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Contributions in New World Archaeology, Vol. 6
Krakow, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. 2014. Soft cover, 24x17 cm. Journal, Description: softcover, 197 pp. (24x17 cm), ills, maps Condition: new Weight: 510g. Milosz Giersz, Krzysztof Makowski y Patrycja Przadka-Giersz En las fronteras meridionales de Moche y Chimu Józef Szykulski, Katarzyna Figiel and Krzysztof Kwiatkowski The Project Tambo and its significance for research on pre-Columbian societies of the southern part of Peru Piotr Kalicki Model of interregional contacts between highland and coastal groups in late Pre-Colombian periods in lomas of the Central Coast of Peru Bernard Hermes y Juan Luis Velásquez Analisis de la cerámica arqeológica de Xacbal, Chajul, Quiche: Periodos preclásico y Clásico Temprano Magdalena H. Rusek Greenstone artefacts from the Maya site of Nakum, Peten, Guatemala Michal Wasilewski The growing wave: Polish archaeological contributions in the New World. New/No Jacket.
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Deir El-Bahari (Habitat Prehistorique), Fasc I, Travaux de la Mission Archeologique de L'Universite Jagellone En Egypte
Cracow, Jagiellonian University Press. 1976, 1st Edition. Soft cover, 24x17 cm. Book, Description: softcover, 76 pages (24x17cm), 37 figs.; 760 vols. issued Condition: very good Weight: 150g. Deir el-Bahari (habitat prehistorique), fasc I, Travaux de la mission archeologique de l'Universite Jagellone en Egypte, redacteur Janusz K. Kozlowski, Jagiellonian University Press, Cracow 1976 Préface (Maria L.Bernhard) 1. Introduction (Janusz K. Kozlowski) 2. Topographie préhistorique du cirque de Deir el-Bahari (Barbara Drobniewicz, Boleslaw Ginter, Janusz K. Kozlowski) 3. Etude du site n° 10 (Janusz K. Kozlowski) 4. Un outillage du site n° 20 (Barbara Drobniewicz, Boleslaw Ginter) 5. Etudes sur les graffiti préhistoriques (Joachim Sliwa) 6. Bibliographie. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Catalogue: Ancient Egypt
Keywords: Deir el-Bahari

The Early Linear Pottery Culture in Eastern Slovakia
Krakow, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. 1997. (ISBN: 8386956240). Soft cover, 30x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-86956-24-0 Description: paperback, 282 pp. (30x21 cm), figs. Condition: new Weight: 725g. New/No Jacket.
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Book number: 1098
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The Lengyel, Polgar and Related Cultures in the Middle/Late Neolithic in Central Europe
Krakow, olish Academy of Arts and Sciences. 2007. (ISBN: 9788360183571). Hardcover, 30x21cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-60183-57-1 Description: hardcover, 528 pp. (30x21 cm) figs. Condition: new Weight: 2125g. New/No Jacket.
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Keywords: 9788360183571

Nemrik. An Aceramic Village in Northern Iraq
Warsaw, Institute of Archaeology Warsaw University. 2002. (ISBN: 8387496634). Hardcover, 29,5x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-87496-63-4 Description: hardback, 117 pp. (29,5x21cm), CLXXIV plates, 29 figs Condition: new Weight: 1310g. Preface 1. Introduction 1.1. Six seasons 1.2. Scientific Staff 1.3. Iraqi Antiquities Organization and its representatives 1.4. Technical staff 1.5. Colleagues and friends 1.6. Collections of finds 2. The Site 2.1. Description 2.2. Fieldwork and laboratory methods 2.3. Sampling 2.4. Stratigraphy 2.4.1. Structures superposition 2.4.2. N-S cross-section 2.4.3. Stratigraphical division 2.4.4. Complex K 2.4.5. Complex KM 2.4.6. Conclusion 2.5. Chronology 2.5.1. Generalities 2.5.2. Beginning and end of settlement 2.5.3. K and KM stratigraphic complexes transition stage 2.5.4. Complex K 2.5.5. Layer KL 2.5.6. Phase IVb 2.5.7. Conclusions 3. Houses 3.1. Introduction 3.2. Plan and structure 3.3. Walls 3.4. Roof 3.5. Roof support 3.6. Furnishing the interior 3.6.1. Floor 3.6.2. Internal divisions3.7. Equipment 3.7.1. Burned houses 3.7.2. Equipment 3.7.3. Flint scatters in the houses 3.7.4. Cache of bladelets 3.7.5. At home and on the dump 3.8. Inhabiting the house 3.9. Stores 4. Burials 4.1. Introduction 4.2. Burials interspersed between the houses. 4.3. Burials under houses 4.4. Cemetery area 4.5. Tombs (= houses 6 & 10) 4.6. Head burials 4.7. Grave equipment 4.8. Arrowheads in graves 5. Urban layout 5.1. Phase V 5.1.1. Extent 5.1.2. Zones of activity 5.2. Phase IV 5.3. Phase III 5.4. Phase II 5.5. Phase I 5.6. Conclusions 5.7. Duration of house/village 5.7.1. Number of skeletons/individuals 5.7.2. Age structure 5.7.3. Family size 5.7.4. The Nemrik Generations 6. Lithic industry 6.1. Introduction 6.2. Raw materials 6.3. General technological structure 6.4. Cores 6.5. Flakes 6.6. Blades/bladelets 6.7. Reduction strategy/chaine operatoire 6.8. Blade sectioning 6.9. Inserts 6.10. Nemrik field flint tool type list 6.11. Inner structure of the tool assemblages 6.12. End-scrapers6.13. Retouched flakes 6.14. Burins 6.15. Truncations 6.16. Retouched blades. 6. 17. Perforators 6.18. Combined tools 6.19. Heavy duty tools 6.20. Arrowheads 6.22. Evolution of the industry 6.23. "Sickles" (cf. truncations and retouched blades) 6.24. Sickles function 6.25. Big-chocolate tools 6.26. Rare products / types 6.27. Tools of extraordinary size, meaning tools made at home and tools available on the market 6.28. Conclusions 7. Stone industry 7. 1. Introduction 7.2. Typological list of stone tools 7.2.1. List of types (after R. F. Mazurowski 1997) 7.3. Raw materials 7.4. Big Stone Implements (BSI) - introduction 7.4. 1. Querns 7.4.2. Mortars 7.4.3. Slabs 7.4.4. Concluding remarks on BSI 7.5. Small Stone Implements 7.5. 1. Balls / bolas 7.5.2. Perforated balls, / maceheads 7.5.3. Grinders 7.5.4. Specimens with flat working end / pounders and pestles 7.5.5. Celts /polished axes and adzes 7.5.6. Slotted stones 7.5.7. Phallic representations 7.5.8. Others 7.5.9. Stone vessels 7.5.10. Conclusion 8. The Gods from Nemrik 9. Small finds 9.1. Introduction 9.2. Clay pieces 9.2.1. Tokens 9.2.2. Figurines 9.2.3. Other clay objects9.2.4. Products of unfired clay 9.2.5. Conclusions 9.3. Stone pieces 9.3.1. Tokens 9.3.2. Small statuettes (?) 9.3.3. Jewelry/Ornaments 9.4. Giant needles 9.5. Shell ornaments 9.6. Objects of bone 9.7. Copper 9.8. General Conclusion 9.9. Additional remarks 10.Early Holocene Environment 10.1. Introduction 10.2. Pollen diagram 10.3. Charred plant remains 10.4. Charcoals 10.5. Fauna 10.5.1. Mammals 10.5.2. Birds 10.5.3. Molluscs 10.6. 19th and 20"' century descriptions of the local environment 10.7. TAVO Maps 10.8. The Early Holocene habita. New/No Jacket.
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Neolithization of the Carpathian Basin, Northernmost Distribution of the Starcevo/Koros Culture
Krakow-Budapeszt, olish Academy of Arts and Sciences. 2010. (ISBN: 9788376760452). Hardcover, 30x22 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-7676-045-2 Description: hardcover, 365 pp. (30x22 cm), figs. Condition: new Weight: 1595g. New/No Jacket.
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Book number: 1099
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Keywords: 9788376760452

Polish Contributions in New World Archaeology. New Series, Fasc. 1
Krakow, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. 2008. (ISBN: 9788360183847). Soft cover, 24x17 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-60183-84-7 Description: softcover, 168 pp. (24x17 cm), ills. Condition: very good Weight: 350g. From the Editors Cronología cultural y patrones de asentamiento prehispánico en el valle del Río Culebras, costa norcentral del Perú Milosz Giersz, Patrycja Przadka Investigaciones arqueológicas del sitio Uauauno, Departamento del Beni, Bolivia: Temporadas 2004 y 2005 Andrzej Karwowski, Marcin Obalek, Mileniusz Spanowicz Mythical and ritual representations depicted on the pottery from the Peruvian coast of the Early Intermediate Period. A study based on the collection of the Ethnological Museum in Barcelona Karina Borsiak Investigaciones en Nakum, Peten, Guatemala: resultados de las excavaciones realizadas por el Proyecto Arqueológico Nakum en los anos 2006 y 2007 Jaroslaw Zralka, Wieslaw Koszkul, Bernard Hermes Archaeological research at Goodman Point Pueblo and the depopulation of the Mesa Verde Región, Utah-Colorado, USA Radoslaw Palonka, Kristin Kuckelman. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Keywords: 9788360183847

Polish Contributions in New World Archaeology, New Series, Fasc. 2
Krakow, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. 2010. (ISBN: 9788376760636). Soft cover, 24x17 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-7676-063-6 Description: softcover, 144 pages (24x17), phots. drawings, plans; 500 vols. issued Condition: very good Weight: 280g. Investigaciones en Nakum, Peten, Guatemala: resultados de las excavaciones realizadas por el Proyecto Arqueologico Nakum en los anos 2008 y 2009 Wieslaw Koszkul, Jaroslaw Zralka, Bernard Hermes y Boris Aguilar Round structures in Pre-Columbian Maya architecture Jan Szymanski Nuevos yacimientos de obsidiana en el sur de Peru (Valle de los Volcanes - Pampa Jararanca) desde una perspectiva arqueologica Michal Wasilewski Observaciones acerca de la construction y el trazado de algunos tramos del camino inca en los Andes peruanos Andrzej Krzanowski Late Pueblo III sites in Lower Sand Canyon locality, Montezuma County, Colorado -preliminary report of the archaeological survey of 2009 Radoslaw Palonka. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Keywords: 9788376760636

Préhistoire de la Grande Plaine de L'Europe, Actes Du Colloque International Organisé Dans le Cadre de Xe Congres U.I. S.S. S. A Mexico
Warsaw, Warsaw University Press. 1981, 1st Edition. Soft cover, 24x17 cm. Book, Description: softcover, 162 pp. (17,5x23,5), drawings, plans, 800 vols printed Condition: very good (yellowish pages) Weight: 370g. Préhistoire de la Grande Plaine de l'Europe, Actes du Colloque International organisé dans le cadre de Xe Congres U.I.S.S.S. a Mexico, ed. by J.K. Kozlowski & S.K. Kozlowski, Archaeologia Interregionals, 1, Cracow-Warsaw 1981 Note de l'Editeur Alberto Broglio: De la fin du Paleolithique au commencement du Neolithique au Sud des Alpes Jan M. Burdukiewicz: Greswellian and. Hamburgian Roger M. Jacobi: The Late Weichselian peopling of Britain and North-West Europe Stefan K. Kozlowski: Single-barbed Havel type harpoons in the European Lowland Dietrieh Mania: Eine Fundstelle des Perigordien-Gravettien von Bilzingsleben Marcel Otte: Les industries a pointes foliacees et a pointes pedonculees dans le Nord-Ouest europeen Beatrice Schmeder; Les particularites dans le developpement du Magdalenien du Centre du Bassin Parisien et ses relations avec les cultures de la Plaine de l'Europe du Nord Gerhot Tromnau: Die Hamburger Kultur Janusz K. Kozlowski, Stefan K. Kozlowski: Paleohistoire de la Grande Plaine Europeenne. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Wylotne and Zwierzyniec, Paleolithic Sites in Southern Poland
Krakow, The Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Warsaw University. 2006. (ISBN: 9788360183335). Soft cover, 23,5x16 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-601833-3-5 Description: softcover, 494 pages (23,5x16 cm), drawings, photographs, map Condition: new Weight: 780g. New/No Jacket.
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Keywords: 9788360183335

Abusir XI, the Architecture of the Mastaba of Ptahshepses
Prague, Czech Institute of Egyptology. 2008, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 9788020017284). Hardcover, 30x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-80-200-1728-4 Description: hardcover, 191 pp. (30x21cm), pls with b&w and col. ills. maps, plans Condition: very good Weight: 1000g. The text consists of six chapters dealing with the history of exploration, with the tomb owner - Vizier Ptahshepses - his social status and his role within the royal court as well as with other members of his family, with the location of the mastaba in the frames of the Abusir Royal Necropolis. The largest part of the monograph is represented by the fourth chapter, which is dedicated to the description of the individual building stages of the mastaba. Besides the description of the remaining masonry and the architectural elements, possible reconstructions of the original appearance of the mastaba's respective parts are presented as well. The fifth chapter (Remarks on the architecture and function of the mastaba) emphasises some features of the mastaba's architecture which are discussed in the broader context of the development of ancient Egyptian architecture during the Third Millennium B.C. This chapter also includes a discussion on the spatial and functional analysis of the mastaba. The sixth, concluding chapter, sums up the previously mentioned topics and the place of the tomb and its owner in the framework of the development of the Old Kingdom. It is also devoted to an analysis of the dating of the mastaba's construction. The results of the long-lasting archaeological exploration of the mastaba of Ptahshepses, one of the largest nonroyal Old Kingdom tombs, are published in this volume. The book deals primarily with the survey of the complex architecture of this funerary monument, paying attention to all important features of this in many respects unique building. The aspects of its architectural development are described and analysed in the context of the development of both royal and nonroyal mortuary architecture of the second half of the Egyptian Old Kingdom. The functions and related religious aspects of the architectural elements of this tomb are discussed. The vast tomb of Vizier Ptahshepses represents the first attestation of the long tradition of constructions of the nonroyal "mortuary temples" which lasted down to the Late period. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Catalogue: Ancient Egypt
Keywords: 9788020017284 abusir, mastaba, ancient egypt Abusir

Abusir XII, Minor Tombs in the Royal Necropolis I (the Mastabas of Nebtyemneferes and Nakhtsare, Pyramid Complex Lepsius No. 24 and Tomb Complex Lepsius No. 25)
Prague, Czech Institute of Egyptology. 2008, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 9788073081812). Hardcover, 30x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 9788073081812 Description: hardcover, 287 pp. (30x21cm), pls with b&w and col. ills. drawings, plans Condition: very good Weight: 1180g. This monograph presents a report on the results of the archaeological excavations of the Czech Institute of Egyptology undertaken from 1987 until 2004 and held in the area of the Abusir minor tombs clustered around the tombs of the 5th Dynasty kings. The first chapter isdevoted to the excavation and description of the mastaba of Nebtyemneferes, a rather enigmatic identity - probably a princess - who was buried among the tombs of the members of the royal family in the southern part of the Abusir pyramid necropolis. The tomb includescommon features of Abusir tombs of the period.The second chapter deals with research into the mastaba of Prince Nakhtsare, located to the south of Raneferef's mortuary temple; it is the northernmost tomb in a row of tombs located on the southern border of the royal necropolis.The important position of this very destroyed tomb is also indicated by its rich burial equipment, as well as by the masons' marks found on the masonry of the mastaba. The third chapter is devoted to the pyramid complex of an unknown queen in a tomb known as Lepsius no. 24. Because a large number of masons' marks was present on this pyramid's walls, and, in addition, because of the bad state of preservation of this monument, we have been able to study in an unique way the methods used by the ancient architects and builders in the construction of royal monuments in the middle of the Fifth Dynasty. A further chapter is dedicated to a most exceptional complex - the monument known to us now as Lepsius no. 25. This monument represents a double tomb whose name was written as double pyramid. Unfortunately, it is in a very desolated state of preservation, so much so that many details of its intriguing architecture as well as the burial equipments, etc. have been lost to us forever. The sixth chapter is devoted to the anthropological material discovered during the archaeological excavations of these monuments. The majority of this material is represented by remains coming from the Late Period cemeteries, which once covered this area. In addition to this fairly large group, there is one very significant study featuring the fragments of a female mummy which might have belonged to the owner of the pyramid complex Lepsius no. 24. A study of the stone vessels found in the monuments discussed in this monograph represents an Appendix. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Catalogue: Ancient Egypt
Keywords: 9788073081812 abusir, ancient egypt, tomb, mastaba Abusir

Archaeology of Early Northeastern Africa, in Memory of Lech Krzyzaniak, Studies in African Archaeology, Vol. 9
Poznan, Muzeum Archeologiczne w Poznaniu. 2006. (ISBN: 8360109060). Hardcover, with dust jacket, 25x18 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-60109-06-0 Description: hardcover, cloth, jacket, 1061 pages (25x18 cm), ills. Condition: very good Weight: 2155g. Forewords Lech Krzyzaniak - Bibliography I Sudan Abdelrahim M. Khabir Some new reflections on Islang and Nofalab Neolithic sites in Khartoum province, Sudan Przemyslaw Bobrowski and Maciej Jordeczka A survey of the Wadi Awatib near Naga Louis Chaix New data about rural economy in the Kerma culture: the site of Gism el-Arba (Sudan) Mauro Cremaschi, Sandro Salvatori, Donatella Usai and Andrea Zerboni A further "tessera" to the huge "mosaic": studying the ancient settlement pattern of the El Salha region (south-west of Omdurman, Central Sudan) David N. Edwards Mid Holocene game drives in Nubian landscapes? Victor M. Fernandez The Prehistory of the Blue Nile Region (Central Sudan and Western Ethiopia) Elena A. A. Garcea Pottery making processes at Esh Shaheinab, Sudan Achilles Gautier The faunal remains of the Early Neolithic site Kadero, Central Sudan Brigitte Gratien Kerma people in Egypt (Middle and Classic Kerma) Randi Haaland Ritual and political aspects of Iron working; iron in war and conflict Margaret Judd Jebel Sahaba revisited Derek A. Welsby Two unusual monuments in the Northern Dongola Reach of the Nile, Sudan Bruce Beyer Williams A-Group Society in the context of Northeastern Africa II The Sahara and the Western Desert of Egypt and the Sudan Friedrich Berger Relative chronology of rock art at Djedefre's Water Mountain, SW-Egypt Przemyslaw Bobrowski, Romuald Schild and Gilberto Calderonii Late Neolithic Settlements ( E-01-2 "CAMP" ) from the Gebel Ramlah Playa Basin, South-Western Desert of Egypt (Preliminary Report) Maria Carmela Gatto The Early A-Group in Upper Lower Nubia, Upper Egypt and the surrounding deserts Birgit Keding Pottery of the Wadi Howar - traditions, transformations and their implications Rudolph Kuper An attempt at Structuring the Holocene Occupation of the Eastern Sahara Mathias Lange The archaeology of Wadi Hariq (NW-Sudan): Results from excavations 1999 and 2001 Mathias Lange and Hans-Ake Nordstrom Abkan connections-The relationship between the Abkan culture in the Nile valley and Early Nubian sites from the Laqiya Region (Eastern Sahara, Northwest Sudan) Mark Milburn Some enigmatic phenomena of the East, Central and West Sahara Nadja Pollath Mid-Holocene pastoralism in Northwestern Sudan: cattle bone finds from Wadi Hariq and their cultural implications Heiko Riemer and Peter Schonfeld The prehistoric pottery of Abu Tartur, Western Desert of Egypt Noriyuki Shirai Origins and development of bifacial stone tools and their implications for the beginning of animal herding in the Egyptian Western Desert Pierre M. Vermeersch, W. Van Neer and F. Gullentops El Abadiya 3, Upper Egypt, A Late Palaeolithic site on the shore of a Large Nile Lake III Oases C. S.Churcher and M. R. Kleindienst A Pre-Dynastic Ass (Equus asinus) from the Sheikh Muftah Cultural Horizon of the Dakhleh Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt Maxine R. Kleindienst, Charles S. Churcher, B. Churcher, Henry P. Schwarcz, Albert F. C. Haldemann, Jennifer R. Smith and Gordon R. Osinski Geoarchaeological investigations in Dakhleh Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt: Did a meteorite strike Dakhleh during the time of Middle Stone Age occupations? Michal Kobusiewicz Stone knapping tradition in Old Kingdom Dakhleh Giulio Lucarini The use and exploitation of the sorghum and wild plants in the hidden valley village (Farafra Oasis Egypt) Mary M. A. McDonald Holocene Prehistory of the Wadi el Midauwara above the Kharga Oasis, Egypt [..]. Very Good/Very Good.
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Cultural Markers in the Later Prehistory of Northeastern Africa and Recent Research, Studies in African Archaeology, Vol. 8
Poznan, Muzeum Archeologiczne w Poznaniu. 2003. (ISBN: 8391666255). Soft cover, 17x24 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-916662-5-5 Description: softcover, 336 pages (17x24 cm), drawings, plans, photographs Condition: very good Weight: 600g. Cultural Markers in the Later Prehistory of Northeastern Africa and Recent Research, Studies in African Archaeology, vol. 8, edited by L. Krzyzaniak, K. Kroeper and M. Kobusiewicz, Poznan Archaeological Museum 2003 Resolution of the International Commission of the Later Prehistory of Northeastern Africa Libya and the Sahara Barbara E. Barich, Elena A. A. Garcea, C. Conati Barbaro and Carlo Giraudi The Ras El Wadi sequence in the Jebel Gharbi and the Late Pleistocene cultures of Northern Libya Baldur Gabriel Cultural relics as Saharan landscape elements Friederike Jesse Early ceramics in the Sahara and the Nile Valley II. The Western Desert of Egypt and the Sudan Karin Kindermann Investigations of the Mid-Holocene settlement of Djara (Abu Muhariq Plateau, Western Desert of Egypt) Heiko Riemer Abu Gerara: Mid-Holocene sites between Djara and Dakhla Oasis (Egypt) Michal Kobusiewicz Neolithic wells of the Western Desert of Egypt Mathias Lange A-Group settlement sites from the Laqiya region (Eastern Sahara, Northwest Sudan) Jorg Linstadter Middle and Late Neolithic in the Wadi Bakht region (GilfKebir, Egypt) Fred Wendorf and Romuald Schild Food economy and settlement system during the Neolithic in the Egyptian Sahara III. The Predynastic Period of Egypt Juan J. Castillos Egyptian Predynastic cemetery research Krzysztof M. Cialowicz Tell el-Farkha 2000. Excavations at the Western Kom. Marek Chlodnicki Recent research at Tell el- Farkha (Eastern Nile Delta) Mariusz Jucha Tell el-Farkha 2001: the settlement pottery of phases 5 and 4a - a preliminary report Jacek Kabacinski Lithic industry at Tell el-Farkha (Eastern Delta) Agnieszka Maczynska Lower Egyptian culture from the central Tell at Tell el-Farkha (Nile Delta) Karla Kroeper Radiocarbon and thcrmoluminescence dates from the Pre/Early Dynastic cemetery of Minshat Abu Omar (North-Eastern Nile Delta) IV. The Sudan Alejandro Jimenez-Serrano Two proto-kingdoms in Lower Nubia in the fourth millennium BC Louis Chaix and J.W. Hansen Cattle with "forward-pointing horns": archaeozoological and cultural aspects Jacek Kabacinski Holocene lithic industries of the Letti Basin (Northern Sudan) Piotr Osypinski Palaeolithic sites from Southern Dongola Reach Survey. Preliminary report Elena A. A. Garcea A review of the El Melik Group (Dongola Reach. Sudan) List of Paticipants. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Keywords: 8391666255

Interregional Contacts in the Later Prehistory of Northeastern Africa, Studies in African Archaeology, Vol. 5
Poznan, Muzeum Archeologiczne w Poznaniu. 1996. (ISBN: 8390043475). Soft cover, 17x24 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-900434-7-5 Description: softcover, 490 pages (17x24 cm), drawings, plans, photographs Condition: very good Weight: 835g. From the Organizers and Editors List of Participants in the Symposium I. Northeastern Africa Anclrea Manzo Social complexity and cultural contacts in Northeastern Africa between 3000 and 1000 B.C.: a provisional model Andrew B. Smith The Near Eastern connection II: cultural contacts with the Nile Delta and the Sahara II. North African littoral and the Sahara Barbara E. Barich, Cecilia Conati-Barbaro and Carlo Giraudi The archaeology of Jebel Gharbi (Northwest Libya) and the Libyan sequence Jeun-Loi'c Le Quellec Cultural areas and interregional relations: the case of the Egyptian and Libyan theriomorphs HI. Eastern Sahara Hula Burakat Anthracological studies in the Northeastern Sahara: methodology and preliminary results from the Nabta Playa Barbara E. Barich, Fekri A. Hassan and Alessandra A. Stoppiello Farafra Oasis between the Sahara and the Nile Rudolph Kuper Between the Oases and the Nile- Djara: Rohlfs' Cave in the Western Desert. Mary M. A. McDonald Relations between Dakhleh Oasis and the Nile Valley in the Mid-Holocene: a discussion Romuald Schild. Halina Krolik. Fred Wendorf and Angela E. Close Architecture of Early Neolithic huts at Nabta Playa . Werner Schbn The Late Neolithic of Gilf Kebir: evolution and relations Fred Wendorf. Romuald Schild and Nieves Zedeno A Late Neolithic megalith complex in the Eastern Sahara: a preliminary report IV. The Nile Delta and the Egyptian Nile Valley Barbara Adams Imports and imitations in Predynastic funerary contexts at Hierakonpolis . Kathryn A. Bard The Predynastic site of Halfiah Gibli. Upper Egypt, and interconnections within the Nagada network Chris Ellis Expressions of social status: a statistical approach to the Late Predynastic/Early Dynastic cemeteries of Kafr Tarkhan Boleslaw Ginter. Janusz K. Kozlowski and Maciej Pawlikowski Raw material procurement in the Tarifian and in the Naqada Culture: a case study from the Nile Valley in Upper Egypt Diane L. Holmes Recent investigations in the Badari region (Middle Egypt) Diane L. Holmes Lithic assemblages from Hierakonpolis and interregional relations in Predynastic Egypt Shomarka O.Y. Keita Analysis of Nagada Predynastic crania: a brief report E. Christiana Kohler Evidence for interregional contacts between late prehistoric Lower and Upper Egypt - a view from Buto Nancy C. Lovell and Andrew L. Johnson Human biological variation at Nagada: an analysis of dental morphological traits Beatrix Midant-Reynes The Predynastic site of Adaima (Upper Egypt) Mohamed Adel M. Abd el-Moneim Late Predynastic - Early Dynastic cemetery of Beni Amir (Eastern Delta). Mohamed Adel M. Abd el-Moneim Late Predynastic - Early Dynastic mound of Beni Amir (Eastern Delta) Mohamed Ibrahim Bakr. Mohamed Adel Abd el-Moneim and Mahmoud Omar M. Selim Protodynastic excavations at Tell Hassan Dawud (Eastern Delta) Klaus Schmidt (with an Addendum by Ernst Pernicka) Lower and Upper Egypt in the Chalcolithic Period. Evidence of the lithic industries: a view from Buto Ursula Thanheiser Local crop production versus import of cereals during the Predynastic Period in the Nile Delta V. The Sinai Isabella Caneva Survey in northwestern Sinai Ram Gophna Observations on the earliest phase of relations between Egypt and Canaan during the Early Bronze Age VI. The Sudan Isabella Caneva Post-Shahcinab Neolithic remains at Geili Klena A. A. Garcea Cultural developments in the final hunting-gathering horizons in the Middle and Upper Nile Valley Maria C. Gatto and F. Tiraterra Contacts between the Nubian "A-Groups" and Predynastic Egypt Alfredo Jimeno. Victor M. Very Good/No Jacket.
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USD 30.00 [Appr.: EURO 24.75 | £UK 21.5 | JP¥ 3281]
Keywords: 8390043475

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