosely inserted. Dutch language programme listing fragments of theatre plays by Joost van den Vondels' Lucifer (fragment of 4th act) and Gysbrecht van Aemstel (fragment 1st. act); Jean Anouilh's De Leeuwerik (fragments 1st. part); O'Neill's Rouw past Electra (fragment 2nd. act, part 1) and Acherd's Wilt U met mij spelen, (fragment 1st act). Performed by final exam students Anne Marie Heyligers, Elisabeth Hoijtink, John Lanting and John Leddy. Well preserved copy. (paper a bit yellowing).
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Book number: 52951
€  15.00 [Appr.: US$ 17.8 | £UK 13 | JP 1962]
Keywords: theatre performance plays dramaturgy academy toneelschool theatreschool amsterdam history performance vondel anouilh examination actor acress culture heritage programme brochure

Aan Mevrouw H. Tinkhoff-geboren den Toorn aangeboden door de Commissie ter ontvangst van de uit Atjin naar Semarang teruggekeerde Tropen. April-Mei 1874.
Semarang, s.n., 1874. Official and Original Silver plaque, 121x92mm., sculpted edges, text in dutch in in very fine and elaborate calligraphy, together 7 lines, presented by the dutch Colonial Indonesian Commission, installed upon the occasion of the return of dutch colonial troops to Semarang, Java, at the end of the first Aceh-war (1873). Plaque presented to Mrs. H. Tinkhoff - Ne Den Toorn . SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. A very fine commemmorative piece executed in silver, NOT hallmarked, which was not unusual in colonial Indonesia. The plaque has originally been fixed to a small commemorative object, hence the four small screws still present at back of plaque. An interesting piece of memorabilia to the first Aceh-war in Sumatra. In excellent condition. A rarity.
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Book number: 48802
€  2500.00 [Appr.: US$ 2966.05 | £UK 2148.75 | JP 326980]
Keywords: memorabilia curiossum ephemera semarang java aceh war atjeh atjih atsjin sumatra history heritage militaria colonialism indonesia southeast asia 19thc nineteenth century

De Atjeh-Onlusten in 1896. Voorafgegaan door een kort overzicht van den Atjeh-krijg en de voornaamste gebeurtenissen op Politiek en Militair gebied gedurende het bestuur van Generaal C. Deykerhoff, in het bijzonder de oorzaak, aanleiding en gevolgen
van ons bondgenootschap met Toekoe Oemar. Rotterdam, Van Ditmar, s.d. [circa], 1897. Imp. folio. orig. pictorial coloured lithographed stiff wrappers. 35pp., title-vignette-portr. of TUKU UMAR, many other portrs. on plates & in text, many text-ills., some sketches in text of various war-theatres in Aceh, advertism. Review (by an active Officer of the dutch colonial Army, K.N.I.L., operating in Aceh) of the so-called Aceh-riots in 1896, preceded by a review of the Aceh-war in general, the political and military events during the administration of the Governor, the general C. Deijkerhoff, with in particular the immediate cause and effect of our [=the dutch] alliance with Teuku Oemar, incl. Oemar's defection to the 'rebels'. The alliance of the dutch with Teuku Umar (Toekoe Oemar) and his auxiliary forces, was of great military, political and psychological importance. Umar's defection with his well-armed forces (supplied bu the dutch!) was a big blow to the then politico-military strategy of the dutch, commonly known as the treason of Toekoe Oemar. Apart from some occasions tiny spots a very good copy of a very rare publication in orig. col. lithographed publ. wrappers.
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Book number: 41186
€  675.00 [Appr.: US$ 800.83 | £UK 580.25 | JP 88285]
Keywords: aceh atjeh war militaria nineteenth century report review oemar umar toekoe teuku politics sumatra colonialism indonesia southeastasia 19thc

Atjeh-Instituut:De Rijkdom van Atjeh.
Amsterdam, Atjeh-Instituut., 1923. Small 8. wraps. 24pp. Dutch language inquiry into the dwindling traditional Acehnese Pepper-cultivation, in which is recommended a change to a more profitable agricultural substitute, expansion of rice-cultivation. (stamp on title.)
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Book number: 548
€  40.00 [Appr.: US$ 47.46 | £UK 34.5 | JP 5232]
Keywords: aceh

Gewestelijke Maandstatistieken van de Handelsbeweging der buitenbezittingen...Gouvernement Atjeh en Onderhoorigheden. January 1920.
S.I., s.n., 1920. Small 8, wraps., 29pp. Numerous tables & statistics. Each to be sold separately at: Commodities import-& export figures as supplied by the Statistical bureau, Dept. of Agriculture.
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Book number: 11115
€  15.00 [Appr.: US$ 17.8 | £UK 13 | JP 1962]
Keywords: aceh

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