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Archaeologia Interregionalis, Chipped Stone Industries of the Early Farming Cultures in Europe
Warsaw, Warsaw University Press. 1987, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 8323302111). Soft cover, 24x17 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-233-0211-1 Description: softcover, 24x17cm, 566 pp, ills; 712 vols issued Condition: very good Weight: 820g. Archaeologia Interregionalis, Chipped Stone Industries of the Early Farming Cultures in Europe, ed. by T. Szelag, Warsaw University Press 1987. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Nea Paphos I, Les Timbres Ceramiques (1965-1973)
Varsovie, PWN-Editions Scientifiques de Pologne. 1976, 1st Edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket, 29,5x21,5 cm. Book, Description: 110 pages (30,5x21cm), hardback (cloth+dustjacket), 392 photos Condition: very good Weight: 595g. Zofia Sztetyllo, Nea Paphos I, Les Timbres Ceramiques (1965-1973), Centre d'Archeologie Mediterraneenne de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences, Varsovie 1976 Avant-propos Introduction Les timbres rhodiens Les timbres d'autres centres Conclusions Catalogue Liste des abreviations Rhodes Cnide Chios Thasos Pamphylie Groupe de Zenon Cos Centres indefinis Lagynoi Embouchures timbrees Timbres latins Annexe Provenance des timbres des fouilles polonaises Index des noms Index des emblemes. Very Good/Good.
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Nea Paphos IV, Pottery Stamps (1975-1989)
Varsovie, Centre d'Archeologie Mediterraneenne de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences. 1991, 1st Edition. Hardcover, with dust jacket, 29,5x20,5 cm. Book, Description: hardback, dust jacket, 109 pp. (29,5x20,5 cm), 255 plates Condition: very good Weight: 780g. Introduction by W.A. Daszewski Pottery Stamps from Nea Paphos 1975-1989 Abbreviations Rhodes (nos. 1-211) Eponyms (nos. 1-78) Producers (nos. 79-159) Indeterminate stamps (nos. 160-211) Stamps on lagynoi (nos. 212-213) Chios (nos. 214-215) The Nikandros Group (no. 216) Cos (nos. 217-221) Cnidus (nos. 222-229) Unidentified stamps (nos. 230-235) Latin stamps (nos. 236-247) Stamps on mortaria (nos. 248-255) Indexes: I. Names of persons a) Greek names b) Latin stamps II. Rhodian months III. Titles IV. Ethnics V. Attributes and monograms. Very Good/Good.
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Nea Paphos VI, Pottery Stamps from Nea Paphos (Excavations in 1990-2006)
Warsaw, Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology. 2010, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 9788323507024). Hardcover, 29,5x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-235-0702-4 Description: hardback, 192 pp. (29,5x21cm) Condition: very good Weight: 860g. The book is a continuation of Zofia Sztetyllo's studies on the stamped amphora handles from the excavations carried out by the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw at the Hellenistic and Roman site of Nea Paphos on Cyprus. It covers archaeological finds from seasons 1990-2006 (with a few objects from earlier explorations not published in the previous two publications, for the years respectively 1956-1973 and 1975-1989) uncovered during the dig at the Villa of Theseus and the neighboring urban insulas in the southeastern part of the ancient city. Altogether in this volume there are 191 stamps. Most of these (155) come from Rhodos and represent both official eponymic and fabricant stamps from the period between the 3rd century BC and the 2nd century AD. The remaining stamps originated from other centers of the Greek-speaking world where amphorae used for packaging other goods were produced, primarily from Knidos and Kos, but also isolated examples from Chios and Pamphylia. The author discusses the stamps in alphabetical order of the names of the persons to whom they belonged, citing exhaustively parallel stamps in an effort to establish dating and to determine the official relations between particular eponyms and producers of amphorae. A few Graeco-Italic stamps are presented at the end of the catalogue, as well as some Latin stamps on Roman mortaria. The excavations in the years covered by the present publication were increasingly focused on stratigraphic layers dated to periods preceding the rule of Rome on the island (including a few sealed ceramic deposits from cisterns, for example), hence the stamps published in this volume are to a much larger extent from synchronic contexts. This benefits studies of site chronology as well as trade issues connected with the economy of Cyprus in the Hellenistic and Roman period. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCES INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW CATALOGUE RHODOS - STAMPS OF EPONYMS RHODOS - STAMPS OF FABRICANTS RHODOS - DAMAGED STAMPS KNIDOS KNIDOS - DAMAGED STAMPS KOS CHIOS PAMPHYLIA NIKANDROS GROUP HERACLAEA PONTICA UNIDENTIFIED PROVENIENCE LATIN STAMPS MORTARIA APPENDIX 1: CHRONOLOGY OF THE STAMPS APPENDIX 2: STAMP FIND CONTEXT: TABLE AND NOTE (E. PAPUCI-WLADYKA AND H. MEYZA) APPENDIX 3: CONCORDANCE OF STAMP REGISTER NUMBERS AND CATALOGUE NUMBERS INDICES. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Tell Atrib I, Pottery Stamps, Rescue Excavations, Tell Atrib 1985 - 1995
Varsovie, Centre d'Archeologie Mediterraneenne de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences, Editions Neriton. 2000, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 8386842644). Hardcover, 30,5x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-86842-64-4 Description: 164 pages (30,5x21cm), hardback, 10 text figures, 8 plates, 3 maps Condition: very good (new) Weight: 1185g. Part I KAROL MYSLIWIEC, RESCUE EXCAVATIONS AT TELL ATRIB IN 1985-1995 Geophysical survey and trial pits in 1985 Eastern part Villa of Roman period Workshop for wine production (?) The sewage system Structures of Byzantine period Western part Structures of Roman and Byzantine periods Stratigraphy of the Ptolemaic district Artisan workshops Public bath of Mid-Ptolemaic period A specific function of room 159 Early Ptolemaic bath complex Conclusions Plates I-VIII List of figures (in the text) List of plans (in a pocket out of the text) Part II ZOFIA SZTETYLLO, POTTERY STAMPS General characteristic of stamps from Tell Atrib Rhodes Knidos Kos Chios Pamphylia Egypt Graeco-Italic stamps Latin stamps Unidentified provenance Other stamped finds Acknowledgements Abbreviations Catalogue Rhodes Eponyms Fabricants Unidentified Knidos Eponyms Fabricants Abbreviated and anepigraphic stamps Unidentified Kos Chios Pamphylia and Lykia Egypt Graeco-Italic Italic Spain Stamps eroded beyond identification Provenance unknown Field contexts of the stamps Indices Figures Plates. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Marea Vol. 1, Byzantine Marea. Excavations in 2000-2003 and 2006
Krakow, Muzeum Archeologiczne w Krakowie. 2008. (ISBN: 9788391154397). Hardcover, 21,5x30 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-911543-9-3 Description: hardback, 210 pp. (21,5x30 cm), 66 figs. 101 phots. 600 vols printed Condition: very good Weight: 1155g. Hanna Szymanska, Krzysztof Babraj FOREWORD PART ONE. DESCRIPTION OF THE SITE Krzysztof Babraj, Hanna Szymanska Chapter One. History, location and excavations at Marea 1.1. History of Marea 1.2. Location of the site 1.3. Results of previous excavations Elzbieta Mycielska-Dowgiallo, Barabara Woronko Chapter Two. Evolution of the natural environment in the region of Marea 2.1. Introduction 2.2. Ground relief 2.3. Methods 2.4. Study results 2.4.1. Character of deposits filling depressions and the lake lagoon 2.4.2. Surface micromorphology of quartz grains of sand and silt fraction 2.4.3. Analyses of the microstructure of silty deposits 2.4.4. Dating of the deposits 2.4.5. Results of malacofaunal determination 2.4.6. Results of chemical analysis of the water 2.5. Discussion PART TWO. THE BATHS AND SAQIYAH Hanna Szymanska, Krzysztof Babraj Chapter One. Baths 1.1. Location 1.2. Architectural plan 1.3. Structural characteristics 1.4. Groundfloor Men's Part 1.4.1. Room B (apodyterium) 1.4.2. Room A2 (tepidarium) 1.4.3. Room Al (caldarium), pools U, W, R 1.4.4. Room L (caldarium), pools M, N 1.4.5. West courtyard F6 (frigidarium) Women's Part 1.4.6. Room K (tepidarium) 1.4.7. Room F (caldarium) with two pools 1.4.8. Room C (caldarium), pools D, E 1.4.9. East courtyard Fl (frigidarium) 1.4.10. Latrine 1.4.11. Shops 1.4.12. Pools Z, Y, T, X 1.4.13. "Street" behind the south wall of the baths 1.5. Basement 1.5.1. Channels 1.5.2. Heating system 1.5.3. Service cellar 1.5.4. Furnaces (praefurnia) Ol, O4 1.5.5. Hypocaust under room Al and L 1.5.6. Hypocaust F 1.5.7. Hypocaust C 1.6. Architectural decoration and paintings 1.7. Area between the baths and saqiyah (F3) 1.8. Bath parallels Krzysztof Babraj, Hanna Szymanska Chapter Two. Saqiyah 2.1. Architecture and stratigraphy 2.2. The saqiyah in Egypt 2.3. Supplying water to the baths Conclusion Grzegorz Majcherek Chapter Three. The pottery assemblage from the baths and saqiyah 3.1. Introduction 3.2. Ceramic groups 3.2.1. Locus Al 3.2.2. Locust 3.2.3. Locus L 3.2.4. Locus C 3.2.5. LOCKS F 3.2.6. Locus K 3.2.7. Northern wing 3.2.8. Eastern courtyard (Fl) 3.2.9. Western courtyard (F6) 3.2.10. Western strip 3.2.11. Southern strip 3.2.12. Saqiyah-well (G) 3.3. Catalogue 3.3.1. Fine wares 3.3.2. Carinated bowls 3.3.3. Coarse wares 3.3.4. Qawadis 3.3.5. Amphorae 3.4. Conclusion Renata Kucharczyk Chapter Four. Glass finds from the baths and saqiyah 4.1. Introduction 4.2. Bottles 4.3. Other types of toilet vessels 4.4. Plates and bowls 4.5. Wineglasses 4.6. Lamps 4.7. Windowpanes Catalogue Chapter Five. Coins from baths and saqiyah Barbara Lichocka 5.1. The early Byzantine coins Dorota Malarczyk 5.2. Umayyad coins Hanna Szymanska Chapter Six. Pottery lamps from the baths, saqiyah and funerary chapel 6.1. Lamps from the baths and saqiyah 6.2. Lamps from the funerary chapel Tomasz Derda Chapter Seven. Inscriptions from the baths and saqiyah 7.1. Inscriptions 7.2. St. Menas ampullae PART THREE. THE FUNERARY CHAPEL Krzysztof Babraj, Hanna Szymanska Architecture and stratigraphy STRESZCZENIE / SUMMARY IN POLISH BIBLIOGRAPHY ABBREVIATIONS. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Catalogue: Ancient Egypt
Keywords: 9788391154397 Byzantine Studies Excavation Reports

Kuturbulak Revisited, a Middle Palaeolithic Site in Zeravshan River Valley, Uzbekistan, Swiatowit Supplement Series P: Prehistory and Middle Ages, Vol II
Warsaw, Institute of Archaeology Warsaw University. 2000. (ISBN: 8387496278). Hardcover, 29,5x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-87496-27-8 Description: hardback, 135 pp. (29,5x21cm), LXV plates Condition: new Weight: 780g. PREFACE by Timur Shirinov CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION by Karol Szymczak, Tatiana Gretchkina, Mukhiddin Khudzhanazarov CHAPTER II LOCATION OF THE SITE by Karol Szymczak, Tatiana Gretchkina, Mukhiddin Khudzhanazarov CHAPTER III GEOLOGICAL BACKGROUND by Teresa Madeyska 1. Zeravshan River Valley and general geological structure of adjacent territories 2. Quaternary sediments 3. Geological structure of Zeravshan River valley 4. Geological position of the site of Kuturbulak CHAPTER IV THE 1971 AND 1972 FIELD SEASONS by Karol Szymczak, Tatiana Gretchkina, Negmat Tashkenbaev, Rustam Suleimanov 1. Field works and stratigraphy 2. Stone artifacts 3. Faunal remains PLATES PART I: THE 1971 AND 1972 FIELD SEASONS CHAPTER V THE 1995 FIELD SEASON by Karol Szymczak, Tatiana Gretchkina, Mukhiddin Khudzhanazarov 1. Range of work and field methods 2. Stratigraphy of the main trench and sounding trenches 3. Stone raw material 4. Stone artifacts 5. Horizontal dispersion of the finds PLATES PART II: THE 1995 FIELD SEASON CHAPTER V CHRONOLOGY - URANIUM SERIES DATING by Christophe Flagueres, Michel Fontugne 1. Introduction 2. U/Th dating method 3. Results and discussion CHAPTER VII FINAL REMARKS by Karol Szymczak CITED WORKS LIST OF FIGURES LIST OF PLATES. New/No Jacket.
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Pharaonic Renaissance, Archaism and the Sense of History in Ancient Egypt
Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts. 2008. (ISBN: 9789637063541). Soft cover, 28,5x22,5 cm cm. Book, ISBN: 978-963-7063-54-1 Description: softcover, 222 pp. (28,5x22,5cm), 98 figs. Condition: very good Weight: 1025g. Authors of the studies: Pťter Gaboda, Alfred Grimm, Maria Christina Guidotti, Hedvig Gyory, ZoltŠn HorvŠth, Regina HŲlzl, Michaela HŁttner, Katalin Anna Kůthay, …va Liptay, IstvŠn Nagy, Ottů Sosztarics, John H. Taylor, Francesco Tiradritti, Zsuzsanna ŕjlaki PongrŠcz, Igor Uranic, Marzia Vidulli Torlo Catalogue of the exhibition: Pharaonic Renaissance, August 8-November 9 2008. New/No Jacket.
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Book number: 816
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Catalogue: Ancient Egypt
Keywords: 9789637063541 Museum Catalogues

Alexandrie VIII, Architectural Styles of Ancient Alexandria, Elements of Architectural Decoration from Polish Excavations at Kom El-Dikka (1960-1993)
Warsaw, PWN-Editions Scientifiques de Pologne. 2010, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 8392231953). Hardcover, 29,5x21,5 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-922-3195-3 Description: hardback, 369 pp. (29,5x21,5 cm), 158 plates Condition: very good Weight: 1600g. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Catalogue: Ancient Egypt
Keywords: 8392231953 Alexandrie

Ad Fines Imperii Romani, Studia Thaddaeo Sarnowski Septuagenario Ab Amicis, Collegis Discipulisque Dedicata
Warsaw, Institute of Archaeology Warsaw University. 2015. (ISBN: 9788361376460). Hardcover, 29,5x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-61376-46-0 Description: hardback, 475 pp. (29,5x21cm), figs. Condition: new Weight: 1920g. Tadeusz Sarnowski. Curriculum vitae Jerzy Kolendo ?, Tadeusz Sarnowski. Quattuordecim lustra optime peracta Agnieszka Tomas, Tadeusz Sarnowski in universitatem studiorum et studentium Roman army Yann Le Bohec, La logistique de l'armťe romaine sous le Principat Michel Reddť, The Layout of a Military Shrine in Egypt's Eastern Desert Tomasz Derda, Adam Lajtar, Tomasz Plůciennik, Three Lists of Soldiers on Papyrus Found in Qasr Ibrim Edward Dabrowa, The Roman Army in Action in Judea (4 BCE - 66 CE) Middle and Lower Danubian Provinces Zsolt Visy, Ripa Pannonica - eine rŲmische Flussgrenze Ioan Piso, Les listes de centurions de Potaissa et la participation des lťgions daciques ŗ la guerre parthique de Caracalla Doina Benea, Militšrische und politische Massnahmen wšhrend der Herrschaft des Kaisers Hadrian im SŁdwesten der Provinz Dakien Calin Timoc, A Fragmentary Inscription Bearing the Name Gordiana Discovered in Tibiscum (Dacia superior) Livio Zerbini, Les citťs grecques du Pont Gauche sous Auguste Emil Jeczmienowski, The Fortifications of the Upper Moesian Limes on the Eve of the Trajan's Dacian Wars Mateusz Zmudzinski, The Production of terra sigillata Pottery (Local Samian Ware) in the Middle-Danube Roman Provinces Lucretiu Mihailescu-BÓrliba, Prosopographic Remarks on the Population of Troesmis (Lower Moesia) Rumen Ivanov, Valeri Stoickov, Bricks with Stamps Discovered in the Defensive Walls of Almus (Lower Moesia) Michail Zahariade, The Scythian Section of Notitia Dignitatum. A Structural and Chronological Analysis Martin Lemke, Marsigli's Moesia: The Limes Sites in Bulgaria as Seen in the 18th Century Contents Novae Evgeni Paunov, The Portrait Glass phalera from Novae Reconsidered Piotr Zakrzewski, Architectural Order of the Portico in the Courtyard of the Legionary Headquarters at Novae (Lower Moesia), in Light of Recent Discoveries Pavlina Vladkova, New Data on the Cult of Iuppiter in Novae (Lower Moesia) Tomasz Dziurdzik, Sacerdos legionis? Roman Army Priests in Light of a Fragmentary Inscription from Novae (ILNov 32 = IGLNov 51) Agnieszka Tomas, Martin Lemke, The Mithraeum at Novae Revisited Jerzy Zelazowski, New Examples of the Name Stamp (Sarnowski Type XXV) from the Legionary Fortress at Novae (Lower Moesia) Agnieszka Tomas, Liber Pater or Dionysus? The Evidence of the Bacchic Cult at Novae (castra et canabae legionis) and in its Hinterland Adam Lajtar, Another Greek Inscription from Novae (Lower Moesia) Associated with pastus militum Jerzy Kolendo ?, Tomasz Kowal, Iron Components of Agricultural Tools Discovered During Excavations at Novae: Are They Always Ancient or Early Medieval in Date? TAURICA Bartosz Kontny, Maria Novicenkova, Spurs from the Sanctuary at the Gurzufskoe Sedlo in Crimea. On the Problem of Hook Spurs 325 Radoslaw Gawronski, Radoslaw Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski, The Role of Early Empire Roman Cavalry in the Defence of Tauric Chersonesos Ludmila Kovalevskaja, The Farmhouse at Plot 363 in the Chora of Tauric Chersonesos Michal Pisz, Non-destructive Archaeological Survey in the Rural Territory of Tauric Chersonesos Elena Klenina, Ceramic Production of Tauric Chersonesos in the Roman Period Viktoria Nessel, On Some Categories of Ceramic Tableware from the Kadikovka-Kadikoi Settlement (Crimea) Wojciech Nowakowski, Brooches from Balaklava-Kadykovka on Crimea (Ukraine). Season 2010 Danil A. Kostromicev, A Brooch from Tauric Chersonesos with a Dedication to Sabazius Radoslaw Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski, Adam Lukaszewicz, Language in the Private Life of Roman Soldiers in Taurica Varia Andrzej Biernacki, Valeri Yotov, Aleksander Mincev, The Origin of. New/No Jacket.
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Arcadiana, Arcadia in Poland, an 18th Century Antique Garden and Its Famous Sculptures
Warsaw, Institute of Archaeology Warsaw University. 1998. (ISBN: 8387496251). Hardcover, 29,5x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-87496-25-1 Description: hardback, 81 pp. (29,5x21cm), 34 plates Condition: very good Weight: 780g. Arcadiana, Arcadia in Poland, An 18th Century Antique Garden and its Famous Sculptures by A. Jaskulska-Tschierse, J. Kolendo, T. Mikocki, T. Mikocki, Warsaw 1998 Introduction Biographical Abbreviations I. Tomasz Mikocki: Arcadia in Poland. The 18th Century Radziwill Collection of Antique Sculpture. Its History and Present II.A. Tomasz Mikocki: An Unusual Child's Sarcophagus with a Scene from the Myth of Eros and Psyche in the National Museum in Warsaw II.B. Jerzy Kolendo: An Inscription on a Sepulchral Altar II.C. Anna Jaskulska-Tschierse: The Description of the Conservation of a Roman Child's Sarcophagus in the National Museum in Warsaw III. Tomasz Mikocki: A Statue of Asclepios in the Palace at Nieborow IV. Tomasz Mikocki: A Capital decorated with Sphinxes in Nieborow Museum List of figures in text and plates Plates. Very Good/No Jacket.
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In the Heart of Mongolia, 100th Anniversary of W. Kotwicz's Expedition to Mongolia in 1912, Studies and Selected Source Materials
Cracow, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. 2012. (ISBN: 9788360183571). Hardcover, 27x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-7676-133-6 Description: hardcover, 414 pp. (27x21 cm) figs. inset with indexes, DVD with source materials Condition: new Weight: 1578g. New/No Jacket.
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Catalogue: Varia
Keywords: 9788360183571

Within the Circle of Ancient Ideas and Virtues, Studies in Honour of Professor Maria Dzielska
Krakow, Historia Iagiellonica. 2014. (ISBN: 9788362261871). Hardcover, 24x17 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-62261-87-1 Description: hardback, 456 pp. tables Condition: new Weight: 890g. Foreword Tabula Gratulatoria Bibliography of Maria Dzielska Jerzy Danielewicz, Mythological Figures and Dead Leaders as Teachers of Public Morals and Traditional Values in Greek Old Comedy Krystyna Bartol, Aletheia and Doxa in Pseudo-Hippocrates' Epistolary Novel on Democritus' Laughter Krzysztof Narecki, Key Concepts in the Thought ofLeucippus of Miletus, the Forgotten Founder of Atomism Dariusz Slapek, Culture versus Nature. The Character of Roman Discourse on Scents from Plautus to Pliny the Elder Stanislaw Stabryla, Problematique de la critique litteraire dans les Satires d'Horace Andrzej Iwo Szoka, The Indian Gymnosophists as the Ideal Cynic Philosophers? A Cynic Diatribe in the Geneva Papyrus inv. 271 Joanna Komorowska, Model Text, Model Reading? The Paradigmatic Character of Proclus' ln Alcibiadem Andrzej Wypustek, The Sleep of Eros in a Funerary Epigram from Tomis (Peek, Griechische Vers-Inschriften no. 1942) Slawomir Sprawski, A Land Apart: The Description oflhessaly in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships Adam Lukaszewicz, Improvised Remarks on Alexander the Great and his Heritage Tomasz Grabowski, The Cult ofArsinoe II in the Foreign Policy of the Ptolemies Marek J. Olbrycht, Parthians, Greek Culture and Bey and Piotr Berdowski, Pietas Erga Patriam: Ideology and Politics in Rome in the Early First Century BC. The Evidence From Coins and Glandes Inscriptae Wojciech Boruch, Domitia Longina - The Portrait of a Woman in Ancient Sources Agata A. Kluczek, La patientia d'Hadrien et pietas d'Antonin ou les virtutes dans la pratique de I'eloge imperial Katarzyna Balbuza, Virtutes and Abstract Ideas Propagated by Marcia Otacilia Severa. Numismatic Evidence Maciej Piegdon, Viam aedisque poplicas heic fecei Political activity ofM. Aemilius Lepidus in Northern Italy Leszek Mrozewicz, Flavian Municipal Foundations in Dalmatia Danuta Okori, P. Cornelius Anullinus - amicus certus Joachim Sliwa, From the World of Gnostic Spells. The tasu-palindrome Szymon Olszaniec, The Two Prefects of 384 - Symmachus and Pra.etexta.tus Edward Watts, Hypatia's Sisters: Female Philosophers in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries Henryk Kowalski, The Impiety (Impietas) of the Christians? Dariusz Spychala, Constantin fr etses successeurs a I'egarddes religions traditionnelles et du christianisme. Questions choisies Kazimierz Ilski, Gods ofConstantine Norbert Widok, Connotazione del lemma "physis"in riferimento almondo creato negli scritti di Gregorio Nazianzeno Slawomir Bralewski, La philosophie pratiquee par les actes - une image duphilosophe dans l'Histoire ecclesiastique de Socrate de Constantinople Kamilla Twardowska, Religious Foundations of Empress Athenais Eudocia in Palestine Michal Stachura, Church Unity, Schism, and Heresy in Late Antiquity Rafai Kosinski, Why Peter the Iberian Could Not Have Been the Author of the Corpus Dionysiacum Stanislaw Turlej,Justinian's Novela XI - A Historical Analysis Dimitar Y. Dimitrov, Thracians andBessi in Late Antiquity: Questions of Survival, Identity, and Religious Affiliations Jan Prostko-Prostyriski, Haruspices under the Walls of Toulouse in 439: Huns, Romans or Etruscans? Malgorzata B. Leszka, Miroslaw J. Leszka, Longinus ofCardala. Leader oflsaurian Revolt (492-497) Marek Wilczynski, Die "Heiden"am Rande der Welt - die Kirche und die Uberreste des heidnischen Kultus im suewischen Galizien undLusitanien Teresa Wolinska, A Barbarian as Incarnation of Roman Virtues? Theodoric the Great in Byzantine and Italian Sources Przemyslaw Marciniak, The Byzantine Performative Turn Maciej Salamon, Apollonius ofTyana and the Account of. New/No Jacket.
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Abusir X - the Pyramid Complex of Raneferef: The Papyrus Archive
Prague, Czech Institute of Egyptology. 2007, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 8073081547). Hardcover, 30x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 80-7308-154-7 Description: hardcover, 465 pp. (30x21cm), 90 pls with b&w ills. 90 pls of transcriptions, 10 pls of palaeography Condition: very good Weight: 1720g. This volume of the Abusir series of monographs is dedicated to the edition of the papyri found in the mortuary temple of Raneferef. The edition also involves the interpretation of the papyri and detailed relevant studies on the chronology, place names, temple personnel, the temple economy, the accounting terminology, and the woven materials. Besides the palaeographic plates, also appended to the volume are detailed indices, glossaries and a list of the references. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Catalogue: Ancient Egypt
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La Haute Crue Du Nil Et L'Averse de L'an 6 Du Roi Taharqa. Le Dieu "Hemen" Et Son Chef-Lieu "Hefat", Avec 7 Pl. H.T. , Université égyptienne, Recueil de Travaux Publiés Par la Faculté Des Lettres, Fasc. 4
Le Caire, Imprimerie de l'institut franÁais d'archťologie orientale. 1930. Soft cover, 18x27 cm. Book, Description: softcover, XII+118 pp. (18x27 cm), 7 plates Condition: very good- (sunned cover, small damages of the cover) Weight: 505g. Vladimir Vikentiev, La haute crue du Nil et l'averse de l'an 6 du roi Taharqa. Le dieu "Hemen" et son chef-lieu "Hefat", avec 7 pl. h. t. Universitť ťgyptienne, recueil de travaux publiťs par la facultť des lettres, fasc. 4, Imprimerie de l'institut franÁais d'archťologie orientale, Le Caire 1930. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Catalogue: Ancient Egypt

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