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Naaukeurige versameling der gedenk-waardigste zee en landreysen, na Oost en West-Indiën, mitsgaders andere gewesten, ... zedert het jaar 1611 tot 1616.Leiden, Pieter van der Aa, 1707. 9 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary vellum, with a silver fastening at the fore-edge (Germany, 18th century).
, . . Sabin 3; STCN 159668123; for Van der Aa: P.G. Hoftijzer, Pieter van der Aa (1659-1733), Leids drukker en boekverkoper (1999). First edition of the 25th volume of the 8vo edition of a collection of travelogues, compiled by the publisher and cartographer Pieter van der Aa (1659-1733). The complete collection, consisting of 28 volumes, covers important voyages to the East and West Indies and other countries from 1246 to "this day" (1696), undertaken by all European countries other than the Dutch. The present volume deals with voyages during the years 1611 to 1616 mostly to the East Indies, but also including an account of an embassy to the King of Ethiopia and the accounts of two voyages of the British Captain John Smith (1580-1631) to New England (West Indies). The majority of the voyages to the East Indies included here were undertaken by the British East India Company, mostly visiting India, including several accounts of the Mughal Empire and its ruler.A few folding plates slightly creased, a marginal water stain on the first three leaves and occasionally a small spot. Otherwise in very good condition.
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Keywords: *AMERICAS, *ASIA, West Indies, *BOOK HISTORY & PRINTING, *EXPLORATION & TRAVEL, Bindings, East & Southern Africa, India & Ceylon, Voyages & Travel

Den striit ende dat leven vanden vromen campioenen (naervolghers vanden alder vroomste[n] capiteyn onsen Heere Jesus Christus gebenedijt) der glorieuser mannen die twaelf apostelen. Antwerp, Hendrik Wouters (colophon: printed by Matthias van Roye for Hendrik Wouters, 5 March 1574). 8vo. With the title in a border built up from arabesque typographic ornaments and woodcut publisher's device on the otherwise blank final leaf. Set in textura gothic type, with incidental roman and extensive italic. With the bifolium K4.5 replaced by a very precise near contemporary (ca. 1600?) manuscript copy. Contemporary limp vellum with a wrap-around flap on the back cover.
, . . KVK & Worldcat (1 copy, lacking 4 ll.); cf. Belg. Typogr. 5, 6, 7740; Machiels 5-8;USTC 407639, 409815, 409817. Most complete copy known (the only other lacking 4 leaves) of the last edition of the very rare Dutch translation by Jan vanden Bosch, alias Berckelaer, of lives of the twelve Apostles, supposedly written in Hebrew in the first century AD by Abdias, the first bishop of Babylon and an associate of the Apostles Simon and Jude. Pope Paul IV declared it apocryphal in the 1550s, and modern scholars support this, suggesting that the work was compiled from various sources (some now surviving and some not) in the late sixth century. The text is now important both for preserving information from some early sources that have not survived and for its influence on later Christians. It is also important as an extremely rare edition by the Antwerp printer Matthias van Roye and publisher Hendrik Wouters. The fact that Jan vanden Bosch translated the Latin into Dutch and published it about ten years after the Pope declared the text apocryphal shows that its popularity and influence could not easily be countered. Peeter van Keerberghen first printed and published the Dutch translation at Antwerp in 1567. We have located only 8 copies counting all editions together, including the incomplete ones. The present Dutch translation first appeared at the height of the religious turmoil that was sweeping through the Low Countries, culminating in the iconoclasm of the years 1566-1568. Lacking one bifolium, but it must have been lost soon after the book was published, for it was replaced at an early date by a manuscript copy, also on an octavo bifolium. Though these two leaves show no watermark, the handwriting appears to date from ca. 1600. The title-page is somewhat worn, with tattered edges (reinforced at one spot with a piece of tape) but not affecting the type, and the manuscript bifolium has come loose and is somewhat tattered at the edges. The book is otherwise in good condition, most leaves very good, and only slightly trimmed. The sewing supports have broken where they were laced through the vellum cover, so that the cover has come loose from the bookblock, the front endleaf is torn and chipped, and the vellum cover is somewhat wrinkled and dirty. The most complete of the only two copies known of the last (1574) edition of the only Dutch translation of a 6th-century collection of biographies of the twelve Apostles.
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[Autograph letter, signed, revealing his work for deaf mutes to a critic].[Paris], 20th June 1825[?]. 1 leaf (20 x 12.6 cm). In French.
, . . For the author: NBG XLI, cols. 968-975. Autograph letter by the French sinologist and physician Jean Pierre Abel-Rémusat (1788-1832), member of Conseil de Perfectionnement des Sourds et Muets ("Counsel for the Development of the deaf mutes") since 1824. In the letter Abel-Rémusat humbly reveals his work to a critic "Monsieur le Duc": ''J'ai peur qu'il ne vous en paraisse peu digne. Si vous daignez y jeter les yeux, vous saisirez aisément quelques uns de ces traits d'analogie qui m'ont fait trouver tant d'intérêt dans la développement de l'esprit des sourds-muets.''With biographical notes in manuscript in red ink at top of leaf. Right edge of leaf cut short, slightly affecting text. In very fine condition.
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Keywords: Medicine, Autographs & Letters, *MEDICINE & PHARMACY, *AUTOGRAPHS, DOCUMENTS & MANUSCRIPTS

Kaart van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden met algemeen overzicht en aanteekening van het vestingstelsel.[Utrecht, Kemink and sons, 1874]. With 6 large double-paged lithographs (each ca. 58 x 71 cm) that together form a large map, some details hand-coloured. Half cloth.
, . . Algemeende aardrijkskundige bibliographie van Nederland I, p. 47. 6 large double-page lithographs that can be assembled to form a large map of the Netherlands (scale 1:200,000), highlighting its fortification. The fortresses and other defence works are highlighted in red and the areas that can be deliberately flooded for tactical purposes are coloured blue/green. Included at the foot of the map is a cartouche with a detail showing the fortifications of Amsterdam’s lines of defence (stelling van Amsterdam). At the lower right is a long list of the most prominent fortifications in lines of defence throughout the Netherlands.Binding damaged, large part of the paper covering the front board gone, cloth spine damaged and partly loose. Map in very good condition.
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Keywords: *CARTOGRAPHY, GEOGRAPHY & TOPOGRAPHY, *MILITARY HISTORY, Charts & Maps, Fortification & Military Architecture

Vida, e virtudes do Admiravel Padre Joam Cardim da Companhia de Jesu Portuguez natural de Vianna de Alentejo. Évora, University Press, 1659. 4to. With engraved frontispiece portrait of the Jesuit João Cardim. Contemporary goatskin parchment.
, . . De Backer & Sommervogel I, col. 26; cf. Howgego, to 1800, C39; Lach & Van Kley, p. 348, 378. First edition of a biography of the Portuguese Jesuit João Cardim, written by Sebastien d'Abreu (1594-1674), also paying attention to his two uncles who were missionaries in the Far East and Brazil. His uncle Antonio Francesco Cardim (1596-1659), travelled for a few years as a missionary in China, Japan and other areas in the Far East. He was the Jesuit superior in Macau when the shogun of Japan forbade all voyages from Macau to Japan. "Cardim ... sent to Lisbon a report that was printed in 1643 of the execution at Nagasaki in 1640 of four Portuguese emissaries sent to Japan from Macau. Translations of this account quickly appeared in French, Italian and Dutch... In 1645 he published at Rome his Relatione of Japan in which he also deals at length with the missions in Macao, Tongking, Cochin-China, Hainan, Cambodia, and Siam, placed within the Jesuit Province of Japan where he had worked from 1623-1638" (Lach & Van Kley). The other uncle, Fernão Cardim (d. 1625), was an influential Jesuit in Brazil, one of the first who went to the mission posts there. He became director of a college in Rio de Janeiro and was made "provincial" of the local area.Lacking final endpaper and the bookblock partly detached from the binding. Some of the red paint from the sprinkled edges is found in the margins of the title-page and the engraved portrait and a few leaves are slightly browned. Otherwise still in very good condition.
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Keywords: *AMERICAS, *AFRICA, *ASIA, North America, Jesuits, Brazil, *EXPLORATION & TRAVEL, *RELIGION & DEVOTION, East & Southern Africa, South America

Relation de la Riviere des Amazones traduite par feu Mr de Gomberville de l'Académie Françoise. Avec un dissertation sur la riviere des Amazones pour servir de preface.Paris, Claude Barbin, 1682. 4 parts in 2 volumes. 12mo. With a folding engraved map of the Amazon River. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine.
, . . Alden & Landis 682/2; Borba de Moraes, p. 12; Palau 2484; Sabin 151. First edition in French of a travel account of the expedition by Pedro Texeira (d. 1641) and Cristóbal Diatristán de Acuña (1597 - ca. 1676), exploring the Amazon River from Quito to the east. They were the first Europeans to penetrate Indian land as deep as they did. Originally published in Spanish in 1641.This French edition is the most complete edition to be found, with the Journal du voyage qu'ont fait les Peres Jean Grillet & François Bechamel de la Compagnie de Jesus, dans la Goyane, l'an 1674, following the fourth part and including the very rare map of the Amazon River, drawn by Sanson d'Abbeville. Borba de Moraes thought the map could only be found in the simultaneous issue with the publisher's address of the widow of Louis Billane.With some water stains. Good copy of a travel account of the exploration of the Amazon River.
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Keywords: South America, *CARTOGRAPHY, GEOGRAPHY & TOPOGRAPHY, Brazil, *EXPLORATION & TRAVEL, *AMERICAS, Charts & Maps, Voyages & Travel

Jongste en echte berigten betrekkelijk Tombuctoo en eenige andere nog onbezochte deelen der binnenlanden van Afrika.Amsterdam, J.C. Sepp en Zoon, 1818. 8vo. With a folding engraved map (30.5 x 37.5 cm) of North Africa with the routes of Mungo Park and Robert Adams highlighted in colour. Contemporary boards.
, . . Howgego, 1800-1850, R24; NCC (4 copies); Saalmink, p. 31. First Dutch edition of Adam’s The narrative of Robert Adams,... (1816). Robert Adams, an American sailor whose real name was Benjamin Rose, sailed in the Charles on a trading voyage along the west coast of Africa. Somewhere near Cape Blanc the ship struck ground, and after the crew had struggled ashore they were immediately taken prisoner by some 30 Moors, possibly with the intention of selling the crew as slaves. The prisoners were taken into the interior of Mauritania, and after the party had reached a hilly village, they were assaulted by a company of black Africans. Both the Moors and the captives were imprisoned and subsequently taken to the King in Timbuktu, where they arrived in February 1811. Adams, who stayed as a guest of the king, describes Timbuktu and its inhabitants at length. Timbuktu wasn’t the thriving metropolis it was made out to be, but a small city with no walls, and houses made of clay and grass. However, after a time Adams was sold as a slave to a group of tobacco sellers. Over the next three years, Adams would change hands four more times before eventually being ransomed by the British consul.Spine slightly damaged. In very good condition, untrimmed leaving all deckles intact.
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Keywords: *AFRICA, Slavery, Voyages & Travel, Central & West Africa, *EXPLORATION & TRAVEL, *HISTORY, *MIDDLE EAST & ISLAMIC WORLD, Mutiny, Piracy & Shipwrecks

Placcaet vande Staten Generael der Vereenichde Nederlanden, inhoudende scherp verbodt van opte steden, havenen, ... onder t'gebiedt vanden Coninck van Spaingien, ... geen toevoer uyte Vereenichde Nederlanden te doen van salpeter, buspoeder, ...The Hague, Aelbrecht Hendricksz., "1591" [=1591/94?]. Disbound.
, . . STCN (2 copies); Typ. Batava 6733 (3 copies). A proclamation by the Dutch States General banning the export of goods that might be used for military purposes or shipbuilding from the Dutch Republic to regions under control of the King of Spain or his allies, specifically mentioning saltpeter, gunpowder, ammunition, fuses, muskets, halberds, copper, cables, rope, masts of 16 palms (about 49 cm) or thicker, five different sorts of grain, etc. The text is signed at the end by the clerk of the States General, Cornelis van Aerssen. Although the revolt of the Low Countries against Habsburg Spain had begun already in 1568 and the former Habsburg provinces united under the Union of Utrecht in 1579, it was not until 1589 that the States General took on the role of a formal governing body independent of any monarch.In very good condition and wholly untrimmed. An early proclamation of the States General banning the export of military goods to the Spanish enemy.
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Keywords: Ships & Shipbuilding, Economic History & Trade, Early Printing 15th & 16th Century, Arms & Armour, *MILITARY HISTORY, *MARITIME HISTORY, *ECONOMY, TRADE & NUMISMATICS, *BOOK HISTORY & PRINTING

Fabellae Graece et Latine, cum aliis opusculis, quorum index proxima refertur pagella. Venice, (colophon: Giovanni Farri and brothers), 1542. Small 8vo (16 x 11 cm). With 1 woodcut decorated initial but further with spaces left for manuscript Greek and Latin initials (with printed guide letters). Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment, with fragments of a vellum manuscript used to reinforce the spine.
, . . EDIT 16, CNCE 364; STC Italian, p. 8; USTC 807871. Venice school edition of Aesop's fables with parallel text in Greek and Latin. The book is neatly printed and the clear Greek type has relatively few ligatures. Besides the life of Aesop and Aesop's fables, the book contains several collections of fables and single fables by other authors (pp. 232-364): [Ignatius von Nicaea], Gabriae Graeci fabellae (often added to the Aesop canon); Aphthonius, Excercitamentis de fabula; Philostratus, De fabula; pseudo Homer, Batrachomyomachia (the battle of frogs and mice, a parody of Homer's Iliad); Musaeus, De Ero & Leandro (Hero and Leander; Agapetus, De officio regis; Hippocrates, Ius iurandum (the Hippocratic oath!), and [Theodorus Prodromus], Galeomnomachia (the battle between the cats and the mice), the last two in Greek only. The book ends with a 4-page index and the colophon.With a few contemporary manuscript notes in brown ink. With some marginal worm holes, mostly in the gutter of quires r and s, and some mostly marginal water stains, more serious in quire c, and a dark stain in the upper outside corner of 2 leaves, not approaching the text, otherwise in good condition. The binding is wrinkled, with a 1½ x 2 cm gap in the backstrip, some small tears and the 2 pair of ties lost. A nice early student edition of Aesop with very extensive additions.
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Keywords: Early Printing 15th & 16th Century, Classical Antiquity, *LITERATURE & LINGUISTICS, *BOOK HISTORY & PRINTING

Les fables d'Esope, gravées par Sadeler, avec un discours préliminaire, & les sens moraux en distiques. Edition toute différente de la premiere.Paris, Claude-Charles Thiboust, 1743. 4to (25.5 x 20.5 cm). With a frontispiece and 139 half-page fable illustrations in the text (9 x 11 cm), all etched and engraved by Aegidius Sadeler. Contemporary mottled sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
, . . Hodnett, Marcus Gheeraerts, pp. 38-41; Hollstein XXI, p. 80; Smith, Het schouwtoneel der dieren, pp. 39-41. The third French Aesop adaptation to use the 140 plates originally etched by Aegidius or Gilles Sadeler (ca. 1568/70-1629) for his Theatrum morum (Prague, 1608), here reordered and with a new prose text, probably written by Henri-François d'Aguesseau (1668-1751), Chancellor of France three times between 1717 and 1750. The etching for fable 117 shows an American buffalo (bizon), the earliest image that really looks like the animal familiar to us today. "These added designs by Sadeler are highlights in the history of book illustration" (Hodnett, p. 39).With a 20th-century bookplate and ink stamps. The copper plate for fable 90 had lost much of its detail and some others show slight degradation, but in general they remained in good condition and are also well printed. The corner of 1 leaf has been torn off, and there is an occasional small marginal tear or faint stain, but the book remains in good condition and has large margins. The binding is chipped and cracked at top of the spine and shows a few smaller defects, but is also in good condition. A late showing of 140 of the best illustrations in the Aesop tradition, etched and engraved in 1608.
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Keywords: Greek & Roman Classics, Emblem, Fable & Songbooks, *LITERATURE & LINGUISTICS

Fabulae ... Graecè & Latinè, nunc denuo selectae: eae item quas Avienus carmine expressit. Accedit Ranarum & murium pugna, Homero olim asscripta. Cum elegantissimis in utroque libello figuris, & utriusque interpretatione plurimis in locis emendata.Leiden, Joannes Maire, 1632. 8vo. With 47 woodcut illustrations (5 x 6.5 cm) by Christoffel van Sichem II in the text. Contemporary vellum, each board with a panel stamp (59 x 50 mm) of the Amersfoort coat of arms. Most endpapers later.
, . . Landwehr, Emblem & fable books F025 (2 copies); Hollstein XXVII, Van Sichem II, 31; for the panel-stamp: Spoelder, Prijsboeken, Amersfoort 1. Rare second(?) edition (one of three dated "1632") of a popular Greek and Latin school book, edited by the famous Dutch neo-Latin poet, humanist and Leiden Professor of Greek, Daniel Heinsius (1580-1655), with 47 beautiful woodcut illustrations by Christoffel van Sichem II. Aesop's fables were prescribed by the States of Holland in the Hollandsche schoolordre of 1625 as one of the books to be read in the 3rd class. Christoffel van Sichem II (ca. 1577-1658), the second of several woodcut artists in that family, studied with Jacques de Gheyn and was one of the leading Dutch book illustrators in the first half of the 17th century. Although the book has no prize certificate or inscription and no owner's name, the coat-of-arms of the city of Amersfoort on the binding of a school book strongly suggests a prize binding for a student at the Amersfoort Latin school. With an occasional contemporary manuscript note in Greek and Latin. With a small dark stain in the lower inside corner of the foot margin of many leaves, not approaching the text, and with very slight browning throughout, but still in good condition. The vellum of the binding is dirty and slightly rubbed but also good.
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Keywords: Emblem, Fable & Songbooks, Greek & Non-Western Types, *LOW COUNTRIES, Bindings, Netherlands, Literature & Linguistics, *EDUCATION & LEARNING, *LITERATURE & LINGUISTICS, *BOOK HISTORY & PRINTING, Greek & Roman Classics, School & Textbooks

Stirpium in Guinea medicinalium species novae.Uppsala, Zeipel and Palmblad, 1818. 4to. Disbound.
, . . Krok, Afzelius 12b. Dissertation on plants collected by Afzelius during his stay in Guinea and Sierra Leone as botanist for the Sierra Leone Company, including new species. Edges frayed, otherwise a good copy.
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Keywords: *AFRICA, Floras & Flowering Plants, *NATURAL HISTORY, Botany / General, Central & West Africa

De vegetabilibus Svecanis observationes et experimenta.Uppsala, Johan Edman, 1785. 4to. Disbound.
, . . BMC NH 14; Krok, Afzelius 2. Thesis containing 27 observations of various kinds of phanerogams, cryptograms, lichens etc., with Afzelius as praeses. With a water stain on the first few pages, some dog-eared leaves.
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Keywords: *EUROPE, *NATURAL HISTORY, Botany / Cryptogams, Scandinavia & Arctic, Floras & Flowering Plants, Botany / General

Stirpes agri Rotnoviensis.Lund, Berling, 1826-1829. 5 parts. 8vo. Disbound.
, . . Krok, Agardh 72; Stafleu & Cowan 4613. Taxonomic work on the plants from Ronneby Municipality un Blekinge County, in the south of Sweden. Part one is the thesis of Alexis Eduard Lindblom (1807-1853), the respondents of the following parts are August Kjellman, Carl Johan Tigerström, Joab Pettersson and Johan Palaemon Brock, though the text was written by Lindblom and Agardh. A few tiny stains and some dog-eared leaves, otherwise in very good condition.
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Keywords: Botany / General, *EUROPE, *NATURAL HISTORY, Floras & Flowering Plants, Scandinavia & Arctic

Puritas Haygica seu grammatica Armenica ...Rome, Sacrae Congretationis de Propaganda Fide, 1675. With:(2) AGOP, Joannes. Grammatica Latina Armenice' explicata: ... Rome, Propaganda Fide, 1675.(3) AGOP, Joannes. Puritas lingue Armenicae ...Rome, Propaganda Fide, 1674. 3 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
, . . Salmaslian 89; 1296 (& 19), 1298, 1295. The first and only editions of three complementary manuals concerning the Armenian language and grammar, in matching format and layout, all three by the Armenian priest Johannes Agop (1635-1691) in Venice, born in Istanbul. They were printed and published by the Propaganda Fide in Rome, established in 1623 to promote the Catholic religion, primarily outside Europe. The Propaganda Fide established its own printing office in 1626 and stocked it with a wide variety of non-Latin printing types, many newly cut for them. Like many of their publications, the present ones were intended in part for missionaries working in the Ottoman Empire, the Caucasas and Iran, but also in part for Christians who lived in these regions. For that reason Agop wrote not only an Armenian grammar with the instructive text in Latin (ad 1), but also a Latin grammar with the instructive text in Armenian (ad 2) and a work entirely in Armenian on the "purity" of the Armenian language (ad 3). These linguistic publications by Agop still are important for the history of the Armenian language, being among the few on the subject published in the 17th century.With the armorial stamp of Cardinal Albani (1649-1721), from 1700 Pope Clement XI, on the title-page. A few quires toward the end of the Puritas linguae Armenicae are browned, but otherwise a very good copy, with only an occasional small marginal tear or very minor foxing. Three important and complementary sources for the Armenian language, formerly owned by Pope Clement XI.
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Keywords: *MIDDLE EAST & ISLAMIC WORLD, *RELIGION & DEVOTION, Catholicism, Central & West Asia, Literature & Linguistics, *LITERATURE & LINGUISTICS

Instrucção sobre os corpos celestes, principalmente sobre os cometas.Lisbon, Miguel Manescal da Costa, 1758. 4to. With 3 folding engraved plates by M. le Bouteux, etched headpiece and initial. Contemporary calf.
, . . WorldCat (9 copies); not in Houzeau-Lancaster. Interesting Portuguese work on cosmography and comets, divided into two parts. The first part discusses cosmographical theories and the construction of the universe, the second is devoted to comets. The work includes a table listing the appearances of comets between 1337 and 1698. The plates show celestial bodies, and the cosmological systems of Copernicus, Tycho and Ptolemy. Some waterstaining; binding slightly worn. Good copy.
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Keywords: Astronomy & Cosmography, *SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

Al-Mufassal, opus de re grammatica Arabicum.Oslo, W.C. Fabritius, 1859. 8vo. Near contemporary cloth with title in gold on spine, covered with protective plastic.
, . . I. Goldziher, On the history of grammar among the Arabs, p. 136. First edition of Jens Peter Broch's dissertation on al-Zamakhshari's Al-Mufassal (Arabic grammar), and the first book with Arabic type printed in Norway. The Persian scholar Al-Zamakhshari (1075-1144) was one of the most important commentators on the Arabic languages. His major work, the Al-Mufassal is "celebrated for its concise but exhaustive exposition" (Encyclopaedia Britannica). The text in the present publication was based on various Arabic manuscripts collected by Broch himself, and is here printed together with Broch's commentary on the text, which gained him international fame. Broch (1819-1886) was an orientalist and linguist from Norway, who promoted at the University of Oslo under Christopher Andreas Holmboe (d. 1882).Title-page slightly smudged and restored at the gutter, otherwise in very good condition.
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Synodo Diocesana, ... Lima, Oficina de la Calle de la Encarnacion, 1764. With the half-title and title-page printed in red and black, the latter in a red and black ornamented border built up from cast fleurons, each page with the text, running heads and shoulder notes in frames of thick-thin rules, a woodcut headpiece and woodcut decorated initial. With: (2) CARRASCO Y SAAVEDRA, Bernardo. Synodo diocesana, con la carta pastoral convocatoria para ella: y otra, en orden a la paga de los diezmos.Lima, Imprenta Real, 1764. With the title-page printed in red, green and black in a border of fleurons and other typographical elements also printed in red, green and black. With each page in a frame of rules and fleurons, woodcut tailpieces and decorated initials, numerous headpieces and other decorations built up from cast fleurons. 2 works in 1 volume. Folio. Contemporary overlapping limp sheepskin parchment.
, . . Leclerq 1946; Medina 1210; Palau 325995-325996; Sabin 11036 (2nd work only). Two beautiful colonial imprints from Lima, Peru, bound together in one volume, containing interesting accounts of two synods held in Santiago, the capital of Chile, in 1688 and 1763. The Synod of 1688 was organized by the Bishop of Santiago, Don Bernardo Carrasco y Saavedra, and that of 1763 by Bishop Dr Don Manuel de Alday y Aspee. The description of the Synod of 1688 was first printed in Lima in 1690. That of 1763 is printed here for the first time and the two works were apparently designed for publication together, though they name different printing offices (they are often found bound together).The accounts give detailed information on both ecclesiastical matters and daily life in colonial Chile, including the text of the constitution outlining the rules of the Catholic Church. The accounts also describe a variety of cultural events such as dances, bullfights and games.With a manuscript note by the notary Nicolas Herrera on the first half-title. With the first leaf of the first work nearly detached from the book block and attached to the pastedown, but otherwise in very good condition, with only some marginal water stains on the first few leaves and four leaves somewhat browned. The parchment cover appears to have been taken from an older book. The parchment is wrinkled and shows various holes and folds from its use for the older binding. Accounts of synods, containing information on the church and daily life in colonial Chile in the 17th and 18th century.
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[Opera omnia]. Bologna, 1599-1668. 13 volumes. Folio (35 x 24 cm). With engraved title-page to each volume, engraved full-page portrait of Aldrovandi in 3 volumes and several thousand woodcut illustrations in text, mostly after designs by J. Ligozzi and many full-page. Blind-tooled vellum (ca. 1645 & ca. 1670), with a large centrepiece on each board (the 11 volumes dated 1599-1642 from a single block; the 2 volumes dated 1648 & 1667 from a different block), the spines uniformly gold-tooled in the 18th-century.
, . . Adams A-647; BMC NH I, pp. 26-27; Nissen, BBI 14; Nissen, IVB 18; Nissen ZBI 66, 68, 70, 72, 74-78; for Aldrovandi's museum: Findlen, Possessing nature, pp. 17-31; Stafleu & Cowan, pp. 28-29. Ten first (1599-1668) and three later (1634-1638) editions forming the complete works of Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522-1605), an Italian botanist, pharmacologist and a professor of botany at the university of Bologna. This massive encyclopaedia, most volumes published posthumously, was based on natural history specimens and drawings in Aldrovandi's own museum in Bologna. Already in the 1570s he welcomed visitors from near and far to his museum and at his death in 1605 he left it to the city of Bologna, making it the first institutional herbarium.Aldrovandi, hailed as the "Pliny of his time", was the author of several encyclopaedic works on natural history, the Opera being his most extensive work and also the largest collection of natural history illustrations published before the 18th century. Many of the illustrations in these 13 volumes are the work of Jacopo Ligozzi. The original drawings are still in Bologna and have been made available online. The Aldrovandi herbarium was the biggest of the 16th century herbaria and gives the most complete picture of the plant world as known at the time in Italy.In very good condition, with some waterstains and occasional browning. One volume has the head of the backstrip restored and several have cracks in the hinges, but the bindings remain good.
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Lettera di un dottore dell'ordine di S. Domenico, sopra le cerimonie della China.Cologne [=Amsterdam?], heirs of Cornelis van Egmond, 1700. 8vo. Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
, . . KVK & WorldCat (1 copy); Michel, Repertoire des Ouvrages Imprimés en Langue Italienne au XVIIe siècle I, p. 87; cf. Löwendahl 238; Lach & Van Kley III, p. 386. Only edition of a surprisingly rare Italian translation of Noel Alexandre's lettre d'un docteur de l'orde de S. Dominique sur les céremonies de la Chine published in the same year also by Van Egmond at Cologne, a name and address common in false imprints by Dutch publishers between 1666 and 1769. In this anonymously issued series of seven letters, the French Dominican Alexandre responds to the Jesuits who were permitting converts to continue practicing the Confucian rites and who falsely claimed the Dominicans were also permitting this.First ten leaves with minor dampstains. Very good copy.
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L'art d'ecrire. Paris, chez l'auteur, 1680. Folio. With large woodcut vignette on letterpress title-page, a woodcut headpiece, 2 woodcut decorative initials, decorations built up from cast arabesque fleurons, an engraved calligraphic title-page and 22 (of 23) engraved leaves with calligraphic writing samples and illustrations, all engraved by Louis Senault. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine, and unusual marbled paste-downs.
, . . Becker, Practice of letters 91 (without [pi]1-2, B1-2); Berlin Kat. 5117 (lacking [pi]1-2, A1); Muller, Cat. Calligr., 1 (22 ll.); Marzoli 56; not in Ekström Coll. First edition of a very elaborate basic writing course and copy book, minutely explaining the composition of the various calligraphic hands (françoises, bâtardes, financieres), as well as pen decorations and drawings. The engraved title-page reads, "L'art d'écrire ou Le moyen d'exceler en cet art sans maistre" (suggesting a break with the ancient tradition of learning by apprenticeship or under a school master). The writing examples include numerous exercises of single letters and many alphabets. It also includes illustrations of posture at the writing table, the way to hold the pen and nibs with the angle of cutting and of the nib to the paper. Instructions are often added as well, engraved in a small neat hand, and attention is given to the lay-out of a manuscript. The course was designed by Jean Baptiste Allais, dit le Beaulieu, and engraved by Louis Senault, who was a leading writing master in his own right and therefore ideally suited to engrave his colleague's writing book. At this date the pointed pen was replacing the broad-nibbed pen, and one of the illustrations present here shows the nib of a pointed pen with the split tip spread open. Some copies were issued with only 4 letterpress leaves (quire A) and many copies are missing letterpress leaves or plates. With several calligraphic exercises by owners on the endpapers, one with "Fait par moy René Brisson", another "fait par moy Bernard le Brot[?] ... a Paris" and a calligraphic title signed "Guerbois fils".Lacking the leaf on cutting the pen (which included no writing samples), but otherwise a good copy, with one decorative flourish on the title-page shaved, and some spots and stains. The binding is worn, with some cut marks and scrapes, and 3 small parts of the backstrip have been restored with gold-tooling. A rare, attractive and detailed 17th-century French writing book in a contemporary binding.
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Verklaaring der letteren en getalen, aangewezen in het volmaakt schip.Amsterdam, Mattheus Woortman (active: 1759-1767). Folio broadsheet (50 x 30 cm), with an engraving of a ship (image size: 15.5 x 21 cm) above (coloured by a contemporary hand), letterpress text below in 3 columns, and the imprint at the foot.
, . . NCC (1 copy of Cleynhens ed.); (this ed.); WorldCat (2 copies of Cleynhens ed., incl. that in NCC). Very rare broadsheet with an engraving showing a 17th-century, three-masted Dutch merchant ship and two small sloops. The sails of the ship are furled, giving a clear view of its rigging. Below the illustration are three columns with keys referring to over a 100 parts of the ship and its rigging. The engraving and keys were first published in Allard's Nieuwe Hollandse scheeps-bouw (1695), an essential primary source for the terminology and practice of ship-building in the Dutch golden age. Another edition of the present broadsheet was published around the same time by Bernard Cleynhens in Haarlem. We could only locate three other copies worldwide of the two separately published broadsheet editions combined.The print was formerly in a passepartout, resulting in some minor difference in colour in the margins, otherwise in very good condition, with only some old folds and minor frays.
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Histoire physique, naturelle et politique de Madagascar. ... Volume XXI [-XXII] Histoire naturelle des Coléoptères. ... Liste des insectes coléoptères de la région Malgache.Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, 1887-1900. 2 volumes. Large 4to (30 x 21.5 cm). With 54 engraved plates, some partly printed in colour. Later black half cloth.
, . . Cf. Nissen, ZBI 1676; Wood 366. First edition of volume 21 and 22 of a monumental work on Madagascar, these volumes devoted to the Coleoptera (beetles) of Madagascar, the text volume compiled by the French entomologist Charles Alluaud (1861-1949) and the plate volume by Philippe Alexandre Jules Künckel d'Herculais (1843-1918). The text volume lists numerous beetle species, all arranged according to their family and genus, briefly noting some reference works and the province or area where it can be found. Occasionally some additional information is provided, commenting for example on the classification or the importation of the insects to Europe. It closes with an index. The plate volume (volume XXII) contains 54 plates each showing many beetle species, engraved by Béchade and Lebrun after drawings of Paul-Eugène Mesplès, Gustave Arthur Poujade and others. "A splendid example of systematic work" (Wood).Bindings only very slightly rubbed. Internally in very good condition.
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Eeuwigduurende almanach 1815[-1823].[The Netherlands, 1814?]. Oblong 4to (19 x 24 cm). Engraved perpetual almanac (engraved image 17.8 x 22.0 cm) with three engraved roundel scenes with windows cut out of them to view engraved dials mounted behind them that can be set to show the year (ranging from 1815 to 1823), the month (also the zodiac sign, the hour of sunrise and sunset, and the length of the day and night) and the days of the week (showing 7 days of the month simultaneously, each with the day of the week and one of the five planets or the sun or moon). The main engraving and the three dials mounted on millboard, each dial turning on a brass pin secured in a small iron plate, and the main engraving partly coloured in red, blue, green and black. In a contemporary wooden frame (21 x 26 cm), with 3 holes cut in the backing board for setting the dials.
, . . Nothing similar found in Grand-Carteret; Köhring; KVK & WorldCat; NCC; Vandenhole, Inventaris van almanakken en kalenders (1979). A unique engraved perpetual "almanac" (we would now call it a wall calendar) with three dials, the year dial for use in the years 1815 to 1823, so probably published around October or November 1814 for use in the new year. We have found no record of this or any similar calendar. The three dials are mounted behind roundel scenes with windows cut out of them to reveal the date and other information set using the dials. Those for the year and the days of the week have one window each to show one year and 7 days of the week, so that the calendar would normally be set only once a week. In a month with less than 31 days, the dial for the days of the week would require an extra adjustment during the last week to skip the extraneous day or days. The month dial has 6 windows: if one sets it to the month it also shows the number of days in the month (in the same window as the month itself), the zodiac sign for that month, the hour of sunrise and sunset and the number of hours in the day and night. The scenes in the roundels are traditional Dutch views whose general style dates back to the 17th century, but we have not identified specific models. The large (10.5 cm diameter) roundel for the month on the right shows a three-masted ship in full sail with 6 cannons visible on the port side, flying the Dutch flag, and several ships in the background. These are all scenes of production, trade and commerce, suggesting it might have been intended for a merchant's office, but it might also have hung on the wall or a door in a private home. With a few small abrasions in the sky of the ship scene and minor stains and dirt, mostly in the open areas at the head, but still in good condition. With one corner of the frame chipped and some gaps in the gilding. A unique engraved, illustrated perpetual wall calendar, with three dials.
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Do diagnostico das diversas formas clinicas do mal de Bright - These de concurso ...Rio de Janeiro, Typographia Academica, 1879. 8vo. With 2 woodcut illustrations (a cross-section of a kidney and a representation of the urinary tract) and a full-page letterpress table of medical data. 20th-century marbled boards.
, . . REBUIN (1 copy); WorldCat (without any location); no further copies in KVK; not in Biblioteca Nacional do Brasil; Porbase. An extremely rare thesis on nephritis (Bright's disease), an inflamation of the kidneys, from the Imperial Academy of Medicine in Rio de Janeiro, printed and published by the Academy's press. It opens with a 20-page introduction, followed by case reports of several forms of nephritis. Domingos de Almeida Martins Costa (Maranhão 1851 - Petrópolis 1891) was a Brazilian physician who contributed greatly to Brazilian cardiology. The back of the half-title lists 8 of his publications, all published in Rio de Janeiro in the years 1874 to 1678. WorldCat lists the present edition, but without giving any location. The only other copy we have located is at the Complutense University in Madrid.With minor foxing and browning, but still in good condition. A very rare medical thesis printed and published in Rio de Janeiro.
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