ANTIQBOOK     Booktalk, a mailing list by Antiqbook

Booktalk, a mailing list by Antiqbook

Welcome to Booktalk, the international mailing list of Antiqbook

We have a new name and we will be active. We can understand that you missed the emails from the Antiqbook mailing list during the last couple of month. We do apologize for that. Now we are on line again and we will post all bookrelated messages from now on, fast again. Your subscription to Antiqbook is reset to Booktalk. Below you will find a password which you can use to change your account and to unsubscribe. We hope that you will enjoy Booktalkmessages from Antiqbook.

To read some general information about the mailing list as well as to subscribe, you can visit: the mailman Booktalk page

Mailing list

If you are new to this: a mailing list is an e-mail system. Subscribers to the list send their messages to a central address, and a computer program disperses the messages to all subscribers. A list can be moderated, when someone filters the messages to the list.

Booktalk is not moderated, but it is privately owned, and the owners do feel responsible for its functioning. Only subscribers are allowed to post to the list. Information about how to unsubscribe or re-subscribe is to be found at: the mailman Booktalk page.

For whom

Booktalk is intended to be used by antiquarian booksellers, collectors and librarians. Although subscription is open to everyone, we strongly encourage the participation of European booksellers and collectors. For practical purposes English is our 'lingua franca', but you are welcome to use other languages, as long as they will be understood by an international audience.

What kind of messages can you expect on Booktalk

  • books for sale (single items or small lists) Please note: when you offer books, you have to price them, we are not an auction house.;
  • books wanted (singles items or small lists);
  • notes, queries and discussions about book related matters, such as: bibliography, conservation, binding, etc.;
  • news and announcements, such as auctions, catalogues, book fairs, exhibitions, publications, etc.


When sending messages we encourage you to consider the nature of the list's audience. We discourage long lists of cheap books that can be obtained in regular used book shops. We also try to maintain a certain 'European' and 'antiquarian' focus.


The Booktalk list has a dual purpose: the exchange of information and opening opportunities for buying and selling books. For non-commercial users there is no fee. For commercial users, the subscription will be free for the first month. Thereafter we will ask a small fee (Euro 16,-- appr. US$15.00, per annum) to cover the cost of the list. The list is free to Antiqbook members.

Posting to the Antiqbook mailing list

You can send your message to: Booktalk. We strongly recommend that you make the topic of your message clear. For example: 'Books for sale', 'Books wanted' or 'Question'.

A message from the list-owner or postmaster will be commenced with: [Antiqbook:]

Not allowed are: Messages of a personal nature and messages offending a person or a group of persons.

We hope that this mailing list will be very useful to you, and if you have any further question, please send an email to the postmaster

Piet Wesselman & IJme Woensdregt