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Paul Adam
Knife Edge
Endeavour 2008 Hardback, 428pp. (ISBN: 9780955727702). Good.
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Book number: 1145379
NZD 14.50 [Appr.: EURO 8.25 US$ 8.85 | £UK 7 | JP 1334]
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Keywords: "Fiction, Mystery"9780955727702 9780955727702

Pip Adam
Nothing To See
Victoria University Press Paperback, 384pp. It’s 1994. Peggy and Greta are learning how to live sober. They go to meetings and they ring their support person, Diane. They have just enough money for one Tom Yum between them, but mostly they eat carrot sandwiches. They volunteer at the Salvation Army shop, and sometimes they sleep with men for money. They live with Heidi and Dell, who are also like them. It’s 2006. Peggy and Greta have two jobs: a job at a call centre, and a job as a moderator for a website. They’re teaching themselves how to code. Heidi and Dell don’t live together anymore, and Dell keeps getting into trouble. One day, Peggy and Greta turn around and there’s only one of them. It’s 2018. Margaret lives next door to Heidi and her family. She has a job writing code that analyses data for a political organisation, and she’s good at it. Every day she checks an obsolete cellphone she found under her bed, waiting for messages. She struggles to stay sober. Then, one day, there are two of them again, both trying to figure out where they have come from. Nothing to See is a compelling, brilliantly original novel about life in the era of surveillance capitalism, when society prefers not to see those who are different, and the line between reality and simulation feels dissolvingly thin. (ISBN: 9781776563159). Mint.
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Keywords: NZ, Fiction9781776563159 9781776563159

Denis Adam
Profile of a New Zealander: the Autobiography of Denis Adam
Astra Print 1996 Hardcover. dj, signed, (ISBN: 9780473037420). Very good.
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NZD 15.50 [Appr.: EURO 8.75 US$ 9.46 | £UK 7.5 | JP 1426]
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Keywords: NZ, Biography9780473037420 9780473037420

George Adam
Treason And Tragedy: An Account of the French War Trials
Jonathan Cape 1929 Hardback. Fair.
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Book number: 1133412
NZD 18.50 [Appr.: EURO 10.5 US$ 11.29 | £UK 9 | JP 1702]
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Keywords: War