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- Ancient Egypt in the Metropolitan Museum Journal, Volumes 1-11 (1968-1976), the Metropolitan Museum of Art 1977

New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1977. (ISBN: 0870991590). Hardcover, with dust jacket, 29x22 cm. Book, ISBN: 0-87099-159-0, 0-87099-222-8 Description: hardback, dustjacket, 201 pp. (29x22 cm); Supplement: softcover, 34pp. (29x22 cm) Condition: very good Weight: 1400g. Ancient Egypt in the Metropolitan Museum Journal, Volumes 1-11 (1968-1976), The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1977 Ancient Egypt in the Metropolitan Museum Journal, Supplement: Volumes 12-13 (1977-1978), The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1978 In the journal of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, numerous articles have appeared over the years that have analyzed ancient Egyptian artifacts in the museum's superb collection. This two-volume set collects these articles over a ten-year period, representing much original research in understanding ancient Egyptian culture and society. The articles are well illustrated with drawings and black and white photos and are extensively indexed. Some Royal Portraits of the Middle Kingdom in Ancient Egypt (Vol. 3/1970) CYRIL ALDRED An Egyptian Glass Vessel in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Vol. 4/1971) BIRGIT NOLTE Some Emblematic Uses of Hieroglyphs with Particular Reference to an Archaic Ritual Vessel (Vol. 5/1972) HENRY G. FISCHER Old Kingdom Cylinder Seals for the Lower Classes (Vol. 6/1972) HENRY G. FISCHER Sunshades of the Marketplace (Vol. 6/1972) HENRY G. FISCHER rOffering Stands from the Pyramid of Amenemhet I (Vol. 7/1973) HENRY G. FISCHER Redundant Determinatives in the Old Kingdom (Vol. 8/1973) HENRY G. FISCHER La Statue d'un Chef de Chanteurs d'Epoque Saite(Vol. 8/1973) HERMAN DE MEULENAERE The Statue of Amenemope-em-hat (Vol. 8/1973) EDNA R. RUSSMANN The Mark of a Second Hand on Ancient Egyptian Antiquities (Vol. 9/1974) HENRY G. FISCHER An Elusive Shape within the Fisted Hands of Egyptian Statues (Vol. 10/1975) HENRY G. FISGHER Some Early Monuments from Busiris, in the Egyptian Delta (Vol. 11/1976) HENRY G. FISCHER More Emblematic Uses from Ancient Egypt (Vol. 11/1976) HENRY G. FISCHER Addenda HENRY G. FISCHER Index, by EDNA R. RUSSMANN Supplement: Volumes 12-13 (1977-1978): The Evolution of Composite Hieroglyphs in Ancient Egypt (Vol. 12/1978) HENRY G. FISCHER More Ancient Egyptian Names of Dogs and Other Animals (Vol. 12/1978) HENRY G. FISCHER Notes on Sticks and Staves in Ancient Egypt (Vol. 13/1979) HENRY G. FISCHER Addenda-Corrigenda. Very Good/Very Good.
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