WHITLEY STOKES On the Calendar of Oengus Leabar Brecc Original 1875 Folio Hardcover
WATERCOLOR Knight Templar Fleet Watercolor Painting Framed Painting
CECILE O' RAHILLY Ireland and Wales Their Historical and Literary Relations Original Hardcover With Dust Jacket
LADY WILDE Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland Hardcover
JOSEPH ANDERSON (AUTHOR) Scotland in Early Christian Time the Rhind Lectures in Archaeology -1879
J.SHERIDAN LE FANU Borrhomeo the Astrologer a Monkish Tale Limited Numbered Edition
MARTHA CHAMPION RANDLE, WILLIAM FENTON, FRANCIS HARPER, C.F.VOEGELIN, D.H.HYMES The Waugh Collection of Iroquois Folktales, a Calendar of Manuscripts Relating to the History of the Six Nations or Iroquois Indians in Depositories Outside Philadelphia 1750-1850 Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Volume 97 Number 5 October 30, 1953 Complete Original 1956 Edition
AUSTIN CLARKE The Bright Temptation Dolmen Press Hardcover Edition
REX MILLER In Search of Santa Claus First Edition
OGHAM STONE RUBBING Ogham Stone a Bilingual Inscription at Nevern Pembrokeshire (Photograph of a Rubbing)
SAMUEL DAICHES Babylonian Oil Magic in the Talmud in the Later Jewish Literature Original 1913 First Edition
DOUGLAS HYDE The Children of Tuireann the Third of the Three Sorrows, or Pities of Story-Telling Original 1941 Talbot Press Dublin Edition
ANGUS SMITH DR. Loch Etive and the Sons of Uisnach Original Hardcover Edition
ARTIST DRAWN Original Penned Art of Four Rabbis Playing Cards Drawn over a Yiddish Newspaper the Daily Forward Original Work Framed
SCHWAB Paul Simon & Bob Dylan in Concert July 20 Pepsi Arena Albany Ny 99' Original Concert Poster Purchased at Concert
MORIEN Y GWYDDON Guide to the Gorsedd or Round Table and the Order of the Garter
ELLIOTT B. GOSE,JR The World of the Irish Wonder Tale an Introduction to the Study of Fairy Tales Hardcover
DAVID MACRITCHIE EDITOR PROF.MACKINNON & MISS E.C.CARMICHAEL A New Solution of the Fairy Problem David Macritchie the Celtic Review Vol. VL. No. 22, October 15, 1909
JAMES MACDOUGALL EDITED GEORGE CALDER INTRODUCTION DR. ALAN BRUFORD Highland Fairy Legends Collected from Oral Tradition by Rev James Macdougall
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