SAMUEL DAICHES Babylonian Oil Magic in the Talmud in the Later Jewish Literature Original 1913 First Edition
WINIFRED FARADAY, SIR G.G. STOKES, CHARLES H. LEES, JAMES COSMO MELVILL AND ROBERT STANDEN EDITED On the Question of Irish Influence on Early Icelandic Literature. Memoirs and Proceedings of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society 1899-1900 Vol. 44 Part Ib Original Complete 1900 Publication
BRETON FOLKTALE Peronnique a Celtic Folk Tale from Brittany Illustrations by Monique Michel- Dansac Hardcover
RAV ADEN STEINSALTZ Six Folio Talmud Volumes Rav Aden Steinsaltz Bavli Talmud Sanhedrin 1 & 2, Series of Blessing, Series of Mixing, Series of Fasting, Series of Passover Six Hebrew Hardcovers
M. A. O' BRIEN EDITED MYLES DILLON Celtica IV Edited by M.A. O' Brien
CHARLES MOORMAN The Book of Kyng Arthur the Unity of Malory's Morte Darthur
NIGEL BRYANT TRANSLATED CHRETIEN DE TROYES Perceval the Story of the Grail Chretien de Troyes Hardcover
HENRY GILBERT King Arthur Frances Brundage Full Color Painted Cover Hardcover
WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL Woodstock Music and Art Fair 94 Woodstock II Original 65 Pp. 1994 Kingston New York Newspaper Special Publication
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