ALAN BOUCHER TRANSLATED Elves,Trolls and Elemental Beings Icelandic Folktales II
ROGER SHERMAN LOOMIS Wales and the Arthurian Legend
MOHAWK FIRST NATION ARTIST "SIONNE" 2003 Horned Owl Shadow Figure Possible Utah Pictograph Figure Hand Painted on 8 X 6 Inch Circular Pine Wood Signed 'Dionne 2003' Iroquois Museum
MICHAEL DE ANGELO Chronicles of the King the Coming of the Bear
WATERCOLOR Knight Templar Fleet Watercolor Painting Framed Painting
EIMAR O' DUFFY King Goshawk and the Birds First Edition Hardcover
MORIEN Y GWYDDON Guide to the Gorsedd or Round Table and the Order of the Garter
ALBERT WHITE Original Mohawk Artist Albert White Oil Painting 5 X 7 Navajo Mother and Child Signed
J. R. R.TOLKIEN EDITED VERLYN FLIEGER Smith of Wootton Major First English Hardcover Pocket Edition
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