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Doyen of the Dead Sea Scrolls, an in Depth Biography of Jozef Tadeusz Milik (1922-2006), Qumranica Mogilanensia 17
Krakow-Mogilany, The Enigma Press. 2011, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 9788386110735). Hardcover, 16x23,5 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-86110-73-5 Description: hardback, XII+239 pp. (16x23,5cm), XVI pls. Condition: very good Weight: 555g. Zdzislaw J. Kapera, Robert Feather, Doyen of the Dead Sea Scrolls, An in depth biography of Jozef Tadeusz Milik (1922-2006), Qumranica Mogilanensia 17, The Enigma Press 2011 This is the first book on the life and work of Józef Tadeusz Milik (1922-2006), a great Biblical and Semitic scholar, one of the pillars of Qumran studies, once called "the fastest man with a fragment", the main decipherer and publisher of scrolls from the Judaean Desert in the 1950s and 1960s, one of the creators of the Essene hypothesis, and also a foremost Nabataean epigrapher. Some od his great contributions to Scrolls research still await publication. Zdzislaw J. Kapera presents a preliminary, but fully documented, account of Milik's family background and his scholarly career, focusing on his labours as a qumranologist, a Biblical archaeologist, and epigrapher of ancient Nabataea. He explains Milik's true role in the Third Battle of the Scrolls in the 1990s. Robert Feather publishes the transcriptions and comments on the contents of the tapes of his interviews with Milik in the scholar's last years. Many photographs from the private collections of the authors and from the archives of Milik's family are presented for the first time. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Deir El-Bahari VI, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Solar Complex
Varsovie, Centre d'Archeologie Mediterraneenne de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences. 2003, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 8388973304). Soft cover, 44x31 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-88973-30-4 Description: softcover, 296 pp (29x21cm).; plates in a separate portfolio (44x31x4cm) Condition: very good Weight: 4030g. Janusz Karkowski, Deir el-Bahari VI, The Temple of Hatshepsut, The Solar Complex, Centre d'Archeologie Mediterraneenne de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences, Varsovie 2003 Preface List of plates List of text figures Abbreviations Excursus: The numbering of epigraphic units in the Hatshepsut temple at Deir el-Bahari Part l - HISTORY AND INTERPRETATION OF THE SOLAR COMPLEX Chapter 1: Discovery and restoration Chapter 2: Building history Inroductory remarks Phase 1: The Solar Complex with a smaller altar and an asymmetrical eastern doorway to the Altar Court Phase 2: The Solar Complex with the Night-Sun Chapel to the west and an asymetrical western entrance to the Altar Court Phase 3: Night-Sun Chapel to the east, axial entrance to the Altar Court, addition of the Upper Ambis Shrine Chapter 3: Ancient history . Chapter 4: Interpretation A. The decorative programme of the Solar Complex The gods The kings Attested kings,Royal costume, Royal Portraits The solar barks The remaining images referring to the solar cycle B. Spatial arrangement and symbolism of the Solar Complex Prelimninary remarks The symbolism of the architectural layout of the solar complex and its place in the temple Orientation of scenes The play of light and shadow C. Solar aspects of other parts of the Hatshepsut Temple D. Cult in the Solar Complex Chapter 5: Comparative examination of other solar complexes A. Introductory remarks B. Architecture of the solar complexes in the Theban mortuary temples C. Decoration of the solar complexes in the Theban mortuary temples. Temple of Gurna, 93; Temple of Merenptah, 94; Medinet Habu, 94. D. Atypical solar complexes Akh-menu at Karnak, 105; Luxor, 108; The shadow of Re of Queen Teye at Amarna, 111; Great Temple at Abu Simbel, 112; Temple of Taharqa at Karnak, 115. Part II - DESCRIPTION OF THE SOLAR COMPLEX Chapter 6: Architecture General description Composition Construction Material, 122; The doorways, 123; The walls, 123; The cornice, 124; The columns, 125; The architraves, 125; The wall niches, 126; The altar, 126; The pavement, 127. Calculation for the cubit length used in the Solar Complex Chapter 7: Decoration Method of documentation and presentation The Night-Sun Chapel (06.01). Doorway South wall Comment on the reconstruction of the south wall West wall Comment on the restoration of the west wall North wall East wall Remarks on the reconstruction of the east wall The niche of the Night-Sun Chapel (06.01.NC) The Night-Sun Chapel: columns, architraves, and soffit The Altar Court (06.02) The doorway The southern niche of the Altar Court (06.02.NC.A) The western niche of the Altar Court (06.02.NC.B) The dismantled niche (06.02.NC.C) The Altar (06.02.AL) The graffiti Hieroglyphic graffiti, 253; Hieratic graffiti, 254; Figural graffiti, 255 (Hatshepsut's reign, 255, Late or Ptolemaic Period, 255, Coptic Period 264); Greek graffiti, 265; Coptic graffiti, 265; Arabic graffiti, 265 Indices General Egyptian. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Faras V, the Pharaonic Inscriptions from Faras
Warszawa, PWN-Editions Scientifiques de Pologne. 1981. (ISBN: 8301012994). Hardcover, with dust jacket, 29x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-01-01299-4 Description: hardback, dustjacket, cloth, 372 pp. (21x29cm), figs. in text, 40 plates Condition: very good Weight: 1390g. PREFACE LIST OF PLATES ABBREVIATIONS Part I. THE HISTORICAL PROBLEMS Chapter 1 THE DISCOVERY OF PHARAONIC FARAS Chapter 2 THE HISTORICAL VALUE OF THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND EPIGRAPHICAL SOURCES FROM FARAS Chapter 3 THE GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION OF FARAS AND THE KNOWN SITES WITH PHARAONIC MATERIAL Chapter 4 PROBLEM OF THE ANCIENT TOPONYMES CONNECTED WITH FARAS (ftc-k3v-Rc-mry-Mntw 18; Intt-t3wy or &sf-Md3w 19; IbSk 21; 3bw-rsyt 25; Shtp-ntrw 28) Chapter 5 THE ORIGIN OF THE FRAGMENTS FOUND INSIDE THE MEROITIC ENCLOSURE AND THEIR IMPORTANCE FOR STUDIES ON THE LOWER NUBIAN TEMPLES OUTSIDE FARAS A. The Tuthmoside fragments a. The question of the Buhen origin (The direct and indirect connections 31; The accordances in measurements 33; Coincidences in the characteristics of the Buhen temple and the Faras fragments and in their inscriptions and decorations 35) b. The importance of the Buhen fragments found at Faras 1. The location of the fragments in the Southern Temple at Buhen (The architrave fragments 37; The door fragments 48; The wall fragments 50) 2. The architecture of the temple and the history of its construction 3. The cult_ in the Southern Temple at Buhen B. The post-Tuthmoside fragments Chapter 6 THE HISTORY OF PHARAONIC FARAS Part II. THE CATALOGUE GENERAL REMARKS A. THE HATHOR ROCK a. The temple (1-11. Stelae, etc. scarabs and scaraboids excluded 77; 12-55 (1-63). Scarabs and scaraboids 92) Appendix I. The list of the uninscribed objects from the Hathor Rock, Addendum b. The chapel of Setau B. THE WALLED TOWN OF TUTANKHAMUN a. The temple b. The chapel of Huy and Ta-em-wadjsy and the minor objects Addendum Appendix II. Uninscribed sculptures found re-used in the Meroitic tombs C. THE MEROITIC ENCLOSURE a. The Tuthmoside fragments 82-146. The architraves inscribed with the larger incised signs 82-123. The texts reading from the left (82-84. The initial scenes 141; 85-91. The titulary of Hatshepsut, changed into this of Tu-thmosis n 142; 92-102. The fragments of the dedicatory formulae 146; 103-108. The fragments of the titulary of Tuthmosis in 152; 109-115. The other texts 156; 116-123. The ending formulae 160) 124-145. The texts read from the right (124-129. The fragments of Hatshepsut's titulary 163; 130-134. The fragments of the dedicatory formulae!69; 135-136. The fragments of the titulary of Tuthmosis ni 171; 137-143. The other texts 172; 144-145. The fragments of the ending formulae 176) 146 (1-7). The seven fragments with small portions of signs or of the bordering bands 147-153. The architraves inscribed with the smaller incised signs 147-151. The texts read from the left 152. The connection of the eight fragments with the text read from the right 153. The fragment bearing the band border 154-176. The architraves inscribed in low-relief 154-164. The texts read from the left 165-176. The texts read from the right 177-199. The door fragments 200-205. Six architrave or lintel fragments 206-288. The wall fragments 206-214. The figures of divinities 215-222. The royal figures 223-226. The unidentified figures 227-231. The bird-shaped tutelary divinities 232-261. The superscriptions of wall scenes (232-253. The inscriptions over the divinities 224; 254-261. The inscriptions over royal figures 242) 262-269. The untypical texts 270-280. An unidentified wall decoration 281-282. Fragments of the side block border of a wall decoration 283-288(1-5). The wall friezes (283. The cobras frieze 256;- 284-287(1-22). The Adter-friezes in low-relief 257; 288 (1-5). Five fragments of the Aefcer-frieze in sunk-relief 263) 289(1-41). The fragments of the Egyptian cornice [..]. Very Good/Very Good.
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Mogilnik Druzhnoe: III-IV Viekov Nashei Ery. Cemetery of Droozhnoye (3rd-4th Centuries)
Lublin, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Sklodowskiej. 2002. (ISBN: 8322719175). Hardcover, 21,5x30,5 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-227-1917-5 Description: hardback, 313 pp. (21,5x30,5cm), 213 plates (b&w) Condition: very good Weight: 1005g. Text in Russian, resume in English Introduction Description of results of excavations Funeral equipment Chronology of burial structures Economical, social, cultural, and ethnical features of the population which left the cemetery Instead of Conclusion. On ethnical processes in the Crimea at the Roman Period Bibliography The Cemetery of Droozhnoye (3d-4th centuries A. D. ) - Resume Plates. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Exploring the Neolithic of the Kyzyl-Kums, Ayakagytma "the Site" and Other Collections, Swiatowit Supplement Series P: Prehistory and Middle Ages, Vol XI
Warsaw, Institute of Archaeology Warsaw University. 2006. (ISBN: 8387496979). Hardcover, 29,5x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-87496-97-9 Description: hardback, 252 pp. (29,5x21cm), 70 figs. CX plates Condition: new Weight: 930g. PREFACE By Timur Shirinov and Karol Szymczak DISCOVERY, LOCATION, AND COURSE OF FIELD WORK IN AYAKAGYTMA 'THE SITE' By Karol Szymczak and Mukhiddin Khudzhanazarov ARCHAEOLOGICAL STRATIGRAPHY OF AYAKAGYTMA 'THE SITE' By Karol Szymczak, Mukhiddin Khudzhanazarov, and RyszardMichniak RADIOCARBON DATING OF AYAKAGYTMA THE SITE' By Michel Fontugne and Karol Szymczak TYPOLOGICAL LIST OF THE ARTIFACTS By Karol Szymczak ARCHAEOLOGICAL MATERIALS By Karol Szymczak, Mukhiddin Khudzhanazarov I. AYAKAGYTMA "THE SITE" 1. Surface collection from the 1995 season 2. Surface collection from a slope on the western edge of "THE SITE" 3. Surface collection outside archaeological trenches 4. Collection from stratigraphic unit 1 5. Collection from stratigraphic unit 2 6. Collection from stratigraphic unit 4 7. Collection from stratigraphic unit 5 8. Collection from a sounding trench on meters 94-96 9. Collection from a sounding trench on meters 104-111, 116, 119, 120, 123 10. Collection from a sounding trench on meters 90, 91 11. Collection from a sounding trench on meters 112, 113, 115 12. Collection from a sounding trench on meters 117, 118 II. OTHER COLLECTIONS 13. Surface collection from Ayakagytma 'C'. 14. Surface collection from Ayakagytma 'B' 15. Surface collection from Ayakagytma A' 16. Surface collection from Ayakagytma 'D' 17. Surface collections from Ayakagytma 'First Stop' 18. Surface collection from an area of Khodzhagumbaz sheepfold on Etchkiliksai 19. Surface collection from an Utchashchi area 20. Surface collection from a Minabulak area 21. Study collection from Zamitcha-Tosh 22. Surface collections from Bukantau Mountains PLATES PLANIGRAPHIC DISPERSION OF THE FLINT ARTIFACTS IN AYAKAGYTMA "THE SITE" By Karol Szymczak and Mukhiddin Khudzhanazarov LITHIC RAW MATERIALS IN AYAKAGYTMA "THE SITE" By Karol Szymczak, Mukhiddin Khudzhanazarov, and Ryszard Michniak THE HEARTHS, A STOVE, AND OTHER STRUCTURES IN AYAKAGYTMA "THE SITE" By Karol Szymczak and Mukhiddin Khudzhanazarov THE USE OF OCHRE IN AYAKAGYTMA 'THE SITE' By Karol Szymczak, Mukhiddin Khudzhanazarov and Ryszard Michniak ANIMAL BONE REMAINS FROM AYAKAGYTMA 'THE SITE' By Alicja Lasota-Moskalewska, Joanna Piatkowska-Malecka, Anna Grfzak and Karol Szymczak EXCAVATION IN AYAKAGYTMA 'THE MINE' By Michal Przezdziecki, Karol Szymczak and Mukhiddin Khudzhanazarov THE DIVISION OF THE KELTEMINARIAN: CHRONOLOGICAL PHASES OR SEPARATE CULTURES? By Karol Szymczak CONCLUDING REMARKS By Karol Szymczak LIST of LIST OF LIST OF PLATES. New/No Jacket.
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Alexandrie IV, Sculptures Des Fouilles Polonaises a Kom El-Dikka (1960-1982)
Warsaw, PWN-Editions Scientifiques de Pologne. 1988, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 8301065303). Hardcover, with dust jacket, 29,5x20,5 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-01-06530-3 Description: hardback, dust jacket, 73 pp. (29,5x21 cm), 187 ills. Condition: very good Weight: 780g. Avant-propos Topographie des trouvailles Caractéristique et chronologie des objets Catalogue Sculptures égyptiennes (nos 1-15) Sculptures classiques I. Tetes (nos 16-29) II. Couronnes (nos 30-36) III. Torses (nos 37-45) IV. Bras (nos 46-55) V. Mains (nos 56-68) VI. Jambes et pieds (nos 69-79) VII. Draperies (nos 80-89) VII. Animaux et attributs (nos 90-100) Sculptures coptes et médiévales (nos 101-106) Appendice - Socles et bases (nos 107-110) Tables de concordance du catalogue a) avec l'inventaire des fouilles b) avec l'inventaire des sculptures c) avec l'inventaire des éléments architectoniques d) avec l'inventaire des objets en pierre e) avec l'inventaire des objets en bois Table des illustrations Illustrations. Very Good/Good.
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Alexandrie V, Les Ampoules de Saint Menas Decouvertes a Kom El-Dikka (1961-1981)
Warsaw, PWN-Editions Scientifiques de Pologne. 1988, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 8301087188). Hardcover, with dust jacket, 29,5x21,5 cm. Book, ISBN: 8301087188 Description: hardback, 53 pp. (29,5x21,5 cm), plates Condition: very good Weight: 625g. Avant-propos Abréviations CHAPITRE I - St Menas et son iconographie CHAPITRE II - Chronologie et typologie des ampoules de St Menas a Kôm el-Dikka CATALOGUE Période I (env. 480-560 de n. é.): nos 1-14 Période II (env. 560-610) de n. é.): nos 15-37 Période de transition (env. 600-620 de n. é): nos 38-42 Période III (env. 610-650 de n.é): nos43-135 a) avec deux images de St Menas: nos 42-106 b) avec une image de St Menas: nos 107-125 c) avec des représentations diverses: nos 126-135 Ampoules non décorées (env. 480-650 de n.é.): nos 136-141 Appendice: une ampoule syrienne: n° 142 Table de concordance entre l'inventaire des fouilles et le catalogue Illustrations. Very Good/Good.
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Alexandrie VII, Fouilles Polonaisses a Kom El-Dikka 1986-1987
Warsaw, PWN-Editions Scientifiques de Pologne. 2000, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 8390180979). Hardcover, 29,5x21,5 cm. Book, ISBN: 8390180979 Description: hardback, 143 pp. (29,5x21,5 cm), ills, plates in a separate portfolio Condition: very good Weight: 1300g. Z. Kiss, G. Majcherek, H. Meyza, H. Rysiewski, B. Tkaczow, Alexandrie VII, Fouilles polonaisses a Kom el-Dikka 1986-1987, Warsaw 2000 Includes 16 folded site plans issued in case. I. Z. Kiss, La fouille. (pi. I) II. Z. Kiss, Les auditoria remains tardifs (pi. II; fig. I-III; phot. 1-41) 1.Salle B 2.Salle A 3.Salle C 4. Histoire et fonctions III. H. MEYZA, Sector G: stratigraphy of the Arab necropolis (pi. IV-XI; fig. 12-17; phot. 42-47) 1. Introduction 2. Method 3. Types of tombs 4. Phases of necropolis IV. H. RYSIEWSKI, G. MAJCHEREK, H. MEYZA, Alexandria, Kom el Dikka: Results of excavations of the western part of Sector CS (fig. 18-23) 1. Introductory remarks 2. Description of the stratigraphic groups 3. Stratification units in the chronological and stratigraphical system of sector CS 4. Conclusions V. H. RYSIEWSKI, Alexandria, Kom el Dikka, Sectors G and CS: Human skeletal remains from the multilayered arabic necropolis explored in the years 1986 and 1987. 1. The aim and subject of the report 2. Methods 3. The state of preservation of the skeletal remains 4. Explanation of the list of burials 5. Commentary on the list of measurements in Tables: 2-4 6. General characterisation of the material VI. B. TKACZOW, The historical topography of Kom el-Dikka. Notes on plans XII-XV (pi. XII-XV) 1. Introduction 2. Plan XII. The topography of Kom el-Dikka at the beginning of the 4th century AD 3. Plan XIII. The topography of Kom el-Dikka at the beginning of the 6th century AD 4. Plan XIV. The topography of Kom el-Dikka in the 9th century AD (Lower Necropolis) 5. Plan XV. The topography of Kom el-Dikka in the 12-13th century AD (Upper Necropolis) Liste des illustrations Table des matieres. Very Good/No Jacket.
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études Sur le Portrait Impérial Romain En Egypte, Travaux Du Centre D'Archéologie Méditerranéenne de L'Académie Polonaise Des Sciences, Tome 23
Varsovie, PWN-Editions Scientifiques de Pologne. 1984, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 8301036214). Hardcover, with dust jacket, 25x20 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-01-03621-4 Description: 116 pages (25,5x20 cm, cloth, dust jacket), 270 ills. Condition: very good Weight: 730g. Zsolt Kiss, Études sur le portrait impérial romain en Egypte, Travaux du centre d'Archéologie méditerranéenne de l'Académie polonaise des sciences, Tome 23, PWN - Editions Scientifiques de Pologne, Varsovie 1985. Very Good/Good.
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Catalogue: Ancient Egypt
Keywords: 8301036214 Classical Studies Travaux du Centre d'Archéologie Méditerréenne

Frühbronzezeit - Mittelbronzezeit, Neue Erkenntnisse Zur Besiedlung Zwischen Elbe Und Warthe Und Angrenzender Regionen (2000-1400 V. Chr), Symposium Vom 24. - 25. September 2011 in Welzow - Brandenburg, Studien Zur Archäologie in Ostmitteleuropa, Band 10
Bonn, Wydawnictwo Poznanskie. 2013. (ISBN: 9783774938496). Hardcover, 30x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-3-7749-3849-6 Description: hardback, 256 pp. drawings, plans, photographs Condition: new Weight: 1300g. Der Band 10 der Studien zur Archäologie in Ostmitteleuropa umfasst Beiträge zum Siedlungsgeschehen von der frühen bis zur mittleren Bronzezeit (ca. 2000-1400 v.Chr.) im Gebiet zwischen Elbe und Warthe. Auf der Grundlage von Siedlungskomplexen dieser Zeit wird - unter Einbeziehung naturwissenschaftlicher Datierungen, naturräumlicher Analysen und Untersuchungen zur Botanik und Anthropologie - das Siedlungsgeschehen hinterfragt und das Wissen zu der zum Teil nur schwer fassbaren Siedlungslandschaft des betrachteten Zeitraumes aktualisiert. Im Fokus steht dabei, neben der genaueren chronologischen Eingrenzung des Überganges von der frühen zur mittleren Bronzezeit, auch die Vorlage von Siedlungsplänen und des Fundmaterials. Dieser Tagungsband ist ein Ergebnis des Symposiums 2011 in Welzow, Brandenburg, das die Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel und das Archäotechnische Zentrum Welzow in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Brandenburgischen Landesamt für Denkmalpflege und Archäologischen Landesmuseum veranstaltet haben. Das vorliegende Werk bietet somit einen Überblick über die neuen Forschungen zur Früh- und Mittelbronzezeit zwischen Elbe und Warthe. New/No Jacket.
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Environmental Change and Human Culture in the Nile Basin and Northern Africa Until the Second Millenium B.C. , Studies in African Archaeology, Vol. 4
Poznan, Muzeum Archeologiczne w Poznaniu. 1993. (ISBN: 8390043416). Soft cover, 17x24 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-900434-1-6 Description: softcover, 494 pages (17x24 cm), drawings, plans, photographs Condition: very good Weight: 820g. Environmental Change and Human Culture in the Nile Basin and Northern Africa until the Second Millenium B.C. Studies in African Archaeology, vol. 4, edited by L. Krzyzaniak, M. Kobusiewicz and John Alexander, Poznan Archaeological Museum 1993 From the Organizers and Editors List of Participants in the Symposium I. North African littoral and the Sahara GRAEME BARKER The UNESCO Libyan Valleys Survey: environmental change and human settlement in Tripolitania KRYSTYNA WASYLIKOWA Plant macrofossils from the archaeological sites of Uan Muhuggiag and Ti-n-Torha, Southwestern Libya MIECZYSLAW F. PAZDUR Evaluation of radiocarbon dates of organic samples from Uan Muhuggiag and Ti-n-Torha, Southwestern Libya J. DESMOND CLARK The Aterian of the Central Sahara ANDREW B. SMITH New approaches to Saharan rock art of the Bovidian Period ROBERT VERNET Le Neolithique recent dans le sud-ouest du Sahara II. Eastern Sahara FRED WENDORF, ROMUALD SCHILD AND ANGELA E. CLOSE Middle Palaeolithic occupations at Bir Tarfawi and Bir Sahara East, Western Desert of Egypt ANGELA E. CLOSE BT-14, a stratified Middle Palaeolithic site at Bir Tarfawi, Western Desert of Egypt ACHILLES GAUTIER The faunal spectrum of the Middle Palaeolithic in Bir Tarfawi, Western Desert of Egypt PHILIP VAN PEER Levallois variability and the Middle Palaeolithic of the Lower Nile Valley and the Eastern Sahara ANDREAS DITTMANN Environmental and climatic change in the northern part of the Eastern Desert during Middle Palaeolithic and Neolithic times KATHARINA NEUMANN Holocene vegetation of the Eastern Sahara: charcoal from prehistoric sites BARBARA E. BARICH Culture and environment between the Sahara and the Nile in the Early and Mid-Holocene ERWIN CZIESLA Investigations into the archaeology of the Sitra-Hatiyet, Northwestern Egypt MARY M.A. McDONALD Cultural adaptations in Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt, in the Early to Mid-Holocene IAN A. BROOKES Early Holocene basinal sediments of the Dakhleh Oasis region, Egypt (theses) RUDOLPH KUPER Sahel in Egypt: environmental change and cultural development in the Abu Ballas area, Libyan Desert JOACHIM HAHN Neolithic settlement patterns in the Gebel Kamil area, Southwestern Egypt WERNER SCHUCK An archaeological survey of the Selima Sandsheet, Sudan STEFAN KRPELIN The Gilf Kebir and Lower Wadi Howar: contrasting Early and Mid-Holocene environments in the Eastern Sahara III. The Nile Delta, the Fayum and the Egyptian Nile Valley JURGEN WUNDERLICH The natural conditions for Pre- and Early Dynastic settlement in the Western Nile Delta around Tell el-Fara'in, Buto KLAUS SCHMIDT Comments to the lithic industry of the Buto-Maadi culture in Lower Egypt EDWIN C.M. VAN DEN BRINK Settlement patterns in the Northeastern Nile Delta during the fourth-second millennia RC HUIB E. DE WIT The evolution of the Eastern Nile Delta as a factor in the development of human culture LECH KRZYZANIAK New data on the late prehistoric settlement at Minshat Abu Omar, Eastern Nile Delta JANUSZ K. KOZLOWSKI AND BOLESLAW GINTER Holocene changes in the Fayum: Lake Moeris and the evolution of climate in Northeastern Africa PIERRE M. VERMEERSCH AND ETIENNE PAULISSEN Palaeolithic chert quarrying and mining in Egypt MARIA LITYNSKA Plant remains from the Neolithic site at Armant: preliminary report MACEJ PAWLIKOWSKI Mineralogy of the Nile Valley sediments as an indicator of changes of climate: the Armant - Luxor area, Upper Egypt MICHAEL A. HOFFMAN AND JAMES O. MILLS Problems of assessing environmental impact on the Predynastic settlements of Hierakonpolis IV. The Sudan BIRGIT KEDING Leiterband sites in the Wadi Howar, North Sudan HENRI J. DUMONT AND ASIM I. EL MOGHRABY Holocene evolution of climate and environment, and stone "city" ruins in Northern [.]. Very Good/No Jacket.
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Gebel Ramlah, Final Neolithic Cemeteries from the Western Desert of Egypt
Poznan, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences Poznan Branch. 2010. (ISBN: 9788389499691). Hardcover, 21x30 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-89499-69-1 Description: hardback, 276 pp. (30x21cm), phots. maps, drawings Condition: very good Weight: 1350g. Michal Kobusiewicz, Jacek Kabacinski CEMETERIES Michal Kobusiewicz, Jacek Kabacinski CHRONOLOGY Maria C.Gatto POTTERY FROM GEBEL RAMLA Romuald Schild, Fred Wendorf GEOMORPHOLOGY, LITHOSTRATIGRAPHIC ENVIRONMENT AND PALEOECOLOGY OF NEOLITHIC CAMPS AND CEMETERIES AT GEBEL RAMLAH PLAYA Joel D. Irish THE HUMAN SKELETAL REMAINS FROM GEBEL RAMLAH: A PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT Aldona Kurzawska MOLLUSC SHELLS AT GEBEL RAMLAH Maria Litynska-Zajac ARCHAEOBOTANICAL INVESTIGATIONS ON SITES AT GEBEL RAMLAH Michal Kobusiewicz, Jacek Kabacinski CONCLUSIONS BIBLIOGRAPHY. New/No Jacket.
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Alexandrie VI, Imperial Baths at Kom El-Dikka
Warsaw, PWN-Editions Scientifiques de Pologne. 1992, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 8390009625). Hardcover, with dust jacket, 29,5x21,5 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-90-00962-5 Description: hardback, 217 pp. (29,5x21,5 cm), 13 plans in a separate portfolio Condition: very good Weight: 1110g. Introduction 1. Baths construction: an introduction to the subject 1.1. Origins of public baths, basic terminology, operating rules 1.2. Literature 1.3. Development of function, heating techniques and spatial form 1.4. The functional arrangement of Roman baths 1.5. The spatial arrangement of Roman baths 1.6. Operation of Roman baths 1.7. Development of baths under the Byzantine Empire 2. The Kom el-Dikka Baths in Alexandria - description of extant remains 2.1. Remarks on the urban complex 2.2. Localization and phases of exploration 2.3. Stratigraphy and chronology 2.4. Preserved relics of architecture 2.4.1. Underground part of the baths 2.4.2. Aboveground part of the baths 2.5. Materials and techniques 2.5.1. Preparation of the site 2.5.2. The substructure 2.5.3. Walls of the superstructure 2.5.4. Roofs 2.5.5. Openings 2.5.6. Plastering 2.5.7. Floors 2.5.8. Pools 2.5.9. Architectural decoration 2.5.10. Metrology 3. Architectural analysis of the Kom el-Dikka Baths 3.1. Stratification of the substructure 3.2. Stratification of the superstructure 3.2.1. Frigidarium 3.2.2. The heated building 3.3. Heating units, the heating system 3.3.1. Hypocaust cellars 3.3.2. Tubulatio - flues 3.3.3. Hypocaust furnaces 3.3.4. Hypocaust furnaces with a double function 3.3.5. Water heating furnaces 3.3.6. Fuel supply 3.3.7. Removal of ashes 3.3.8. Hot water: distribution and circulation 4. The importance of the Kom el-Dikka Baths for the development of the spatial design and the technical arrangement of bathing establishments Reconstruction of the spatial design 1. Summary of the evidence 2. Exit tepidarium 3. Destrictarium and sudatorium 4. Caldarium 5. Frigidarium 6. Porticoes and other rooms Hypothesis I 4.2. The importance of technical designing for the process of perfecting the function of thermal establishments 4.2.1. Evolution of the praefurnium 4.2.2. Furnaces serving a double function 4.2.3. High-flame furnaces - water heating furnaces 4.2.4. Modernized hypocaust cellar, tubulatio, flues Hypothesis II Appendix: Results of chemical investigations Concluding remarks Dictionary of terms related to bathing establishments Abbreviations Bibliography List of photographs List of plans and sections List of figures. Very Good/Good.
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Lithic Chipped Industry of the Bell Beaker Culture in Moravia and Its East-Central European Context
Krakow-Brno, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. 2009. (ISBN: 9788360183571). Hardcover, 30x21cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-60183-99-1 Description: hardcover, 356 pp. (30x21 cm), figs. Condition: new Weight: 1550g. New/No Jacket.
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Art and Society, Ancient and Modern Contexts of Egyptian Art, Proceedings of the International Conference Held at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, 13-15 May 2010
Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts. 2012. (ISBN: 9789637063916). Soft cover, 30x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-963-7063-91-6 Description: softcover, 273 pp. 59 plates. Condition: new Weight: 1700g. List of contributors: Edith Bernhauer, Helmut Brandl, Alexis Den Doncker, Manuela Gander, Maruschka Gathy, Katalin Anna Kóthay, Dimitri Laboury, Éva Liptay, David Lorand, Marc Loth, Maya Müller, Máté Petrik, Gabriele Pieke, Helmut Satzinger, Gábor Schreiber, Joachim Sliwa, Danijela Stefanovic, Hugues Tavier, Marcella Trapani, Vera Vasiljevic, Pascal Vernus. New/No Jacket.
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Catalogue: Ancient Egypt
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