L E Mawdesley-Thomas (Ed). D H McCarthy, J P Stevenson & M S Roberts; J F Wickins & I S Macfarlane; etc. Journal of Fish Biology. Volume 5, Number 1, January 1973
John Bartholomew Map of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Plate 34 disbound from 1959 Mid-Century Times Atlas of the World, Volume II, (South-West Asia and Russia) Scale 1:2,500,000; includes Israel, Jordan, Kuwait and parts of Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Arabia
edited by R A Streater and D G Greenman. Consultant editor E C Talbot Booth Talbot-Booth's Merchant Ships, Volume 3
Fennell, Steve ROUTEMASTERS Around Great Britain
John Gage; Phillip Chilwell; G F Beltz; Charles Roach Smith; Francis Sharpe & Daniel Henry Haig etc. Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity, Published by the Society of Antiquities of London, Vol. XXVIII (28) 1840
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