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BORDEU, A. & TH., & FR. DE, - Recherches sur les maladies chroniques, leurs rapports avec les maladies aiguës, leurs périodes, leur nature: & sur la manière dont on les traite aux eaux minérales de Bareges & des autres sources de l'Aquitane. Tome I. (all publ.)

Paris, Ruault, 1775. Very nice contemp. full clf., spine in compartments w. floral gilttooled ornaments. Green titleshield. (Bottom of spine dam., upper outer hinge splitting over 5 cm.). (592 pp.). (High quality paper, wide margins.). DSB II, 301/2: 'The part that Bordeu played in the history of thermalism has caused him to be considered the founder of modern hydrotherapy. It was through him that the baths of the Pyrennees became known throughout the south of France and even in Paris. His...and his Recherches...(1775) are among his most important contributions to this field.': G & M. 1117: 'De Bordeu first conceived the idea of internal secretion by his hypothesis that every organ, tissue and cell discharges into the blood products which influence other parts of the body.': Comp. H. of H. 596: Medvei 149-154 a.o.pl.: 'M. Neuburger (1868-1955), the medical historian of Vienna, who had discovered de Bordeu, said...., that he (de Bordeu) was ...(The originatior or - at least - fore-runner of the theory of internal secretion)...also supported by A. Biedl...Be this as it may, de Bordeu came nearest to the theory of internal secretion and certainly influenced later workers in the 19 th. century, although his contemporaries did not seem to have paid much attention to him.': Waller 1304:
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